10th April, 2012

From Finish the Task, one of 85 lessons in our Free School of Mission.
Missions experts list twelve important strategies to finish the Great Commission, here they are, beginning with the easiest and ending with the hardest. 1. Intercession and spiritual warfare. 2. Networking with the global Church. 3. A new openness to using the gifts of the Spirit in the missions context. 4. Recovery of urgency in the church. 5. Expand evangelism to cross barriers of geography or culture. 6. Marry overseas social work with gospel preaching and vice-versa. 7. Mission to the world’s children. 8. Mission to the women who are kept behind closed doors of religion. 9. Outreach to the world’s mega-cities. 10. Visit poor native church leaders to help, mobilise and equip them. 11. Mission to an unreached people. 12. Re-evangelise the Old World.

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