Money Module

Lessons in this module :-

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How to get the most from these lessons and how to share them with others.

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Overcome the deceit of inevitable poverty, fight poverty like fighting sickness.

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Move from famine into having enough for yourself and more for others.

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Buy food and drink without money using another kind of currency.

5. The Keys of God’s Kingdom

Speaking to mountains, rivers, binding, loosing, persevering, giving and receiving.

6. The Kingdom Economy

Be blessed by earning, handling and spending money properly.

7. Christian Spending Scandal

Christian spending at the expense of the hungry unreached and untaught.

8. Eleventh Hour Workers

Some people still prefer to stay outside as beggars and hirelings.

9. How Did Jesus Live ?

Jesus had hungry men and a treasurer so where did the money come from?

10. Raising Support

Raise your mission support by friend-raising not fund-raising.

11. Support Raising Seminar

Ten top tips from 30 years of raising support for people and projects in missions

12. Kingdom Business

Some people are called and gifted not for the pulpit but for the market.

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Banking for the Poor Manual

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