Leadership Module

Lessons in this module :-

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How to get the most from these lessons and how to share them with others.

2. First Call Is To Be A Disciple

Loving God above all; carrying a cross; following Jesus, renouncing all for him.

3. The Call of God

The call of God, called to Jesus, three levels of knowing God’s will

4. Who God Calls

We look for the strong, clever and wealthy but who does God choose, use and change?

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An impartation of power to commission, heal and bless.

6. Perseverance

What is stopping you from entering into the call of God?

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Discovering destiny; apprenticeship; character; and a surprising graduation.

8. Stepping Out

The journey of faith after hearing and obeying the call of God.

9. True Fasting

The true fast that the Lord has chosen is not to do with food.

10. Learning To Be Faithful

Faithful in small things; then to the needy; and in times of loss and in rule.

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The girls, glamour and gold; handling pride; tiredness; sex and money.

12. Deal With Discouragement

Why we can be discouraged, and how we can defeat it.

13. Loneliness in leadership

Father, Son and Holy Spirit show us the best model for leadership.

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Time for God, family, rest and recreation; working efficiently.

15. Destiny in God

Refusing fate; gripping God’s destiny and planning goals and plans.

16. The Story of the Kingdom

A great heritage from pre-history to the age to come.

17. The Glory Of The Kingdom

Tour of God’s Kingdom and catch a glimpse of the beauty of the King.

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Is Kingdom the God in the past, present or future?

19. The Blessed of the Kingdom

In the Kingdom some people are especially blessed.

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When God’s Kingdom advances the kingdom of darkness retreats.

21. The United Kingdom

What divides us; how can we ever be one so the world may believe.

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One is doomed to fall and a wrong decision will be fatal.

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