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Manipal - one of Asia's most strategic educational centres.
With lots of NRI and foreign students from many parts of the world. We are getting settled here and have started the ministry. Entry for outsiders to college campus is highly restricted, however there are lot of private homes that accomodate students and we hope these will give us access to students. A good number of students are addicted to drinks, drugs and cohabitation is very common here. If you know some one here, kindly let us know.
Siby and Blessy Paul, Manipal, India.

Rebel attacks in Uganda - Kitgum, Gulu, Pader, Lira and Apac.
Many people are displaced with many children and youth roaming around looking for help. This leaves a big challenge to do something to create hope for them. We want to set up a protection, development and re-integration programme for these severely disadvantaged children affected by armed conflict. 
Rev. Lawnsome Etum-Akezi, Lira, Uganda.

Can We Fix It?... Yes We Can!
Problem: You're stuck with vehicle trouble on some remote mission station ... no garage, no mechanic, not even a maintenance manual to help you out ... what do you do? Solution: If you've got Internet or email access, help is at hand. OSCAR has compiled a list of online mechanics who can help you diagnose and fix almost any problem you might have. Some will even locate hard-to-find spare parts for you. It's good to take a look through them now before the time when you really need them. In English.
OSCAR - Information Service for World Mission, England

Pakistani Christians In The Cross Hairs
A missionary school and a Christian hospital came under attack as violence against Western groups in Pakistan continued. At least six people, all Pakistani, were killed when gunmen fought their way into a mainly Christian school in Muree. The masked men opened fire indiscriminately, then were chased off after failing to break into a hall where staff and students had hidden. In a separate incident, unidentified attackers hurled grenades at a missionary hospital, killing three Pakistani nurses and injuring 20 people.
TIME's World Watch Newsletter, August 12, 2002

My son and I just started a mission work.
We are going to visit prisons and rehabilitation centres and send materials in. We are very interested in your School of Mission studies and we would like to open a training school with your kindness and help.
Edwin R Segura, Hayward, CA, USA.

London G12 Harvest conference
Go to:  The dates are: 13-16 October. I visited Cesar Castellanos' church in Bogotá in January and was really blessed. Is it alright with you if I put up the your course material, in French, on my web site?
Paul, Missionary in Lyon, France.


Our time in Latin America has come , , , 
So, above all, we must be responsive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Then, we must make plans, organise and train ourselves, get adequate resources, and offer a sound basis so that thousands and thousands of ‘senders’ might support hundreds and hundreds of ‘sent’ people. This is our challenge! We have received the light of the Gospel; it has grown and multiplied. We have been blessed to bless others. Latin America is not a missionary field anymore and it has potentially turned into one of the most important sources of missionaries to elsewhere. On analysing our figures of over 6,000 missionaries on the field, and looking on the tremendous potential of human resources of our churches, we see that provided we work united we will be doubling or trebling the number of missionaries sent abroad. It is a task to undertake as a team, in co-operation, North and South, East and West. It’s a joined up task. We are beginning a new millennium and we face the same and clear command: “Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations…”
Daniel Díaz, Argentina

We have it in our heart to make a cartoon for the deaf.
About the life of Jesus, the gospels, Bible stories. There is no material for the deaf in Spain, which hampers our outreach work. We thought it might be valuable to have visual biblical material specially tailored for them. In the film all the characters will use sign language, with subtitles and voice at the same time so a deaf person could watch the film and understand the Gospel in their own language, and those who can hear would have sound. Can you imagine the face of deaf people watching the Gospel of Jesus in their own language?
Dámaris y Pili Gómez Peñuelas, Barcelona, Spain

Trend of serious harassment in Middle East.
One mission director told me that they were studying why over 50% of their missionary couples working in Arabic lands had defective babies. The leader of a small group has a very severe tuberculosis, and a new believer is under a threat from his elder brother. He is on his way from his country to erase the shame of this decision for Christ. He went into to a public area with his Bible, something that he was strongly advised not to do. He has also lost his job and is living in the street. We suspect that only a miracle will preserve his life.
Name and address withdrawn for security reasons, Middle East

God’s blessing to you from Austria!
The 3rd European Network of Christian Communities Conference is in Bratislava, Slovakia on March 20-23, 2003. The theme is “Pastoral Leadership” and “Building a Leadership Team”. Rick Olmstead from the Vineyard, USA is the speaker. Every country in Europe has their own gifts and special charisma so there will be plenty of time for fellowship and to exchange our ideas and visions with one another.
RELAY European Christian Network

Children's Camp in Burkina Faso.
I took part to the 8th AEAD children camp as the secretary of the steering commitee. We had about 332 children and it was fun. The blessing of God were upon us during that time. Please pray for me so that our God who is powerful could open doors for me.
Biba Ouedraogo, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

News fom Pakistan.
Pray for a Christian girl Gulzar, who was raped and seriously burnt with acid by militants in Faisalabad. Pray for a young man Aslam, who is falsely accused under the Blasphemy Act, and faces death by hanging. Pakistan has just 2% Christians, pray for peace and for me as I travel to South Africa and USA on mission journey this summer.
Altaf Naseem, Pakistan.


New warfare in Uganda - please pray for us.
We are in much need of worldwide prayer for Northern Uganda. Here in Lira we suddenly have 12,000 people who are on the run from rebel warfare in Pader and Kitgum. Lorries have gone to collect another 12.000. Over 40 people including Government soldiers were killed in this attack on Monday. A part of our district has been attacked today and the fear has filled the hearts of the people in Lira as our little town is the next target. God alone can bring a change. There is a lot of rain and people are sleeping in the bush. You can imagine how we are living now.
Pastor George and Jane Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

The La Rochelle, France March for Jesus website is up and running.
The address is: We are very proud of our first attempt and hope that you enjoy the photos.
Eric and Brenda Parker, La Rochelle, France.

Glad to know about your Bank for the Poor.
This is one of my dreams. Thousands of people commit suicide every year due to financial debt. If there is a way to help these people to do some thing like fish business, vegetables, tailoring, selling foods, they will return the money and will support their homes and church. If you can help us to start this will open doors for evangelism and church planting and will also give employment.
Pastor Daniel, India.

Super piece of absolutely free Bible software called E-Sword
It can handle multiple versions, dozens of which are also free to download on the site  A small donation of $15 buys a CD containing all the versions, commentaries, dictionaries and other extra goodies. In English.
John Clements, Nottingham, England.

Mission in the southern part of 10/40 window.
This is the African icebreaker belt with a line that begins in Mombasa of Kenya, East Africa up to Dakar of Senegal, West Africa. Twenty Christian-Muslim colliding countries are right on this line, such as Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Central African Republic, Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia and Senegal. We felt God stretching our vision with a strong impression that God's Church shall be built in Africa, from Mombasa to Dakar. Please keep us in your prayers, so that hundreds more national church leaders will be raised up to finish the unfinished task northwards.
Paul Sungro Lee, Korean missionary in Kenya.

World Youth Days in Toronto
Yesterday evening, the church where we are was quite full and several people could not get in. The singing was very beautiful and it seemed as if the prayer around the cross would never end. There are many Americans and French people at each prayer, but there are also many other nationalities. We have a strong feeling that we are sowing something that will bear fruit later. We had a wonderful prayer way of the cross yesterday. It was rhythmed by three songs from Taizé. The entire city centre was closed to traffic and it was impressive to see the whole city relive the passion of Christ. The final prayer at the Basilica went very well too, although several hundred people had to stay outside because of lack of space. We were right to increase the number of prayer sessions. In all, we prayed together with 12,000 young people. We were very happy with the church, situated in a poor neighbourhood of Toronto.
The Brothers of the Taizé Community, France.


Missionary in Japan for 5 years.
I have also worked among the Indian tribes in the Amazon, now I am an evangelist in Brazil and I hold crusades.
Pastor Wanderley Carceliano, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  

On the spot crisis report from Jos, Nigeria.
Our medical team arrived at Langtang 13th July and were received by the displaced pastors and the refugees who had taken refuge in St.Peter’s Anglican Church. 28 people were treated including for machete cuts sustained as they fled from attackers. In Mban 39 refugees including pregnant women and children were treate. We then moved to Pil-Gani and saw 177 sick and wounded including people with machete cuts and bullet wounds. Clothes and toiletries were distributed and counselling was also provided for all the refugees. Most of them were still in a state of shock; some have lost their wives, husbands and children but were fortunate to escape alive. Almost all of them have lost their property, and some of the women, including the elderly, were raped. Some of them surrendered their lives to Christ many of them being traditional religion adherents. The needs of the refugees are still numerous; food and clothing is still a serious problem, and especially the need for medical attention. On 23rd July another attack was launched on Kadarko by about 2,000 religious militants. They divided themselves into 3 groups: the first to fight, the second to steal goods and the third to burn what remained. Thank God, despite their overwhelming numbers, they were completely beaten off. God, and God alone, is our strength and our salvation.
Ben Kwasi, Anglican Bishop of Jos, Nigeria.

Pastor/evangelist in Colombia for 15 years.
I  supervise an association of evangelists here in Colombia and our vision is to invade cities, work together and with other ministries across the nation and the world.  We want to partner with business people so that we can bless the church and the poor.  It was through these pages that I found your Bank For The Poor which I would like more information about please.
José Vicente Alfonso Duarte, Colombia.

Bible studies in Southern Russia.
In a couple of weeks we are going to start our Bible Studies again for old students and new ones who participated in a summer project. Please pray that we could have people, time, resourses and materials for that. So far we have only people and time. 
Arterm Sedov, Saratov, Russia.
(Arterm is a young man who supports his Christian work by doing excellent Russian/English translation including our Russian pages - you can send him work by e-mail. Editor)

Vision for the Catalan people of Spain
Firstly I want to open an on-line School of Missions and an on-site Training Centre. Secondly, I want to encourage local churches by means of short-term missions, courses and conferences. Finally, my wish is to open new churches in towns and villages where there is no  Christian work. I do not want to go where there are already churches but where there is no witness for Jesus. I reckon the hardest and toughest places are in Catalunya.
Josep Rossello, Benissa, Spain.

Thank you for your help by publishing our request.
We now have two architects interested in our church building project. One is from Brazil, and the other from Argentina. I am very pleased that the Lord has listened to the prayer and the  desire of my heart. I do not know how to thank you for such support.
Nixon L Torres F, Guayaquil-Ecuador


Asking for contacts in Germany
I have visited Germany several times and would do anything to help spread the Gospel there.  If anyone has any information, please contact me. 
Joseph Strange 5651 War Admiral Dr. Florida, USA.

Pray for our meetings please.
Our church is arranging special gospel meetings on 14-15 August. The location is filled with Hindu families. They object even to the use of the audio pa system in their locations. Jesus never fails.
Bro P Samuel John, Andrha Pradesh, India.

Mission opportunities search engine - gives over 1,000 openings in 55 mission groups for those interested in Agriculture, Administration, Engineering, Church Ministry, Education, Evangelism & Church Planting, Media & Communication, Theological Education, Teaching English, Development, etc.
Missions Mobilisation Network, London, England

I am a new believer in Jesus and the gospel.
Beforehand I was a part of a Catholic mission with the Aymara and Campas people groups in Peru. The call to missions is strong in my heart and I am now looking for a missions team to join.  God has made me ready for this, and I am open to suggestions in Spanish.
Roberto Lopez, Huancayo-Perú.

I am a missionary in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador.
I work among the Shuar Indians and I have seen how God is touching their hearts and they are deciding to follow the Lord and be baptised.  The work is very big and we get a lot of invitations to preach in the communities but we don't have the resources to meet all the requests.  Please pray with us for the Lord to touch the hearts of people to help us with materials for study and for children, or if anyone wants to come and work with us we have a ready made place and project for you.
Diego Castro Rogeron, Macas-Morona Santiago, Ecuador.

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