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3,000 halaman gratis        

‘The Autobiography Of George Muller’
- Whitaker House - ISBN 0-88368-159-5

‘On The Crest Of A Wave’
 - Peter Wagner - Regal Books - ISBN 0-8307-0895-2

‘A Passion For Souls’
 - Oswald J Smith (Out Of Print)

‘Power From On High’ - Charles Finney (Out Of Print)

‘Better Health And Miracle Living’ - Oral Roberts (No ISBN Number)

‘A Daily Guide To Miracles’ - Oral Roberts (No ISBN Number)

‘The Tongue A Creative Force’
Charles Capps Harrison House ISBN 0-89274-0612

‘Seed Time And Harvest’
Charles Capps – Harrison House ISBN 0-89274-397-2

‘Changing The Seen And Shaping The Unseen’
Charles Capps – Harrison House – ISBN 0-89274-220-8

‘The Substance Of Things’
Charles Capps – Harrison House – 0-89274-599-1

‘Success Motivation Through The Word’
Charles Capps – Harrison House ISBN 0-89274-183-X

‘Casting Out Into Deep Waters’
- Miguel Diez, Remar Spain (No ISBN Number)

‘A God In Love’
– Miguel Diez, Remar Spain (No ISBN Number)

‘CT Studd’ - Norman Grubb – Lutterworth Press
‘Serving As Senders’ - Neal Pirolo, STL Books

‘God Can Do It Here’
Eileen Vincent – Marshalla – ISBN 0551 01118

‘Gifts Of The Spirit’
Cecil Cousins – Kingsway Publications ISBN 0-86065-477-X

‘The Biblical Path To Blessing’
Benny Hinn - Thomas Nelson Publishers –ISBN 0-7852-7053-1

‘Strength To Love’
– Martin Luther King – Fontana Religious

‘Out Of The Comfort Zone’
George Verwer – OM Publishing ISBN 1-85078-353-5

‘A Table In The Wilderness’ – Watchman Nee – Victory Press

‘Give Up Your Small Ambitions’
– Michael Griffiths – Inter Varsity Press

‘Personal Victory’
Colin Urquart – Hodder And Stoughton ISBN 0-340-48501-9

‘Born To Win’
David Shearman – Sovereign World – ISBN 1-85240-260-1

‘Epistle To The Philippians’ – Rev F B Meyer (Out Of Print)

‘The Revelation Of Financial Renewal’
Clive Pick – New Wine Press – ISBN 1-874367-80-9

‘In The Spirit’ – Larry Christenson
Kingsway Publications – ISBN 0 86065 055 3

‘How To Close Your Church In A Decade’
David Cohen And Steven Gaukroger

Scripture Union – ISBN 0 86201 568 5

‘Breaking The Mould’
Gerald Coates (Ed) Kingsway – ISBN 0 86065 699 3

‘Discipleship’ David Watson
– Hodder And Stoughton – ISBN 0 340 33213 1

‘Anything You Ask’
Colin Urquart – Hodder And Stoughton – ISBN 0340 23348 6  

‘Look Out! The Pentecostals Are Coming’
Peter Wagner – Coverdale House – ISBN 0 902088 599

‘The Spirit-Filled Believers Handbook’
Derek Prince – Word Publishing – ISBN 0 85009 668 5

‘The Gift Of Giving’
R.T Kendall – Hodder And Staunton – ISBN – 0-340-72156-1

‘Operation World’ – Patrick Johnstone And Jason Mandryk
Paternoster Lifestyle – ISBN 1-85078-357-8

The following lessons originated by the inspiration shared by the below speakers or authors. Their original work is gratefully acknowledged and where applicable their books have been listed.

Arguments from Non-tithers, R.T. Kendall
(The Gift of Giving - Hodder and Staunton ISBN – 0-340-72156-1 - )

Arguments to Non-tithers – R.T Kendall
(The gift of giving - Hodder and Staunton – ISBN – 0-340-72156-1 - )

Tithe on Everything – Clive Pick
The Tithe is God’s Holy Property – Clive Pick

Ministering as a Sender 
Neal Pirolo - ‘Serving as Senders’ - STL Books