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Welcome to the January 5th, 2004 edition
To see today's news please click here




What is the 40/70 window ?

Can you tell me which nations are in it, it is Poland and Hungary that particularly interest me.
Daniel & Karen Kleszyk, Córdoba.


§ Here is the main link, Daniel The 40/70 Window  Les



North Africa is where I want to go . .

The Lord has called me to full time service in this region. I am thinking about opening a small business, something that help the poorer people and spread the gospel. What do I do first ?

Moses Leiva Riffo,Santiago de Chile.


§ Moses, you should start with Google and research who is already working in NA, people like Arab World Ministries, World Horizons, and Trans-World Radio and ask them for their expert advice. Find pages from <tentmakers> for business advice, and find out which Spanish missions are in the Magreb because they speak your language. Learning English will be very helpful as few people in NA speak Spanish except in Ceuta and Melilla. 
Les, the editor.



Coronel gives city keys to Jesus

More than 1200 people marched to the Plaza de Armas to watch the Mayor give the freedom of the city to Christ. Most of Coronel’s population is Christian and one Counsellor said that the act was a way of thanking the Lord and recognising the churches.

Carlos Juan Urrutia Leon.



I want to go to Turkey . .

Any information you can send will be welcome.

Mercedes Barbosa.


El Salvador

Christmas Fiesta for the poor

Our theme is “If God is your Father then you and I are brothers. Our church the Comunidad Cristiana Internacional is going to take joy and hope to hundreds of poor children in a tough part of town this Christmas and give them gifts, food, toys, songs and the message that Christ saves, heals and is coming again.

Rev. Moses y Margarita Preza, San Salvador.



Free download of study pages on animism

The purpose of this site is to equip Christians as God's kingdom messengers to minister among folk religionists and communicating Christ in animistic contexts

Sent in by Michael Chappell, Mansfield.


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They robbed our church . .

People got in and took all our sound equipment, all the instruments, everything but we know that God will meet our needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. Pray with us for the thieves that God will touch them, forgive them and lead them to repentance.

Jorge Antonio Chilin.



Believers at Kohuvallur beaten brutally . .

They ended the day hospitalized after coming for the worship and more than 50 bibles were torn and burn. There is a case against the pastor in the Police Station and he is blocked from going out of the village and communicating with anyone. This is a church full of ex-heathens.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala.



Violence in Assam continues to escalate

It is between the Kuki and Karbi tribes and many of our native missionaries and believers are caught in between.  Ten of our Bible school students and one leader have been arrested by police and are being falsely accused.

John Schwartz, Gospel for Asia



City-wide fasting for 21 days

Today we had 7 baptisms and last Sunday we had 5 more. Our national convention and missionary conference is January 7th to 11th and then city wide fasting for 21 days. We expect revival and 1000 new commitments to the Lord, then we will start church planting in Sri Lanka and Philippines.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala.



Christmas and everyday among the poor.

We would like to give some clothes for the HIV/AIDS people and poor widows this Christmas. There are poor orphan children in our churches who lost their parents due to dreadful diseases like AIDS. In this town there are many prostitutes. We wish to start some sewing centres to the poor widows that who are effected by AIDS.

Ithi Dev Das, Peddapuram.



Come, help us train missionaries . . .

Frontline Mission International aims to train and send out church planting missionaries to the unreached peoples on the East African Coast. We have centres in Mombasa and Kampala, Uganda. We are looking for volunteers both short and long term to come to teach.

Benedict Amenemoit, Mombasa.

Who are we?   See our work with photos







Looking for contacts in Mozambique

If you know anyone who lives there or if you have news of the people groups there please let me know.

Fernando Herrera, Chihuahua.


Myanmar - Burma

98 % of Chins accept Christianity

The tribal groups of the Chin people live in the northwest of  Myanmar, the 6th poorest country in the world. Of the 7 states Chin is the most underdeveloped and the poorest, the average income per person is less than $1 a day. Though over 98% of the Chins accept Christianity less than 4% will be saved believers. Christian literature is hard to find but as a Christian state, the average literacy rate is the top in Myanmar. All the foreign missionaries in our country and in Chin State had to leave years ago.

Za Lia Ceu, Burma.



Just 2.8 million people here and. .

The evangelicals are prospering and the Church has 2 TV channels, one is international, and there is Christian cable TV and 12 radio channels. Businessmen are coming to Christ and the Church is putting candidates forward for government. Benny Hinn has prophesied a great revival within a couple of years.

Martin Cortes.



Can you really start a bank with $50?

I have seen your Banking for the Poor and I would like to do the same here where we have 2,000,000 people who could never get a loan from the banks. How can we start with $50 ?

Marcos Alvez-Milho, Lima, Journalist.


§ Marcos: Let me underline the word "micro" because for me small is beautiful and yes you can start with $50. In some parts of the world you can start a simple micro-business for $25 to $50, roadside food stall, seeds, piglets, hens, market stalls and so on.  We have helped widows and orphans to do it. With the weekly repayments you can lend to the next, then the next and so on and if you tell your friends, then some will want to invest into the new “bank.” Take care to follow the instructions on our page because we have learned a few things over the years. 
Les, the editor.



Youth radio needs your help . .

Who can help us get on to FM, we need a PC and the decks and a lot of advice.

Jose Luis Zegarra, Tumbes.



Angola left us shaken . .

We are in South Africa visiting our pastor here and getting our breath back after Luanda, Angola. We are thrilled at how the Lord is helping our team there but it is shocking to see all the misery, filth, sickness and so much evil at large produced by both ignorance and the work of the devil over generations.

Miguel Diez, Remar International


Free Bible School Materials   DCI Banking for the Poor









Heavenly Father, We love you . . .

How truly blessed we are, that you sent your very own Son Jesus to be born in such a lowly stable.  How wonderful that you loved us that much.  Lord please help us to keep our focus with our hearts and minds, upon you this Christmas season.  There are so many things to do and so many places to go.  Help us not to forget to share your love with those less fortunate.  Help us to always remember Your teachings and to share Your love with others.

Gareth Lavell, Chiang Mai.

Supporting children with HIV and AIDS.



Hand of the Lord with refugees.

Many souls at his most difficult time turn to the Lord in tears. At one camp 40 people and about 30 children gave their lives to Christ as their Lord. I have received another call to go to another camp so keep on praying with me since it is your prayers that is keeping me alive both in the physical and spiritually even though every night there is a lot of fear and rumours and people are running in fear of the killer rebels. We have sleepless nights but God is keeping us safe.

Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.



World Christmas Party here . .

I have 100 disabled people coming; 60 bedridden women with AIDS; 60 orphan child family heads; 20 orphans with AIDS; 20 street children; 30 street beggars and 60 refugees, 350 in all.  Even the Government leaders are so much happy and saying they have never seen people like this being invited to a party of any kind.  I have support from Bishop Tom Okello, Members of Parliament and all the civil and Church leaders are with me. This will really lift up the name of our Lord Jesus Higher than before in the whole of Uganda.

George Purkweri, Lira.

Read the full story here



Where can I find free literature and leaflets to give. 

Maria  Eugenia Cisneros, Caracas.


§ Here it is Maria, on this page  Les, the editor.



Unforgettable experience for you

Would you like to join a missions group who intends to reach all Venezuela in the next 7 years and on to the world ? Change your life ! We are starting in Anzoategui. Puerto la Cruz from 06-10 April, 5 days, 25 hours a day.

Argenis Seijas, Caracas. Tlf. 04168172994; 5003967.



The Last Word for Today
A woman goes to the post office -

To buy stamps for her Christmas cards. She says to the clerk: "Fifty Christmas stamps please" The clerk says: "What denomination please?" The woman sighs: "God help us! Has it come to this? Give me 6 Catholic, 12 Presbyterian, 10 Lutheran and 22 Baptists".

Jose Iparraguirre D'Elia, Belfast, N. Ireland.



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