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Welcome to the 8th April 2003 edition.
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Fiji Islands: Hurricane Ami greatly affected the economy.
Once again, it gave God a chance to show His great power in providing for the construction of our Centre. We have just been granted a licence to catch fish and sell fish. We asked the Fijian King of our area and it was granted to us free of charge, the normal cost is $1000 if you are not part of the clan. God provided a very cheap outboard motor to run the boat as well. Come and join our work teams.
Marion Male, Labasa.

Venezuela: Reaching the unreached people in Spain.  
I will be glad to have information on the regions of Spain which do not have local indigenous churches and groups who do not have the Scripture in their local language.
Argelio Rodriguez, Caracas.

§ Readers in Spain, do contact Argelio but be kind to him, Spain still needs plenty of help if not quite in the way that Argelio thinks.  We are going there this weekend. Les and Pilar, the editors.

USA: Free monthly: The Soul Winner's Devotional.
With only one agenda - to encourage soul winners and to help keep their passion for evangelism burning. Don't let things crowd the heart and diminish a passion for souls.
Jamie Morgan, Bridgeton, NJ
To subscribe, e-mail: soulwinnersdevo@cs.com

§ I have just had my first edition, took 30 seconds to read and gave me food for thought for all the day. And it's free! Les, the editor

Peru: Congregation of refugees from terrorism.
There are 35 of us in a very precarious condition, some orphans, some widows. We do not have our own building or access to basic services so we use an abandoned house as our meeting place.  Is anyone who might be interested to assist us in any way ? Thanks.
Albino Cardenas Romero, Huancayo.

UK: Who do you know from Poland ?
A web evangelism team in Poland have some integrated websites with very effective strategies and many ideas which could be adapted for other languages and countries. Take a look at:
Tony Whittaker, SOON Ministries, Repton.

Chile: Looking for missionaries in Kenya.
Margarita Flores Olave, Santiago.

Centra Africa: We had a taste and didn't like it ! 

Out of sight of the TV news there has been a violent regime change and Patassé has now gone. We are waiting for a new government. We are searching for God's direction and try to pray so that He will give us the solutions. The rebuilding of the nation will take a long time due to all the damage and there was also a lot of sabotage. Christians have tasted what it was like to be under the dominion of Middle East religion. A few days were enough to understand this terrible reality. Will this wake the church up to take an increased interest in the mission to Arabic peoples ?

Pastor Anatole, Bangui.

§ Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Uganda - we are hearing Anatole's message time and time again from different people as Middle Eastern religion spreads its wings while many Christian churches still languish in lukewarm prayer and the seeking of personal prosperity. In CAR they didn't like the dish that the Lord allowed them to taste. Will you let it come your way ? Les and Pilar, the editors.

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Puerto Rico: I want to support a mission in Peru.
Can you could point us in the right direction?
Eduardo Perez.

§ Eduardo, here is the address of one of my former students in the 90’s, her name is Raquel Yupanqui from Ayacucho.  Together with her husband, they serve in the precarious area of Ayacucho among the Quechuas.  She has a missions school, children's work  and a clinic. Clemente Villegas is an educated man with a servant heart working among the poor without rights. Try putting 'Peru' in our Search engine which checks all our 1300 pages in seconds. 
Les, the editor.

India: We are very humble small Christian ministry cum church.
Please send all your Christian magazines, tracts, books, tapes, etc. Please do pray for this hut of prayers. May God bless you all.
Rev. T. John Ravichandran 
68 N.M. St, Sainathapuram, Vellore 63200, India


Ghana: Our congregation of 100 has a vision  . . 
Of spreading the gospel to the remotest part of our regions, caring for the less privileged and helping the disabled.  I am looking for other churches and organisations to affiliate to.

Pastor Dick Akol, Accra.

Argentina: Project Latin America.
Our aim is to awaken and support churches from Mexico to Argentina, by visiting them and encourage them to engage in mission.  So far we have already been in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and currently we are in Panama on our way to Costa Rica.  We can say: “Ebenezer” which means - so far the Lord has helped us.
Gaston Oviedo, Mendoza.

§ Gaston, go with our blessing and a lot of holy jealousy! We would love to do the same thing !  
Les and Pilar.

UK: For Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Muslims and Agnostics.
We answer the most asked questions such as: "Do Christians believe in three gods?" "If Jesus is the son of God, does it mean God has a wife?" etc. Followers of those faiths, seekers after truth and Christians will find a materials to help them grow in their understanding.
Andrew Abraham, London.

Venezuela: Where can I attend university ?
I am a teacher and I teach at Sunday School. Is there a web site where I could study for a university degree in Christian ministry.
I want to be equipped to serve the Lord better.
Daniel Gonzalez, Caracas.

§ Daniel, go to www.google.com and type in <Bible College + degree> and you will have a long list of possibilities to investigate. New Covenant University in the USA www.newcovenant.edu offers degree level distance learning.  Les, the editor.

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Pakistan: The Lord is working among the nations.
We are working for the extension of the Lord's kingdom and wining souls for Him. We are doing this great work in season and out of season in hospitals, streets, cities, villages, among the congregations, in the pulpit and through seminars, conventions and revival meetings. Please pray for us.
Pastor Labin Taj.

Argentina: Preparing to go to Costa Rica.
To open up a church planting and teaching ministry there where the % of believers is lower than 10% and there is a great need to reach cities and towns with the gospel.  Interested ? Please write us:
Claudio, Ana, Belen and Matías Da Souza

Spain: School of Missions in Catalan is done.
We need to correct the first draft of the translation and we are also working on "The Word for Today" in Catalan. This will be the first Daily Devotional in Catalan language. There are possibilities to translate the Alpha Course into Catalan as well for the churches in the East of Spain. I am going to Brazil in May, for a Mission trip and I will be sharing about the School of Missions there and how we can use it to train future missionaries and church workers.
Josep Rossello, Friends of God, Valencia.

§ In April we are going to meet with Josep in Valencia. He is very passionate about Spain's Catalan people and if you feel the same way, why not write and encourage him.  Les and Pilar.

India: Report from Andhra Pradesh.
This is one of the least evangelized states in India. People are least educated, literacy is 20%. People are so receptive to the gospel and ready for a change. 60 people responded in each village under a tree with gasoline lamps and no microphones. My heart was really touched by the condition of the people. Many women were women possessed and got delivered. When people see the power of God in healing and deliverance they are ready to throw away their idols and witchcraft things. Coveting your prayers and support to find $50 a month to support our full time evangelists.
Pastor D, Kerala.

Haiti: Serving the genuinely poor.
One of our brothers was in Haiti and wrote, "Some years ago, several young adults decided to put money aside to prepare a meal once a week for the poor in their part of Port au Prince. A young Haitian working in Florida contributes what is lacking. Every Sunday, very poor people, some elderly, gather to wait for the meal served by the young people. This is not merely a distribution of food. You can feel that a relationship of respect has grown up between the poor and those who are serving them. At the end of the meal there are big smiles all round. The old people’s faces are particularly moving. Everybody knows they can count on this weekly rendezvous. When was their last meal? Nobody knows.
The Taizé Community, France.

§ The pure goodness and humility of the Taizé people never ceases to amaze me, it is no wonder that tens of thousands of European young people go and camp around their church every summer to hear the gospel.  If you are ever in France - go. 
Les and Pilar, the editors.

El Salvador: Great need of trained leaders.
Especially in the rural areas so we have started seminars to train them and we use your material.  May God strengthen you so that you continue to be a blessing to others.
José Antonio Ponce, San Salvador.

§ Thanks José, it has always been our vision to equip those brothers who do not have the means to attend to the Bible Institute, and today we do it through the internet, which is a marvellous vehicle. Les, the editor.  

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Translators wanted for our team of volunteers.
If you can help us with first-class translation from English to Portuguese, Spanish, French, Arabic, Romanian and have a few hours a week to offer, please contact Les Norman, the editor. Other languages always considered to launch new pages. Thank you.

Indonesia: Jihad militia attacks Christian villagers in Tentena.
The eyes of the world is on Iraq but I ask you not to forget this region with 50,000 Christians that has been a war zone for nearly 4 years. Two attacks by the Jihad troops were thwarted in the last 15 months one by 2,500 Indonesian military deployed at the last minute. Please  pray for peace and safety for this region.
Brother Terry, Director of Administration.

Argentina: Going to the Saharaui people.
We hope that next year this will be a reality. This N.African Arabic community is the only Spanish speaking one.  Pray for the 2 or 3 believers in the Saharaui, we do not know them but God does.
Ruben Zapata, Mar del Plata.

§ Ruben, this is real unreached peoples mission coming out of your Latin America revival. May the Lord make it possible for you to do all that is in your heart.  Keep us informed, please. Les and Pilar, the editors.  

Canada: Resources for Discipling the Nations.
Our website has a special focus on using music, the arts and media as well as large sections on house churches, the Great Commission and Ethnic Ministries.
Grace Wiebe, Vancouver, BC.

§ For our Training Schools and Students
Gift of Working of Miracles

"We need ask God to raise up this gift of working miracles in the Church and church. A man or a woman who will not use this grace gift to become rich at the expense of ministering God's power into people's misery and suffering and hopes." This is from 2 new pages of class notes on this Spiritual Gift.
To see the notes click here
To take a copy in Word - click here for a zip file.

Panama: Several indigenous groups here . .
They were marginalized and excluded from intellectual and spiritual development over years. We have decided to reach out to them, even though it's not easy. Interested ? Contact me:
Jorge Luis Barria González.

Singapore: God will work miracles in your life . .
And in your work if you will only be obedient to what He wants to be done in your ministry and give Him all the praise for God inhabits the praise of men. It may look stupid to you but God will use the foolish to shame the wise. In our trips to India three women began to walk and a pastor's seven-month baby with pneumonia was healed. Jesus healed 2000 years ago and still heals today!
Rev. Jeanne Lee, Singapore.

Nepal: Praying to have orphanage in Nepal.
Because due to natural disaster, flood, landslide, many children became orphan. So I have compassion on them. At the moment I can bear the expenses for one kid from my earnings.
Bikram, Nepal.

§ Now if a poor man in Nepal can do that, can't we all - and change the world one child at a time? 
Les and Pilar.

Brazil: Pentecostal Church “Jesus The Life”.
This is a missionary congregation located in a shanty "Favela do Caju", in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Violence, destroyed homes, alcohol, drugs are only few of the many obstacles we face.  We have in our congregation dozens of young people willing to carry forward the great commission, but they need training. We want to equip them to be workers well acquainted with the Scriptures.
Andre Luiz da Silva Lima, Rio de Janeiro.

Ivory Coast: Please pray for peace here.
Scales Jazen

§ Since the Iraq crisis began the news media have covered little else on the front pages but much is happening in the world. The BBC, the Guardian and many other networks have pages dedicated to Africa and Asia which carry the latest news. You have to go looking. Les and Pilar, the editors.


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