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Russia: We're trying to teach and practice . . 
The connection between evangelism, church planting and ministering to people's physical and psychological hurts. It seems that many evangelicals focus on witnessing and preaching, not aware that people's spirits are rather firmly attached to their bodies and souls. Please pray for us.
Robert Hosken, our friend in Moscow.
Free Russian Agape-Biblia: http://www.agape-biblia.org

Guatemala: New Hope Mission.
It is a sending and training base for missionaries. We are editing a magazine and one of the subject revolves around the 10/40 window.  I am looking for a map of the 10/40 window already digitalized. I need pictures that could help me in the publications.
Victor De Leon

India: Vision of planting 1000 churches before 2010
Please pray for our church planters in different states of North India. If any one interested to know more and wish to visit us you are most welcome

Cuba: Pastor of the Church of Christ.
We would like to share what are we doing here, as we struggle to establish only one church, without divisions and with Jesus as the Head.  For this purpose all the pastors of the city are gathering together to achieve this goal. We request prayers and if any of you is interested in this project and wants to visit is, be welcomed.


USA: Africa - Unlimited Strategy Evangelism
Second round of equipping seminars for pastors and church leaders in East Africa: Nakuru, Kenya Feb. 24 - 28; Bungoma, Kenya Mar. 3 - 6. Pastors from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and the Congo will be in attendance. More information from our website.
Charles Aranyas, Houston, Texas.

Sweden: Greetings from Sweden
God is moving even through the coldest and remotest parts of the world!
Cristina Ng, Umee.

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Switzerland: Teachers For Africa - Namibia.
We were with Teachers For Africa who train individuals to lead and to teach in the family, school and church, with an emphasis on God, government, and education in the African context. http://www.teachersforafrica.com 
Mark & Melissa Bentsen, YWAM, Wiler.

Burkina Faso: Next Unreached Peoples Journey.
The Tiefo is an ethnic group of 10,000 in West Burkina that have no Christian witness and no written language. Today I received a letter from a Tiefo telling me the way the get to his village; otherwise we will get lost. It is over 500 kms each way. Similar to our work among the unreached Bolon if not harder.
Philippe, our DCI-WC colleague in Ouagadougou, since 1984.

England: New web pages from the UK !
There are sections on Spiritual Mapping, Spiritual Warfare, Prayer, Intercession, Missions, Transformations and a page with lots of very useful links to these themes.
Eric Mckenna, Mansfield.

India: 200 responses at Convention.
People on the way to commit suicide and no hope accepted Jesus as their Savior. A lot of Hindus and Muslims were healed and saved. Many who lost hope in their lives and who are bound by witchcraft came to be prayed for. We had graduation for 13 students. 9,000 meals were provided, 19 were baptized in water, 4 bicycles, 1 motorcycle and 20 lanterns were distributed to missionaries, 500 bibles were given to new converts, a lot of clothes were given to Orissa Mission.
Pastors D & L, South India.

Sweden: Pray for Sweden please.
We need help in prayer.
Osvaldo Jiménez.

Guatemala: Called me to serve among the Arabs.
I wish from the deepest of my heart to serve my Father in the field that he had called me to serve: among the Arabs. So I would like to ask your help by sending me information to know what to do.

Dámaris Velazco.

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Ten Reasons Why Missions People Leave The Field
By George Verwer -
click here

Uganda: Life has to continue, things are not OK.
The 17 year North Uganda war is still serious, we have no rest at all. Last week the rebels came to 7 kms from my home and took one of our Pastors although through prayer and God's mercies he managed to escape with a lot of wounds. Many internally displaced people have come to town. Children suffer from malnutrition and worms and many orphans and widows have no help!. We need God's grace to push on. Can somebody, somewhere give a hand with food, clothes or monwy so that we can buy some basics for these suffering people.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.
Personally known to us and 100% genuine. Editor

Ivory Coast: Eye-witness asks "Could it happen in Europe ?" 
In the south are the government troops and Abidjan, the capital is calm, but in the north past Bouaké you find the rebel MPCI army with weapons, ideology and funds from the Muslim nations that control the north of Africa.  The advance was peaceful to begin with millions of people motivated to find a solution to the overwhelming misery of their lives but later the advance turned violent as feelings were inflamed by sermons in the mosques and the command to conquer the world for Islam began to ring out. Such words easily take root among a people who have no hope of escaping their poverty and whose beliefs are anchored in eighth century religious laws. Let us not forget that Europe has 10 million Muslims, most are in England, Paris has 4 million and millions more live in Germany. Meanwhile the Christians of the continent are peacefully asleep, lulled into complacency and tipsy with the prosperity and comfort of the Western world.
Pastor Miguel Diez, President, Remar España.

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USA: How Muslims present Islam to prospective converts.
This website: http://www.journeytoislam.com will tell you.
Thanks to Brigada Weekly Missions E-mail.
www.brigada.org (Worth a visit anytime)

Peru: Training for AIDS and hospital work.
We train believers to serve more effectively and happily in hospitals.
We will be glad to send you information. We are also continuing to look for adoptive parents for AIDS infected children. 
Miguel Angel Vargas-Machuca T, Director of HESED.

Nigeria: We are also joining with millions . .
Of Christians to pray for the unreached. We must not relent.
Pastor J O Alabi, Lagos.

India: Visit to village predominately Hindu.
We saw 75 new commitments to the Lord and 70 baptisms. We have to buy some land and build a prayer hall soon for these people to worship and then we will expect 500 to come. If any church is interested to help to build it will be a great help.
Pastor D. South India.

Kenya: Missionary running a school of missions.
I am training people for Church planting targeting the unreached people groups. I am a Ugandan by nationality.
Benedict Amenemoit, Frontline Mission, Mombasa.

Belgium: Just visited Middle East.
Although not a Christian, I hope that people of various religions could live in peace and tolerance. There are so many great civilizations and cultures in the world and many misfortunes, especially in the Middle East, come from misunderstandings and prejudice. When talking with different people in that region, I could see how important that people be more open-minded and be tolerant of their differences. In this, the world still has quite a lot to do. The problems might not be solved in even several decades, but every effort is worthwhile. I believe your work worldwide surely promotes better understanding among people. Many many blessings.
WP, Chinese student.

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Burkina Faso: Update on missionary after stroke.
Thanks again for your prayers for Peter. His wife, Julia says he is making very good progress - he is off most of his wires and drips; his eyesight is now good; he can speak, and he is regaining movement down his left side. He was able to stand for a short while. Tomorrow he hopes to be out of intensive care.
Keith Smith, Missionary to the Fulani.

Brazil: We need your help and advice.
In 2000 we sent 96 Latin missionaries from Brazil, Paraguay, Guyana and Venezuela to the 10/40 window. 55 more are ready to be sent. When they left Brazil the currency was R$1.80 per dollar but now it take R$4.00 to buy $1. The sending churches cannot double their support or find the airfares to bring the missionaries home. We're facing a great battle and asking for your help.
David Botelho, Missão Horizontes.

UK: Looking forward to Egypt.
Years ago I went to Egypt with a burning desire to challenge the Egyptian church about Morocco and the other Arab nations. My desire to see Egyptians carrying their treasure out to other Arab nations and beyond is undimmed. A trickle has gone out, but we have been praying for the hundreds, and in time the thousands. I believe it is time for the trickle to become a stream. I think that this visit will be a time of receiving from the deep and vibrant ministry that there is among the Egyptian believers.
Name withdrawn for security reasons, UK.

Colombia: Missionary in my own country.
Together with my husband we rescue street children and kids in danger. We are also learning about youngster involved in prostitution and drugs in the downtown area of Bogotá.  We want to have a team of prayer warriors from Colombia and other countries supporting our ministry through their prayers.
Yulexi Pereira, Bogotá.

France: Prayer answered for gravely ill pastor.
Last week pastor Thierry's chest infections disappeared, no more drips, he is mobile and can stand up and even walk on his own. He is coming home this week. We still need to ask God that if anything of the brain tumour remains that it would dry up.
Tim Worrall, L'Eglise Baptist de Lens.

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Spain: If you don't know where to stay in Spain. 
Come to our Christian missions base: Seven Olive Trees, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.
Ruth del Coso Westerman.
sieteolivos@hotmail.com Tel 91 639 307 804 Fax 91 884 21 70

Canada: Interested in this news.
I work as a teacher and I am interested in reading that the word of God is being spread around the non- Christian countries.
Antoine Ishac, Canada.

Mexico: Christian Outreach International goes full circle!
COI started full-time mission in Venezuela in 1994. One of the first Venezuelans impacted was the Reyna family who are now are being sent as full-time missionaries to Chihuahua, Mexico.
Daniel Gower, Chihuahua.

RD Congo: Growing church in Kinshasa
I am the leader of a large congregation in Kinshasa. We are part of the charistmatic renewal in the Notre Dame Cathedral of Congo, with around 500 members.
Ferdinand Ntantu Ndosi, Kinshasa, Congo

UK to Romania: 1st Feb - 15th.
Remember me in your prayers, please. It is -21 deg there now. We need snow chains to get from Hungary across the border, but our visit rounds off 18 months of managing a farm and releasing the pastor back into his job of looking after the people, training them and equiping them, not trying to do everything in 14 churches himself. It will also give him some income. 20 new believers meet weekly at the farm. This summer we will hold a kids camp in the villages.
Ann Murphy, Wold Horizons missionary, Leicester.

India: Attack on Christian missionary Bishop.
Joseph Kooper from Philadelphia, USA preached gospel in Kerala and he and locals were attacked. Missionaries in Tamil-Nadu and Karnataka are also live in fear and threat. Our convention produced 35 new missionaries who are willing to go. Please pray for them.
Pastor D, South India.

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Bhutan: What's it like for a believer here ?
Many believers are backsliden due to persecution which is not direct but Christians can't have services like schools, electricity, jobs, police clearance and even marriage certificates. Having a great faith in the Lord will save us. I am a pastor of 25 families and I have five other fellowships with 3 assistant pastors and 2 evangelists. One fellowship which is 240 kms away. At New Year four people accepted Jesus and were baptized.
Name and address by request only for security reasons.
See item below to find out about Bhutan.
Les Norman, Editor

France: Taizé's Pilgrimage in Paris
"Taizé in Paris was one face of the new Europe, 80 000 young adults from every country of the continent", said one newspaper. Senator Gérard Delfau invited a group to the Senate: "The message of peace of the young people from Taizé is essential, when war is being prepared and so many conflicts are shaking the planet." "A young Croatian, in spite of his experience of the Balkan wars said, 'I rediscovered my faith here. I discovered that human beings can be good.' More at http://www.taize.fr/en/enemp99.htm 
The Taizé Community, France.

Bhutan: What do you know about this Kingdom ?
Get ready to be fascinated by one of the last remaining closed Kingdoms of the world, in the foothills of the Himalyas, near Tibet, Nepal and Everest. Only 5,000 visitors a year are allowed in with permission, and only on one of two Kingdom jets. See www.kingdomofbhutan.com and from the BBC Profile of Bhutan. For a sympathetic tour operator in Bhutan the one agency to talk to is: www.bhutan4all.com 
Les Norman, Editor.
Contact me

Ukraine: US Missionary in Ukraine.
I just downloaded some of your materials. I am doing church planting, discipleship training and leadership training. I am wanting to know if you have materials in Russian. [Yes, right here, Editor.]
Ernie Smith, Marion, IN, USA.

Ghana: Looking back at 2002 . . .
I ministered 210 times in 11 growing churches in addition to my work as President of the All Africa Bible Institute. I taught 3 courses, 3 days a week for 8 months and did one Gospel Crusade. My humble request is your prayers to live healthily, be led by the Holy Spirit and for the Lord to supply all our needs to do His will in 2003.
Patrick Azariah, Acrra.

Canada: Looking for a church in Lyon region, France.
I want to work as a pastor or a bible teacher. I have 20 years experience and I have graduated in theology and education. I am Canadian and I speak also in Spanish. My wife is a psychologist, and we have no children. 
Pasteur Daroch Montreal. 

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