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Welcome to the 15th March 2003 edition.
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Philippines/Indonesia: US missionaries face backlash.
As war with Iraq becomes more likely, we also ask that you would pray for all of us living over here in Asia. We need a lot of wisdom as we go about our lives and work. Some of our workers are in areas such as Indonesia where anti-American feeling is strong, where a backlash could be a dangerous problem. Please pray that the workers who are in risky places will have the mind of Christ moment by moment. Some of the risks are obvious. Others such as the stress of living as a "target" for weeks or months at a time are not as obvious.

§ This is the problem all over Asia, the Middle East and Africa, security for missionaries and churches in high-risk areas needs to be high on leaders and elders agenda as the Iraq situation provides the excuse.  The Editors.

Peru: Greetings to all the missionaries around the world.
Write to me to exchange opinions. I would like to help you.
Dean Fidel Castro Alfaro, Lima.

Singapore: Year of miracles in 2002.
We prayed for land and we received land and more land for Bible Colleges, Vocational Training Institutes and Dream Centres and more. In healing we witnessed the lame, the paralysed healed instantly by the Lord because they received the Word of Faith that we preached and taught them. We are believing for more miracles in finance, in healing, raising agents of change for our King of kings and Lord of lords.
Jeanne Lee, Faith Leaders International Ministries


Mexico: our most sincere congratulations.
For the hard work all of you are carrying out. I just want to tell you not to give up interceding in prayer for each other and for each nation', as I truly think that if a great awakening is to pour down on every nation. It has already begun here, in this tiny village in the heart of Mexico.
Miriam Esparza, Aguascalientes

Mozambique: No end to the line of hungry children.
We need a miracle to keep feeding the hungry children in Africa because of the lack of funds, I keep in prayer for this miracle, I think we need also God's shaking, there is no reason to hold us back from helping the hungry children. We need your help.
Pastor Eddie Brito.


§  We know this missionary, he is genuine - and right now he has got malaria. See if you can help him. Les and Pilar, the editors.

Peru: I would like to serve in the media.

I have recently finished the School of Missions. I feel a burden to put the media in the service of the work and the missions. If you want my prayer support, please let it me know.
Juan Sanchez Calderon.


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Sudan: While we watch Iraq, something else is happening . .
Whilst the world is holding breath to hear about Iraq the military forces of Sudan are amassing the greatest military build-up in the history of Sudan, according to a reliable source, preparing for a devastating attack on the Christian south of Sudan. This is happening simultaneously with a peace process that holds the greatest possibility in recent years for peace in Sudan. Join us please in emergency prayer. It encouraged me tremendously to see how the people in SA will pray on Monday 3 March 2003. The whole day of 24 hours is covered already! I can see from the list done that God means business with this prayer initiative.
Sudan Prayer Watch, Southern Africa.


Mexico: The Arab world.
To all the brothers and sisters working as missionaries in the Arab world: we are praying for you in Mexico. Please, write to us for specific prayer requests. I need to learn how to speak Arabic. Can anybody guide me?
Ramón Valdez.

Pakistan: Asking for computers
Hi Les, Edger has requested me to ask you if you could help them to have some computers for their church in Pakistan. We could organise shipping through our Luton International Church Charity.
Pastor Edward and Kyllikki Masih, Luton, UK.

§  Edward, Churches in the developing nations can get reconditioned PC's from www.computer-aid.org in London. You have to collect and ship them out or pay an agent, but the PC's are as new and come with monitor, keyboard and so on. There is a charge of just £39 for handling which makes them a bargain. Les.

UK: I leave for Mongolia this morning.
My wife Margaret will keep folks informed on how things are going on from time to time. If you would like to hear write to us. God bless and thanks for praying and support.
Michael Kelly, World Horizons Leader.


§  Michael you go with our love, our prayers and not a little holy jealousy.  For most of us Mongolia really is the ends of the earth but the Lord has led Michael there and he is seeing some good things happen for the people. You can ask him for a Mongolia CD but remember to pay for the costs and the postage. 
Les and Pilar, the editors

Central African Republic: Translating your studies.
It's my pleasure to serve the Lord through the translation of the studies into French. I just have the burden to get this for the people with me here who do not have access to internet and I will contact people here to find out how much it will cost to have it in the form of book.
Anatole Banga, Bangui.

§ If you or your church would like to help us to sponsor the printing of this training for the people and pygmies of CAR, please e-mail us. Les and Pilar, the editors.

France: I'm Mexican and live in France.
I arrived 4 months ago. I'm looking for a temple to attend. Lots of blessings for this great web site.
Pamela Duran, Thomery.


§  Pamela, here is a brilliant website in several languages: http://www.france-mission.org which tells you all there is to know about churches and missions in France. Les and Pilar, the editors.


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Philippines: Bombing in Davao City - Are we OK ?
Thank you for your prayers and concern. We are far from Davao but our friend Bill Sykes, a long time Baptist missionary in Davao was killed. Bill was picking up another Baptist missionary family when the bomb went off in the waiting area. The Stevens family were injured, but only slightly. 150 others were injured, many severely. Do pray for them all. It was a first suicide bombing here in the Philippines.
Richard and June Bartz, Philippines.

§  Richard and June are our friends and we feel their shock and heartache for the Sykes and Stevens family.  Les and Pilar, the editors.

Warning - don't fall for it !
Dear in Christ, Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am a member of Dove Ministry Inc. During a prayer and fasting session in my ministry the Lord gave me the opportunity to redeem my life and purify what remains of my wealth. God revealed to me to invest $1,000,000 in his kingdom through your ministry. You should immediately contact me. Remain blessed. Pastor . . 

§This is only one of dozens of similar e-mails that may come to you. Watch out for one from the so-called widow of Bishop Ida Ben Hosa offfering you his fortune. All are from West African criminals who will empty your bank given any chance at all. Delete them all, never, ever, ever reply. Les and Pilar, the editors.

Peru: Our church needs urgent help after the floods.
It badly needs clothes, medicine and vitamins to combat dengue and paludism and Spanish New Testaments. We'd like to buy a plot of land to build a house of prayer.
Pastor Joél Zavaleta Florez, Iquitos. 005194-222194.

Britain: If you're against the proposed war on Iraq . .
Don't just read the newspapers- check out the song "Not in My Name" at www.mp3.com/sarah_francis Sarah is a 15-year-old British Asian pop singer, who wants to motivate her generation to join her in doing something proactive to oppose the war. We are unashamedly asking you to help get "Not in My Name" to the top of the mp3.com pop chart, whose primary audience is in the USA.
Ben Richards, London.

§ We know Dr.Ben well. Sarah's peace songs have been performed by request live before a South East Asian Islamic head of state and have captured the hearts of many. Les and Pilar

Mexico: We pray for missionaries.
Send me your prayer requests. May your preaching be followed by signs and miracles.

Kenya: City-wide conference, Kisumu, in July
It will be a combination of seminars in daytime and gospel meetings in evenings. Being the first one of what our mission has been dreaming for long time, everybody here in our Nairobi office is excited.
Paul Lee, Korean missionary in Nairobi.

§  These Korean brothers have done a fantastic work in Kenya even translating our School of Mission into Swahili, and now they are spreading out all over Central and West Africa. Koreans are one of the new 21st century missions armies raised up by Jesus. Les and Pilar, the editors.


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Argentina: We need children's footwear.
I would like to ask for footwear for children aged 6 to 11 living in Catamarca.. Our brothers and sisters working with them are facing plenty of economic problems and have no resources to help neither these children nor their families who are now jobless.
Fabian Manera, Esperanza.

§  It is so desperately sad to see Argentina in such a mess, we have hundreds of contacts there and so many write to say the same thing. Les & Pilar, the editors.

Rwanda: Wonderful days of evangelism.
We also visited widows, the victims of 1994 genocide as well as former adulterous ladies that have already repented but right now are infected with HIV/AIDS. We also preached to official employees in their lunch times. Two teams went to Kibungo Province. Many souls have been restored because Rwandans are eager to know more scriptures. More evangelisation is from Feb 21 to March 6 in Kenya; we need musical instruments and sound. Ministers from all over the world can be sure that they are welcome in Rwanda.
Rev. Amiel, Kigali.

Australia: "You can be a real winner."
We have just placed this teaching on our web site for free dowloading. It has helped thousands of churches to train their members in soul winning. It contains the seeds for harvest.
Gerald Rowlands, Nambour.

§ Gerald Rowlands is one of the most faithful and reliable church trainers in the world with a lifetime of experience and integrity. Go get his books free of charge.  Les and Pilar, the editors.

Peru: I'd like to contact Christians in Moscow, Russia.
Freddy Quispe C.

Mexico: What happened with that meeting of Dalits in 2002?
David Ruesga, Mexico City.

§  David, as far as we know, it was positive but maybe not exactly what was expected. All India Christian Council are the people to ask at www.aiccindia.org   Les & Pilar, editors.


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England: Team from England visiting Ghana.
For two Easter conferences in Accra and Esiama from April 16 to May 1. The team will preach and teach in partner churches and visit projects including 2 orphanages, nursing school, Bible college and some new church plants. More info from:
Dave Watts, Dudley, UK

Peru: Quechua missionary for 12 years.
I am a father of 5 and represent the peasant community of San Martín de Porras de Atumpampa, which is situated at 3100m above sea level. We live in a region in the Andes where 3000 families live and Quechua is spoken. There are no telephone lines.
Your brother Eulalio Calderon.

§ Our friend among the Quechua people and student during the 1990s is Raquel Yupanqui de Ayacucho. She and her husband have a mission working on the areas of training and health. She visited us recently in England and was a great blessing - not the least the Quechua music! Les & Pilar, editors.

India: 18 villages and 6000 people in every village.
70 % are Hindus and 30% are Muslims. And no Christians in these villages. 20% of the people are high class 50% middle class and 20% are low class. We sent a missionary for a trial basis for 3 months. In 2 months he planted 5 house churches in 5 villages. 50 people are ready for baptism. By the end of this year we expect 500 baptisms. It is time to place 2 more missionaries in this area. $50 will support a missionary every month and will harvest people to the kingdom.
Pastor Daniel, South India.

§ I wonder, did you see that ? In India just $50 a month will keep a full-time missionary on the field.  A man or woman who speaks the language, embraces the culture and lives with the people. If cash for giving is short, why not consider this ? Pastor Daniel is a good man. Les, the editor.

El Salvador: God has raised a great work here in no time.
We know that the best is about to come. We invite you to visit us, but mostly to pray for all that God will give to this nation that is so much in need.
Manuel Oswaldo Escobar Martinez, San Salvador.

Uganda: Not easy to travel among the rebels.
So now we are preaching the gospel over the radio and paying about 50.000 shillings every week. This is reaching many people in the North of Uganda. We need prayer for the anointing of God as we touch the souls of our hurting people through the radio. It is not easy to travel among the rebels and to preach the good news to our dying people but they can listen to the message by radio.
George and Jane Purkweri, Lira.

§  This is the week for bargains in supporting missions. 50,000 Ugandan shillings is just £18 or $25 a week to reach all those people. Let me know if you wish to help George. We know him well.  Les and Pilar, the editors.

Indonesia: Starving and hungry for the Word of God
Thank you to encourage us here. I'm preparing and equipping the leaders of our church, one the biggest in Jakarta. Training them to run with passion to the nations and people, to set up ministry and assign and ordain through our Synod, that Lord has used as His vehicle. This job is exciting to me and full of joy. I spend more than 10 hours a day, 7 days a week in this ministry. They are starving and hungry for the Word of God, and all of them enthusiastic in study and ministry.
Pastor MS, Jakarta.

  Mahli is also the translator for the Indonesian version of these pages and does the e-mail support. I think his days must have more hours in them than we have in the UK !  Les, the editor.

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Translators wanted for our team of volunteers worldwide.
If you can help us with first-class translation from English to Portuguese, French, Romanian, Russian and have a few hours a week to offer, please contact Les Norman, the editor. Other languages always considered to launch new pages. Thank you.

For everyone worried about Weapons of Mass Destruction
Here is an article written by a retired US military weapons expert who understands nuclear, chemical and biological arms. It will balance the fear that is everywhere. Click here for a zip file in English.
Les and Pilar, the editors

USA: Professional soccer player for Charlotte Eagles
This is a missionary organization. I played for Colombian national team. We have millions the people around the world that they don't know about Jesus. India has only 2% christians. In others countries almost the same. We want Jesus return for us. Jesus love all the people and he wants to save them. We can help the people know him. I pray every day to God for you.
Hugo Galeano, Charlotte.

Peru: I’d like to know more about missions in Italy.
I’m training at a seminary and would like to contact brothers and sisters in Italy. I have been longing for going to Italy for over 18 years but, so far, the Lord has kept closing the gates to me. Nevertheless, I am still longing.
Martin Riquelme.

Burundi: I am a young lady who loves God.
I have accepted Jesus as my Savior. I have been attending a Bible Course every Monday and Friday for a month. I would like to do your course too and learn more especially the life of a good Christian.
Jacqueline Nsavye, Bujumbura.

Cuba: Praying for the youth around the world.
I’m leading a nation-wide youth ministry. We are witnessing great marvellous things by the Lord. Many young people are learning His word. We are setting up a ministry with the specific objective of interceding for the youth around the world so that they may actually experience a life in all its fullness in Jesus. To join us -contact:
Jaliet, Matanzas.

Uganda: Rural areas must be turned upside down.
Time has come for the gospel to be preached in our rural areas of Africa, rural areas need spiritual development. I am a student here in the UK, doing BA in theology, seeking men and women of God who can join me to Africa in this great job.
Nsubuga Dixon.

Argentina: Wanted: Contact with Colombia.
With people working in the mission field and who would like to share with me any pieces of information. I pray for Colombia and my church organises a Congress each year where I provide all the information.
Ana Luisa Guerrero, Viedma.

§ Ana Luisa, CENTI (Centre of Integral Teotherapy) is a Christian movement founded in Colombia. Their e-mail is argentina@centi.org and web page: www.centi.org
José Luis, DCI Northern Ireland.

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