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Welcome to the 10th August 2003 edition
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Central Africa Republic
African children given a Pygmy at birth.
The Pygmies in this part of the country are considered the property of the nearest village. For some it is someone to look after and bring clothes too, but for others it is someone to abuse and get free labour from.  In either case it is a form of slavery. In Africa Pygmy it is a negative name, and the Pygmies refer to themselves simply as citizens. Pastor Benjamin Lessy took his family from the relative comfort of Bangui three years ago to live in the Rain Forest among the Pygmies.  He has broken through prejudice and recruited believers from the village of Bobele to come and work with him.  They have a simple school, a church and now the beginnings of a little medical centre on the encampment.  A Pygmy encampment usually comprises several extended families, which become a clan. The women are fairly dominant.  They laughed when I asked them if they ever went hunting with the men.  Turns out they do a lot of the hunting themselves! Nearly all of this encampment has turned to the Lord, they told me that each one made a personal decision.

Gail Dixon, Nations, LLanelli, UK.


Pakistan: 135 people heard the gospel . .
And when I gave altar call for confession, 33 people gave their lives to the Jesus Christ as personal Saviour. Please do keep them in your kind prayers. Weather is very hot, temperature 50 degrees and many people has been died here.

Pastor Labin, Lahore.


Peru: More helpers really needed!
We have just arrived from the jungle of Ayacucho, teaching and preaching the Word of God, how wonderful is to give food to our hungry people! God is really blessing our ministry, there is a lot of to do, the harvest is there - we need urgent more workers. The Quinua  Clinic is going ahead with a nurse and a Dentist working there. The Lord gave us three wonderful Christian teachers for our kindergarten of 16 precious 3 to 5 year olds. Some of them are very ill with flu as Ayacucho is very cold. The Bible School at San Melchor needs more helpers as we have 40 children and only two teachers.
Raquel Yupanqui, Ayacucho.


Hamburg: 29 December to 2 January 2004
Preparations have begun and there is great enthusiasm for this new stage in the Taizé pilgrimage of trust on earth. Klaus, one of the region's youth workers, writes: "We feel we are already on the way, and at the end of the year tens of thousands will join us not to see the sights or the city, but to join us in seeking new hope. We are counting on the young people of Germany who will join us to live this adventure together with people of all ages and from all the Christian communities - and live it with enthusiasm.
Taizé Community, France.

Burkina Faso: Traveling in Burkina, Niger and Mali.
We saw vast areas and many villages without any Christian presence and little hope of hearing the gospel by our current strategies. One of the new things we are trying is that for the next 4 months, Steve and I will live with local native families in simple huts as a temporary Christian community and work rice fields together. The goal is for the Fulani believers to be discipled within a holistic environment of community, and also be able to provide for their families.
Keith Smith, missionary to the Fulani, Djibo.


Guatemala: Two bombs thrown at me . .
We want to build the the church in a community with many idols where all are non-converts are fighting to destroy our church. Some time ago they hurled two bombs at me, but the anointment of the Lord protected me and I did not perish.
Pastor Marvin Omar Tobar López.


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Soul Winning Quotes of the Month
Evangelism is the only reason why time marches on. Every single day, 600,000 people die and enter eternity.
The Soul Winner's Devotional
Igniting a passion for souls on six continents of the world.

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Argentina: I need some studies on . .
How to discipline a member of the church and inner healing for children and adults.
Juan Carlos.

§ Juan Carlos, we can help you with this recent paper on Handling Church Discipline. Les, the editor.

India: Reaching out to the four corners of Hindustan.
We will be glad to help arranging meetings for Christian leaders from around the world. If some one is looking for a opening to serve the Lord here we will be glad to help. We are a evangelistic church-planting missionary movement working among tribals, urban youth and children. Do pray for us and for this, the worlds biggest missionary field - Hindustan.
Ganesh Chitnis, Bangalore.

Chile: Missionaries in Paris, France please e-mail me .
Noemi Cortes.

UK: Ambassadors for Christ Mission Fellowship.
Lots of news about people in Kenya, Northern Irleand, UK, Mozambique and soon Mongolia.
John Clements, Llanelli, Wales.

Uganda: Mission to Burundi
We arrived late because rebels blocked the road from Rwanda, but that same night ran the Leaders' Seminar till Friday which was amazing experience; 126 Pastors had come all the way from within Burundi, Goma, Tanzania. More humbling, 20 African Union peace-keeping soldiers also attended. Till Sunday we had revival meetings with seminars with about 4,000 attendants every day. 869 people gave their life to Jesus that week and 200 miracle reports we have so far received.
Lawnsome Etum-Akezi, Lira.

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France: A prayer by frčre Roger
Holy Spirit, give us hearts that are quite simple, to the point that the complicated things of life do not bring us to a standstill.
The Taizé Community.


Nigeria: Please visit
As Christian journalists our web site is a modest effort to project some happenings in our country and provide genuine links. Unfortunately all kinds of scams are emanating from our part of the world. My advice to all is to be wary of such mails. Those behind the mails can go to any extent to pretend to be Christians. Many of them are not. Like the devil their father they know the Bible inside out and will try to fool any unsuspecting person.
Lekan Otufodunrin.

Suriname: African scams letters.
I have been a victim myself of these African scams letters. My ministry has lost thousands of dollars in believing these liars and crooks who even act like christians and preachers through their promises of donations, but it is all a trap. Please pray for me and the work of God here to recover from these financial traps that we have fallen into. This is due to these crooks and criminals who portray themselves as christians and preachers using strong bible terms and God's name in vain. Please continue to warn the body of Christ of the dangers of these money promises and crooks.
Name removed as a courtesy.

Please be warned yet again . . .
Not to respond to any e-mails that come to you from unknown people with African connections that offer you extraordinary amounts of money - even if they are written in the most "Christian" of language. They are all well known scams. Report any such e-mail to: and
For more information these are the pages to see:
Les and Pilar, the editors

Mexico: 14 years old and would like to be a missionary.
Perhaps somewhere in Africa. I’m just waiting for God’s confirmation.
Areli Morales Olivera, Oaxaca de Juarez.

From Russia: Free Bibles On-line - World English Bible - Hebrew - Greek Bible - Spanish Bible - Luther German Bible - Loius Segond Bible
Robert Hosken, Moscow.

Senegal: African prostitutes and drug pushers in Italy.
Our co-pastor has been called by God to Italy to save the African prostitutes and drug pushers. He wants to open church for these people. Anybody who can help him get ticket, invitation letter and other relevant information please e-mail me.
Rev. Solomon Rasaki, Dakar.

France: 40 days of prayer and fasting - reports coming in . .
In one large church in Guadeloupe 300 people joined the rota for a 24 hour chain of prayer, which continued throughout the whole 40 days!  At least one person fasted for the entire 40 days!  During the evangelism which followed, 500 people made decisions for Christ.  Before the prayer, Guadeloupe had been paralysed by strikes and social unrest, which the authorities seemed to be unable to resolve.  During the prayer the situation was turned around.
France 2003/Objectif France Team.

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Colombia: Come with me to the Middle East.
The Lord called me to missions in the 10/40 Window and especially to the Muslim nations a long time ago. I am finding my way forward  but haven't made it yet but the time is close. The Lord has often spoke to me about the fundamental need to raise the help of a prayer team so if the Lord has also put a burden in your heart for the Islamic countries and the 1,200 million Muslims that do not know the Lord Jesus Chtist then may I invite you to join me. E-mail me and I will tell you more.
Martha Restrepo, Bogota

Thailand: I am so much in love with the Lord . .
Just writing to let you know that I am still working very hard for the Lord and at present trying very hard to disciple to new friends in my life. Keep praying that the Holy Spirit will work in me and the people I am praying for and discipling. God is good. Keep the faith. God really moves me and I cannot thank the Lord enough for all His blessings. I see His work everywhere and see many small blessings that other people often fail to see. I am so much in love with the Lord and I know that Jesus loves me so much more than I can ever imagine. Since finding Christ my life as changed so much it's awesome. The Lord Christ Jesus is the life, the truth and the only way. I just wanted you to know that I am very much on fire for the Lord and feel Him close to me each and everyday. His Love and peace always overwhelms me.
Gareth Lavell, Chiang Mai.


§ Did you know that 1 of every 5 children in the developing world never make their 5th birthday? 
1 out of every 6 children living in Thailand still lives in poverty. Visit Gareth's website and see how to make be a volunteer or a supporter for his work with AIDS kids and see our previous editions for more news.
Les and Pilar, the editors.



UK: Looking for contacts in Botswana . .
I heard the news about Botswana and the heartbreaking situations with children over there with  HIV.  For years I have been wondering how could I be involved. About 7 years ago when I was a medical student, I wanted to go to Africa and help in any way and that desire has not disappeared.  My husband would like to do something as well.  How can I be involved with projects in Botswana?
Kerli Elliott, from Estonia.

USA: Interested in going to Spain
My husband and I are from Puerto Rico but we live in the US. Can you inform us how we could help spread of the Gospel in Spain.
Brenda Irizarry, Reading, PA.

Wales: In Mongolia for four weeks
The planned itinerary is two weeks getting vehicles ready as we will face tough conditions out of Ulaanbaatar. There are no roads, just potholed tracks and with no signposts it was difficult last year. This year we have a satellite global positioning system. The following 2 weeks will be spent in the countryside sharing the gospel with Mongolian families living with them in their "Gers" and helping with chores, chopping wood and bringing in the cattle which will give time to get to know them.
Michael Kelly, World Horizons, Swansea.

Belgium: Asking for contacts in France . .
We are an Evangelical Church specialising in the training, mobilisation and release of missionaries. Our work in the EU is progressing very well. We are thinking about a daughter church in France and would like to ask Pastors, churches and anyone who would be interested to become partners in mission.
Rev Evina Aloys, Bruxelles, Belgique

Looking for a church or mission in France . .
Here are the best links:
Les and Pilar, the editors


Search our 1,300 pages
Enter a name, country or topic and Google will search hundreds of our previous editions and study pages in a second.


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