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Welcome to the 10th December 2003 edition
To see today's edition please click here





New cell church on air force base

I got talking to an air force Colonel and told him about the hope we have in Jesus, and while I was speaking all the points from your School of Evangelism study 6 came to my mind so I told him those as well. I was just like hearing a voice in my mind. It was such a great conversation that I darted to ask permission to hold a daily meeting on the air base and he said yes, so now we have a study and prayer cell church there.

Antonio Moncada, Barquisimetro.


Tell me all about Turkey . .

I am looking for news and work opportunities.
Mercedes, Bogotá.



Who were the Heathens anyway?

The original Heathens were the pre-Christian North European peoples who lived over a 1000 years ago in the lands around the North Sea. These included the peoples of Anglo-Saxon England, Scandinavia, Germany and Friesland. Heathen is also a term used to describe the religious practices of two main groups of people, one historical and one modern.
Find out more about this here from
BBC in England


Best home page for mission pray-ers . .

Michael Chappell, Mansfield, UK.


Taize in Oxford, February

Next February 3-7 two brothers will be in Oxford for a student event called ‘Pathways: an invitation to the Christian spiritual journey’. An email to this address will bring updates. We are looking for help with the music for the prayers, especially people who can sing.
Brother Paolo, Taize Community, France


Love and say it with your life.
It was Mother Teresa who made these words of Augustine, four centuries after Christ, comprehensible to us. Trust in God becomes credible and is communicated above all when it is lived out. Taizé received the 2003 Dignitas Humana Award honouring those who strive to advance human dignity and at Brother Roger's request, the prize was donated to Mother Teresa's sisters in Haiti.
The Taize Community, France


§ Why our turkey flew south  . .
Our community
World Christmas Party 2003 is not in England this year, it is in Uganda, Burkina Faso, Peru, Argentina and India and all the guests are refugees, cripples, beggars and orphans. This is our thank you gift to Jesus because what we do for the least we do for Him. Here is the full story.
Les and Pilar, the editors.


Who Are We ?






Still growing after 20 years

Our local Brethren Assembly growing by the grace of the Lord, new one are added and  the saints are strengthened in the word of God by His Grace. We sent an evangelist to Vizianagarm for the work of the Lord full time and he has been working there in a prosperous manner, winning souls for Christ, building, training and sending for Christ. So we have hunger for Christ Jesus, pray for us
Bro. P Samuel John, Guntur.

If the cow dies - so do we !
Chandran's, a Hindu by birth, was an alcoholic and lived by selling milk from 2 cows. His wife went to temples to offer all types of sacrifices to cure her husband but nothing worked.  After witchcraft, voodoo and black magic Chandran became worse, so when a cow died she decided to commit suicide with her son and daughter. One day someone shared the gospel with her but she was afraid of the family gods and her husband. Then the second cow became ill so Chandran's wife asked him to go ask the Pastor for prayer. They came and said that if this cow dies they too will die, because they owed $600 for the two cows. I shared the gospel and prayed over a handkerchief and asked them to put it on the cow. God healed the cow and the family knew there is more powerful and living God. Chandran stopped drinking and the family now serve the living God. The four of them and 16 others were just baptised.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala.


God’s time on the sub-continent

Please pray for our visit to Pakistan and India where we are now to visit the Portable Bible Schools, the Home Cell Church planting, the fieldworkers, not forgetting the women’s and children’s ministry. The Second Farsi Portable Bible School will take place and then it will be across to India region for on-going work among the poorest of the poor in remote villages.  Please pray too for our church in the UK and its work among Asian Christians and Muslims in Lancashire.
David & Barbara, Pakistan
Asian Christian Development Programme.

Mission children kidnapped, killed

Four children were kidnapped at their Christian school and killed by Kuki tribal people in retaliation against the Karbi tribals, who days before had kidnapped 28 Kukis and murdered eight. The situation is grave. To avenge the murders of the children, the Karbis burned down many Kuki villages, killing a number of youths and men. Villagers are fleeing their homes in fear. The GFA missionary parents of two of the teenagers are in great shock and pain. Pray that God may comfort all and grant them His grace to overcome this time of grief and pain and help them to be firm in their faith.
John Schwartz, Gospel for Asia


Jesus Coffee Shop, Tel Aviv

We are organising a Coffee Shop for Jesus where young people can have a free cup of coffee or soft drink, and we will give them free leaflets in Hebrew about Yeshua. The south of Tel Aviv is filled with nightlife, street life and the drug scene. It is right there that we want the light of Yeshua to shine. Pray too against all the deportations even of pastors from the Latino, African and Filipino churches.
Pastor Angel Gerber, Tel Aviv.


OM needs volunteers and materials

We need a Supervisor, Handymen, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters and Constructors for 2 weeks to 2 years in Bobbio, near Turin to build a major centre for 240 people plus conference rooms.
Maarten Brak, Operation Mobilisation Italy


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How can I win more people ?

By the grace of God we have 504 people coming together but we do not belong to any denomination, our name is simply the Pentecostal Church of the Sovereign King.  Any advice on how win more of the people who don't yet know Christ is more than welcome and so are you to come and see us.
Francisco Chan, Chetumal.


Middle East
Christian leader in electric chair . .

One of the secrets of our brothers here is that they have somehow managed to overcome their fear and are not afraid to die for their faith. The things God does and allows here astonish me. Last month the leader from a major group was strapped into an electric chair and brutally tortured for 42 hours.  It is a true miracle that he survived at all, although he said he wanted to die to stop the indescribable pain, please pray for him.
Name withdrawn by the editor.
to avoid risk of more persecution.


Is it possible for me?

I want to take Biblical studies in England.
Misheal Pariyar.

§ Mishael, If I were you I would make polite contact with a lot of the UK Bible Schools because some of them offer three or four scholarships or bursaries a year with , for people like you from overseas. You will find some lists here and here. In the meantime our 85 high quality Bible School studies are all free.
Les Norman, the editor

Open house in Jerusalem

We are witnessing how anti-Semitism increases day after day all around the world and we know that the people of Israel will suffer the last affliction. It is in these times of Jacob’s great affliction when the gentles’ church has to accomplish its mission as commanded by Jesus: console Zion and make Israel jealous by means of the fervent manifestation of the authentic fruit of the Holy Spirit. That is why the Holy Spirit is producing a deep compassion for Israel and is going to take us there to intercede for the peace of Jerusalem. With this burning purpose we have been to Israel many times with no fear in order to pray there. We have opened a house in Jerusalem, on a strategic spot in the old city, which will soon be a Sephardim museum as a cultural testimony and an embassy for Latin Christians. We want to offer it to Latin Christians worldwide.

Miguel Díez Alvarez, President, Remar International


United Kingdom
Hidden tragedy of Uganda

I am involved with the Teso Development Trust, a UK agency supporting the Church in the Soroti area of northern Uganda. We have been channelling aid to the area for 15 years. In the last 4 months over £50,000 has gone for relief to address the dire tragedy that is taking place in this part of the country. I can send you a recent news sheet. Prayer and giving is vital to support the courageous ministries of the Church of Uganda and the Pentecostal Church in this area.

David Watts, England.

§ The BBC says that the war in Uganda worse than in Iraq and their latest news is on this instant page on our website. Thousands of those affected are believers who need our prayers and help
Les and Pilar, the editors.

United Kingdom
New - Church In Touch page

This is a helpful resource for all church leaders and for organisations serving the wider Christian church in the UK. It is totally free to all subscribers and contributors and always will be. Please take a look.
Revd Clive Collier


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United States . . .
A Song of Saigon
 . . or of the Lord

Years ago, God gave me a vision of using the story of my life to be a witness for Him. Late in 2000, I had asked for your prayers that "Song of Saigon" would bring God's good news to people, and if only one person would come to know Christ by it, then it would be worth it. Not just one, but within 24 hours after my book interview was aired on CBN and ABC last month 233 people accepted Christ and 77 rededicated their lives to Him. The visions God gives us are not foolish dreams, but a reality and I, by His grace, will not let go of it.
Anh Sawyer, from Vietnam, in the US.

Any Egyptian/Arabic materials ?

I will be teaching new Christians in closed access countries. They are planting house churches and need training in basic Christianity. They can not take written materials back into their country. I am  searching for material in Egyptian or Classical Arabic with simple transferable concepts. 
Tom Culberson Sr, Columbus, USA.


Tell me about women in Islam.

I urgently need to know about the reality of women's life in the Muslim world, because a friend has been attracted to Islam  since childhood. and she comes across more and more people who profess that religion. She is so determined to follow it that she has already destroyed her family.
Lea Bacalao, USA.


Christian radio on 530 AM band

For the Caribbean, South America’s north coast, US south-eastern coast and on the Internet here
Rev. Miguel Javier Mateo, NJ, USA


Who are missionaries in Iraq ?

I am just back from a wonderful and strategic humanitarian trip of over 3,500 kms in Iraq. We met brothers from two denominations. How many active missionaries are there in Iraq? We can discuss more in private if you write me.
Dr. Edgar Nazario, Orlando FL, USA. 


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Bread of Life is a year old !

We celebrated with the local poor people to who we bless with food, clothes, underwear and most of all with the word of God, twice a week.  We look after 30 natives and we need a home for them.
Eliomar Sucre, Merida

We wait for this DCI News here . .

Pastor Pascal Zambezi, Bulawayo.



The Last Word . . .
Are you religious ?

We have a cute answer to question, and we say, “No I am not religious, I am a Christian” so side-stepping the negative connotations that the word “religion” has.  For example, I grew up in a mining community and down on the coalface  miners would build up wooden blocks, called “chocks”, placing them one on top of the other in a square that was hollow in the middle. These were insultingly called Wesleyans, because “they look good on the outside but are hollow in the middle.” Empty, external, hot air religion is something we rightly pour scorn on so should we get rid of the word as well ?  However, God the Father says that "He considers pure and genuine religion to be taking care of orphans and widows in their suffering and to keep oneself from being corrupted by the world. James 1:27.  It seems then, that God has a place for “being religious” not in its secular sense but being inwardly concerned and outwardly active in caring for the poor and needy as an act of worship which is made complete by the very outpouring of the indwelling Christ himself.  Many of us have been on the “religious” treadmill, going to church several times a week, talking the talk but feeling empty, untouched and useless. Take heart and become “biblically religious” serving Christ by serving others in need.
Michael Chappell, Mansfield, UK.



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