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Welcome to the 9th June 2003 edition
To see today's edition please click here

Northern Ireland: Chinese lady accepts Jesus
Lily attended a meeting for asylum seekers which was packed with Chinese people. Soma the leader and a Hindi priest wanted Lily to talk especially with a Chinese lady through a translator. The Chinese lady is totally on her own, doesn't speak the language, and has cancer. Soma told Lily: 'I know you can pray for her'. Lily explained about our broken relationship with God, and how to restore it and the lady accepted Jesus in her life praying in Chinese, repeating the translation. It was the first time Lily has led anyone to the Lord in Ireland, and it was in English translated to Chinese! The lady told Lily she wanted Lily to visit her, and that the language barrier will be no hurdle at all, because she could understand many of Lily's words before they were translated! What a testimony of spiritual discernment!

Jose Luis Iparraguirre D'Elia, Belfast.


Thailand: Always in need of volunteers . .
Please lift up our work in prayer for all our mission needs and requirements to be met by the Lord. Charity work requires many blessings especially in a developing country like Thailand. We are trying to help so many who are sick and dying from HIV and AIDS and the poor orphaned children. Please ask people who are interested to contact me for full details or to be volunteers with us.

Gareth Lavell, Chiang Mai


Argentina: After my door to door evangelisation . .
Your studies
are excellent for further discipleship. Thank you.
Juan Manuel Marroni, Neuquen.


Bangladesh: Signs of hope from Taizé people
An Australian visitor to Bangladesh describes how the Taizé brothers are trying to respond to the challenges of living a Christian presence within am Islamic culture. "They have schools, boarding houses and community centres and they sustain themselves with busy hands, providing hope for hundreds of locals burdened by poverty and injustice who see their three times a day prayers and visible work, and refer to them as "true believers"
News from Taizé

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Soul Winning Quote of the Month
If sinners will be damned, at least let them leap to hell over our bodies. And if they will perish, let them perish with our arms about their knees, imploring them to stay. If hell must be filled, at least let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go there unwarned or unprayed for. (Charles Haddon Spurgeon)

The Soul Winner's Devotional, May 2003 edition
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Middle East: Some good news at last. .
Many people are having dreams which lead them to accept Jesus. It is true that many others are being attacked but they show the courage of true servants of God. Last night, we talked with a young man who had been stabbed; he is out of danger and has no resentment although his face will always carry the marks of his aggressors. In another country, a high dignitary accepted Jesus and is committed to starting a new ministry. There are almost 1,000 believers, all waiting anxiously for Baptism in another very closed country. Well, closed to us, not to the Gospel. In short, some good news amidst political chaos.  Each time my husband travels he is followed and this has been going on for months. Please, pray for him.
Middle East: Name withdrawn for security reasons


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Central Africa: Speaking at Pygmy Conference
2-8th June.  The Pygmies are despised as sub-human by many Africans and they are on the bottom of the pile as far as any help goes. Nation-en-Marche started a work among them 3 years ago.  Over 100 have found the Lord.  I have been asked me to challenge them with God's missionary heart.  They are the best ones to reach their own tribes, which spread across several borders. I don't think I have ever felt so inadequate about going anywhere as I do about this.  I know that the Lord is encouraging me, yet I am very aware that I have almost no understanding of the Pygmy culture or the kind of trials and persecutions that they have been through.  Physically I 5 ft 11 inches tall. I am terrified of snakes and we will be living in the middle of the jungle with the possibility of rebel troops and creepy crawlies!   I do feel a peace that certainly passes my understanding, so I go forward on that. 
Gail Dixon, Nations, Llanelli, Wales-UK.



Looking for a church or mission in France . . ?
Here are the best links: www.eglises.org  www.huguenots.org www.europe.anglican.org  www.france-mission.org
Les and Pilar, the editors


USA: What is the Great Commission ?
The Barna Research Group asked American adults who said they were born again, to define the Great Commission.  The results: 75% couldn't!
The Soul Winner's Devotional, May 2003 edition
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Fiji Islands: NCTC training school project very well

The other day we where given a 4X4, needs fixing up but will be a great help. Then totally out of the blue God provided a mechanic to come and train one of our boys how to fix it up, as well as brush cutters, and chainsaws and outboard motors.  Amazing and he works free for us, but we will give him something for it.
Marion Male, Labasa.


Morocco: Jesus film on satellite TV
Easter brought the Jesus Film into homes in the region via satellite television.  Pray for millions who watched it that they may understand the message and embrace new life in Christ.  Pray for effective follow-up of inquirers.
Arise, Shine, Morocco


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Argentina: How many missionaries are there in China?
Ricardo Trejo, Mar del Plata.

§ Pedro, to begin with there is no better place to look than the Operation World book by Patrick Johnstone which has all the Christian data for every country in the world. Les & Pilar, editors.

Pakistan: I have 55 pastors and 95 churches
Pakistan is not a Christian country and here Christians have many problems. So I request please pray for our churches and our pastors and my family. 
Bishop Yousef Barkat, Karachi

UK: Ghana Mission - thanks to all who prayed
We led two conventions with about 450 people from churches in Accra and the West. This was followed by church planting in Asanta where 80 turned to Christ and 12 were baptized. We praise God for His goodness, protection and blessing.
Dave Watts, Dudley


Spain: Mission trip in Brazil
The churches in Brazil are indeed alive although there is a lack of biblical teaching and depth in the Word of God. There is power, but members seem to be sheep without a shepherd. It is hard for me as I am a pastor, but I know God has wonderful purposes for this country and God will work through the lives of the leaders to establish a stronger church in Christ.

Josep Rossello - Friends of God, Alicante



§ To everyone who writes to ask for funds:

Thank you for your e-mails but I am sorry that we cannot publish requests for funds on our news pages, simply because if we put one here, then we will have to allow another hundred, and that would change the nature of the page and witness altogether. On top of that trying to raise funds through the Internet is almost impossible as everyone has heard of the 1001 scams and frauds that people have fallen for, so people do not respond. I know it is difficult for you all, and for many others too, including ourselves but as we pray and trust the Lord will show us His way forward.  He said to Paul, "My gracious favour is all that you need" and once we truly believe that, the promise is ours. Maybe our Money Forum page will help you ?
Les Norman.
DCI | The World Christians Fellowship


India: Begining among terminally ill children
As directed by the Lord I have resigned my job with a Christian organisation after 20 years service to begin a work among poor children, youth and women with a commitment to bring the love of Jesus though unworthy I am. Please pray for me and for the work that God will help me find the means.
G.Lazarus Udayakumar, Madras


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Chile: I have a call to go to India
I need to improve my English. Do you have any contacts to study English in England -if possible, where it is not very expensive?
Sandra Paola Martinez Arellano

§ Sandra, http://www.funenglish.co.uk/main/index.html  is a School of English (run by believers) that I can recommend to you as they have helped lots of brothers and sisters from abroad on behalf of their missionary calls. Les, the editor

Papua, Indonesia: Mother tongue translators seminar
50 nationals from 25 different tribes are attending 2 week training. Many new Bible translation projects can be started in tribes that have no Scripture. Pray for prayer warriors, minimal funding, and facilitators to help.
Roger E Doriot, Sentani (formerly Irian Jaya)


Lebanon: Taizé Prayer in  Beirut
Over 20 people took part in a prayer, in the Church of Saint Takla on 7 May. The prayer, with songs from Taizé, will continue on a monthly basis and Christians are most welcome to join the others.
E-mail: ziadfahed@ndu.edu.lb
News from Taizé

Subscribe at http://www.taize.fr/taizenews.htm


USA: I am a soul winner
The Good News of Jesus Christ so burns within me that I cannot refrain. Fear won't stop me.  Apathy won't stop me.  Lukewarm Christians won't stop me. No demon in hell will stop me from spreading the gospel. I will never lose the passion for souls that God has placed within me. I am a fisher of men, because I follow Jesus. Evangelism is at the top of my priority list. I will not get stuck inside the four church walls, but will go where my light shines the brightest.  I will lead my generation out of the darkness. When I am rejected, I kick the dust off my feet and go to the next unsaved person. I will not get discouraged and quit, but will win the lost until Jesus comes. I will never forget what my life was like without Him. I am a soul winner.

The Soul Winner's Devotional, May 2003 edition
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Argentina: I am about to finish my medical studies.
I long for going out as a missionary as soon as I get the degree. Meanwhile, I would like to pray for missionaries, so please write to me and I will intercede for you.
Marma Julia, La Plata


Fiji Islands: We have the most awesome students

So hungry for God, real nation shakers and I can see them going into the South Pacific doing just that. For years I had had this vision of sending young people through out the South Pacific in sailing boats. There is so much religion in the islands, but little relationship with God. But God is going to change that very soon. Feel it is coming, it is the time for the South Pacific, great things are happening here. We have 10 day students and 6 are boys who live in, and 3 practical students. We have just started the first of our students bungalows. God sure has brought us such a long way since I first started. DCI people were such an encouragement to me when I was starting out, thank you so much for all you did and the time you took to help us.
Marion Male, Labasa


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§ The Adventure of the Month
In the eventful weeks of travelling in China . .

I began to understand Chen and found appreciation for him growing by the day.  Chen’s grandfather had been in high places, specialising in the classics.  His father had been in government and so a ready target for the Red Guards.  He saw his parents led away and killed, his house and belongings confiscated.  In fear for their own lives, relatives refused friendship to this nine-year old.  Hidden deep Christian faith caused an Asian Chinese from far away to befriend him.  This man walked from village to village, repairing pots, pans and buckets for small amounts of money.  With nowhere else to go, Chen joined him on his travels, learned his skill and slowly embraced his faith. Later, for three years, Chen lived alone in a cave . . . twice Chen was imprisoned for his faith . . For those few short weeks as I began to grow to know this very extraordinary man, I realised that I had begun to know Jesus in a different light also.  The thought did cross my mind that at times when the presence of the Lord was very close, perhaps He wore the heavy disguise of a Chinese missionary called Chen.

§ To read the full unique story of this recent visit to China, which we are privileged to publish click here We know the author personally who is the most remarkable man now in his later years having spent a lifetime in intercession and mission.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

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