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Welcome to the January 11th 2003 edition
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Argentina: Tell am about mission in the UK
Can I have news about the work of missionaries, churches there, prayer requests etc.
Blanca Benavente, Mendoza.

Pakistan: Many times I am asked 'Does it work?
You hear about many people repenting and receiving Christ, do they really go on?' In 1990 a young girl heard the Good News and we led her in the sinner's prayer. Now in her twenties she is going on with the Lord and serving Him in church. Manawar was 12 years old, too young for the Bible School I took but he came and took notes every day. That was in January last year. Now he is joint leader of a group of ten boys who every day visit homes to  read the Word, sing hymns and pray with the families.
Name and address by request only for security reasons.

Brazil: 'Evangelicos' gain political influence
Evangelical Christians of all forms have made significant gains in Brazil's most recent elections. Five bishops and twenty pastors join the national congress. The 'Evangelico' Anthony Garotinho received over 15 million votes for the office of President.
Friday Fax, To subscribe, send subscribe English to:

Austria: School of Mission among Persian speakers.
They are 10-18 Christians in three Bible studies. We think it will be for us a privilege to be a part of Lord's Plan among Persian people and we are sure that this training can bless the Church inside and outside the country. So we hope to send you the lessons translated in Farsi. Does anyone have any German translations available? It will be a great help.
The Friends, Vienna.

Philippines: Taizé Meetings soon.
Meeting in Bohol from 31/1 to 2/2 for youth leaders from Visayas and Mindanao. Similar gatherings have taken place in Cainta, Rizal, and in Baguio. One of the Taizé brothers will be on hand. ECY, 470 Gen. Luna St, Intramuros, Metro Manila. P.O. Box 3601, MM.
Taizé Community, France.

Dominican Republic: Vision for School of Mssion.
I have a 29,000 sq.metre plot of land on the outskirts of the city. I would like to develop a camp to focus on prevention of and rehabilitation from social evils. I have always longed to plant a school for missions to meet this Latin American need. I need the help of engineers, builders, and expertise in many other fields.
Rev. Blas Ramírez.

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Ten Reasons Why Missions People Leave The Field
By George Verwer -
click here

Russia: Evangelism and healings on TV.
English evangelist David Hathaway www.propheticvision.org.uk held meetings in Izhevsk, Russia, with over 10,000 people. The regional TV station broadcast a 90-minute report at prime time, including worship, preaching, altar call, prayer and healings. Hathaway reports that one young girl who had been blind from birth was healed through prayer.
From Friday Fax, subscribe by blank e-mail to:

Colombia: Story from the war front  . . 
Sister N and her husband just managed to escape with the help of a doctor from a town where they had forged a life for 10 years, forced out by the FARC guerrillas, who had already killed several believers.  They discovered this brave sister was the one who was secretly distributing Bibles in the area with the help of believers in Villavicencio. God used a non-believer, a doctor, to rescue her husband who was about to be executed. The sister N, prayed with faith and the military commander of the region came himself and got her onto a boat towards safety.  They have lost everything, they just have the clothes they stand in and a Bible.  Will you pray for them to find a new life.
Pr. César Rozo, Villavicencio-Meta.

USA: Need true stories of missionaires . .
Who were depressed and ready to give up their ministry until God opened the windows of Heaven and ministered to them in a mariculous way.
Larry H. Couch, Chaplain, Lt. Col., USAR.

Argentina: Come and join with us  . .
Our vision is to see the Kingdom expanding all over the earth, the word being preached and souls won.  Our church is in continuous revival.
Daniel Walter Posca, Los Platanos 1600, Esquina Juramento.

Pakistan: 100 people a day trusted Jesus.
In Sangla Hill area more than 100 trusted the Lord every day during a two-weeks in small home ‘cottage’ meetings in 14 villages.
Well known to us, but Anon for security reasons.

Peru: Thanks for this news . . 
I copy it for all my volunteers in the Bible Union of Peru. We pray, especially for the believers in India and Israel who suffer so much for their faith. In it all we know that God is in control.
Guadalupe Avalo Mogollon, Piura.

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Germany: Hundreds healed and saved in Bavaria.
Around 1,600 people have been saved in the last two years, and hundreds healed," reports Ulrich von Schnurbein, Chairman of Christians in the Workplace, near Passau. For the several months 200 people have been saved each month, and a large number healed. Source: Wort und Geist Zentrum, Röhrnbach.gemeinde@wortundgeist.de
From Friday Fax, subscribe by blank e-mail to:

Argentina: Praying for Islamic world.
I had a feeling to begin to pray for the believers in Nigeria and when we did this at church, a lady stopped the meeting and said, "while Alice was praying in tongues the Lord showed me that we must carry on praying for the Muslim people." When I heard this I shook because I heard the same, and the other sister broke into tears. Then Alice who was praying said, "As I was praying the Lords poke to me and said, 'I am going to send my word to these people despite all the voices that assassins have silenced, and the converted women will be the messengers of the future."
Sandra Quintero, Argentina.

Burkina Faso: Evangelism among the Fulani.
We visited 4 villages without any any public witness to Christ before. Although there were no public conversions, there was a very positive response and good chats. It was great sleeping under the stars on the sand dune after showing the Jesus film and preaching. We had 'rare' Fulani Christians come and help us. 600 people came to the film in Gorom. The two wives of one man gave their lives to Christ. About 200 people came to my yard for the first ever showing of the Jesus film in Tamacheq. The new shelter for the Fulani meetings is finished. Please continue to pray for all the Fulani believers.
Keith Smith, World Horizons missionary, Gorom-Gorom.

Peru: I want to work in the 10/40 window
Here I am, a volunteer to help with mission to unreached peoples.
Cecilia Navea Rivas, Lima.

Russia: Growth for our online classes.
We are adapting the School of Missions lessons for "Webmail." Up to now a student had to have his own PC but only 10% of PC users in Russia have their own. Now I've come up with a way that will allow people to to join our online classes, enter the discussions and complete the written work for a
certificate at a library, Internet cafe, etc.
Robert Hosken, Moscow.

Chile: Information on mission to Islam please.
Who is trying to reach Islamic people arriving in the USA and Latin America.
Hugo Riquelme, Temuco.

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World Missions Resources 2002 On-line guide click here

India: Mafia man became sick . .
In hospital he was diagonized as both kidneys failed. As he had no money the doctors sent him home to die. Meanwhile someone gave him a gospel tract on healing and he came to our village church for prayer. God started healing him as he turned to God and this healing and change in life touched his wife and family. He was a Hindu and his wife was muslim. He was offered high amounts of money and benefits if he would turn from Christ. He said I will serve only Jesus who saved my life and healed me. The Bank for the Poor board decided to help him with £40/$60 to start a fish business. The whole family will be baptised in January.
Pastor D. (DCI Bank for the Poor, India)

Chile: Looking for spoken OT in Spanish
It has to be in mp3 format.  I have the NT and I use it for the disabled.
Salvador Ayala Toledo, Santiago.

Uganda: Thanks DCI World Christians.
I do promise you that we shall make the best use of your gifts both with the Gospel and through giving materials things. I hope to give our orphans some Christmas gifts. I tell you, here there are children who are the heads of their families, both parents are dead and there are no relatives to help them. By God's grace we want to bridge that parental gap. Some of them are suffering Aids as a result of getting it during birth.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.

México: Claudio Freidzon Campaign
23, 24 May, 25 May -  for pastors  and leaders at 18.00. Don't miss this.
Victor Manuel Dominguez Ortiz, Coatzacoalcos.

Vietnam: Tourists for ten days.
We found many things were quite different from what we expected with some open doors for certain kinds of workers, especially non-westerners. It will be exciting to see how God puts more workers on field in Vietnam in the future. In one word what I feel about the people there - "wounded". After hundreds of years of war and oppression from without and within, the people seem beaten and so needy of a Savior. Jesus is obviously the answer. We understand that there are many Vietnamese who are finding Him every day. The persecution we hear so much about seems more political than religious the Christians in the north where we were seem to enjoy relative freedom but the Christians in the central parts have a lot more trouble. It seems awfully complicated.
Richard B, US Missionary.

Puerto Rico:  I want to help in India.
Can you give me e-mails or contacts for Spanish speaking pastors/missionaries in India so I can get in contact and offer to help them.
Angel, San Juan.

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Yemen: Three US missionary doctors shot dead.
A suspected Muslim extremist shot and killed three American Baptist missionaries and seriously wounded a fourth at a Baptist hospital in Yemen December 30th. The attacker, a Yemeni, was arrested, and security forces were searching for a militant cell that may be targeting foreigners and secular figures in the country. Americans have been repeatedly warned to take security precautions in Yemen, the ancestral homeland of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, a country where central government authority is weak in tribal areas and where Muslim militants have found refuge.
From The Guardian, England.

Northern Ireland: Baptist Pastor waiting for heart transplant.
While I wait I want to help others and have opened a website. If you know anyone going through similar trauma, please let them know.
David McFarland.

Colombia:  Revival and Anointing
I am looking for articles, studies and testimonies on these themes
Manuel, Bogotá.

Iraq: Very challenging spritual info on this needy land.
Bruce Sidebotham has done a great job at http://www.oprev.org/Iraq.htm 
From Brigada E-mail missions weekly.

Guatemala: I'm a missionary from Chile .
I am visiting several countries with evangelism and teaching. I am in Guatemala, soon I'll go on to Peru, Mexico and the
Rep. Dominicana. If I can serve you - write to:
Pr. Ricardo Quiroz, Rancagua.

India: "Let your God build a home for you"
One lady believer with two small children came yesterday from a nearby village. Her husband deserted her as she became a Christian and he left with another woman. One day as all of them were in church the husband came and pulled down their hut and cried out "Let your God build a home for you." He will ! We promised our help to this family and plan to loan them a cow so that they can have a living.
Pastor D. (DCI Bank for the Poor, India)

Russia: State Duma gives preliminary approval . .
For a bill denying entry to foreign nationals or expelling them from the Russia. This will simply make into an explicit law what some of us have been experiencing over the last four or five years: having our visas terminated while living in the provinces, or being expelled and blacklisted from Russia. Pray that the bill will be "toned down" before it becomes law. Another new layer of bureaucracy will require us to notify the local authorities one month before intend to travel anywhere in Russia outside of the city where we are registered.
Moscow Missionary, anon for security reasons

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