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Welcome to the 11th September 2003 edition
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"People, we believe that  . . .
God - is bigger than  . . .
the air we breathe . . .
this world we'll leave . . .

God, will save the day . . .

And all will say . . .
my Glorious,
my Glorious, my Glorious . ."

From The World's Shaking by © Martin Smith & Stuart Garrard
As sung many times at the UK's August Grapevine Celebration
If y
ou have prayed in Jesus' name then God will save the day for you as well. He always has, He always does, He always will but just sometimes He waits until we know that we cannot save ourselves. Then he speaks the word and the storm hears. All becomes  calm and serene, not a ripple on the surface. Hang on in there, the day of God's peace for you is coming, in fact it is in His diary already. You will all surely get through because for all  who trust, the battle is the Lord's and He is never less than faithful.
Les and Pilar, the editors



Bolivia: Who can tell me . . .

In Spanish how become a missionary in Africa or Asia ?
Edwin Salas Lucas, Cochabamba.



Looking for Cuban missionaries
We wanted to support them financially. (Write in Spanish)
Richard Buitrago Hurtado, Cochabamba

Brazil: Operation Andes did OK.
The work consisted of training churches in evangelism and discipleship. The brothers and sisters carried out door-to-door evangelism with us. We reached 845 people of which 512 received Christ as their personal Saviour. We are available for any church or mission that would needs help in short term campaigns or training in personal evangelism.
Mauro Dos Santos, Sao Paulo.

Mission to Spain - 15 days

Next June we are going to have a Mediterranean People's Mission with a short term visit to Spain. Come with us, write for more information.
Pastor Mauro dos Santos

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75 people on board for Jesus

We are starting a project of mission and medical help with 75 people on board a ship that God has given us. We are taking a gospel for spirit, soul and body. Right now we are repairing the ship and we need some people to recruit others for the team.
Gilberto Hincapie, Barranquilla.

Costa Rica
Christian literature for Latin America

We publish a free bi-monthly magazine, "Torch of Truth" to spread the Gospel of Christ and it comes with practical tips for living a Christian life. See it our website e-mail for a copy.
Jimmy Ramírez.

Team just back from Iraq
Our church team of doctors, nurses and a photographer just came back from Iraq leaving a mercy team out there distributing the medical resources. The team were able to pray openly with the Iraqi people about Jesus and see people healed in small ongoing ways, in a way that requires consistent prayer for them and will bring families to the Lord.  Iraq is one of those places where there will not be the big open meetings but small house group style churches.  Things are happening out there. The team left out there get up early, tell the people stories about Jesus then come back and rest and go out later in the early evening. It blew my socks away to hear what a devoted simple life they are leading, makes the things I do so small and nothing.  The message is not Christianity. They don't need another religion - just Jesus.
Trusted name withdrawn for security reasons.

France: Free audio of Bible
in different languages
Eric and Brenda Parker, La Rochelle

1st Alpha in Spanish in the UK

Starting on October 15th so please, pray for the Spanish-speaking community in Northern Ireland, so that they may also come to know the Living Christ.
José Luis Iparraguirre, Belfast.

How things are in Baghdad

Our stay was relatively quiet, we got to see the country and see what we might be able to do. It is not quite like what we see on the TV and neither is Iraq like the rest of the Arab world.  The Iraquis seem a lot less concerned about maintaining their honour and far more interested in just surviving in the 57 degree heat with little social order. Before Saddam left he had the brilliant idea of releasing all the criminals from prison and it is they who have been responsible for much of the chaos and looting. The streets are full of satellite dishes and after 30 years of being denied views of the rest of the world the people are glued to the TV's and astonished at what can be seen on digital TV. Just $200 gets you a dish an decoder. Internet cafes are springing up everywhere, something else that is new. I general the people don't want the US troops to go because that leaves them at the mercy of their own security forces.
Trusted Name withdrawn for security reasons.

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Bible schools and seminaries here.

People from the Arabic world come here to study for all kind of degrees. Pray for the staff and that they will be accredited by the government soon
Name withdrawn for security reasons.

Lot of witchcraft around here

I'm a pastor by the grace of God and thank God He has brought me into ministering deliverance. Around here there is a lot of witchcraft but with the help of God and your studies, and the prayers of readers we are going to have a campaign to teach the word of God. The enemy oppression is strongly against us but we are trusting in the greater power of God.
Josué Alonso Rodríguez, Cd.Sahagún

Middle East: Persecution behind
the scenes and TV screens

Let me tell readers that right now there are several groups especially in Egypt that are under a lot of persecution and pressure and need people's prayers.
Name withdrawn for security reasons.
From the heart of the Middle East

Nepal: Beautiful, undeveloped
and unevangelised country
We are working in church planting, youth, children and in Christian publications. Our aim is to build the kingdom of God by planting the Church in Nepal. We are non-profit and interdenominational.
Pastor Reuben Rai, Churches Networks, Kathmandu

Peru: It is really difficult
Especially in this area . . .
Nevertheless God is being glorified in a big way over here.  My wife Viv is teaching the young single mothers with their babies and I am spending a lot of time as president of the local pastors association which brings  me many responsibilities. The training school is moving forward and the church is going through a time of change and growth.  We are about to launch the Sunday School in two more places but above all what a joy it is to see the salvation of so many people in recent days.
José Rosales, Cusco.

Peru: Views over the Amazon
As a missionary among native peoples I am asking for your prayers especially because we have just found an ethnic group called the Huambisa in the Kandungo area and there is many a case of demon possession. It saddens to me see witch doctors coming into this people and worse still, some believers travel in to have their children treated and then say God has healed them. It is not surprising that these natives are confused and for them it is no sin to visit the witch doctor. Please pray for the light of Christ to fill their minds and for Christ to demolish the demonic strongholds.

Alejandro Flores, Atiaja, Pucallpa

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Can you make simple web pages ?
Have you got a few hours spare ?

Would you like to join our team of volunteers from around the world to produce the news and study pages in a variety of languages from the text we would send to you ? We really need some help ! Write and tell me about yourself.
Les Norman, the editor.
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What Would Jesus Do?

Perhaps you've heard the acronym WWJD that stands for "What Would Jesus Do?" Many Christians use this to remind themselves, "How would Jesus act in the situation I find myself in right now?" And I'm 100% in favour of this. But I'd like for us to also ask ourselves: "WDJD?" or "What did Jesus do?" Once we told some young missionaries here in Moscow about our work in the hospital and with handicapped people at home, giving them baths, changing their adult diapers, feeding them, massaging and exercising their paralyzed limbs, helping them stand up and walk, etc. These missionaries replied, "Oh, we could never do that!" This set me to thinking, "What Did Jesus Do?" He actually touched people infected with leprosy, a deadly disease. He healed the sick, made the lame stand up and walk, gave sight to the blind, and much more. If Jesus Himself did this, why shouldn't we? Many evangelicals want to save souls but we tend to forget that a person's soul is inextricably linked to his body! Jesus could say in the same sentence: "Your sins are forgiven you, stand up and walk."
Robert Hosken, Missionary to Russia for 40 years.


Left Behind movie on Spanish TV
I ask that you pray for all those who watched for God to touch their hearts and minds to come to Jesus Christ through the questions that raise in their minds. God uses everything to bring the Spanish people to Him.   At home I am asking the Council for a place for the new church plant to meet but there is somebody who is constantly making excuses. Please pray.

Josep Roselló, Alicante


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Bank for Poor project moving on . .
We have helped 30 widows who are now running their own small projects without any need of our support.  The first group at Baramindyang paid back all their loans and now they have their savings which has accumulated to 480,000 Ug. Shillings. We are still helping them manage their project but they are using their own earnings.  We have new groups of 15 widows. There are still many in our list but at least 30 are now out and have learnt the secret of small  project management and saving.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira

UK: Get over language barrier
It takes time and dedication to become fluent in a language. If you're going to work in a foreign culture, learning the language will be your door to communicating with the locals, as well as your door for ministry. If your visit is short, or you need just momentary help with translation, there are sites, services and software that can assist you. See this list
Mike Frith, OSCAR.

USA: Soul Winning Statistics
Every 24 hours 69,000 people become Christians.
(World Christian Encyclopaedia)
The Soul Winner's Devotional
Igniting a passion for souls on six continents
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Yanomami Samuelito is a blessing!

They are building the church now, because the old structure they had erected with things they gathered in the forest finally fell down. Now they are building it with posts from the forest, but the roof is of tin sheets so that it may last longer. The believers are encouraged. For cultural reasons, the church is to be built on a neutral site that belongs to no one, so that nobody may claim to be the owner. Samuelito teaches and corrects those who teach at the church. His still has some family problems, because he can hardly take any decisions over his family: his father-in-law is the authority, because he is older. But Samuelito is encouraged and carries on growing spiritually. Please, keep on praying for him!
Musmé Apostol, Pto. Ayacucho.


Search our 1,300 pages
Enter a name, country or topic and Google will search hundreds of our previous editions and study pages in a second.


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1,300 pages of studies, news and languages.



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