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Welcome to the December 14th, 2002 edition
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Peru: New training school.
After having downloaded all the lessons from the School of Missions, I am ready to start training sessions with 10 men. We are in the process of getting official registration from the local authorities.
Ps. William Sifuentes Lezama, Puira.

Morocco: Growth in numbers and maturity . . 
Of the Moroccan believers and of the house churches. Praise God for their growing vision and heart for reaching their nation Pray for grace, love, humility and unity to abound among believers and for Spirit-empowered forgiveness and reconciliation where needed. E-mail for Prayer Guides and ASM Resource Videos.
Arise Shine Morocco, International Year of Prayer

Benin: Thanks to the Lord.
The Lord had been so faithful to us over here, healing all manners of disease. His faithfulness can not be compare with any.
Rev. Phil Gladstone, Cotonou.

South India: Our ministry going on well.
I just returned from where many Tribals live. We built a small Prayer Hall and I went there to dedicate the new church which is affected by communist extremists. The Tailoring School going is on well and we are praying to open schools in 2 villages. Please pray that God would provide 4 more sewing machines.
Pastor BSJ, Andhra Pradesh.
Address by request only for security reasons.

British Columbia: Love to be connected to you.
I found you by searching for the book Houses That Change The World. I was born in Croatia in 1951 and blessed with a family and a ministry here in Canada. I travel to Croatia each year.
Stojan Ninkovic, Abbotsford.

Pulaar language of West Africa
SOON Ministries new evangelistic paper is now available in .pdf format, as well as free by post. The team seek language helpers and anyone who can adapt the material into other Fula dialects. 
Tony Whittaker, SOON, UK

For our USA readers


Latin America: Interested in the Islamic World.
Tell us about the beliefs, practices, countries, and growing Islamic groups in Latin America, different branches within Islam and the differences between them and the radical fundamentalist groups.
Pastors Wendy and Ramón Sosa.

India: God is really moving here in India.
Hundreds are saved every day forsaking their sinful ways of life and idols. Three months ago I was invited to preach and after a 6 hours drive in the car I reached there by 10 pm. The 15x10 feet room was packed with 38 people. After preaching Christ I gave an altar call for salvation and all of them committed their life to Jesus. Then I taught them about Baptism and 13 stepped forward, 3 wanted to be baptized the same day. We drove 5 miles and walked 1 mile to a very cold river and after 8 more people wanted to take baptism. Now we have 42 poor people worshipping and studying the word. They badly need a place to worship the Lord, and a cemetery for burial.
Pastor D, South India.

Paraguay: How it is in Chaco . . 
Unfortunately, after 70 years of work there is still much nominal Christianity that lacks strong convictions to address obstacles. The pastors do not k now what to do. Many people live in fear due to unresolved crimes committed by natives suspected of involvement in Satanism.  

Skopje: Practising Taize's Pilgrimage of Trust
In the leaflet describing the 'Pilgrimage of Trust' we read that 'taking part in the meeting in Paris means to visit those who are suffering, who are alone, ill, prisoners, foreigners...' So we decided to visit the prisoners in the prisons here in Skopje. We want shake each prisoner's hand, wishing them Happy Christmas and a Good New Year, and handing over the presents we have prepared. We know Christ's words, 'I was in prison and you visited me.'"
Taize Community, France.

Guatemala: Who knows a university ...
That grants scholarship to people for degrees in fields such as medicine or nutrition?
Victor de Leon.

UK: Interested in a particular country?
To read about mission work that has happened in the past for that area go to the Mundus Gateway for a web guide to more than 400 collections of overseas missionary materials held in the UK.
OSCAR - UK Information Service for World Mission

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Free Evangelistic Literature and Web Pages . .
In easy-English, French, Portuguese, Pulaar, Russian and Swahili.

UK: Bible belts being tightened . .
Downturn in investment income following a stock market slump has led to increasing cashflow problems for churches and Christian organisations, forcing many to cut staff and programmes. Dipping into reserves is common but even that will not be enough for some.

Burkina Faso: A young Fulani just gave his life to Christ . .
But the believers' level of commitment is still very variable. We are starting to build a shelter for the meetings and Fulani believers are beginning to lead the meetings more. We will be doing quite a bit of evangelism - as much to train the believers as to evangelise. We will be showing the Jesus film in several villages. Of course there is also Christmas, the baptisms, and my move to Djibo in January. 
Keith Smith, Missionary, Burkina Faso.

Argentina:  Are you a missionary in a very poor places ?
Do you need financial support? We would like to help our brothers. Write in Spanish only to:
Lorena Mamani, Mar del Plata.

France: Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth.
80,000 young people expected for the annual "Pilgrimage" this year in Paris from 28 Dec to 1 Jan 2003. Information from:

Chile: Dichato needs to know Jesus.
Where can we find 10,000 leaflets about Jesus as well as 60 Bibles, 60 New Testaments, and a 1000 gospels of John for our outreach to Dichato.  (Try - Editor.)
Luis Soto Cèspedes, Concepciòn.

Peru: Children's association
We work with handicapped and non-handicapped children with extreme poverty.  We need your support to help these poor children since there are in great disadvantage when compared to normal kids.
Ana María Guevara Huamanciza, Lima.

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Argentina: The fundamental task of evangelising the world. 
My wife and I are praying and asking God to be trained so that we can go out to the missionary field.
Luis Ivan Miralles, Jujuy.

UK: Non-denominational Christian prayer site.
Submit your prayer and see it posted on the site.

Chile: Campus for Christ International Camp
Feb 10 to 16  for young people, with conferences, evangelisation, concerts, etc.
Pablo Leal Salazar, Coronel. (09)5585950

Burkina Faso: A young Fulani just gave his life to Christ . .
But the believers' level of commitment is still very variable. We are starting to build a shelter for the meetings and Fulani believers are beginning to lead the meetings more. We will be doing quite a bit of evangelism - as much to train the believers as to evangelise. We will be showing the Jesus film in several villages. Of course there is also Christmas, the baptisms, and my move to Djibo in January. 
Keith Smith, Missionary, Burkina Faso.

Dominican Rep.: Help me to reach Muslim people
I am interested in papers or web pages to help me to reach out to the Muslim people as we have a community of Muslim students here.

Ramon Sosa.

UK's Christian newspaper on-line at 

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Russia: The church that meets in a hospital.
The nurses are vastly under-staffed, about one nurse for 25 patients, so patients who have no relatives just don't get fed, changed, bedsores bandaged, etc. A man with cancer that I prayed with, washed, trimmed his fingernails and gave tea to last week had died by this week. A lady had also died. We prayed with more patients and one prayed to believe in Christ as his Savior and Lord. A lady with Multiple Sclerosis has recently believed, and wants to be baptized in the Moscow River! A young man came from Siberia to get a job here, but has yet to register his passport. He can be arrested and sent back home if he's stopped by the police so he was afraid to come this week. His parents are alcoholics, and he had been living on the streets in Siberia, killing dogs and eating the flesh. There sure are lots of hurting people in this world! If we were to take all their hurts upon ourselves, we would certainly break. But thank God that we can place their wounds, hurts, hangovers and hangups (and ours) on Christ.
Robert Hosken, Moscow.

UK: December Christianity+Renewal now online:

Colombia: Testimony from an abducted pastor.
Pastor Juan Carlos Villegas was abducted for 12 days by the guerrillas in Colombia, they forced him to walk for long hours every day to prevent the Army from finding him. He was threatened but he never gave up.  He discovered that as he read the Bible to the rebels many of them were touched to the point of tears, even more, they begged him to continue reading to them and to pray for them. Juan Carlos was finally released and he attributes this to the many prayers for him worldwide.
José Urrutia, Bio-Bio, Chile.

USA: By this page my soul has been refreshed
By all you do through this ministry for the Glory of God. May His Holy Spirit keep on guiding you.
Cristina Carnero, Seattle.

Latin America: The fire I carry within me for Africa. 
I ask your prayer so that God may give me the chance to be trained as His servant to work in Africa.
Jennys Ruiz.

China: Replying about work in mainland China
I suggest Teachers for China, which helps Christian teachers of English to find jobs in China. More info <> Or try the websites of Jianhua Foundation and Friends of China. We haven't placed English teachers, but it's not beyond us to help. Our team offers many of roles to see Chinese believers trained and equipped for mission.
Lori Fenneken, World Horizons Team, England.

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Nigeria: Asking for a teacher to visit.
We are mission oriented institution looking for a visiting lecturer male or female. We will provide accomodation, feeding and any other neccessary in Lagos including visit to tourist centre. The lecturer will pay only for his flight ticket as we are a young school and cannot afford that. May God bless you as you answer the Macedonian call.
Mrs Talla nee Yamande Mathilde, Lagos.

Mexico: About to start my missionary life. 
I’m planning to set up a School for Mission firstly in houses. My main aim is to make every believer into a disciple so that they can take on responsibilities. I know I can use your material.
Ignacio Esquivel Lopez, Cicero.

France: Preparing for Annual Taize Meeting
On All Saints Day there were over 2,000 young people at Taizé, then a large team went to Paris to continue preparing for the New Year meeting in local churches throughout the Isle-de-France. Individuals and groups from the UK are planning to take part and if you wish to be put in touch with others who will be going to Paris, then let me know. 
Brother Paolo, Taize Community.

Italy: ’Amen’ is a publishing mission.
We use state-of-the-art machines and would be happy to give you a quotation with a 5% discount to missions and churches.My website
Francesco Perone.

Ghana: Asking for a Bible teacher.
Our Bible Institute is using some of your lessons and going about from church to church preaching and teaching the word of God. We need a missionary female Bible teacher who holds at least a degree in theology to assist us voluntarily.
Rev Patrick Azariah Dekryst.

Farsi TV to Iran and Afghanistan.
SAT-7 satellite has one-hour broadcasts at 12:30 (noon) and 20:00 hours Iran time on Thursdays and Fridays. The service is also available to viewers in Europe, at 10:00 and 17:30 CET on the same days. It is hoped to expand the broadcasts to a daily service over the next couple of years. On under Iranian Christian Broadcasting. 
Persian World Outreach, Williamstown, USA.

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