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Australian wants more mission !
I am an Australian in Tucuman on a short term trip and I would like to be a missionary in Latin America or France, long term.
Marc Allison, Tucuman.

24,000 pastors in 23 nations trained

During the past decade 24,000 pastors in 23 nations have been trained in the use of the Church Planting International program. The future of world missions is not in the hands of traditional ex-patriate missionaries. It is the hands of indigenous evangelists, pastors and church planters. Their cry is "Give us the tools and we will finish the task." Many denominations are still building Western, Institutional missionary models and persuading themselves that they have a great Missions Program. This methodology is outdated and obsolete. We need to invest missions finances into the indigenous churches and their workers. They are the people who are really getting the work done. A great missionary church is one that has learned to invest its finances wisely.
Gerald Rowlands, Church Planting International.

Where can I help young people ?
I want to go into missions in another country where I can help young people. I want to show the love of God to people who don't know what love is, I want to put a smile on sad faces and see them happy following Jesus.
Melissa Nataly.


Are you in Cameroon, Togo or Gabon
Will you send me information about these countries and the  missionaries working there because I pray for these nations and one day I want to go and serve the Lord there.
Jose Manuel Corrales, Havana.


Join worlds largest prayer day
It's the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, November 9 and 16, 2003! Get your Church ready now!
Johan Candelin, Kokkola.


Christian magazine launched
I would like to have the French version out in November and I need your prayers, support and contributions.
John A Kudjo, Paris.


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DCI In House News
Worldwide Street Party For The Poor

We planned to have a Christmas celebration of food, drink and music to thank the Lord for another year of His extravagant grace, goodness and generosity to us. The invitations went out but people either could not come or did not want to come. So when we prayed about this unusual answer the Lord began to speak to us from these verses:

" When you give a feast do not invite your friends, your brothers or relatives, or your rich neighbours who may invite you back, but invite the poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind who cannot repay you but you will be blessed." Luke 14.12-24

We have read this chapter for years and for some reason we have always done the very opposite to what Jesus says, but this year we are going to obey the Lord. So we have cancelled the party over here and told the people.  

Instead we will hold our Christmas celebration in different countries of the developing world where we will bless the Lord by blessing the very poorest people that He loves, because as the Bible says, "whatever we do for the least we do for Jesus himself." That is exactly what we want to do - have a party to honour Jesus.

We have already made plans for one party for the very poor in northern Uganda where there is daily war with rebels, and lawless tribes are stealing cattle and burning villages. There are a multitude of AIDS widows and orphans. Our friend and colleague Pastor George Purkweri who lives there writes this:

"We plan to have the Christmas celebration at the internally displaced camp where so many destitute people are dying of hunger. Daily children die of poor hygiene, lack of food and malaria. Our fear is that we may have so many people that we may not be enough for them. The needs of these people need God as no man can ever meet them but for £115/$180 we can buy 50 kilos of beef, 100 kilos of rice, 30 kilos of sugar, 2 boxes of soap and gifts."

We are not thinking about a party in church for the believers, this is to be a party where we "invite the very poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind who cannot repay."  Believers or not, the destitute, the homeless, the sick and the people with no hope, including the children. 

We want to provide food and drink to eat and food to take home, with a small gift and a leaflet about Jesus if the people can read. We will have local music and someone to explain the hope they can have because of the coming of Jesus.

If you would like to help sponsor our $150 parties planned for Uganda, Burkina, Argentina, India and Peru see this page or send us an e-mail. In any event why not put those words from Jesus into practice in your own church - don't be like us and read past them again this year !
Les and Pilar, DCI in England.
Who are we ?

See also DCI Banking for the Poorest

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Room on offer for missionary
I would like to make some accommodation available for rent for a lady missionary.
Diana Clavijo, Quito, Tel. 2800065.


Too many communities and castes here.
All political parties support Hinduism in India and getting united to strengthen Indian religion but the Christians are dividing very quickly. We appeal to all Indian Christian groups to come to platform of prayer. If all denominations and and all other born again believers pray one day in the month for Christianity in India we may blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ. All Christians in the world should pray for the Lord to remove terrorism.
Samuel John, Guntur.

Sick healed, demons cast out,
gospel preached to poor . .
Several people have been miraculously healed in our ministry in the past few months.  One demon possessed man had enough strength to upturn an auto rickshaw with three passengers.  He was very violent.  He went to several witch doctors and temples. But when He came to Jesus he was prayed over and was completely delivered.  Another village man was demon possessed and roamed about naked and used abusive language for 21 years. He was brought for prayer and after a struggle for almost 3 months we got the deliverance and I baptized him. 

Pastor John Joseph, Central India.


Not even a school for children . .
The children here become illiterate and lacking finance they are unable to join children in town schools.  Some parents died and children became orphans and have not any persons to give them food, clothes, medicines so they have diseases. When I am looking at their faces my heart is broken and not only that God placed great burden in my heart. I wish them to be aware of Lord Jesus Christ. I  beg you to pray for their basic needs and if you give me a chance I can send you more information.


Much is happening here !
Many nationals of language groups without any Scripture are now getting some education, and with help can translate the Bible from the national language into their Mother Tongues. Contact us if you want email news.
Roger Doriot, Sentani, Papua.


Good Bengali contacts in Rome
Please pray for us, for them and for the ongoing book ministry in Tor Pignattara. Ask God to raise up men and women to reach Bengalis and Algerians in Rome with the Gospel and to give effective practical help to the many needy Bengalis, Afghans, Kurds, Iraqis, Rumanians and others here.
Andrew Diprose, Rome.

Who Are We ? | How Are You People Funded ?




1200 happy friendly people

Hallelujah Church, Kisumu city centre is a bible believing church of 1200 happy friendly people who have discovered the joy of Christianity. Designed to make every member a minister specially for those who have given up on traditional church and want to be actively involved in church activities including HIV/AIDS Support, Sports, Children, Banquets, Seminars, Recreation and Outreaches etc.
Rev. Wycliffe Mboya.


Youth invite mission agency
Can I invite an international agency to contact me because we young people what to see what mission can be like in rural Peru. It is about 20 degrees below zero out there right now and the children find it hard so we are collecting clothes. Come and train us how to do missions in Peru and overseas.
Mauro Antonio Ayala Salas, Lima.


Your lessons are life . . .
They are taken out of the Bible, out of the life and teaching of Jesus not just doctrines. They show how to work, how to be active, to go forward. Traditional churches build up a dogmatic frame and hang coloured fabrics on it but as soon as they go in, they find nothing. What Jesus was teaching is ekklesia which means the gathering of the chosen ones which is exactly it is that what you are doing with your work.
Rudolf and Heidy Schuricht.

Father jailed for 'honour killing'

Heshu Yones,16, was repeatedly stabbed by her own father, a Kurdish Muslim who cut his daughter's throat because she was having a relationship with a Christian has been jailed for life. Abdalla Yones, murdered Heshu because he feared she was becoming westernised. Police believe there were 12 honour killings in the UK last year and said they were not restricted to Muslims, but also occurred in Sikh and Christian families.
BBC News, 30 September.

Christian Micro-enterprise in 2/3 World
I am completing a distance education course on Principles and Practice of Christian Micro-enterprise in the 2/3 World with Your DCI Banking For The Poor is a great concept.  Partners International in India are conducting a Christian Micro-enterprise Development seminar in India in November.
Tom L Culberson Sr, Columbus, OH.


Where can I learn German - free ?
I have a call to Germany and I am waiting for the Lord to open doors there for me, meanwhile I need to get ready.
Pastor Lourdes Rangel, Irving, Texas.


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Need to raise financial support ?
Our English language web site helps missionaries and missions to financial support. Our book People Raising is in a 10th printing and we have 6-hour video training program, audio kit, short term manual, conferences, tracking program and free e-mail newsletter. 
Bill Dillon, Chicago.


I spend hours on this website
I am a Rhema Bible Training Centre student in the pastors program.  I believe that part of my call is to raise up a church as well as a school. Your website is packed with outstanding information if I was to begin a training centre or just train others to do the work as we have been instructed by the Lord. Just wanted to say thanks! 
Lisa Dickens, Tulsa.


USA: On the way to Turkey,
Azerbaijan and Afghanistan
I going to visit God's people and open doors to support work in these mission fields which need the love and power of God. I will be there from October 9 to 19 and will be glad of your backing in prayer for God's protection on this trip.
Rev. Martin Chavez, Bronx.


Job in Ho Chi Minh City
It's to help with home schooling a Christian administrator's son (3rd grade) as well as contact with other students and our English teachers. Housing, food and airfare is provided in addition to $60-70  per month. Begin October, end in January. 
Tom L Culberson Sr, Faith in Action, Columbus, USA.

Inspired to go forward
Thank you for the news, money forum and the School of Missions that l will open using your material next year. It has changed my life, l am opened up.  l also want to take part in the DCI Banking for the Poorest. God bless DCI.  
Pastor Pascal Zambezi, Bulawayo.


The Last Word
From Oswald Chambers

"Jesus took them up on a high mountain
apart by themselves." Mark 9:2

We have all experienced times of exaltation on the mountain, when we have seen things from God's perspective and have wanted to stay there. But God will never allow us to stay there. The true test of our spiritual life is in exhibiting the power to descend from the mountain. If we only have the power to go up, something is wrong. It is a wonderful thing to be on the mountain with God, but a person only gets there so that he may later go down and lift up the demon-possessed people in the valley. We are not made for the mountains, for sunrises, or for the other beautiful attractions in life, those are simply intended to be moments of inspiration. We are made for the valley and the ordinary things of life, and that is where we have to prove our stamina and strength.
From My Utmost For His Highest, Oct 1st.
ISBN 1-58660-829-0, Discovery House.


Native French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic speakers
always welcomed to join our worldwide team
of volunteer translators for these pages.

Write to Les Norman

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Never, ever reply to e-mails from African countries
offering you vast amounts of money. All are well known
scams and frauds even if written by "Christians and Pastors."

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