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Welcome to the June 15th 2002 edition
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Barcelona Pastor literally has a new heart.
Pastor José Garcia has had a heart transplant after a second coronary in the pulpit. The surgery seems successful and he is recovering. Thank you for your prayers. We ask you to keep on praying during the coming days.
Co-pastor, Virgilio Zaballos, Terrassa, Spain.

Applause in Belfast service
Members of different Protestant churches in Belfast were invited to a Catholic church for a joint service. When the Presbyterian minister gave the sermon something unusual took place - there was applause from everyone. Under the title of "Keep Hope Alive", he spoke on reconciliation after years of violence and deeply-rooted hatred and about the hope, faith and vision that the Gospel brings. Northern Ireland has heard many people reciting the Gospel for years but sometimes they sound empty and barren. We need people to live the words like this servant of God!
José Luis Iparraguirre D’Elia, Belfast, N. Ireland.

In Pakistan every congregation has problems.
Many have received threats against property and people. Recently many died in a storm and many homes collapsed in the storm.
David L White, TACDP, for Pakistan.

Ministering to the deaf.
The Carlos Anacondia campaign starts soon. If you have any deaf friends, they will be welcome as part of the translation to the sign language will be provided. What a blessing for our team to serve the Lord! We need your prayers to lead many deaf people to the feet of Jesus.
Dámaris and Pili, Barcelona, Spain.

Large selection of free Bible training material.
From AIBI Resources

Just back from 3 weeks in the Philippines
I am 20 and really finding it hard to get back into life in England. I want to encourage people who are praying for the Philippines that He is moving there even in the strongholds.
Katie Hindmarsh, West Midlands, England.


Doors of hope - August 24-25
This is the largest intercessory youth movement for Colombia. Over 100,000 youth will be united in prayer and celebration for 18 hours non-stop.
Intercessors for Colombia
Cartagena 5-660-50-08 |

From a new Church in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
We have a ultra modern facility that was once a popular night club. The building needs repair before we can begin to use it for our School of Strategic Mission with business studies, computer classes, a early childhood education center, and of course the headquarters of our new church.
Ikiebe Sedi, Jamaica.

Pastor freed by terrorist kidnappers 
Pastor Juan Villegas from the Christian Family Church, Medellin was released after kidnap by ELN guerrillas. He was in perfect health after being missing for 12 days. We can only praise God for His swift answer to all our prayers.
Intercessors Network of Colombia.

I am a man of God living in Africa.
I have a great desire to join a missionary team to minister to people in need of the gospel of Christ. Please contact me as soon as possible.
Adou Marc Steven Israel, Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Thank for the materials . . . 
Our missionaries and church families are greatly blessed by the
lessons you provided. We have a strong desire to pray for the world situation. 
Miguel Lahoz, Buenos Aires.


Word For Today Daily Readings for Albania
We hope to print in Romania and then ship the copies in to Albania by October 2002 in time for a Christian conference in Tirana. What is needed immediately is a new computer and publishing software for our translator.
Word For Today, UCB Radio, England

Two buses, 107 young people on a mission.
We just visited Santa Cruz, Santiago de Chile , a town of 30.000 inhabitants but only 30 believers.
Roberto Rengifo, Chile.

Wonderful opportunity to teach about Jesus.
I go into schools to lead collective worship and assemblies and take RE lessons. I also run a Christian lunchtime club. Please pray that more people will see the need to support schools and get alongside the adults and children who would not otherwise get to know about God.
Dot Lundie, St Neots, England

We have 58 Peruvian missionaries
Scattered all over Peru, and two in Colombia. It is our goal to see missionaries from Peru serving outside and this is slowly becoming a reality.
Segundo Rodriguez, Baptist Mission, Peru 


In 1997 I sponsored a Filipino
Now in 2002 three planes, one ferry, two minibuses and a jeepney later I sat waiting for my sponsor child. Then in she came - tears streamed down my face, my heart pumped quicker than ever and I think Jonazel got a hug that nearly crushed her such was my overwhelming joy. Years of prayer answered, putting a face to the name and the photographs was simply awesome.
Katie Hindmarsh, West Midlands, England.

Russian young people welcome Americans.
We have our friends from Campus Crusade USA with us for a student missionary trip so we are quiet busy right now. Our website history section has the orphanage visit report and you can see our time with the Americans.
Arterm Sedov, Saratov, Russia.

Celebration for the Nations in Sao Paulo.
I am a Peruvian missionary living in Brazil and interested in opening a School of Missions in our church. On Sept. 6-8, our first Celebration for the Nations will be held. We have many young people longing to serve the Lord".
Jorge Luis Torres Cuicapusa,Sâo Paulo, Brazil.

We are hoping to launch pages in Arabic
If all goes well it will be in June - unique !
Les Norman, Editor, World Christians.

Children's Camp in West Africa
Children and teenagers are invited to the 8th Bible camp from July 22-29th at Gourcy. The cost is just 6 000 CFA and the theme is Christian Response to HIV/AIDS and Poverty. Training for workers is 18th to 20th at Gourcy College.
Pasteur Philippe, AEAD, Burkina Faso.

Miguel Diez of Remar, Spain in Colombia
I have organised a conference with pastors and businessmen to encourage them to work with Remar among the poor in rehabilitation and work creation .
http:// I still want to enter the European business markets in the future.
Andrés Fernando Tarquino, Bogotá, Colombia.

Training church planters - can we help you ?
Our focus is to plant a network of House Churches. We have worked throughout Eastern Europe, India, Burma, Ecuador and Peru.
Larry Bennett, New Dimensions Georgia, USA

Town greatly stirred by the Holy Spirit.
We have a great openness, never seen before, from the authorities who are supporting us with land for our churches and room in the parks. These flashpoint crime areas are now being used for the evangelism of different churches.
Juan Hernandez, Cd. Juarez, Mexico.


Expedition to Morocco, 28th June - 4 weeks.
Room for 16 people overland UK to Morocco in 2 Land Rovers. The focus will be to pray, but there will also be opportunities to witness to locals and to spend time in their homes. Experience the culture, an adventure with God is guaranteed!
Phil Rule, Arise Shine Morocco

Scams from Nigeria, be warned . .
These scams are aimed at Christian ministries with very convincing Christian words to draw in the naive or just-plain-hopeful believer. You may be so 'savvy' that you wouldn't be taken in at all, then again you might. Or a friend might ask your advice. Many have lost thousands of pounds. Take note of this website:
John Clements, Nottingham, England.

Disabled people can also know Jesus!
Our web page has ministries from round the world working with disabled people. Audible meditations for the visually impaired. How to start the work at your church. News about Christian events, books and web pages for the disabled. Mainly in Spanish, some English.
Lidia Rossi, Argentina.

Jesus Film showed 83 times in Burkina.
By the grace of God from November to May  we showed the Jesus film 83 times in 83 villages and our team preached 83 times. About 73,350 people heard the gospel. 1,762 people accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. We covered 15.380 Kilometres. We helped to plant 42 new local churches, many of which need a roof and a full time pastor.
Pastor Philippe, AEAD, Burkina Faso.

I am praying for the World Christian news.
And for all the brothers and sisters who send in their requests to support them in faith. Every Wednesday our church will pray over this page.
Miguel Lahoz, Argentina.

Amazing contrast: Philippines and UK
Services start at 4 am, not one dissenting voice complaining about sleep. There were dogs, chickens and insects all sorts of things but nobody batted an eyelid. The churches only had a few benches and gravel floors but you could feel the Sprit of God washing through every meeting.
Katie Hindmarsh, West Midlands, England.

Pastor of Life Christian Center, Amsterdam . .
We are going to start a leadership training center and will like to use your materials. We are a Pentecostal church from June 1997. We distribute evangelism materials in the Netherlands, and also have two churches in Portugal.
Pastor Henry Otasowere, Amsterdam.

Reaching out to destitutes in Senegal 
We pray and witness to them because Jesus died for the destitutes the same way He died on the Cross for the people in the palace. In Senegal the nobles only want to identify with prosperity preachers with big suits. We need people to help us reach the less privileged on the streets.
Rasaki Solomon Erhenede, Dakar, Senegal

Reading the Bible with the eyes of the poor ..
and hungry is a different thing from reading it with a full belly. If it is read in the light of the experiences and hopes of the oppressed, then the  Bible's revolutionary themes - of promises being fulfilled, of exodus and liberation, of resurrection and new life, of the abundant life through the Spirit of God coming to all who by faith will believe and receive, then these themes come alive! From Jurgen Moltmann in, "The Church in the Power of the Spirit"

Dr. Kevin Dyson, New Covenant University, USA.

Launch of Supporter Index
This is for everyone involved in supporting or facilitating world mission following last month's launch of the `Mission Mobilisers Forum' which has been buzzing ever since. Be amazed what you can do without even leaving home!
OSCAR - Missions Information Service, England.

Missionaries in France for 6 years.
This summer we will start a church plant in Lyon following the G12 model. We have been really blessed by your course and will be able to use many of your modules
Paul van der Hagen, Lyon, France.

Not your average prayer request . . .
Pray for peace and rest in the Lord for all the believers questioned or yet to be questioned by police and journalists. Pray their testimonies may be clear and powerful. Pray that many police officers and journalists involved in the interviews will experience life-changing encounters with Christ through these witnesses.
Phil Rule, Arise Shine Morocco.


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