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Welcome to the May 15th 2002 edition.
Today's edition is here


Pakistani believers under persecution.
Some limited freedom to worship exists but this may diminish. Two churches were attacked by the militants during the past few months. 17 were martyred in Bahawalpur with 5 more on March 17th. President Musharraf is doing his best to handle the situation, pray for him.
Altaf Naseem, Pakistan.

Carry on with your mission work,
Only God knows howe far you are reaching, but it is further than you imagine.
Cañete Family, Argentina.

School of Mission translated and printed . . .
It is a great blessing for the many people, we receive good report from Pastors, Evangelists and Church Leaders. Many of their ministries have been transformed after reading your book.
Samuel John Bula, Narsapur, India.

Door open among Latinos in Hungary.
There are many South American Christians living and working here. They wanted us to establish a Spanish Church. God surprised us and we obeyed Him so on April 20, we had our first meeting in Budapest
José and Elisa Német, Hungary

Outreach to Dunghan, Chinese Moslems.
Flooding in their village gave us opportunity to help by filling sandbags and securing the river bank. We worked for a few hours with more than a 1000 men and they treated us afterwards like kings. We even ate "plov" together with the villiage chiefs of this unreached people.
Jacob and Piet. Kyiv, Ukraine

Want to give away a PC or receive a free PC? Ask:
Les Norman, DCI Community in England.

Worker in N. Africa tragically killed on road.
He had only been married for 19 months, and his loss has had a profound shock on all those who knew him. Please pray especially for his wife and family, and for the team as they adjust to life without him. At least 120 people packed into a thanksgiving service in the town where he worked. Most of these were local Muslims, ranging from the mayor to the poorest of the poor, all having been touched by his life. In Islam, there is no assurance of salvation and death is marked with laments and wailing, and efforts to help the deceased into Paradise by prayers and reciting the Qur’an. Can you imagine the impact on the hearts of these precious people as they witnessed the faith of his friends, and their celebration of his life, which truly was lived to the full? Pray with us for the seeds planted on that day to take root and grow, that souls will be saved. 
P.R. for North Africa, edited for security reasons.

I love you, it is good for me to know you . .
Each of these editions enriches my spiritual life. They are of great value. Be greatly blessed.
Victoria Muñoz, Quintero-Chile

What a blessing these students are !
Eight students from 7 churches and from 3 races. In Fiji this is truly a miracle that only God could do - a firstfruit of what is to come. I see students from all the nations of the South Pacific coming ionce the buildings are built. What a time lies ahead !
Marion Male - Fiji Islands

Christian Haitian Outreach needs . .
An accountant/computer-tech for Florida office overseeing Haiti orphanage.
Karen Beeman, Haiti.

From the President of the Evangelical Pentecostals, Venezuela.
This is a call to all my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. I request your prayers for my country. We are going through crucial times for our contemporary history. We must keep as united as never before so that the power of the Holy Spirit may take the reins of the situation and have the last word. I thank you beforehand for your prayers and support.
Rvd. Eliodoro Mora Méndez, Venezuela.

Barcelona pastor after 2nd heart attack . . 
Doctors said the only option is a heart transpant. He is on the waiting list and even then for the first year it is highly risky to catch any infections. As you can guess, this is a great blow for all of us. The church goes on.
Virgilio Zaballos, co-pastor, Tarrassa, Spain  

We are screening the Telugu Jesus film.
Silently we reach thousands of heathens through this film. We are very grateful to you for helping us get this tool for the gospel.
Samuel John Bula, Narsapur, India.

Church in Peru needs some urgent help.
We are opening up in a new village, Las Colinas, in a sister’s home and we have got some land to build a prayer house, we just need the materials. Recent floods have swept away our people's belongings. We need clothes, medicine, and vitamins to deal with infections. Dengue and malaria are frequent diseases. Most of our people do not even have a New Testament.
Pastor Joél Zavaleta Florez, Iquitos, Peru. 

World Christians Bank for the Poor in Uganda
Most of the Christians that I am pastoring are very poor from the slum area, who used to live on alcohol and prostitution. With the capital that they have been given, poor widows have started businesses to live on and are now forgetting of the old ways which drew them away from God. My wife also got some capital. We now earn our daily bread and I can go to Bible College to study.
Pastor Chris, Bar Ogole Church, Lira, Uganda.

Two converts face death penalty.
Nigerian prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Lawali Yakubu and Ali Jafaru who have been given three days to re-convert by an Islamic court judge in Mada. They are accused of joining the Great Commission Movement, an international evangelical church.
Ananova News about Nigeria

French pen-pals / UK visits on offer.
I would like to hear from French Christian young people who would like to take part.
Herve Uzenot, Bream, England.

Thirty Chinese Christian Leaders Abducted
At first it was thought to be a massive government raid but it now seems that members of the Eastern Lightning cult posed as leaders of a Bible Institute in Singapore and offered free training to house-church leaders. So the leaders went to meetings in six locations inside China. Eastern Lightning believes Jesus has returned as a Chinese woman named Lightning. Even though they are a violent and dangerous cult, the government appears to do nothing to halt them.
John Lindner, Christian Aid Mission, USA.

I would like to be a missionary in Africa.
I graduated from Bible School and have worked with indigenous people and local churches.
Jennys Ruiz, Rubio-Táchira - Venezuela

Christ overcomes AIDS!
800 people were swaying, dancing and singing their joy when a young man held up two doctors' certificates saying, "3 weeks ago I was HIV-positive. " God had appeared to him in a vision with a promise and now he is holding up a third doctor's certificate giving him a clean bill of health.
Rob Reeve, for the Central African Republic

Free Bible Training resource:
David Moore, AIBI Resources, USA.

Training to disciple unsaved people.
We are training the first two Eritreans from an Eritrean mission as well as an Egyptian family and Koreans. Two missionaries from Lesotho were with us for six weeks, others come from Asia and Africa, each brings a certain richness, as well as a strangeness we can learn from. We have cried to the Lord to keep our training sharp and relevant and He has been speaking to us about the most basic of all principals, that of making disciples.
Gail Dixon, Nations, Wales.

Please pray for Annan, 16yrs.
He is ministering in Pakistan/Afghanistan. As he was getting ready to go to school he became so sick and lost all power in his body. He is a spiritual warrior needing your prayer support, as the power of evil is trying to stop his studies. His final exam is due in few weeks.
Altaf and Eileen, Pakistan.

From the really hot Sahel . .
We have had a couple of good visits with Fulani believers from Djibo and Sebba. The believers here all seem to have been encouraged by them and one lady has since given her life to Christ. There is still a lot of work to do to follow up but it is an encouragement. The evangelism in Seytenga went well. A good time of sowing, and some good chats - especially with an islamic teacher and his disciples. Pray that the word continues to work,
Keith Smith, World Horizons, Burkina/Niger.

In just 2 months, hundreds attend church.
In this depressed area 5 young people gave their lives to God. They are all out of school youth who were drug addicted with delinquent live.
Carol Jacinto,Cavite, Philippines

OMF list of 3 Self Churches in China
On their website now

Here in Morocco, North Africa . .
One believer has returned to fellowship and a handicapped seeker is close to meeting Jesus as he studies with a believer. A family man is seeking the Lord and a young believer is struggling with alcohol. James and John have had more dark for ten years and now neither is in regular fellowship so do pray that both will return.
Arise Shine Morocco.

Business people who hold the pursestrings
Can meet people here who are in true need or in full time missions or ministry. "Give and it shall be given unto you." Luke 6:38 We believe that God's Word gives the way out of the downward spiral of the world's economy. We are not here to serve money, but to make money serve God.
Alan Wyant, USA.

Pray for Iranian pastors and their families .
Among the 5 million Iranians outside of Iran and for those dedicated pastors and believers inside Iran who are searching for Bibles and Christian literature. They are often unable to go openly to the church. Pray also for Christians going into Iran to be able to encourage national believers. Pray for workers needed in an Afghan refugee camp.
Persian World Outreach, USA

Madman OK, fine in brain, dressed and happy.
One week ago a man came from Nigeria claiming that God directed him to Lira where he had no connection with anybody. He went to a school and asked to stay there. On the same day he came across Otim who is well known in town as a man with a brain problem. He is completely mad for 30 years. He arrested Otim and cast out the demons of madness from him. God delivered Otimn instantly and he is now OK, fine in the brain, well dressed and happy. So many people are turning to God as result and there is no one who is challenging this miracle. the Nigerian has rented a guest house where he has put more 9 mad people in 3 different rooms, one for the mad ladies, another one for the mad men and the last one for the mad children. God is delivering this people miraculously. Glory be to our God I am standing with him.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

Our Latest Harvest Times 
Pastor John Joseph, India

Latin Missions Conference in London
To create a bridge for Latin American Mission to Europe and on to the rest of the world. In Spanish and English. Speakers include John Stott, Paulo Branco, Federico Bertuzzi, George Verwer, Carlos Scott. St. James Church, June 12-15th.
Peter Kluger, Muswell Hill,  London.

Ukrainians start Reformed Baptist Churches.
It is very important to have correct teaching and perhaps some of them can study in UK. It is hard to get a visa so please pray for an opportunity.
Sergiy Kyrylchenko, Odessa, Ukraine.

Rewarding, challenging year out experience.
In youth and schools, creative arts, community and training. We are helping establish a national training certificate in Christian Youth work. Do the course, finish the year out with a qualification.
Nigel and Jo Pimlott, Hands and Feet, UK.

Greetings to everyone with a missions heart.
I pray that the Lord may raise up missions around the world. Oscar (my husband) and I are pastors with a call for Spain.
Pastor Lidia Chocobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I prayed and she rose from the dead!.
"I could have settled for an easy pastorate in Bangui, the capital", he said, "but I felt God's call to the unreached Pygmy people." He has now mastered the Pygmy language and is able to preach in their dialect. "The breakthrough came when a Pygmy lady died and the witchdoctor failed to make her better through his magic. I felt the Lord urging me to pray for her to come back to life. I prayed and she rose from the dead! This event broke the power of the witchdoctor and many began to follow Jesus."
Rob Reeve,  for Central African Republic

Spend 6 months with us . .
This is for people wanting to take time out before college or work to explore what the Lord may be saying to them. We would involve the participants in mission and bible training, rubbing shoulders with trainees from various parts of the world. They would also have their own goals, some of which would be achieved in another nation.
Gail Dixon, Nations, Wales.

VII Missions Congress, Cartagena-Colombia
"You will be my witnesses in Colombia, the Americas and the remotest corners of the Earth" July 11-14 with Federico Bertuzzi, Argentina.
Colombia World Missions Centre, Cartagena

Chinese leaders arrested.
At least 100 leaders of a church belonging to one of the most important church networks in China have been arrested at a massive police raid. Well organized, many of them were simultaneously detained at their own homes in different towns and villages in Henan.
Carlos Juan Urrutia Leon, Chile
Complete story

Raising Personal Support ?
For some those three words instills fear in their hearts. For others, raising support is the huge barrier that separates them from the mission field, especially true for us Brits for whom money is the unmentionable subject in church.
A page of advice and links from Oscar.

Hundreds of thanks to God and to you . . .
For providing free your great training school for Uganda. I am so happy since one of my objectives is to train pastors and people in the word of God. If I find any hall I will start straight away. I am selling my shop's computer to raise the money.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.


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