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Russia: Hundreds of sects over here.
They have names like Moon church - a pseudo Christian Korean organization, Habardists, Reurichs – a mix of orthodox Christianity and Asian religions, Mormons, etc. Please pray for my love for them as lost souls to increase.
Arterm Sedov, Saratov.

Malaysia: New Prayer Vision Training Institute
The main purpose is for training leaders and disciples, to equip believers to minister in Tamil in the churches, to give awakening for the Gospel and prayer, to make believers to be deep rooted and become practical Christians.
Evg Lawrence James, Selangor.

UK: When you open the door to the world .  .
You find that the harvest truly is plentiful, but equally as Jesus said, the workers are few. We are in need of volunteers to help with answering multi-language e-mails, sending out subscriber editions and web page design and maintenance for this site.
Les and Pilar Norman, Editors, DCI World Christians, UK.

Malawi: The meetings are extremely lively. 
They certainly know how to praise the Lord with song, including typical African whistles and shouts, and of course, plenty of dancing. We can't keep up with them! Although we were told about all sorts of things we needed to do to prepare us for Malawi, nobody warned us we needed to be fit to take part in the church meetings!
Dave & Rosemary Playle, England.

Argentina: Please write to us.
We are teaching English very enthusiastically and would like to practice with a native speaker – especially believers.
Cynthia and Leo - Argentina.

Lira, Uganda: Pandemonium rocks the town.
Horrified civilians fled for their lives as 3 people were brutally murdered by the rebels. One man was hacked to death. and another old man was burned alive. A baby was snatched by the rebels and flung by the road side while the mother was taken in captivity. Refugees have doubled in Lira. The problem prevailing is food. Keep us in prayer.
Rev. Lawnsome Etum-Akezi, Uganda.

Bosnia: Requesting information . . . 
As I work at a radio station and, God permitting, I will have the privilege to go to Bhiac.
Felipe Andrés Moreno Vallette, Temuco.


Colombia: For the missionaries all over the world.
And also for those who are training: Remember that the Lord loves you and that we are supporting your valuable work with our prayers.
Amalia Rodriguez, Bogotà.

E-mail addresses are shown only in the subscriber edition in order to avoid providing advertisers with a source of addresses for SPAM.

Wales: Heart of my own heart.
This phrase from the old hymn "Be Thou my Vision" has really touched me and I have found it a beautiful name for God. His true place is in the heart of our hearts. This theme of the heart is very much with me at the moment. I have found in over 20 years of Christian work, that the biggest enemy of a Christian worker can be that of Christian work itself. The work can become the goal. Jesus never intended that. He himself is the only goal worth giving everything for!
Gail Dixon, Nations Mission, Llanelli.

Chile: I would like to be informed about missions.
I pass on the news through the media, I need the dates, facts and names.
Caleb Vilchez O. S&C Comunicaciones.

USA: I need some Christian professional help.
I am in Georgia, US east coast. I am a Mexican who needs spiritual counselling or psychological help.
Thank you.
Javier B. Elizondo, USA.

Mozambique: 50 churches join new network.
Next week we’ll start small crusades and feed the hungry, we have found a house to rent for the orphaned. You will have heard on the television about the millions of Mozambique people who are suffering greatly at this time. We are there, right now, in obedience to the Holy Spirit's direction. Our charity is still tiny and staffed only by the writer.
Pastor Eddie Brito, Mozambique.

Israel: We need the support of the world's believers.
It is our priority: ‘firstly, to the Jew’.
The region’s clock is striking ‘zero hour’. Jesus is coming for His church. What are you doing for the Chosen people? Do not forget that your salvation comes from the Jew and that you have accepted a Jew in your heart – Jesus Christ. He is your Lord and Saviour. Love what God loves – Israel, and you will be blessed (Gn.12:3). We also bless the Arab people, who need the love of God in their hearts.
Carlos and Dinelly Weill, Tel Aviv.


Uganda: Rebels attacked and burnt houses next to my home.
We are grateful to God for His mercy, protection and anointing that we received for the mission in Burundi just as you were praying for us. But when we got home to Lira, Uganda we found people sleeping in the street and under the verandas of shops in town including my children. Others had left for Apac town. So I found life not easy but God is bringing to situation to normal.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.

Bolivia: Pray for an end to social conflicts. 
Many churches in Bolivia have arranged to pray for the country. The fruit of these prayers are already coming. The President, Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada has agreed to meet with different social levels to start a new dialogue.
Hugo Cori Colque, La Paz.

Argentina: We are a family of missionaries.
We would like to get in touch with missionaries families. We are not involved in marriage issues, but in family issues, including children. We look forward to serving you in Spanish.
Nelson and Maria, Unquillo.


Spain: We saw a woman weeping and alone . . 
We felt in our spirit that the Lord was asking us to go to her so we did and introduced ourselves. She told us, still trembling, that she had just found out that her husband in Ecuador had divorced her and was living with another woman. This innocent woman had been working and sending her money back.
We prayed for her and invited her to reach out to Jesus. There are thousands like her in Spain. We have around 50 immigrants in church already each with a story. They need your prayers.
The Castillo family, Spain.

India: Going to unreached villages in Andhra Pradesh.
Our evangelists go as a team prepared with prayers. Please pray for this big task in India. We have a poor 10 year old deaf girl need hearing aid. She is very intenligent in all subjects. We ask our Christian world if any one will help care for her studies in school ?
Pastor P Samuel John, Guntur, India.

Argentina: Constant spiritual revival in our church
We are doing God’s will and involved in soul winning.  We invite everyone to join us in our vision and to support us in continual prayer.
Daniel Posca, Way of Faith Church, Buenos Aires

UK: From George Verwer
I am reading Life of the Beloved by Henri JM Nouwen who speaks of finding the courage to embrace our own brokenness and to make our most feared enemy into a friend, even an intimate companion. Shortly after reading this, I had a very painful experience with a friend who was deeply criticising one of my closest friends. It could have really upset me but instead, I embraced it as allowed by God and part of what life is all about. Great joy and peace flooded my heart and I was free. My brothers and sisters, there is great hope for all of us. God has used us and He has a great plan for our lives in our pilgrimage to become more like Christ, which should always be our great goal!
George Verwer, Director, Operation Mobilisation, UK.

Mexico: Praying for our unreached groups...
Like the Tarahumaras and we are interested in all new outreach.
Pastor Carlos Kateztain, Tijuana.

Italy: Looking for Spanish/ Portuguese missionaries.
And international agencies who work in those languages. I would also like to know about the needs of the missionaries and of those who would wish to write to me.
Francesco Perone, Marostica.


UK: Teresa, who is blind jumped from plane at 13000ft.
She raised £335 in a sponsored parachute drop for a dispensary for the poorest in
Burkina Faso. You can still add a gift to the total - use this link - Teresa deserves it.
Marie-Therese, Croydon

Morocco: Small church needs a safe place to meet.
This happens when the church is mostly made up of singles living with their parents from the majority religion who are either hostile to the gospel or do not know their children are believers. Many people are unemployed and have little for a meeting place. Perhaps  Moroccan Christian singles and families can open their homes as a place of ministry. God is already at work and is able to provide for His church in Morocco.
Arise Shine Morocco, International Year of Prayer

Bolivia: Santa Cruz De La S, 6- 9 November.
Congress of  Evangelism, Discipleship and Missions; Workshops, Displays, Mission Ministries, Concerts and Speakers.
Ing. Luis Otalora, fonofax: 3 580213, Bolivia.

Burkina/Niger: After 9 years we leave Gorom.
Djibo is the proposed new place of work where we would be linked to a large team and we should be free to work from there into the unreached villages in the north Sahel. We hope to continue visiting Gorom to ensure adequate follow-up and progress in the work. Please pray as it is quite a wrench for me and pray for the Fulani believers to be able to respond in faith and renewed commitment.
Keith Smith, World Horizons missionary to the Fulani.

Spain: Sign Language 'speakers' meet in Barcelona.
Meeting every month. On 19 October, 10:30am at Iglesia Betania. We have a workshop in Alicante this weekend.
Dámaris and Pili Gómez Peñuelas, Barcelona, Spain.

Brazil: Send us your missions news
For our church prayer newsletter.  If you come here for evangelism, mission purpose or simply for a visit, stop by, you will be welcome.  Our first Mission Congress is on now.
Pastor Jorge Luis Torres, Ibitinga, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Western Kenya: Sensing a strong move of God in us.
There is a great need in this part for evangelism and teaching of the word of God. So many Ministries are concentrating their work in major towns, while so people are perishing in rural areas without Christ. We would like to make a move to Uganda to do ministry work there also. You wont get a clear picture of how Uganda is like until you go to rural areas. Its more worse than Kenya with very few churches and Bible schools.
Anthony Shivona, Nakuru, Kenya.


Chile: Getting ready for India.
I would like to get information about tentmaking in India, I am transport engineer in Chile and I want to be a missionary.  You could send me information in English, Spanish or Portuguese. 

José Lopez and Shirley, Viña del Mar.

Hungary: 6,000 persons attend the march for Jesus.
With flags, pennants and praise, along the pedestrian area in the heart of the city. Many more joined them there. 14 churches of the city of Debrecen took part, apart from others coming from elsewhere in the country and abroad. During the evening, when the evangelisation started, over 10,000 gathered in the city centre to worship and praise the Lord. We were completely amazed. It was the first time in this city and even in this country something like this ever happened.
Elisa and José Nemet, Velence

Austria: We use your School of Mission lessons . . 
For 12-15 Persian speaking believers and thank the Lord for all blessing from these lessons in our Persian speaking ministry in Vienna and surround. Please pray for this group to grow in Lord and be also his servants among the Persian speaking population in Austria. Many of them are facing a hard time of their life far away from their country living in a totally different culture. Some have no idea how to face their daily challenges. But as you know our Lord is amazing, His ways are perfect. He has done wonderful thing among many of these people.
The Friends, Vienna

Venezuela: Campaign in dangerous sector.
In a place where for almost 20 years there were not congregations due to the fear to the high violence and delinquency of the area, over a 100 people gave their lives to the Lord. In this opportunity the Holy Spirit was present.  Soon another campaign will be held to consolidate and equip the new believers.
José Adàn Sepúlveda, Genesis Church, Ocumare del Tuy

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