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Welcome to the 15 September 2002 edition
To see today's edition please click here

The two new believers are still missing . . .
But God is sending clear signs of being in control. The person who shared His faith with them was himself threatened with a knife by a fanatic from the majority religion, but a few days later this man felt convicted of sin and asked forgiveness and opened his home to the leader of the small group. Amazing! Not only that, but he is on the verge of becoming a believer himself.
Name removed for security reasons, Middle East.

September is our month of missions.
We are a Christian college and we are looking for information in Spanish about missions / church in Indonesia. Does anyone know how to take the gospel to the Jews ? Your help is important for me.
Maria del Carmen Martinez, Medellin-Colombia.

Last week was tremendous . . .
We witnessed 19 baptisms of the Hindus and 34 new commitments for baptism. Baptism in India is very serous act. It is not like in America. Through baptism people really cut off their relationship with their old way of life and religion. Many times they lose their family and privileges.
Pastor Daniel, Trichur, India.

Taizé shared the morning Eucharist on French TV.
The program was followed by some 2,500,000 viewers, many of them housebound, in hospital, in prison, who could not attend church, or who simply switched on their TV. Brother Roger gave a brief meditation on  "Little by little we realise that the most important thing in a human life is to love with trust - trust in God, and the trust that we place in others. Trust is one of the humblest and simplest realities that exist, and at the same time one of the most basic." Meanwhile, the meetings in Taizé continue to attract around 5,000 young people every week of the summer.
The Taizé Community, France.

My vision for Catalunya  
First to open a school of missions on the Internet, also a Training Centre on site.  Second, encourage the local churches to engage in missions in short, medium and long term projects by providing conferences. Finally to open new churches in villages and towns where there is not any work yet. I do not want to go to places where there are already believers. I admit this is a most difficult place.
Josep Rossello, Benissa, Spain.

Need a place to stay in the UK?
One of the issues workers have to sort out when returning to the UK, either temporarily or permanently, is accommodation. OSCAR has a housing page offering accommodation, along with people who help in the process of moving. There is also an accommodation forum.
OSCAR - UK Information Service for World Mission, UK


Church in Brazil growing and moving forwards.
We didn't manage to have our Celebration for the Nations because there was not enough funds for it but the church is still very interested in missions. Our young people go out all the time into the suburbs and squares and then we raise cell groups. We are doing a Leaders School to teach our people how to lead a cell.
Pr. Jorge Luis Torres, Brazil.

For all volunteer translators  . . .
I recommend this free translation memory tool Wordfast  It integrates into Word and remembers all translated fragments. It means easy and quick translation of numerous repeating blocks of text. It helps a lot and saves tons of time. For localization of the html files to different languages the free tool I use is RWS Tools  In combination with Wordfast and Word it gives incredible results of automated html localization. is the professional translators forum where I participate.
Arterm Sedov, Saratov, Russia. (Our brilliant translator - Ed.)

We are just back from Honduras.
We were working in some of the Garifon communities with the children.  Please pray for our future plans among our next generation of 21st century young people.
Mario Escobar Soto, Cancun-México.

Greetings from Kigali, Rwanda
I went to see your colleague in Uganda (Lira) and I was happy the way they welcomed me. The conversation was a blessing. When I was there God opened the door for me to minister in three places. I would like to ask people to come and visit us.
Rev. Aera Amiel, Rwanda.

Christian Counselling in Spanish.
Soothing for the Soul - I hope it might be a blessing and an encouragement for you and for people you know.
Linda Vizcaino, Nueva York, EE.UU.

M A Prasada Rao went to Jesus on 16th August.
He planted many assemblies surrounding Guntur. He was the best spiritual administrator in the Christian assemblies in Andhra Pradesh, India .May the Lord Jesus raise another one like him. His 3 daughters and one son all are married and had a grand daughter. Please ray for them and his assembly.
Pastor Samuel John, India.


Any churches in Australia?
My wife Liliana belongs to a Christian movement called CENTI Centro Argentino de Teoterapia Integral,HQ is in Colombia, and chapters are in over 30 nations Centi is where she has grown as a Christian. The missionaries in charge of the Argentine chapter are moving to Australia to start a new chapter there. Do you know of any churches in Australia that might be of help to them?
Jose Luis Iparraguirre D'Elia, Belfast, N. Ireland
Write to me via The World Christian

Family following God's call to Spain.
We have worked for years with Teen Challenge in Argentina and now we are heading for the red light district of Madrid. We believe that God has said that Spain will be a platform for missions into the 10/40 window.  We are the fruit of missions in the past when Argentina was an unreached nation and we believe the Lord can now use Spain to reach the unreached. Spain itself has only 0.3% evangelicals.  Please pray for and if we can help you, get in touch.
Marcelo Rodriguez, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The problem of being female in one Romanian church!
Women here have been able to vote for some time now but in some churches women still do not count and cannot attend the official church meeting!  One problem I am often faced with is whether they let me use the pulpit or a stand or not!  They let me  preach but I have to juggle notes, Bible and microphone, whilst my male counterparts, can use the pulpit! In one church, a young man in the front row offered to hold my notes for me. He got backache, and I had a hard time focussing on Jesus, to keep my heart and mind pure, while bringing a Word of how Jesus came to bring freedom and fullness of life! Praise the Lord that our own small church in Rusova has not yet learned such nonsensical Churchianity . Write to me, I will tell you more.
Ann Murphy, Missionary from the UK, for Romania.

A glimpse inside the Arab world . . .
The neglect or abuse of women is a major factor in the Arab world's slow development. "How can a society prosper when it stifles half its productive potential?" a report asks. "Half of all Arab women still can neither read nor write. Their participation in their countries' political and economic life is the lowest in the world." With these three major deficits in Arab society, Islam itself is the only thing that offers them self-respect. "With so many other paths closed to them, some are now turning their dangerous anger on the western world."
Adapted from "Mission Insider" USA

Wanting to be better translators for deaf people.
We tried to enroll in 2 courses but we were not admitted so we asked God’s will to guide us even though we could not understand why we were rejected.  Four days later God open a better door, and we have started 2 years of study that will enable us to serve Him with excellency.
Dámaris and Pili Gómez Peñuelas, Barcelona, Spain.

Harvest Time is always ready to serve you.
Our focus is on helping to provide for the churches, the family and to help our people move forward in the face of debts, poverty, misery and sickness by applying the principles of the economy of the Kingdom of God. (Spanish-English)
Rev. Frank Campos, Santa Ana, CA, USA


If you are in East Africa  . .
The School of Mission in Swahili is ready to download. This may be the first on-line Bible Schhol in the world for Kiswahili speakers!

Our missions trip to Lares was great !
16 of us went for door to door visits and follow-up. We showed films and did meetings in the open air and in halls. The mayor and his staff supported us with equipment and places to sleep.  There were 128 decisions for Christ in this virgin territory.
Jose, Vivi, Dhana y Jimena Rosales, Cusco-Perú.

A glimpse inside the Arab world . . .
The 22 nations of the Arab League have a population of 280 million people, roughly the same as the USA. They range from the 68 millions of Egypt, the Arab world's natural leader, to Qatar's 565,000. The region is expected to top 400 million in 20 years. These Arab populations live on an average of less than US$2 a day. Ten million Moroccans l ive on less than US$1 per day. The region has an annual income growth rate of only 0.5% per person. It will take 140 years for the average Arab to double his income, compared to 10 years for other parts of the world. Around 15% of the labor force is unemployed.
Excerpted and adapted from "Mission Insider" USA

Wanted: Info in Spanish about mission in Sri Lanka.
Raúl Piña
Address in subscription only edition

One thing that I learned from your USE seminar  . . 
Is the sense of maturity one has to have as a minister of the gospel. There are many things I used to do, before those meetings, which I no longer do. I have really avoided many blunders which I could still be making if you had never been here. I learned that to mature as a minister you must differentiate between what is just the traditional way of doing things- and the truth which is the word of God. I stopped doing things because other ministers do them that way and now I wait for the instruction from the Word of God." (Testimony from Rev. George Kaye of Nakuru, Kenya.)
Charles Aranyas, Unlimited Strategy Evangelism, USA

Can anyone help us with a Spanish-Arabic Dictionary?
We produce Christian programmes and magazines in English, Spanish, Italian and Arabic for the people here and we urgently need this dictionary.  If you know where we can get one, or know any web pages please tell me.  Thanks.
Hamilton Tovar, Isla Margarita, Venezuela.

Our China team had encouraging experiences . . .
When they were travelling to a province bordering Tibet in May, stopping briefly one day at a monastery where a particular type of folk religion combining animistic and shamanistic traditions is observed. They had the opportunity to pray for healing for five people, and saw two of them instantly healed, including one woman whom they had met on a visit the previous year. A 15 year-old Tibetan girl also prayed to give her life to Jesus.
Nations, Llanelli, Wales, UK. 

We believe that our hour has come in Latin America
First of all we should be sensible to the voice of the Holy Spirit. We should plan accordingly, get organized, trained and generate the resources needed and provide a solid support team of “senders” to the hundreds of “sent ones”. This is our challenge! We have received the light of the Gospel which has grown, it has multiplied!.  We have being blessed so that we can blessed others.  Latin America is no longer a mission field and it has become a potential sending missionary base of great value.  Analizing numbers we find more than 6.000 missionaries in the field and I am convinced that we could multiply this number after seing the great potential of human resource we have in our congregations. Working together this could be achieved.  This task should be taken upon as a team, in close cooperation between the North and the South.  We are facing a new millennia an we all have a clear mandate ” Go and make disciples in all nations”.
Daniel Díaz, Argentina.


Ten more missionaries sent to India's remote villages.
I was able to visit these villages and preach the gospel and baptize many. Thank God for the open doors for evangelism and also the committed nationals who are willing to suffer anything for the Gospel. We are in need of more native evangelists and pastors. Cemeteries are one of the stumbling bocks in the church plantingministry. When the Hindus and tribals become Christians the local authorities never allow us to use the existing cemeteries. Hence we have to find burial places in every mission stations. The authorities prohibit fellowships in houses and force us to find public places for worship. So prayer halls are also needed in many villages. Though much persecutions are reported daily by the missionaries people are much receptive to the Gospel.
Pastor Daniel and Sister Lily, Trichur, India.

Two weeks of studies on the Kingdom in Spanish
For pastors, missionaries and church leaders, 21 to 31st of January next, in Atlanta, Georgia.
E-mail: Zully Hunter, Atlanta, USA.

Good Samaritan project for Chacos.
This is the interior of Argentina. We want to buy a 24 bedroom property to sleep and feed the people who now have to live on the streets with nowhere to go. The plan is to try and care for and restore these people. Please pray for us and for the Lord to touch people who have the spare resources to help us buy this building.
Mariela Ruiz, Chacos, Argentina.

Not the best time to leave Colombia  . . .
Because the country needs us but here I am in the USA hoping to develop the mission, looking for new strategies of reconciliation and new partnerships, in fact the solidarity of the North American people with the Colombians. My first days gave me a surprise as I see lots of progress but less spirituality.
Father Leonardo Marín Saavedra, Houston-USA

From "far up north" in Morocco . . .
A Jesus video was reported as being shown in a coffee shop in a village of thirty-five families in the southern Atlas Mountains. A Jesus audiocassette was overheard being played in the yard of a family that lives near workers in the north. A man watering flower gardens overlooking the Old City in Fez was observed to be reading an Arabic New Testament. Pray for the distribution of literature, New Testaments, Jesus videos and audiocassettes at the three ports of departure from Spain to North Africa as these materials find their way throughout Morocco and sometimes into very remote places. 
Arise Shine Morocco, International Year of Prayer.

My message is for all the missionaries. 
May God bless you for your work for the Lord.  My heart fills with joy to know that there are people like you following such a special call.  I love you all in Christ.  Please pray for me, I am 21, there are so many things I want to do but I always end up doing none !
Raquel Rios, Campeche, Mexico

Gene Edwards in Bournemouth, UK - 27th September.
Gene Edwards is a world-wide author and has written many books including The Divine Romance and Tale of Three Kings. He is an authority on New Testament Church life and brings tremendous insight into the Christian faith for those who are tired of the Christian rat race and who hunger for something deeper and more real. Bookstore managers were asked: “What books written in the 20th century will still be in print and popular 100 years from now? Only three books made that list. They were: My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers, Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, and The Divine Romance by Gene Edwards.
More details from England.

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