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From Iraqi friend S: On site evaluation in Baghdad
The insecurity is so high that hardly anyone can imagine living like this and people would rather go back to Saddam than continue under threat. The city is completely destroyed, mainly by looters not the Allies. Prices have at least tripled since the war and neighbourhoods are building barricades to protect themselves. The looters are not simply hungry people taking advantage but organized groups aiming to create chaos in order to seize power and possibly install an Islamic government. It is believed that foreigners are manipulating the looters, people in hospitals heard Kuwaiti and Iranian accents. The situation is chaotic, the Americans have lost control and do not know how to handle a society ruled by Islamic or tribal codes, their forces are too small to provide the protection required. Christians around the Middle East in general feel very apprehensive due to the violence that is growing and targets them as anti Arab.
Writer well known to us, anon for security reasons

UK: Some poems of mine to read on a rainy day . .
Rev. Eric McKenna, Mansfield

§ Why wait till it rains? Although in England you will not have to wait very long!  If you like poetry with a Christian flavour and a message in the verses you will enjoy Eric's poems.

Middle East: Escaped by God’s providence  . .
Our contact saw his wife and his young son brutally beaten with a hammer and stabbed almost to death.  Just seconds before the terrorists were about to pierce the young man’s heart the police arrived. This happened just hours after another son of a minister was stabbed on the doorstep and left for dead. He was badly injured but his mother opened the door to find him still breathing with difficulty. Medical staff struggled to keep him alive and God’s providence made it possible. This local family is under death threat by fundamentalists so please pray for them.
Anon for security reasons, writer known to us.

§ Our latest news is that this young man is out of danger but his face will be scarred for life. He carries no resentment for his attackers, the mark of Christ in his life. Les and Pilar, the editors.

Chile: A friend of mine is a Pakistani Muslim
I would like to point him to Jesus but I don’t know how to share the Gospel with a Muslim who is tolerant of other religions. If you have any advice please write in Spanish


Singapore: As long as I have an ounce of energy . .
I will use it for the Lord and He will use you if you purpose it in your heart to give Him your all. Those who are called must be willing to pay the price to be chosen, no matter, at any cost. As His bride I purpose to have a continual great romance with Him! Five years ago that I became a widow and the Lord gave me assurances that my husband, a born-again Christian is in heaven. What I did not understand was why He waited forty years to call me to serve Him. My life is a miracle and it belongs to the Lord.  By the way, I am a Chinese and China is in my heart and I have been teaching and preaching in China openly since last year when the Lord miraculously opened a Big door for me to minister in several churches and a Bible School.
Jeanne Lee

Spain: Pastor Ruben Fernández
He has just been told he’s got a cancer in his pancreas and liver. No surgery can be attempted. He was told he has only got a few months. But we do know that God Almighty is the giver of life. Please, pray for his wife, daughters, son-in-law, and the congregation. Thank you. God bless you. Please, pass this on so that as many believers as possible pray for him. Tell about this in your churches.
Reneé, Evangelical Church, Oviedo


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US: Congratulations on the 2,200,000 hits !
We would like to share with you that God has opened for us 60 hours of radio per month in South California. The outreach is amazing.
Pastor Jorge G. Monzon

§ Thank you Jorge, and thank you to everyone who send e-mails of congratulation. You would never imagine the struggle the Lord had to convince us to start these pages and even then our first thought was that if we touched 5,000 people it would be fantastic !  Les and Pilar, the editors


Spain: Meeting for deaf Christians ?
I have heard that there will be a meeting for deaf Christian this October in Korea. It is held every four years. As far as I know, some 7,000 deaf people from all over the world will be there. Does anyone have any more information ? David and Dámaris Romero-Gomez, Barcelona

Nigeria: Institute of Christian Communication
Our vision to train Christians to better communicate the gospel is to take off in Lagos, Nigeria in May. The Institute is a project of Journalists for Christ, Nigeria
Lekan Otufodunrin, Lagos

§  Amongst all the incessant plague of e-mail and web scams from Nigeria at last here is a brilliant and honest web-site well worth a visit.  Les & Pilar, the editor. 

USA: From the Soul Winner's Devotional
What do the baseball player Mickey Mantle, the missionary Hudson Taylor, and the Japanese captain Mitsuo Fuchida, who led the bombing raid on Pearl Harbour, have in common? Answer: They all received Christ as a result of reading a gospel tract. Sources for good tracts: www.atstracts.org; www.livingwaters.com  www.readcarryshare.org - free
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Taize: This year it's Hamburg!
The next young adult European Meeting will take place in Hamburg over the New Year. The news comes as thousands of young adults come and go in Taizé throughout Easter. Following after the last meeting in Paris attended by 80,000 the Hamburg gathering will be a new "pilgrimage of trust on earth" that the Community has been following for over twenty-five years.
The Taize Community, France

India: 5 new village churches at Easter
I could see the work of the Holy Spirit in these village meetings. Please do pray for the new believers as they face a lot of persecutions from the community some are facing court cases, as they have become  Christians. In Chattisghat two pagan priests came to the Lord and are leading hundreds of their followers towards the Lord. The authorities insist they build a church and meet there. We are badly in need of 500 Bibles in Malayalam and Telungu.
Pastor Daniel and Lily


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From the UK: BBC Religious news section
One of the most popular parts of the BBC site and now it is even better and updated daily with religion and ethics news stories from round the world. You can search by location, subject, date and religion http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/news

Chile: Saharauis people group
These are nomads in North Africa. As a missionary church, we have a family working there amongst them. For security reasons, I can’t give any further details but if you are interested, please write to me.
Victor Hugo Quezada,  Punta Arenas

China: Emma from Taizé writes . .
To ask for people to keep China in their prayers at the moment regarding the SARS virus. There are a lot of very frightened and confused people here, both residents and foreign teachers like myself. We are not really sure what is going on, as the government has a tendency to keep various things under cover, as do many other people.
Taizé Community, France

Colombia: Want to be missionaries . . .
We have no missionary experience and are praying for a place to be trained and for a place to go with our two children. Please, let us know if you know of a missionary training centre we could attend. We work with the deaf people of our church
Luz Patricia Maldonado Arenas, Bogotá

Middle East: Are you in ministry in the Arabic world ?
It has recently come to my attention that Time magazine is researching Mission to Muslims and is out to collect sensitive data on how this is achieved. You know how dangerous this would be if published openly, so remember before sharing any information with seemingly interested people, especially over the internet that one mistake can cost someone’s life.
GPP, Eastern Mediterranean

Northern Ireland:  Please pray for my friends Sam and Victoria
Sam is principal of a Christian school in India with over 400 children. A few weeks ago Sam's mother died suddenly and last weekend his father died very suddenly. It is a great blow to this family. Thank you.
David McFarland, Craigavon


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Peru: New Bible School on second lesson
The students are very grateful for the teachings they are getting. Let me tell you that they are so enthusiastic about it that they are already thinking about the graduation day and they are praying that you might visit us.
Luis Alberto  Montoya Neyra, Huacho

§ Thank you Luis, we are thrilled that you have overcome all the problems and got started and for graduation day - if only we could ! Les and Pilar

UK: Maps and Embassies of the world
Searchable databases of maps of different countries and all embassies in all countries!
Tony Whittaker
Maps: http://www.embassyworld.com/maps
Embassies: http://www.embassyworld.com/

Thailand: Tentmaker missionary seeks fund raising info
Do you know of any worthwhile websites dedicated to this issue ? Can readers send me their ideas please.

Bruce Paddle.

§ Bruce, have you seen http://www.peopleraising.com/ and http://www.globalopps.org/101/ and http://disciplethenations.org/index57.html and then a search on Google with the words tentmaking+fundraising will bring up a list of sites to explore.  Our own Money Forum might help http://www.dci.org.uk/main/money.htm

Chile: Gospel leaflets for children
We have literature for adults for our door-to-door work but not for the many children asking us. Do you know where we can get free supplies in Spanish ?

Luis B.Gajardo Q, Huillin

We need evangelical literature for free distribution and looking and have been praying for helping hands.
Rev.S. Babu Rao, Hyderabad.

We need prayer and Christian magazines, tracts, books, bibles for our most needy pastors in network.
Rev.T.Johnravichandran, Vellore

§ Babu Roa, John and Luis, you should take a look at the Scripture Gift Mission page http://www.gospelcom.net/asgm/languages.php They have materials in many languages, and I am sure that they will do their best to help you. Les, el editor.

Uganda: Back from the mission in Rwanda
These people are really crying for revival so much and they need God. God took us safely to the Rwanda border but then the enemy gave me such stomach pain that I reached Kigali in such weakness that I felt very sick. But when the brothers prayed with me God healed me and I was able to teach where the people of God were so much touched and tears rolled everybody's eyes. The power of the Holy Spirit reached many corners of Kigali and people were following us wherever we were going. Even at night people sat for many hours saying tell us about your God. I talked with them about a mission training centre in Rwanda and they welcomed it greatly.
Pastor George Purkweri, DCI Network, Lira, Uganda


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Dominican Rep: żIs Taizé in Barcelona?
I have been to the Taizé Community in Paris. I’ll visit Barcelona in May, and would like to find Taizé there.
Julissa, Santo Domingo

§ Julissa, I am just back from Barcelona and I know that Taize is very active there. For example, there’s a group that meets beneath the famous Sagrada Familia church, in the Metro station. I would suggest that you should send a message to community@taize.fr. I’m quite positive that they will reach you back with a list of churches linked to Taize in Barcelona. Les, Editor.

Costa Rica: On the Perú – Bolivia border . .
I saw myself in a vision watching native peoples from Bolivia going to Peru and vice versa. Cold and steep mountains hide priceless treasures of souls kept by a spiritual being who uses deceit and camouflage to confound the missionary so that he could not reach them.
Pastor Diego Conejo Díaz, 63 years old, San José

From Taizé: Kathleen from Scotland
The memories of finding welcoming thousands of people to Taize echo every day. Over the next 5 years Glasgow City Council will close all its homeless shelters. It's my job to find these people homes and support them when they move so that they don't end up homeless again. The poverty in the UK is appalling, it's a hidden poverty and worst of all for most there is no hope within them. I find myself drawing on that inner spring, and my CD's and my prayer books - more so now than ever.
Taizé Community, France

Perú: Five years working here
Peru needs brave people willing to work for the Kingdom of God. Just ask God to tell you what His will is. I confess that none of my family in Chile regrets what we are doing in this country. Feel free to write . .
Tanya Bustamante

India: 2000 people at village meeting
God healed many and delivered many from satanic oppression and possession. As the preacher started it started to drizzle, the believers started to pray and the rain stopped. Later we knew that the temple nearby offered sacrifices to their god to bring rain and hinder us. Once again God proved that the one who is with us is greater than the one in the world.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala

Argentina: New street drama group
The economic situation over here is so bad that we can't get a sound system together for street work so if anyone can help us with microphones and PA we will be grateful, or least point us towards someone who can help.
Silvana Rivas, Buenos Aires

Volunteer Translators wanted for our team worldwide
If you can help us with first-class translation from English to French, Spanish, Arabic  or Romanian and have a few hours a week to offer, please contact me. Other languages always considered to launch new pages. Thank you.
Les Norman, the editor


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