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Welcome to the 17th April edition.
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Important Change
To avoid providing unsolicited advertisers with a source of data, the e-mail addresses of the writers are now provided only in the subscriber edition.

I need some information about evangelical missions in Italy.
Carellia Velasco, Santiago - Chile

Easter here in Russia is dated as it was in Jesus' times. 
We still use Gregorian calendar in the Church so Easter is May 5th. We take painted eggs with us and when we meet someone we say in old Slavonic, "Jesus is resurrected" and the answer we hear is "Truly resurrected". Then we kiss each other and exchange eggs and cakes.
Arterm Sedov, DCI Community, our translator in Saratov, Russia.

30 decisions for Christ in Hohoe, Ghana
The Lord has also enabled me to teach and sent me to five young churches to preach, teach and pray with the people. Your fervent prayers and support are blessing. God is using me as a channel of his love to others.
Patrick Azariah, All Africa Bible Institute, Ghana.

I am finishing a building for evangelisation and discipleship.
Also illiterate people will learn how to read and write there and workshops will be set up. If you can help me please do.
Julián Augusto Avilez, Honduras.

Congregations here have maybe 30 members. . .
Mostly immigrants, and I am only in the larger towns and  churches. The situation is similar to my Ecuador during the 70's, that is non-Pentecostal, few members, limited worship and expectations.
Javier Castillo, missionary in Murcia - Spain

Many Moroccans slip below living on less than US$1.00 a day. 
Pray that unemployed or underemployed believers will continue to look to God for their daily bread and not rely on the flesh.  Four adult believers were recently baptized in the ocean!  This was truly a public testimony for the Lord.  
Phil Rule for Arise, Shine, Morocco


We are visiting Burkina Faso right now . . .
This is a country in West Africa below Mali, rated as one of the poorest countries in the world with 50% of its 12m population living in absolute poverty. We are linked with a local church in the capital Ouagadougou.
Mark Tomlinson, pastor, London, England.

We work with people infected with AIDS and their children . . .
We are trying to raise support to train them in order they can get jobs and pay for their medicine. If you want to be a part of our project, please write to:
Miguel Vargas-Machuca Toledo, Lima - Peru

Seeking contacts in Val d´Aosta - Italy.
We are serving the Lord in Spain. We are from Argentina. We have already planted two small churches. Now God is pointing us to Italy.
Leonardo Cuello, Barcelona - Spain

We work with young alcohol and drug addicts.
I ask you to pray so that God may give us a suitable rehabilitation centre.
Jacobo Santiago, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Who knows about the ‘Encounter’ ministry ?
Encounter with Jesus - the retreat. Please send me some information.
Frank Sorto, USA

Unrest in the Christian gatherings is hurting all of us.
ur President Mr. Musharif is trying his best to control this heavily populated country by all means. We are praying that this could be soon.
Tariq Abi Nazir, Pakistan.

Learn to understand and explain the Catholic Faith . .
28th April - 3rd May 2002, The Hague, Netherlands in English
Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Oude Mostraat 37, 2513 BA Holland.


I was a missionary in the Peruvian jungle . . 
This was the most joyful period of my life and if the opportunity ever arises again, I would repeat it. If you get the chance be courageous and step out.

Wendy Valdivia, Arequipa - Peru

Christians are meeting with the President of Pakistan . .
To request the repeal of the notorious Blasphemy Law which is abused to incriminate Christians for personal vendetta or gain. You can be hanged or get life in prison for "blasphemy" The President faces intense opposition.
Pakistan Christian Voice.

I have a call to Italy but I am ready to serve anywhere in Europe.
My call is to pagan peoples. I have been training at church for 2 years. I am a pastor and have missions experience. I need help to make my vision true.
Hector Lenin Diaz Soto, Argentina.

In Budapest, Hungary April 19-20 . . .
1000 people praying and worshipping for 24 hours with short addresses and encouragements between bands. 24 bands are invited including Noel Richards.
Ezazanap,1032 Budapest. Bescsi u.189. Hungary

The youth group have all night prayer vigils . . 
To bind the discothèques and close them down in the name of Jesus. We feel a strong desire to do the same internationally.

Llento Dick Soto Ruiz, Iquitos, Peru.

According to the doctors, my disease has no cure. . .
But not according to Jesus. I have placed myself in His hands and I think He is working. Please, pray for my family so that they can know Jesus’ love.
Rosa Maria, Andorra.


If you need missionary - professionals here we are . . .
Together with my husband we feel a call to mission. We are accountants and auditors with an MBA. My husband is a programmer with theological training.

Elizabeth Mondaca, Quilpue - Chile.

Holy Lord, You made a big point of forgiving me . . .
Please help me not doubt that I am forgiven. You made a big point of loving me; help me believe I am loved. Help me really believe that I am really loved.
A poem from Karen Beeman, Haiti.

Christians are meeting with the President of Pakistan . .
To request the repeal of the notorious Blasphemy Law which is abused to incriminate Christians for personal vendetta or gain. You can be hanged or get life in prison for "blasphemy" The President would face intense opposition.
Pakistan Christian Voice.

God's call to us is to cover your life, family and ministry . . .
By the power of prayer. Many failed ministries were weakened due to the lack of prayer. Let us help you, write us and we will pray for you.

Mary Sanchez, Cusco - Perú.
This family needs your prayers . . .
A father and his 9 year old girl died when hit by a lightning and the mother is between life and death, with 70% burns and needs intercessory prayer to live.
Pastor Patrico Bustamante, Peru

I have a call to go to Turkey, first time on to the mission field . .
The Lord is preparing me in a small congregation in the USA.

Jimena Mendez, USA.


New 24-hour church tells clubbers to text them with prayer requests . .
For friends who take too many drugs. Manchester's Boiler Room prayer centre is designed for people who want to worship at unsociable hours. They can send messages via their mobiles or visit it in person.
Full Ananova story about England at

Helping needy girls escape abuse...
I have met a sister who supports girls in poor conditions who have no joy. She wants them to find a new life in Christ. She is address withdrawn
Juanita Hernandez Mora, Talcahuano, Chile

Clap House, Dakar calling for teams to save destitute.
Christ died for the rich and for the destitute on the streets. We are calling like minds to join us to eradicate this mess.
Pastor Solomon Rasaki, Senegal

Russians can't study during the summer . .
They must work in their gardens to be able to survive in the winter so we have adapted the timetable for "Beginning Discipleship" and "God's Passion for the Poor" in the Russian School of Mission.
Robert Hosken, Moscow.

I just left my work as TV journalist to be an evangelist 
I will supports the church in rescuing captives from Satan's hand. Once I was a drug and alcohol addict, but today I am "addicted" to Jesus.
Miguel Angel Bargas, Comodoro Rivadavia - Argentina

Jesus Revolution Tour in France
We were extremely impressed with the superb presentation of the gospel in dance and song - and their life off stage was a superb testimony for Jesus. It was great to see French young people stirred to declare themselves to be Christians and then they invited their friends - who came!
Tim & Heather Worrall, Missionaries in France.


Filipinos still nail themselves to a cross . . 
The Catholic Church in the Philippines is appealing to people not to crucify themselves as they do as a ritual every Easter Week.
Full Ananova News story about The Philippines at

Who attracts 100's of thousands of young people ?
It took me years to discover this because the Taizé is so different - but 1000's of young Europeans come to their daily prayer meetings. When you listen to the simple gospel of love and forgiveness you can see why.
Les Norman, World Christians, England.

Pray for safety and visas for Morocco.
Pray God will work in those hungry for him, even though they cannot meet. Pray for a lady police informant, who is a friend who needs Jesus!  She was hungry for truth but was lured into a friendship that led her away from the Lord.
Phil Rule, UK for Arise Shine Morocco

Free World Mission Teaching Pack . . .
I have put your Mission School plus Path to God's Glory teaching and my own work on this download:  Find out more at:
Rev.Tim Gibson, Singapore.

Free Illustrated Bible flash cards in 80 languages.
Karen E Weitzel, Akron, PA, USA.

I am a Jewish believer researching Christianity. 
If you are interested in receiving information on how and why the Christian church appeared in the first century - contact me.
Mario Saban, Buenos Aires, Argentina


People interested in working among the Fulani get together . .
I had to do four talks. In the north of Burkina the meeting for believers went okay with 4 locals turning up. Hama is now preparing for baptism, which is good.
Keith Smith, in the Sahel, Burkina Faso/Niger border.

Publicly people are walking into Buddhism but privately . . .
Dalits out of their own free choice are walking into the Christian faith in many parts of India. One church in a major city reported an acceleration of people coming to Christ - they have crossed the 10,000 mark this year. Many hundreds of villages en masse have decided that their liberation lies in Jesus.
Dr. Joseph D'Souza, All India Christian Council, India.

Salvation Army in Russia expecting a favourable decision.
The Army is asking to be recognised in Russia after winning permission in Moscow. The highest court overruled decisions which made the Army illegal.
Ananova News, UK about Russia. 

Mormons in the top five churches in the USA !
The Roman Catholics are 1st with 63.6 million members. Southern Baptists are 2nd with 15.9 million, the United Methodists are 3rd with 8.3 million and the Church of God in Christ, a black Pentecostal church with 5.4 million members are 4th, with Mormons in 5th with 5.2 million members.
Sent in by 

This is Auditoire Christ L'Agneau, Maison de Puissance . .
Our goal is to eradicate the streets of Senegal of destitutes and bring Christ to the people through education, agriculture and other social and welfare services.
Pastor Erhenede Rasaki Solomon, Dakar, Senegal

Turning Oswald Smith's "Passion for Souls" book into prayer . . 
We continue to pray that the empty pews and seats of the churches - in the UK - will be filled again with multitude of people who love God.

Edgard Abraham Álvarez Muñoz, Venezuela.


Haiti mission in the Caribbean needs volunteers.
They have a Church, orphanage and school so if you, your church or anyone you know is looking for short or long-term mission - please write.
Karen Beeman, Christian Haitian Outreach

We want to build a school for orphaned children.
We are renting a building but it is becoming small therefore it now hard to continue. We need your prayers and support.
Pastor Billiance Chondwe, Luaska, Zambia.

Cerro de Pasco has new school of mission . . 
Twenty three students have already gone to the mission field. It's wonderful, your  materials have been very helpful for our task.
Ps. Joel Sanchez Tolentino, Perú.

Many are very desiring the word of God in India.
Mostly Andhra Pradesh. We proclaim the gospel in many villages as Spirit of God strengthen us. We had special gospel meetings and 5 believers obey baptism. Kindly pray for our assembly.
Pastor. P. SJ, Andrha Pradesh, India

A men’s conference for the fifth year . . .
Over 85% of children born in the Kingston area are born out of wedlock, 90 percent of crimes committed in this country are committed by males age 12 to 25. These conferences help address this problem. Please pray for us.
Ikiebe W. Sedi, Montego Bay, Jamaica.


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