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© November 2002

World Christians
United Kingdom






Welcome to the 18th November 2002 edition.
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UK: Free evangelistic literature . .
In easy-English, French, Portuguese, Pulaar, Russian & Swahili.
All free in any reasonable quantity. Free evangelism resources too at:
Tony Whittaker, SOON, Derby, England.

Costa Rica: Let’s pray for Coto Brus
Poverty, alcoholism, drug addiction, rape and domestic violence are soaring. Only God can do something, through His humbled people.

Elìas J. Villalobos, Chief Financial Officer, Coto Brus

USA: I am a full-time evangelist.
With my wife, Carmen we have made short trips to Europe a land for which we share a mission burden. Help us pray for our future projects, England and Italy in particular. Would you like to exchange any ideas about this?
Carlos y Carmen Lugo, Reading, PA.

Venezuela: Our goal . . 
Is to go to the ends of the Earth and proclaim the message from the Highest to those who have never heard about Jesus.
Jairo Rolando Mendoza, El Tigre.

Middle East: How we can share the message of the cross?
It is not an easy challenge, but it can be done. One point is clear: since September 11, all doors to open dialogue have been shut; each party is trying to show the other that the other side is wrong but none is willing to learn from each other. The Islamic people are fully against anything with even a Western taint and, sadly, the Gospel is tarred with the same brush. Though, I still think that the Arab-speaking Christians living in the Middle East are the best prepared to build bridges between both communities and between the East and the West. They share the same world vision and culture than the Arabs, and have been greatly influenced by the Islam. The Christians of the Arab world could eventually be heard in the West as they are deemed to be neutrals in this battle.
Name withdrawn for security reasons.

Dominican Republic: Requesting help of men and women.
With the vision of Jesus when He said to his Father that he wanted us to be like one, as they are. I yearn for seeing that the colours and names of different congregations do not act as dividing walls within the holy people any more.
Pastor Antonio Aquino Mariñez, Santo Domingo.

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Northern Uganda: Still getting worst peace wise.
The rebels last week killed 28 people nearby and cut their heads and legs put them in a big black pot and started cooking them but the government troops intervened. Such is the state that we are in. It is in the New Vision newspaper 28/10/2002 you can check it through the internet.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.

Mexico: Looking to Australia
Requesting information about missions in Australia.
Benjamin Quiroz, Tijuana.

California: Mission to Quito, Ecuador.
We will be working with the Inaquito Evangelical Church, taking up pastoral responsibilities for the children’s ministry. We will also set up some projects to reach out Ecuador’s children and to support other South American countries. If God tells you to join us in this great effort and task, please contact us.
Benjamin & Rosita Contto, Visalia.

Argentina – I am a missionary in Tandil . .
Where we planted a church, with its temple and house. It all began with the poorest household in town. Now, the mission is working in the well-off areas as well.
Miguel Palomino, Presbyterian pastor.

India: Deep concern to start Bible School here.
I have started a small ministry called 'Evangelists for Christ'. Your free lessons will be of great help to me as God given resource for my ministry.
H.M.D Rathnakumar, Bangalore.

Mexico: Always thinking about Africa
Let me tell you that my heart pumps harder and harder for Africa every day. I request your prayers so that I can get there soon and spread the word of God. I would be obliged if you could send me any information.
Yazmin Aguilar, Puebla.

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Uganda: Serious malaria has put me down. 
I am under heavy malarial treatment and now as I write I am a bit ok. My thanks to all who are helping us both by prayers and finances.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.

Middle East: God has honoured His promises once again.
He has rescued one of His children from the pit as he was on the verge of disaster. One of the pioneers in the Islamic world had been brutally beaten and had also a severe TB case: doctors had said he would not live for over a month. A leader visited him where he was dwelling (on the roof of an old building) and apart from leaving some food, money and clothes, he could do little else. That same evening some thugs robbed him; he was only left with the clothes he had on. The leader tried to get him an asylum seeker permit from the UN but this takes time. Anyway, God had something better for him: miraculously, he has been admitted to hospital for a month until he gets over. He has recovered almost completely; he is thinking about his life and getting ready for the future. He will not be able to return to his own country –his life would be at high risk-, but he is not complaining about it. I admire his integrity: I have not grown up to the extent of being ready to leave it all and totally and unreservedly depend on God.
Name withdrawn for security reasons.

Belgium: Harvest is plentiful, but workers few.
If you have been called by God to serve Him in Belgium, it’s because there is plenty to do. Write to me.
Patricia Aguilar, Bruxelles.

South Africa: Small assembly wants to be involved in missions.
Could you please give us some pointers.
Pastor M JM Ley, Mandeni.

Chile: I need some evangelism tracts . .
For our city wide campaign. Do you know of any agencies?  
( are the people - Editor)
Luis Soto Cèspedes, Concepciòn.

Ecuador: Amazonic region Los Shuar.
We need missions people for short term trips around the rain forest with us. We need people who could help with medical assistance, education and spiritual assistance. It will be a blessing. We request your prayers.
Diego Castro, Macas.

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Mozambique: Soup for 1000 hungry children.
God has enable me to achieve many thing for His Glory with very small funds, it really has been a miracle. God has moved mightily in special way, people have confessed they weren't following Jesus with all their heart but have now made a strong commitment to do so.
Pastor Edilson, from Brazil and Scotland.

USA: If you need revival . .
We are graced of God to minister the healing power of Christ with his unconditional love. If your people need to be encouraged, if you hunger for God, it could be the Lord would use us to bring that visitation! After many years of working with Branham, Coe, AA Allen, Cerulo, Osteen we have fought the good fight of faith and received anointing to release to others.
Evangelists Buford and Judy Dowell, Scottsdale, AZ.

India: Tamil Nadu bans conversion.
We have two missionaries working in this state and most of our believers are Hindu converts. More and more people are coming to the Lord. Recently 144 Hindus and a pastor were reconverted to Hinduism by force at Chattisghat State. We have two missionary families working in that state and they face lot of threat and persecution.
Pastor Daniel and Sister Lily, Trichur.

Kenya: Rural areas need the word more than ever.
People are physically hungry and spiritually hungry too. Prayers are needed for breakthrough and men to go out there and take the good news.
Jimmy Wakaimba, Eldoret.

UK: Some races are won . . .
Some races are won by the tortoise not the hare, maybe this why Paul said “I do not account myself to have laid hold”. By the Lord’s grace I will be a tortoise, vigilant for today’s little contribution to arriving at the resurrection, calling on Him, feeding on Him in the word with prayer, being in my spirit even and especially in the little things, giving thanks.
Tony Attwood, Carshalton.

Gabon: ‘Doulos’ has been in our port for 15 days.
We, in
Libreville have been extremely blessed spiritually thanks to the abundance of books which have been sent to us. Books written by Christians on ‘the challenge of HIV Aids’, ‘Creative Evangelism’, ‘Great leaders of tomorrow’, ‘Seminars for the Sunday School Teacher’. So many gifts that Christians have brought to our nation. To God be the Glory!
, Gabon.

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Ivory Coast: Government and rebels talk. 
There is a feeling of patriotism: the firms, the Civil Servants, the Churches and even the people - all bring their financial support to the government in 'an effort for peace'. People don't want to talk about 'an effort for war'. The refugees from the cities under siege are now in their thousands - women and children fearing for their lives - because rebels will kill anybody - were forced to walk miles to reach the Capital. Help for these people is coming from all directions. The churches are standing in front of God's face and with peace in our heart.
Pastor Tim, Abijian.

Peru: we have started an agency for missions.
We hope all brothers and churches with the call to work in Piura, Northern Peru, contact us.
William Sifuentes, Piura

A Filipino in Taizé
Since I was in Taizé two years ago, how much has the climate among the young people been affected by the situation in the Middle East? I still remember the beautiful moments with the Palestinian youth in Taizé. One of them was a Muslim girl who even went inside the Church of Reconciliation and prayed with us. Her close friends are all Christians. I had always presumed that Palestinians were fanatics. But it was in those simple, honest, warm moments with them that my prejudice against them vanished. I am amazed at their deep faith in God, amidst the uncertainty that surrounds them every day. Back here in Mindanao, we celebrated the anniversary of the killing of our Father Rufus with a fellowship meal with Muslim people that lasted all afternoon.
Taize-Community, France.

Venezuela: It is a pleasure to invite you  . .
To our 1st Conference of Christian Entrepreneurs, to be held in Jardin, Venezuela, from 28 November 2002.
Ing. Plácido Córcega, 
Tlfs. 0243-2379983, 0416-4437202

France: New mood of moral rectitude ?
France's reputation as the capital of libertinism is at risk after a complete ban on pornography being shown on television was proposed. Leading members from the government have called for centuries of self-indulgence to be rolled back in favour of a new moral rectitude, enraging campaigners for freedom of speech, pro-abortion groups and gay and lesbian associations. "There are 1,000 hours of pornography on our screens every year," said Philippe de Villiers, a conservative deputy. "That has an obvious influence on a 10-year-old child."
Eric and Brenda Parker, La Rochelle.

Hawaii: Indigenous Peoples Conference
People from many nations gathered to share their culture, very exciting, there were some wild Korean drummers here so I feel quite at home with music and dancing from many different nations, a wonderful celebration of God's colours.
Martin and Rebekah Neil, Northumbria Community, UK.

Zambia: Looking for people to help orphans . . .
With resources to do farming this season. Planting is starting right now.
Moses Lungu, Lusaka Vineyard Fellowship.

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