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Our colleague John Clements is in Ouagadougou and Leo, Burkina Faso for two weeks holding free seminars. He will be glad of your support in prayer.


Welcome to the 18th November 2003 edition
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African churches in London

For all of our African readers here is a list of many congregations among which Kingsway International is one of the best known. These are the fastest growing churches in the UK.
Les Norman, the editor.


I'm going out to kill a man in town

His friends said he had been acting strange, not sleeping well then he walked out of class in a temper. Later I got to talk with him and he said, "I want to kill a man in Parima, he's taken my brother's daughter."  I said, " OK, this bothers you and I know your tribe can't sleep till you have had revenge but if you kill this man there will be war among you all and not just one will die, but more of your family."  I mentioned a Bible verse but he said he wasn't listening. "OK", I said, "that's just what Satan wants, to destroy you and your people." "Then I will go in December," he replied. At least he had opened his heart to me, and now we have a little time to pray and see how to help him. I don't want to see more bloodshed and revenge. Please pray with us.
Musme Apostol, Missionary to the Yanomami.


Czech Republic
Music for refugees and gypsies

We helped with music events in a refugee camp and a gypsy community. The refugee camp was very moving as people who had become numbers in the system, came together to celebrate their diversity in music and dance. It was wonderful to see people from many different people groups expressing their God given heritage and identity through song and movement.  During this time we heard many sad stories of people being displaced by war, culture and race trying to find a place that they can call home. Many having to spend years, suffering humiliation in a number of different institutions before they are allowed into society again. A real eye opener.
Martin and Rebekah Neil, Northumbria Community


President asks for prayer

President Colonel Lucio Gutiérrez made a surprise visit to a stadium where 60,000 people were meeting with evangelist Yiye Ávila. The President and several ministers waited for the preacher who greeted them and gave them a Bible. The President publicly read Solomon's prayer where he asks for wisdom to govern the people and asked for the same blessing. He asked the crowd - "Who is alive?" They roared back - "Cristo.“ Ávila then prayed for the President.


Who is spying on you ?
If you regularly use the Internet by now your PC may be infected with dozens of spy programmes, slowing you down and secretly telling advertisers and maybe a few criminal too all about your data, likes and dislikes. Lavasoft Ad-Aware has cleaned 143 spy files out of our PC in 2 months use. Best of all the basic version is FREE.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

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Apology for eating the missionary . .

Hoping to lift a suspected curse, inhabitants of the remote mountain village of Navatusila have promised to apologize to descendants of a British Christian missionary whom their forefathers ate 136 years ago. According to village lore, their ancestors devoured all of the Rev. Thomas Baker except his leather boots, which, despite prolonged cooking, proved too tough to eat.
© Time Europe - World Watch


Africans repay the blessing . . .

I was in a passionate African church preaching to over a hundred folk keen on blessing France - the now pagan land which had once brought the gospel to their Africa. Then in Courcelles-les-Lens, an old mining/steel town, an African choir sang and I preached the love of Christ to over 200 folks. It was a great success way for the small, aging Polish church who initiated the whole thing. Their eyes shone as they remembered the past glories of the gospel being brought to the mines by the on fire Welshmen who visited many years ago.
Robert Reeve, Thumeries.


Church in refugee camp . .

The Church of Christ in Buduburam refugee camp is involved in evangelism and benevolence to the entire community. Please help with Bible courses, used clothes etc.
John Mansaray, Buduburam, Accra


Very humble village slum church . .

Needs magazines, tracts, books, tapes, bibles, used clothes, kids books for our most needy believers, kids, widows, village pastors, blind and disabled people. We are faith based, independent, indigenous, Spirit filled and Christ-centred.
Pastor John Ravichandran, Vellore, Tamil Nadu.


Help me open a Bible Bookshop.

I am a pastor with Bible Society of Kenya, and I plan to see our poor churches and Christians own Bibles. I strategize to see a  bookshop with subsidized Bibles but this calls for a capital investment. Bibles sell at US $ 5 but need to be subsidized for the poor.
Pastor Moses Muguro, Nairobi


Thought Islam was another church

Ntai Pheko leads an indigenous mission movement that have their training base up in the mountains, giving their students an introduction to the primitive conditions of missionary life in many parts of the world. The students spend part of their time evangelising in the many small villages but come together for intensive teaching and training. The Muslims now have mosques in the capital, Maseru. Unfortunately the locals know very little about Islam and some pastors have even invited the Imam into the churches to teach, thinking it was another denomination of Christianity. 
Gail Dixon, Nations, Llanelli, Wales


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Middle East
Let us connect you with Arab people

We are dedicated to reach Arabs with the gospel. We can place your ministry in front of Arab people by translating your materials and radio programs to give you an Arabic side for your mission. We also truly need your prayers, gifts and support.
Name removed for security reasons


You can't preach the Gospel here !

So believers persevere in speaking to taxi-drivers, hairdressers, vegetable sellers and all who cross their paths. Pray for a Moroccan couple who in spite of answered prayers, healings, fulfilled visions, and miracles that Jesus did for them, still went on the hajj to Mecca.  Pray for the Moroccan brothers who lead Sunday meetings as they take on more leadership responsibility, and ask God for strong Christian marriages and for Moroccan believers to be able to obtain their own homes. 
Arise, Shine, Morocco


Long trek and boat trip in jungle

After several days we reached the Achuar natives. We found most native pastors had grown in their faith but some had been dragged back into sin by their former beliefs. We met new followers of Jesus where we had preached and taught on a previous trip. They are struggling with God's word, for example in their language they is no word or concept for forgiveness.
Alejandro Flores Atiaja, Pucallpa.


First-ever newspaper planned . .

It will have as much information as possible about missions and missionaries, especially amongst the unreached people groups. I am also going to publish some missions lessons on unreached people. I keep on studying English and hope to write it myself one day. If you can send me your missions literature it’s an answer on a five-year long prayer.
Alexey Prokopev, Dudinka, Northern Russia.


South Africa:
Missionary in Islamic Africa

I am 27 years old, working in Muslim countries such as the Gambia, Burkina-Faso and Senegal. By the grace of our Lord these year I have managed to baptise two Senegalese.
Pastor Penalte Miguel.


G12 National Congress - Madrid

It was a blessing, but also a shock for those of us from Latin America because the stadium had less than a 1000 people in it for the meetings. This brought the reality of Spain home to us, but we are believing for Spain to be blessed by the gospel and to have a new day as a nation.
Javier Castillo, Missionary to Murcia.


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My people are poor and backward.

I would like to do poverty alleviation by rice production with a rice hula machine to clean the rice which is for food and sale, and increases giving to the Church. Then a micro-credit banking for the poorest, for a goat project and bee-keeping for women. We want to establish a school of mission with 20 students and we really need a health centre because HIV/AIDS is finishing our young people. Already 10 people have committed suicide.
Rev. Tom Nak Kokanyi, Canon Missionary.


I want to read more about the Bible

I am 30, speak Arabic, French and English. I have the Gospel, I read it and like it so much. My brother from Sweden come and give me it, he say God love you Ben. My sister  gave me this web site. I want to find Bible school outside my country. I love God.
Ben, address removed for security reasons


World Christmas Party making history

I have met with most leaders of the disadvantaged groups  who are just wondering about where we have got such a brilliant idea from. The Chairman for the disabled persons in Lira praised God so much as he said '' this party will be the first of it's kind in the History of the disabled people in Lira." He said we are making history in Uganda as a whole and he wished someone could pick up the same vision in other parts of Uganda and Africa as a whole. Even our area Member of Parliament is behind the party. Our partners in Rwanda and Burundi may come and see for next year in their place.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira

All the latest information on the DCI World Christmas Party is here.  Please take a look and join with us or why not do something just as beautiful for Jesus yourself. Les and Pilar, the editors.

Help for people in radio work

Radio Worldwide helps the Church worldwide to reach the unevangelised by radio through programming, training and partnerships.


UK - For Visitors

The Foreign Missions Club . .

Affordable with facilities for conferences, in a peaceful private road in north London with easy access to bus and underground. Single, double and family rooms.
Foreign Missions Club.
Tel: 020 7226 2663, Fax: 020 7704 1853


Looking for a break in the UK?
And don't know where to go without paying the earth and drowning in the world's behaviour ? This is the page to look at from our friends at OSCAR UK - the best source of missions data for UK and Europe.
Les and Pilar, the editors.


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Who knows about Sierra Leone ?

The Lord has been working very strongly in my life and I feel He's directing me to Sierra Leone. From what research I've done there doesn't seem to be any missionaries there at this time because of the civil war.  I wonder if you've heard of anything new and if you could offer some advise as to how to prepare myself for such a mission.  I'm female, 43, single and no children.
Patricia Masingill, Kansas.


USA- Free !
Online World Christian Database

This is the kind of thing we only dreamed about. Information on 34,000 denominations, religions in every country and extensive data on 238 countries, 13,000 ethno linguistic peoples, 7,000 cities and 3,000 provinces. Absolutely Free!
Doug Lucas, Brigada Today
Free subscription to weekly missions e-mail (English) (Spanish)


Where I live there are no believers

I live in an area with 8.000 families who have never heard the gospel. I would like to contact missionaries who will come and work here. I have some land which is big enough for a church and a school for children.
Carlos León, Maracay.




The Last Word
St. Francis once took a young monk

with him to preach in town. But when they arrived they just chatted with vendors and talked to people on the street. Returning home, the novice asked St. Francis why they hadn't preached. St Francis replied, 'People listened; they observed our attitude and behaviour, that was our message.'  Later on it was Francis who famously instructed his students to, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, and if you have to - speak as well.”
From The Word For Today by Bob Gass


Search our 1,300 pages
Enter a name, country or topic to search
hundreds of our previous editions
and study pages in a second.

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