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Welcome to the May 1st 2002 edition.
Today's edition is here


How the Lord dealt with us beautifully . . 
First my husband renounced the priesthood and we joined our lives. Two years later we joined the Anglican church and we ministered in Costa Rica for 2 years before we went to the Dominican Republic for 3 years. There we met the Lord and as a result the sick were healed, the demon possessed freed and visible changes took place in our denomination that caused a revival.
Guisella, Houston, USA

I am a pastor in the north of Argentina . . .
Where I have set up a FM radio station. I would like to increase its power, its frequency, so that it can reach three provinces. Please pray for me.
Hugo A Perichault, Saenz Peña - Argentina

Seminar in Cebu, Philippines
For seasoned leaders and aspiring candidates from the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and the USA. Training will cover Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, Indigenous Church Planting, Planning, Management and Support.
Richard Bartz, Seamist, Philippines.

Balzam Church is Moscow told to leave
They helped our church start up 3 years ago. Please pray for them!
Robert Hosken, Moscow.

Javier Solana says . .
Mid East peace proposals have run out and that all new proposals are only the recycling of old ideas. My husband is developing a theology of peace to be shared with high officials in the Middle East. We need "prayer warriors" to support our ministry, and any material or suggestions regarding this issue
Gaby Phillips, Cyprus

 God has the power. . .
To strengthen every weak and poor situation. Power that we all can receive into our inner man through the Spirit. Always point the poor and needy to Christ, who alone has the resources to meet such overwhelming needs.
Tony Attwood, England.

Love and prayers for you from wild, wild east
We don't have Easter in Russia until the 5th of May - so may God bless this Easter for you.
Eugene Philimonov, Saratov, Russia.

We divide life into "Monastery" and "Mission"
Although we seem hi-tech and 21 Century what we are really trying to do at the heart of things is to get back to the mission model of the first 1000 years of Christianity which was very effective in the evangelisation of barbaric England of the year 500. In "Monastery" you have prayer, worship, hospitality and provision. In "Mission" you have people spreading the gospel and caring for the poor. Some people fit very well into the Monastery side of things. Others are always raring to do something in "Mission" - but they need the Monastery side for stability and resource, equally just to have "Monastery" without Mission makes little sense by itself. One day we would like a spacious house in Europe where people can come and meet and work together. One day !
Les Norman, The DCI Community in England.

From exile in Colombia . .
Upon being threatened we had to flee leaving behind our church and material possessions.  We also had to renounce the assignment in church as regional director for Comibam in Medellin. We need your earnest prayers in our behalf.
Rolando Rincon, Colombia.

Training leaders in Kiev for two years.
At first we used other material but now with your material in Russian we would like to use that in a formal way. The School is limited to 12 students to ensure good mentoring, we only train people who are in leadership position already but cannot attend one of the formal Bible Schools.
Pieter Dirk Steyn, Kiev, Ukraine.

A message to everyone...
Please do not forget to support missions, you will be abundantly blessed.
Hector Diaz Doto, Venezuela

Light and Hope district - only in name.
Despite it's name, in this precarious neighbor- hood  in the highest point of the city, the houses are built out of cardboard, scrap and plastic. Its inhabitants are simple people, the majority are children. We have a small room where we conduct worship and hold classes in the open air. 
Pastor Manuel Max Gonzalez, Durango, México.

The Jesus film is getting around 15 villages
The report this month show 549 new converts. Jesus is doing His work.
Pasteur Philippe Ouedraogo, Burkina Faso.

We love mission work .
I belong to a small church where there are many young people with the call to mission. I ask your prayers for them and also for our pastor who has been invited to work in Spain.
Javier Delgado, Bucaramanga, Colombia

There were problems in Bangladesh . . .
But in Orissa we have known the Lord's help and presence. We have been extremely busy travelling 14 hours a day then taking gatherings in the hill country among tribals and new believers. Very interesting and encouraging as was the graduation of 26 Bible students.
David White from the UK visiting Asia

Many of our children in church suffer. .
because at home they are ill treated by their fathers, stepfathers and older siblings. Some fathers punish their children for attending church but they keep coming. There are happy to come to our mission station and they enjoy singing praises to the Lord. We truly need educational materials for them.
Max Gonzalez Frayre, Durango, México.

I prayer a lot for the Korean Christians.
I also love my country and I want all Filipinos to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.
Robert Valerio, Filipiino misionary to Korea.

Worsening crisis in Argentina, eye-witness -
The prices have risen dramatically but there is no work.  En Buenos Aires many people of all ages now have to live in the streets, families sleep in the city squares. You can see people eating from the rubbish and taking it home for the family.  Crowds are marching in protest while the banks are on holiday or have no cash to give out, you can't even withdraw your own savings. The news disturbs us and it distresses me that all the big names in ministry are nowhere to be found. We can't see any shelters open, no soup kitchens, the old are left with no help and no food, what has happened to the offerings ? It hurts to see luxury in church while outside . . . Anyway, if people will pray with us we will see the hand of God working in this sad time for my country.
One typical e-mail, author well known to us, Argentina

I know I am called to missions . .
I am actively seeking direction, training and provision to carry out God's plan for my life. Please pray for me.
Darryl Sit, Ontario, Canada.

Thank you all for your prayers for Maria Lino.
Today Sunday at 1am Maria went into the arms of our heavenly Father. I wanted to report her exact words after she came round at the hospital. She said, "When the lightning hit our home, I had an excruciating pain in my chest and legs. My husband just turned to ashes and my little daughter was in flames and screaming, "Help me mum." Immediately after this, our hut crumbled and collapsed on me.  At that very moment I saw the Lord in great splendor. I was happy to see Him. It was then when He told me that it was not my time yet, that I needed to come back because there was still work for me to do." From the short while that Maria was  conscious, she only shared the love of Jesus with all her relatives that came. As result, many of them accepted Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. Today we received a request from her family and neighbours to organize a Bible Study group in their homes.
Pastor Patricio Bustamante, Tacna-Perú

As one called from Hawaii to Las Vegas -
I am continuously being blessed as I surf your site. This is an answer to prayer. I just want to say I appreciate all of you.
Jeffrey S. Soriano Sr. Las Vegas, USA

I am handicapped and know the problems.
Here in India not any association doing well for handicapped welfare. I want to serve in India but I don’t know how.
Subodh Sharma Kumar, India.

We have won a great victory in Jesus.
After endless hours of prayer and fasting, three young Nepalese men (followers of Sai Baba) were granted student visas allowing them to attend a Christian educational institution in the USA. It will take lots of time to describe what they had to go through for this miracle to happen, I would like just to mention that the visa arrived three hour before the departure time of their plane to come to work in Cyprus. Now they know that Jesus is real.
Gaby Phillips, with the DCI Community, Cyprus 

For up-to-date UN world reports.
For Africa, parts of Asia and HIV/Aids news find them here
Gren Burgess, Facilitaid, England.

God placed Jordan in my heart -
Please send me, prayer request, latest situation.
Ameylia Chandra, Jakarta, Indonesia

In Zambia - school for orphaned children.
Due to increasing numbers the place is already too small therefore we are seeking partners to help us grow this project.
Pastor Billiance Chindwe, Lusaka, Zambia.

All our Pastors and Bible women doing well.
We arranged a Youth Conference and 150 men and women attended and I am glad 30 of them committed their lives to Jesus.
Samuel John Bula, Andhra Pradesh, India.

I feel glad knowing that in England -
God has established your ministry to give His children some of His bread.
Manuel Velis-Pacheco, London, Canada.

School of mission in Spanish, Denver
If you have a call to mission, come and get a  training course for 8 weeks. We also need 20 missionaries in different areas to help us.
Pastor. Miguel Angel Velasquez, Denver-USA

I am the treasurer at Uganda Bank for the Poor
With all my heart I do recommend the vision God gave to support the poor Christians with a little capital to up lift them. I am monitoring 5 members and I have seen a great benefit and a big change. One member who was given 20.000 shillings for 2 months has now paid back the original 20.000 shillings and is left with 25.000 shillings for his business. He can now afford to earn a living as a Christian. A small scheme like this brings such big change in the lives of people who have no hope.
Okwir Richard, Bar Ogole Church, Lira, Uganda.

Turmoil in Venezuela.
There has been an increase of violence and anxiety due to the uncertainty of the future. In spite of this, the work has not been stopped, here in Margarita we still work. The Lord is touching the lives of people with countless problems by giving them His peace which cannot be explained.
Hamilton Tovar Porlamar- Venezuela

I am a missionary in Costa Rica.
I have opened a school for future leaders to consolidate and train disciples, equip and send missionaries. I also minister Encounter.
Elizabeth Getsemanì, Costa Rica.

What impressive pages these are!
I am 55 years old. I have just downloaded all your materials and I have the sensation of having acquired a true treasure. I am convinced of the power of prayer which I want for all my family.
Celia, Santander-España

In our worship meeting . .
We collect offerings and pray for mission work.  We want to serve the Lord preparing missionaries, with the great support provided by your School for Mission This week I will introduce our strategy of prayer and fasting for 40 days.
Néstor Cañete, Argentina.

Help us to protect the less fortunate ones.
We are part of a Catholic ministry which supports young people in prison or drug addicted.  We are also a pro-life ministry. Since 1973 when abortion became legal in the USA, 38 million innocent and unprotected children have been killed.
Jose L. Lopez, Boston-USA

I have started to share your School of Mission.
I am glad to find others with the same vision, passion and desire to share the Gospel in the nations. We meet in our small family room.
Jacker Ruiz - Peru.

Nearly 600 Lambadi Tribe in move of God.
Soon they will take the water baptism and join the Church. We will be going next to the Koya and Konda Reddi tribes. There are wild animals, poisonous snakes and hideouts for communist extremists called “Naxallights” Please pray for this missionary journey.
Samuel John Bula, Narsapur, India.

We have got established in Barcelona, Spain. 
We work in a local church with the young people, do visits and we preach.  Our next step will be to open pioneer work somewhere in the North.
Danny y Claudia Pisoni from Argentina, Spain

Back from Ghana after 2 weeks ministry
God is mightily at work in the Word Alive Church network, Esiama. They have 13 congregations, an orphanage, a school and a newly opened school for nurses. All this from 1995. We also led a crusade in Odumase and saw 40 people healed or come to know Jesus.
Dave Watts, West Midlands, England

Looking for an English speaking couple . .
With a call to South America's Amazon to work with us here in youth ministry for at least a year.  We will teach you Portuguese..
Rev. Ron Mauro, Amazon-Brazil.

Orthodox Church in Moscow train stations.
Nine new chapels allow travellers to say thanks for a safe trip or to pray for the journey.
News from Ananova about Russia.


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