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Welcome to the 1st October 2002 edition.
To see today's edition please click here

Youth concert on the beach.
In front of a local university.  It lasted almost three hours, around 50 youth took a stand for God. We gathered around 350 people and spoke about Jesus on a personal level.  Some professionals gave their lives to Jesus.  Lives were touched as we saw the different music groups performing, it was a precious experience.
Youth Pastor Alejandro Soto López, Iquique, Chile.

Prayer for Parsees
This neglected people group of 3.5 million needs our prayers. This website contains an entire guide and much more useful information on the people and their Zoroastrian religion.

Internet-based Bible learning in small groups has the courses on offer. with the benefit of a mature tutor.  Learners who cannot afford the price of £20 may pay whatever they can afford and pay in any currency. The courses are on which is a full multimedia and interactive virtual learning environment.
Peter Nicholls, Peterborough, England.

Pastor killed in Colombia.
By subversive militants of the Colombian Guerrilla FARC.  Pastor Abel Ruiz of the United Pentecostal Church  died after being shot several times while performing his duties in the congregation.  In the very same place, a couple of weeks ago, another pastor was also killed by the same group.  I hope that this news will bring the prayers of the believers on behalf of the Colombian pastors.  May God bring good out of evil.
Pastor Mauricio Silva Berrios, Colombia

Today we celebrated the start of the Coptic year
And the feast of martyrs to remember how our fathers paid with their blood and life for their faith. I have started a bible study about the sacrificial system of the old testament and its relation to Jesus' death on the cross and to the Eucharist with a group of youth in my local church. Please pray for this study.
Anon for security reasons - Egypt.

English teacher in Arequipa, Peru.
I'm at the Universidad de Santa Maria and busy with the teachers of English. I've been to both the church of Cristo Redentor and the Church of Nueva Vida in Belaunde. I hope to be able help in Arequipa in some way. If you are in Arequipa you can contact me.
Stuart Goldie from Nottingham, UK in Peru


Martin and Rebekah Neil's missions trip . .
On Sep 27th we were at Psalm Drummers in Newcastle, UK then DCI World Christians lunch in Nottingham. On the 29th we flew to LA for rehersals for Mark Riley's album Mission Viejo. Then to Hawaii for the World Gathering of Indigenous People conference. Rebekah will be learning a storytelling epic for next year. On the 26th the recording takes place in LA then back to Kaui for final work with Hawaiian musicians. Then it is on to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for a Musicians retreat and finally to Thailand. We will be glad of your prayers.
Martin and Rebekah, Northumbria Community, UK.

Everyday from 8-10 pm  . . 
We will be praying for a revival in Argentina.  In this rich and blessed country horrible things are taking place. I ask you to pray and fast with us for Argentina. Let’s make the effort and ask God wholeheartedly, He will not fail us.
Cynthia and Leo Guzman, Villa Ballester-Argentina

Teresa, who is blind jumped from a plane at 13000 ft.
She raised £335 in a sponsorsed parachute drop for a dispensary for the poorest in Burkina Faso. You can still add a gift to the total - Teresa deserves it.
Marie-Therese, Croydon, UK.

Evangelism in Bolivia and Argentina. 
In Argentina over 100 young people were trained on how to intercede and support missions sending.  As result in one afternoon working outside the camp they carried out a program that brought 18 people to accept Jesus.
Viviana Mendoza Riquelme, Concepcion-Chile.

George Verwer of OM has a brilliant missions website . .

Barmindyang Bank for the Poor, Uganda.
All is functioning very well and the scheme is progressing. So far we have 50 widows who meet every week and bring 500 shillings which is accumulating and is lent among us. We want you to come and train other groups in Aduku. They visited our projects and were so impressed that they want to open their own Bank for the Poor scheme. We need much prayers for peace since the rebels are disturbing our security so much. They are abducting and killing our young children of 5-12 years old. Some of them they take into their army against our children's will and rights.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

President election time in Brazil
There is a Christian candidate. May God’s will be done. Let’s keep moving ahead in God’s work because our efforts are not in vain.
Pr Wanderley Carceliano, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


Please pray for the state of Monterey, Mexico. 
Lately the executions and brutal killings have increased considerably. Please join me in prayer so that the Lord will show His mercy and the locala may have the opportunity to know God.  
Laura Medellín, Monterrey-Mexico.

News about the churches and missions in Spain.
In English or Spanish - all the national news as well. 
ICP Press, Spain

Openings for missionary professors . . 
To equip future Latin American missionaries in our center located in Paraguay. We have the infrastructure in place and we plan to start our classes next year if we find available teachers.
Rafael Alvarez Britos, Filadelfia, Paraguay.

Website of the Month - You must meet this man . .
I was born in Manchester and traveled the world. I first noticed sheer poverty while on a trip to India, that trip changed my life. My cousin and I had wonderful life style and a very profitable bussiness in UK. We could almost buy anything and travel anywhere. During the 5 week trip to India the sight of poor children touched our hearts so much and greatly affected our lives. We went back to the UK and gave our company to our employees then we sold our homes and decided to do some volunteer work. We are both trained Nurses. We presently take care of several hundred HIV/AIDS patients throughout the Chiang Mai province of Thailand and have a case list of 650 orphans. We help with poor peoples funerals and have 10 projects in total. When we first came to Chiang Mai in 1992 we went through poverty like we had never experienced before. The first six months was sheer hell and many times we did not even have enough money to buy food. Then Jesus spoke to us . .
Gareth Lavell, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Searching for reliable material on cloning .
In the image of who ? Since because they were not created by God can they posses soul or spirit?
E-mail address in the subscriber edition only

Interested in Bhutan ?
The Christians of that country are suffering persecution and exile.  Let’s pray that God will touch the heart of the king of Buthan.
Claide Alcira Rodriguez, Bogotá, Colombia.


Greetings from the Amazon Jungle.
I want to express my gratitude to God for the work He is carrying among the Shuar people, He is touching their lives and many are responding positively. This summer we had a jungle bible and evangelism summer school with a group of youth. The Lord has been working among the natives. The need of workers and material is very big, we need bibles and children’s materials.  If you would like to join us come and see how the Word of God is rapidly spreading in the Jungle.
Diego Castro, Macas - Ecuador

Music to their ears through their eyes . . 
Miriam had been studying sign language and in a major Christian concert she translated four songs into signs.  It was beautiful to see this and how God's Word is conveyed in different ways.  
Dámaris and Pili, Barcelona, Spain.

Mi name is Sergio, I am five years old…  
I was born in Chile with a defective heart missing important valves.  The doctors were surprised that I was born.  I have had seven operations and the doctors do not think that I will live much longer, but the prayers and fasting of my church and family members have reached the throne of grace, and as result of His answer I am still on my feet.  It is my dream to become a pastor.
Mariela Ruiz for Sergio, Chacos, Argentina.

Festa de Jesus in Brazil
The guests of honour were 3000 people, some are blind, others deaf, there are elderly people living alone, mentally handicapped people and physically handicapped - and for most of them this is the only Celebration they will have in the year. The day is a very exciting celebration of the Eucharist, a meal to which everyone contributes, and over thirty items of singing, music, dance and sharing of experiences.
The Taizé Community, France

Training seminar for missions 12 to 14 Nov.
The course is accredited and recognized by the Mexican Institute for Mission, US $ 150
Tere Marmolejo de Jurado, Morelia, Mexico.

We pray for these news and requests.
Tonight, we are having our all night prayer in our Bible School where 200 students and faculty will take part.  Around 10,000 believers and 2000 pastors and leaders are coming to our convention. Our desire is to see men and women come to know the Lord intimately through the Word of God. Please pray for God's anointing and blessings.
Anon for security reasons, South Asia.


August was very difficult for us in the CAR . .
I lost my younger sister, then I suffered from malaria, my wife also contacted Typhoid fever but thank God because things are changing now. I'm sending you one diskette with the latest translations of the School of Mission into French.
Pasteur Anatole Banga, Bangui, Central African Republic.

We are involved in the Power to Change initiative.
This is a major media-supported Evangelisation campaign originally from Canada. It starts in mid-September throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We are working at our church, Fitzroy. Here's the web site:
Jose Luis Iparraguirre D'Elia, Belfast, N. Ireland.

What is this “Bank of the Poor”?  
 I am looking for ways to help the poor to generate their own resources and support the church. (For William and everyone else that is interested in this concept - click here)
William Sifuentes, Piura, Perú

Thanks to all who responded . .
As result we have two architects involved in our project, one from Brazil another from Argentina. I am very pleased that the Lord heard my prayer and the desire of my heart. I do not have enough words to thank you for your support.  
Nixon L Torres F, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Evangelistic sites on the web . . 
Each of the sites we list are checked and approved before inclusion. If you would like to share your news with us, we will share it with others on our Plow On Bulletin.
David Campbell, Fish the Net, UK.

Praise for Afghan believers meeting in Holland.
There was a time of wonderful fellowship. Pray as these reach out to others in the love of Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for Iranians in Iran who are in need of Bibles, Christian literature, and church home. Pray that the home churches will continue to grow. Praise for the gospel being shared with seekers in Iran via the internet.
Persian World Outreach, Williamstown, NJ, USA.


Free Bibles and Bible Software
Last month we gave you an incorrect .com address. Nice site but not the right one - sorry ! It should be .net:  Good stuff - and for free to all.
Editor, The World Christian, England

Experiencing times of openness from the government.
And times of unity from the evangelical believers.  We feel that the long anticipated revival upon my nation is about to take place. 
Arnoldo Curiel Jara, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.

Christian soccer team in the Peruvian jungle.
We will be meeting around a visit for soccer games with people from the Chayahuita tribe.  Please pray for traveling mercies and for the Lord to manifest His power.
Hugo Galeano, Mathews, USA.

Christian News on BBC website
The BBC team gathers religious and ethical stories from newspaper and news agency websites from all around the world and compiles them for you to digest. Also, cast you vote on the current issue.

Missionary pastor, preaching for thirty years
I am planting a church in our city using small groups and we have already had 50 baptisms.  We are praying for you and we would like to request you to pray for us to rescue the lost .
Francisco, Chan Perera, Chetumal, Quintana Roo.


Requesting Missions Teams and Speakers
For short term missions tour in our country next year. Looking for people who can serve in health, education and spiritual.
Pastor Billiance Chondwe, Lusaka , Zambia.

Can anyone send us tracts and literature ?
We need them for this Spanish speaking ministry - Reconciliaciòn y Visiòn Renovada,
Luis Alberto Soto Cèspedes, Concepciòn - Chile.

We want to make a cartoon for the deaf.  
About the life of Jesus because there are few materials to reach the deaf in Spain . That makes our task harder as we do not know how to reach them or to trigger a conversation.  The Bible could be put into signs. The cartoon would have subtitles and sound for the deaf persons companiosn.  Can you imagine how would deaf people feel as they “hear” the Gospel “spoken” to them in their sign language? It's a marvelous dream!
Dámaris y Pili Gómez Peñuelas, Barcelona, España.

Rwanda and Uganda linked by these pages.
Rev. Ameil from Kigali, Rwanda came to visit us in Lira and we had a very good time. God blessed us both spiritually and physically. He is a humble and a straightforward brother. He preached 3 times in different churches and he was a great blessing. He speaks French, Kiswahili and a local language and only a little English but I did understand him. He wants to be in working partnership with us to help in training their people and missionaries.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

Need a place to stay in the UK?
One of the issues workers have to sort out when returning to the UK, either temporarily or permanently, is accommodation. OSCAR has a housing page offering accommodation, along with people who help in the process of moving. There is also an accommodation forum.
OSCAR - UK Information Service for World Mission, UK

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