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Welcome to the September 1st, 2002 edition
Today's edition is here

From the heart of the Middle East . .
Two of our new convert friends have disappeared and we do not know what happened, that is very discouraging. Besides, one of the main leaders for the movement that we have in the Arab world has come under death threats. The fanatical of his country arrested someone else with the same name but released him after realizing the error. I have been frantically trying to make arrangements to help him to move out, but there is nothing I can do to speed up the bureaucracy. We were supposed to go to Kurdistan but once in Syria the authorities completely refused to let us in. Please pray for us, the Lord knows our names.
Name withdrawn for security reasons, Middle East.

I would like to get information in Spanish . . 
From people involved in Muslim work to know more of them and to intercede for them according to their needs.
Viviana, Santiago, Chile.

From the Sahel - the edge of the Sahara . .
Two young guys have recently given their lives to Christ, and have started coming to our Fulani meetings, and a third has said he wants to too. Two others are preparing for baptism. Please pray for them all. After 2 weeks without rain, I went out to the bush to visit S and stayed the night. Then the rain poured down, leaving me with a couple of lakes to wade through and a waterlogged motorbike stuck 5 miles from home but please keep praying for more rain! J heads a project to help orphans, but it has not yet been able to start due to lack of finance to help the children with food, schooling, clothing etc. Please pray that the Lord leads. I'm still Learning: This week, after talking with a muslim I tried to close with the blessing "May God protect us from Satan's schemes." Unfortunately, I said "May God protect us from Satan's trousers." Amen to that.
Keith Smith, Missionary in Gorom-Gorom, Burkina-Niger border.

We have initiated a School of Mission in our church.
With the material that we have downloaded from your website,  With great joy we want to share that 29 students have already enroll for the course, thanks for your contribution.  We also benefit from the Missionary Newsletter because we use it as broadcasting material or in church services. 
Sergio Fleitas, Argentina.

What does the "10/40 window" mean in missions?
Open this page for a list of Google links that will explain everything. (Editor)
Arterm Sedov, Saratov, Russia. 

We need some people who want to be involved in the Great Commission.
We are working in education for people on the edge of society, especially with the children who have been displaced because of the violence.
Nehemiah Missionary Teachers, Bogotá-Colombia.


Greetings from Israel
Keep going with these pages, God bless you. Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Psalm 122.6.  Yours, in Christ Jesus.
Dinelly de Weill, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Free web-writing and webmaster resources
From with free monthly newsletter. These pages enable you to put high quality evangelistic content on your own website free of charge. Not to be missed from the author of web evangelism in the latest Operation World book.
Tony Whittaker, Derby, United Kingdom. k 

Spoken Audio Bible in Spanish for the blind  . . .
Comes from Aurora Ministries, Bradenton, Florida 34206, USA. You can also get an audio-magazine from Ministerio Nueva Luz, Apartado 10252, 28080 Madrid, Spain.. If you know a Spanish speaking blind person pass this news on to them please.
Lidia Rossi, Argentina.

My name is Julio, from Guatemala.
I am the elder of the Christian Church of the Word. I am in charge of the training for my congregation.  I did not know about your website until recently when one of my friends introduced me to it, and I really like it.  He has been benefiting from the School of Mission that is very interesting and Christ-centered.
Julio Cesar Salguero, Guatemala.

This week-end I will start the translation of the Missionary School in Catalan.
I hope to have it ready by the end of September. This will help me to know the material and be ready to promote the School in Catalan once I will return to Valencia in December.
Josep Rossello, Catalunya, Spain, currently studying in the USA.

Please, pray for missionary Claudia Havila.
She is at the hospital due to a serious kidney condition. She just returned with her husband from Sicelejo, Colombia  where she ministered to more than 2000 women in the high-risk guerrilla occupied zone. In that area, several pastors have been killed, but in spite of it, a revival is taking place.
Jimnean Mendez, Gainesvile, USA.


508 Indian children in our Children's home in India.
The latest little girl was found abandoned in her locked home as few days ago. The children are currently housed in five locations. Our website has photos and more news. Every time I see how much we are able to achieve with so relatively little, I rejoice! We have transformed 500 lives, and many more are being blessed through the work as well.
John Fergusson, Child-Link, Salisbury, UK

What is happening in missions in Mexico-Monterrey?
Please let me know as I will be going to live there soon. (Spanish)
Lillian Karin-Colombia.

Hope for the hopeless in deprived areas of Africa
New Hope Outreach Network International is a non-profit christian ministry bringing hope to the hopeless in the deprived areas of Africa. Our ministry includes medical mission, clothes and food bank, rural evangelism, free vocational training projects, drama and music. Our clients are more than we can support. We need support in any kind.
Pastor Charles K.PMawutor, Accra, Ghana.

Converted to Christ nine years ago  
This can only be the work of the Holy Spirit because I was actively engaged in politics and did not have any spiritual interest.  I believed in God, but did not invest time in Him. No one preached the Gospel to me or invited me to church.  But God in His mercy came to meet me, and showed me how empty was my life without Him, so I surrendered completely to Him. He led me to to some evangelical churches and to believers that discipled me.  Since the moment of my conversion I felt called to become a minister.
Josep Rossello, Benissa, Spain.

Different nationalities visit North Africa.
Egyptians and Koreans included all made a visit for mission training purposes, discreet evangelism and to encourage believers. “(They) need to know that Christ is for this country and the people,” said one young man. “We are praying that the State would recognise the church here.” That prayer is gaining force and faith in the country in question, and I believe that there will soon be some expression of a church that is legal! It is a joy to see part of the national church filled with vision and passion. They are still so small, but are finding courage and inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Believers often struggle when it comes to building unity and trust among themselves. For example, a family of believers we know who play a leading role in a group meeting in a major town have suffered greatly with divorce. Some of this was because the daughters had turned to Christ and their husbands had divorced them.
Nations, Llanelli, Wales.

Invited to work in the USA.
We are waiting for God’s timing to be manifested so that we could go to serve.  In the meantime we are working on a humanitarian project for Asia.  If there is anyone interested in getting in contact with us . . 
Sonia Calvo, Mar Del Plata, Argentina.


God healed many and set free hundreds .
Last Saturday I went to a village called Chettukuzhy, which is a hilly place where there are a lot of Cardamom and Tea plantations. The missionary there was in 21 days fasting for God’s dealing in the village. Six hours non-stop driving through the hilly rough roads has made us weary and sick. With no time to rest I went to preach the word. Three hours ministry has resulted in forming a church with 120 people. God healed many and set free hundreds from demon-possession. These people are ready to be baptized and worship the Lord.
Pastor Daniel and Sister Lily, Kerala, India.

Summer 2002 in Taizé
The young adults taking part in the meetings in Taizé are more numerous than ever this summer. The last week in July they numbered 4800. One group was from Japan, another from Timor Loro Sae ; as well as young people from all the continents who have come for several weeks or several months. Young people come from the East of Europe, Central Europe and from ever further East. Five buses make the journey from Romania to Taizé every week. There are also groups who make the journey by bus from Russia.
The Brothers of the Taizé Community, Taizé, France.

I am a member of a church in Cameroon.
What makes news from this end is that some men who were pretending to be men of God as pastors, were dismissed. Their dismissals came because they were interested in earthly things like the church funds and preaching what is not the Holy Bible.
Eboumbou Moses, Douala, Cameroon

I would like information about Bhutan
Is there any evangelism, any missionaries there ? How can I contact intercession groups for this country?
Claide Alcira Rodriguez, Bogotá, Colombia.

News about the lady who was selling her son for 30.000 shillings.
She came with that baby now walking and they want to stay in Lira. So I am trying to settle them here and the others who came with her. Security in Northern Uganda is getting worse every day. We are receiving death news and people running to Lira town for safety every day. In the centre of Lira town we are still safe but all round the city people are sleeping in the bush every night in fear of the rebels. The rebels when they arrest people they either kill them or burn them alive. Bodies are brought to Lira every day for burial. So thanks to all DCI WorldChristians people for your help both financially and through prayers for us.
Pastor George and Jane Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

We are going to Japan.
We are heading for Yokohama and Tokyo on a missions trip to celebrate the Day of Pentecost with the Japanese believers, from the 27th till Sept. 4th. More info from:
Rev.Martin Chavez, New York, USA.

Who can send me Christian history, not just in Pakistan ?
Azhar, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


From your lesson 74b I translated I learned a lot.
I am ready to go whereever God wants me to go and also help someone to go. I even ask God in my today prayer to send me any where He wants in order to help people in their ministries. So pray for me in that sense.
Biba Ouedraogo, Ouegadougou, Burkina Faso.

Indonesian Christians Left Defenseless Before Jihad Attackers
Please pray for Christians of Central Sulawesi Island in Indonesia who are again being attacked by jihad terrorists. In most cases the security forces do nothing to protect the local Christians. The village of Sepe was burned by an advancing mob dressed in black ninja outfits with automatic weapons. Earlier Christian men were attacked, shot at and hacked at with machetes while they were going to or from their gardens or riding along on their bicycles. There seems to be no safety for individuals or for villages. The Eklesia Church in Poso was burned down a few hours ago, the second time in just over six months that these events have taken place.
John M. Lindner, Christian Aid Mission, USA

School of Mission opening in Buenos Aires.
We are in the San Martin diocese and the school will be held on Saturdays from 4 till 7 in the San Martin Cathedral. We will be studying the different people in the book of Acts to see how we might live today. Everybody is warmly invited.
Hector Ricardo Juszczuk, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Becoming fashionable to focus upon Europe as a mission field?
Some say it is now the dark(est) continent. A recent survey apparently rated UK as the second most godless nation in the world. Personally, I have to wonder what criteria were used in such a survey, when I compare the UK with nations, especially Islamic and Communist, in which the open persecution of minorities, in which barbarous and torturous practice - by government agencies - are acceptable and, above all, freedom of conscience is denied. None of this is true in the UK.
John Clements, Nottingham, England.

Thanking you for printing news about our Gospel meetings.
Nine Hindu families were obey the gospel of Lord Jesus. It is very fruitful to our meetings. Thank you for all of your prayers. Our needs are a vehicle 4wd for gospel work at rural villages and Casio and Audio systems. God bless you all.
Pastor Samuel John, AP, India.

Interested in praying for Libya ?
Join other intercessors for "Springs in the Desert": an International Month of Prayer for Libya in September 2002. Resource set includes a video, prayer walk CD, 30 day prayer calendars, information guide, leaders notes for youth, house, women's & children's groups.French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Arabic translations with links to helpful Arabic websites.


Our church grew in the middle of a war
The church was born 8 years ago, our doctrine is sound, and we stand for the gospel in the middle of the war that is lashing our nation. We use the vision of the `12 tribes and in 7 years we have opened churches in 7 towns.  This for us is a miracle of the Lord, as we have grown from 12 to 300.
Pastor Cesar Augusto Rozo B, Villavicencio-Colombia.

Globalisation, Mission, and the Kingdom of God
If you're interested in any of the sessions or papers from this conference, many can be downloaded from the Global Connections It's good material to help you think about the `big picture' and plan strategically for the future.
OSCAR - Information Service for World Mission, England

Brave decision for Jesus
A man from this Middle Eastern country became a believer in Jesus recently. He is on fire for the Lord and is preparing himself to lead hardcore members of his religion to be baptized after having accepting Jesus' Lordship in their lives.
Name and address withdrawn for security reasons, Middle East

Looking for news about mission in Pakistan
Carlos Moreno, El Salvador.

What is Operation Transit ?
Operation Transit puts Christian materials in native languages into the hands of hundreds of thousands of North Africans as they pass through European ports on their way to and from their nations. The ministry is busiest during the summer months when much of these materials end up in Morocco where they are read, viewed, or listened to and often shared within the families and personal networks of those who receive them.
Arise Shine Morocco.

I highly recommend 
They have some of the most amazing books I have ever read including one you can download or request free called 'Revolution'. This book records the first 17 years of Church life from Pentecost and I guarantee that it will change your life.  Its free, it's a full length quality book and it centres round a deeper experience of our Lord Jesus.
Samuel Forbes, England.

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