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Welcome to the 1st September 2003 edition
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Les Norman, the editor.
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Greetings from Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico.

It has been a year since we left Argentina, under a project called Latin America, which consisted of sowing missionary seeds all over the continent, from Argentina to Mexico. Thanks to God, we have carried it out successfully. I would like to give a big thank you to all the brothers and sisters who have been praying and encouraging us, and to all the ministers in all the different countries. Thousands have answered the call and hundreds of congregations have been challenged to go and pray the Gospel to every creature.
The Oviedo’s family.
Gaston Oviedo, Mendoza


Burkina Faso
Community at Boukouma continues . . . .

The rains have started again and our fields are now doing well. We have a new team member - Oumarou is a Fulani believer from a Christian family and has just married. He is quite mature in the faith. He has come for one week initially, and is hoping to come back with his wife for the rest of the season. The most exciting news has been that Wada, Hamadou's wife has given her life to Christ. Please pray for her and for them as a family to grow in the grace of Christ. We have had more opportunities to serve the local community by taking two more people to hospital at the nearest town. We have also seen God's protection, when Adama killed a poisonous snake on a log where Ousemane had just had his foot. We have all been very well, though some of the guys have been attacked by leeches in the water of our rice fields. We are combining faith with works, by praying for protection, and seeking to buy some Wellington boots. . . .
Keith Smith, Missionary to the Fulani.


El Salvador: Opportunity for a Professor
The Christian AoG University of El Salvador is offering opportunities for a professor in Bible, Christian Education, Missions & Management. You must hold a graduate degree, have at least a 3-year teaching experience, and will have to pay your travel expenses and monthly costs at US$500. Send a CV and photo.
Samuel Rodriguez, San Salvador. and


51% of French call themselves “believers”

51% call themselves “Christians” whereas 33% call themselves atheist of which 45% are young people. The Church still has a bad image. The greatest surprise came when people were asked what it was that they actually believed. Whilst only 46% of the French believed that prayers could be answered 42% who believed in miracles however only 37% said that they still believed in the influence of astrology. 21% believed in magic and 22% in spiritism. 62% were strongly opposed to spiritism. It seems that the French have had enough of looking for answers in the occult. Finally, 32% of French said that they had come back to faith. Among those, there were a good number of Catholics who said that they were returning to the foundations of their faith.   
France 2003 Team.


India: 17 baptisms in two mission fields.
All of them are from heathen backgrounds. God is mightily using our missionaries and your prayers are solicited more. Non-Christians dominate these two villages. Even though our missionaries face a lot of threats from the non-Christian leaders the miracles performed by their hands attract hundreds to Jesus Christ and prove Jesus in the only true God.  The bible school has started with 55 students, as you know  we never charge anything from the students as it is written ”freely we received and freely we give”.
Pastor Daniel and Lily, Kerala.


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India: In Canada for 3 months  . . .
I will be in Calgary, Canada in September for 3 months and would love to meet people in Canada and the USA. My contact number in Canada is 403-235 4127. Please see the web site for details of our church, Bible School, missionaries and mercy homes in India.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala.


India: 120 Dalit villages flooded
Floods carry on in India. Overflowed rivers have flooded 120 Dalit villages in the state of Bihar. Houses, plots of lands and crops have been destroyed, and over 10,000 Dalits are seeking shelter in a local school. 12 people have died and government officers are afraid that the floods may have caused even greater problems in other villages.
Luis Alejandro, Mexico.


Millions here can't hear the Gospel.

Pray for us to we will reach people with the Good News.
Rev. Prasad Sakile, Hyderabad.


Please pray for our summer camps

These camps are for hundreds of children, adults and families and the purpose is for people to come to know Christ. They are held in one of the few forests in Jordan.


Praying daily for God to give us Africa

We work through ministerial training. Our hearts are especially broken whenever we pray about the French speaking parts of Africa, where good Christian teachings and resources are limited compared to the English speaking parts. Your French studies have lately helped us much to come up with a training program for church leaders in D.R. Congo. We are in the final stage of the Luo translation.
Paul Lee, Korean missionary to East Africa.


I touch my Beloved, through Pilar’s poems

I want to tell you how precious they are for me. Please, go on with your work. Pilar, please, keep on writing those prayers/poems; they are for me and undoubtedly for many others, an opportunity to share our feelings.
Irma Marcela Lases, Morelos.

§ If you like poetry and can read Spanish then here is my wife's book of 117 poems written over the past 30 years. The star attraction of the Spanish news page !
Free to download in seconds.
Les, the editor.

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México: Called to Pakistan
I am 20 years old and I want to say what a blessing it is to see so many people here working for the Lord. I am called to Pakistan, please pray for me.
Carolina Sanchez, San Luis Potosi.


Pakistan: Our Video CD - Free
I am very grateful to you for your kind efforts for us, introducing us and now I am receiving e-mails in different languages. Thank you, and may God bless you abundantly because of this kind act. If readers send me their postal address I can send our ministry photographs and a video CD.
Pastor Labin Taj, Lahore.


Training native leaders in the Amazon.

Here in our missions base we have begun the 2nd phase of training native leaders and pastors from the different ethnic groups of the Peruvian Amazon. It is a great blessing. At the end of September we are going to the Achuar people which means a long 4 day trip across virgin jungle - to serve the Lord and take His word.  Pray for us please.
Alejandro Flores Atiaja, Pucallpa.


South Africa
Bibles and materials for evangelism

We have started a cell meeting in our home and can do with a donations of extra Bibles and any Christian materials to help us with evangelism.
Ray Chisala, Jo'burg.

§ Ray, World Missionary Press will help you with literature. WMP is an inter-denominational faith ministry producing 48-page Scripture booklets in more than 310 languages, along with Bible study booklets and New Testaments in a variety of languages. They produce 4,000,000 booklets a month to send out free into 209 countries. E-mail is:; Webpage is:  Scripture Gift Mission at will certainly help you as well. Do a search on for Free Bibles or Free New Testament and you will find some offers.
Les, the editor.

Church planting in hometown, Benissa.

This is a new beginning for Benissa and, also, for me. This Sunday I heard Jesus told me, “this is the first time people  are  worshipping me in this town”. I began crying of joy and sadness, because I knew God was pleasure and, on the other hand, there are so many who has not heard about the Lord Jesus Christ. This has brought me to cancel my trip to England and focus with this church planting and, on the other hand, I must soak in the Spirit of God to be lead by Him and accomplish all the things God has put in my heart.  Pray for the local Council to let us a place to have our Celebration gatherings on Sunday. They were very open, but they have closed the door right now. I have been elected bishop by my international communion of churches who are fully evangelical, fully charismatic and fully sacramental-liturgical. I have become the youngest bishop. We are looking for people who have a calling upon their lives to join this missionary diocese. More information (English) (Spanish); (Portuguese).
Josep Rossello + Alicante.

Thailand: See my new website
Since our building campaign started we were able to purchase the land and have raised already US$14,500 towards the construction cost. We still need to raise US$41,000 but we start the construction of the new building very soon, the Lord is blessing us. We have less than 3 month's before this building comes down. Praise the Lord he truly know how to get us out of our fix. Holy Holy Holy I Praise and exalt Him. I thank him for all my blessings.
Gareth Lavell, Chaing Mai.
Supporting Children with HIV and AIDS.

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USA: Soul Winning Quote of the Month
Christians are to be the good news before they share the good news.
(Joe Alrich, Author of Lifestyle Evangelism)
The Soul Winner's Devotional
Igniting a passion for souls on six continents of the world!
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Prayer week for persecuted church

Christians In Crisis and Koke Mill Christian Church in Springfield, Illinois have for a week of prayer and fasting for the persecuted church November 9 - 16. An email prayer guide for a week of focused prayer will be available upon request. If you would like to join in via the prayer guide contact:
Brother Terry at Christians In Crisis

Believer takes another wife aged 13.

Some believers we thought were becoming more spiritually mature have succumbed to their culture and made some problems. One of them, who had reconciled with his wife after hovering around for two years, decided to have an additional wife aged 13. Rita did not like that and a brawl started. Diego ended up with a serious injury in his head and his young wife with an ear less. Then the man thought he would leave the young girl but Rita finally departed him and went with another man. In the end, he took the girl and they live together now. Another ‘brother’ left his wife and three children and went away with another young woman. Moreover, he made a woman from another tribe pregnant. When things like these happen, I get discouraged. After so many years of living with them and having to see them every day. Please, keep on praying that God be the main Lord in their lives!
Musmé Apostol, Pto. Ayacucho.

Evangelism and discipleship of the deaf.

I would like to request your prayers for the deaf people of Venezuela, mainly in the Eastern region of the country. I want to start a prayer network where we can support each other.
Esther Leonard, Maturín

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Search our 1,300 pages
Enter a name, country or topic and Google will search hundreds of our previous editions and study pages in a second.


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1,300 pages of studies, news and languages.



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