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Welcome to the 29th August 2003 edition
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Argentina: Call to work among the USA Latinos.
We would appreciate any information about mission field over there.
Cristina and Alberto Rosa, Buenos Aires.


Australia: The world's great civilizations . . .
The average age of the world's great civilizations has been 200 years and the nations have progressed from bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependency; from dependency back again to bondage." I read this and wondered what does it take for men to actually stand against the tide and be prepared to make a difference in the nations of the world? One reads the pathway that a nation takes in rising from obscurity into greatness and then sliding back into obscurity, and recognizes that God has graciously called us to make a difference  in the nations of the earth. That will require us to be willing to stand on the ramparts in the heat of battle!

Dr.Kevin Dyson, Maroochydore, Queensland.
Principal, New Covenant Intn'l University

Belgium: Serving persecuted Christians and Churches
Our work with Christians, Churches and Evangelical outreaches is very successful but we would like to ask solicitors, magistrates, professors, students and any others around this world with theoretical or practical knowledge in Law to come and support us.
Rev Evina Aloys, Brussels

Bolivia: I would like to fly to London to work.
The economic situation in Bolivia is very bad. I would like to meet a church. Can anyone help me?
Moiserolado Salazarrodas.

§ Moiserolado: Here you have the addresses of two important congregations of Hispanic people in the capital: Kensington Temple and St James Church, Muswell Hill, Rev. Samuel Cueva I hope that this information helps, but please do not come to England without proper visa, work permit, money and friends because entry is very tightly controlled these days.
Les, the editor.

Burundi: 10 years of civil war and no end . .
The governor told the BBC today that more than 40,000 civilians had fled fighting between the ethnic Tutsi-dominated government forces and Hutu rebels, and most of the displaced people were sleeping in the open, utterly destitute and in need of urgent aid. Staff were leaving the US embassy in Bujumbura. Some 300,000 have been killed since 1993 and even Nelson Mandela power-sharing plan failed to stop fighting. I would like to ask you to be praying for my country. It is time if not too late for peace to come.
Seth Nkeshimana.

Burkina Faso: Radical discipleship on-site.
We are one married couple with two children, a single mother with her two children, two missionaries and three guys. We live in three small mud brick houses with no running water, electricity, or toilet. We five guys share one small house or we sleep outside.We fill up our water barrel from the pump. Daily we have rice for lunch, and millet for dinner and breakfast as there is not much in the way of vegetables. We get up at 5.30, pray at 6, breakfast at 6.30. and at work by 7.30. We spend 8-10 hours working together in the fields under the African sun. We fall into bed by 8.30 pm It is a simple and pleasant life with enormous potential as an environment for discipleship
Keith Smith, Missionary to Fulani people, Djibo.

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Central African Republic
The trouble with preaching about overcoming fear . .

Is that you then have to put it into practice! The students challenged me to overcome my fear of the rain forest and snakes by going 7 kms with them to visit a Pygmy encampment. Wonder replaced fear as I saw trees with trunks bigger than houses. The guys gave me a banana leaf to protect my head from the rain, but I nearly walked into a tree! I was shocked by our destination - a tiny clearing in the dark dank forest, with maybe 5 little leaf covered huts. At first it appeared deserted, as most were out hunting. Then we saw a man with the most infected foot I had ever seen, a mother with a very frail child, and a couple of other children. The man was obviously in agony and for a Pygmy not to be able to run and hunt is devastating. None have shoes. The team shared the gospel and the man said: God made heaven and earth. God made me. God loves me. Can God make my foot better ? Those words are in my heart and in my tears as I have prayed and asked the Lord what it is He wants to do for these people. We were able to arrange to collect him and take him to a hospital but he is only one of countless people suffering in forgotten camps in the middle of the African Rain Forest.
Gail Dixon, Nations, Llanelli, Wales.

Chile: From the southernmost city of the world
I am a musician in my congregation and I have started a new Christian radio station in my city, which is very isolated. We get the news with delay. I will try to broadcast the message of salvation to those who do not know it through the radio.
Marcelo Gallardo, Coyhaique.

Chile: Mission call to Afghanistan.
I know that before being there I need to pass through Spain because there are many Arabs there and it will be easier for me to learn the language among them.
Jorge Figueroa Villegas, Pure.

Colombia: Adventures while learning Arabic.
I attended a seminar on the Holy Spirit at a different church from which I usually attend. The person who led it prayed for those who had not had the experience of speaking in tongues (I was not within that group), but before the end of the seminar, that person came to me and without knowing about my call, told me that the Lord had already given me the gift of tongues in the Spirit and now He was going to give me foreign languages so that I could speak about Him over the nations. That was a special evening. Now I believe that the Lord is opening a door somewhere so that I can learn Arabic and English.
Martha Restrepo, Bogota.

Colombia: I would like information about the studies
I work with street children and I would like to teach my children many things. I am unable to go to a Bible School because it is very expensive and also I do not have time to go away to study as I care for 80 children and live with them.
Rubiela Isaza De Obyrne
Fundacion Jesucristo y Gedeones en Accion


Cuba: Mission trip to Senegal, Africa
Until August 30th God willing we will be in Senegal where we have been invited to share with the pastors there. Please pray for us to have all the funds we need for the fares and to have God's blessing for the people.
Alfredo Aguilera, Cuba.

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Croatia/Balkans: Requesting contacts. . .
I am of Croatian background and would like to know about missionaries working there. I need to know more about the current situation and the church there, so that I can pray for them. Also, if you happen to know of a pastor or member of a church there.
Andrea Mijoevich, Rosario, Argentina.


France: Christianity to be taught in school ?
The anti-proselitism laws have been relaxed to allow witnessing.  The news seems to come from a reliable source.  We did actually pick up a leaflet in a Catholic church which indicated the coming change in direction. The only problem is that they haven't anyone to teach religion except the ordinary teachers - 99.9% of whom are non-believers - who will just teach it as another subject.  The church will face a major challenge to come out of the shadows and get involved - before the Islamists take up the challenge and put their people into the schools instead.
Eric and Brenda Patrker, La Rochelle


Fiji: Re-vamped our Training School website
Photos are on the site so you can see what we are up to.
Marion Male, Labassa


India: Wonderful things in spite of persecutions.
Last January God told one of our missionaries to move into heathen village to plant a church. It was a village surrounded by 4 temples. And the people were one way or another connected with the temple. There was no way to enter in to the village. After 21 days of fasting and prayer he got the permission to step into the village. He rented a small house to stay and pray and continued his fasting. One by one people started to come to him for prayer and healing. God started to heal hospital abandoned cases. Healings attracted more people. Within last 6 months we baptized 48 people and we have 60 people coming for the service. The biggest problem we face is the believers are excommunicated and are prohibited from using wells and public properties and attending public functions like funeral and marriages.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala.


India: Very much thankful for Bible lessons
Really we are getting much knowledge through them. Our AIDS/HIV activities are running properly and by the grace of God now and then people like you are giving some food and clothing to the victims of those sufferers. I run two poor congregations, those people are so poor, it is very difficult even to get food for themselves by hard work. We are facing so many diseases like typhoid, AIDS, diarrhoea and leprosy  and there are some  orphan children why because their parents were prostitutes and died. Please pray and if anybody can come forward to help them  they are welcome.
Pastor Ithi Dev Das, Andrha Pradesh

India: We have seen your Hindi and Telgu Bible lessons.
We are in Tamil Nadu and we can translate the Bible lessons in Tamil language. We also invite you to come to our place when you visit India.
Rev.P.K.Velu, Nagercoil.





Jordan: Vatican builds biggest church in Middle East.
On the site where Jesus was baptized. The whole world thinks Jesus was baptized in the Israel side of the border but according to the Bible it is in the Jordanian side. Many old churches were found there.


Mexico: Social and health campaign in Negritos.
We helped over 100 families, but we still need to help many more, so we request your prayers for those we could not help. Besides, I have to tell you that our brother Joel Aguilar Gil, the pastor of our church, has passed away, leaving a large congregation and 5 missions, among which is this one in Negritos. Please, help us to pray for the servant that God will bring to our church, and so that His hand may keep reaching out the unreached people.
Vicente Francisco Lopez Ortiz, Tlalixcoyan.


Mexico: You are a great blessing for thousands.
And have been, are and will be for mine. Thank you Father in the name of Jesus Christ for all you do, as everything is for exalting and glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ.
Enrique Bernardo Gaytan Garza, Monterrey.

Perú: Two Schools opened with your materials
I am a pastor at a new church in Huacho, North Lima.
Josuh Martlnez Palacios, Huacho.

Venezuela-Amazon: Just what I want for the Yanomami.
2500 sq.m of land with two houses, a water pump, a water tank, a septic tank is perfect for what I need for the Yanomami. The price is US$ 25.000 and I just need to receive the money. I will  welcome 8 Yanomami. God has opened many doors so that I can go to San Carlos de Rio Negro, where many Yanomami live. A brother started a missionary work there but had to interrup it because he did not speak the language. I am going to the forest, where I like to be. I will take some material already translated and will talk with them about my reason to be amongst them. Please, pray for my protection as it is a border zone with Colombia and Brasil.
Musmé Apostol, Pto. Ayacucho.

Scotland: Evangelism, Mission & World Prayer database
It is at
Michael MacKenzie, Dalgety Bay.



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Uganda: A cruel human tragedy . .
Due to the sickness of my mother-in-law the doctors have said there is no solution other than amputation of both legs. I am not able now to go for the Rwanda mission which I had longed to go for. The Hospital bill is 100,000 Uganda Shillings per week (£30/$50) excluding drugs and treatment yet she has spent five weeks now in the hospital. Please continue to pray with us.
Pastor George and Jane Purkweri, Lira


UK: Visit to Crimea, Ukraine
The Crimea is a land mass in the Black Sea off the south coast of Ukraine. Turkey has an historic claim to Crimea and refuses to give it up. Turkish ultra-orthodox Wahabi missionaries are building mosques and trying to re-Islamize Crimea. Indigenous Tartars have no church and are technically an 'unreached people group' The significance of the presence of Muslim Arab workers in Ukraine is also clear i.e. Jordan & Syria. We held possibly the first ever Course in Islam & Christian Witness for the Ukraine. The aim was to prepare for witness to Tartar Muslims in the Crimea and in dispersion. It was thrilling to see the lights go on in the minds of the 12 course participants.

Steve Bell, UK.

USA: The Soul Winner's Devotional
Igniting a passion for souls on six continents

If you live an exemplary Christian life for 90 years, yet never utter an evangelistic word, you will be an ineffective soul winner. At the same time, if you are an evangelistic machine by having countless conversations about Jesus, yet your life does not validate your lip, you will be just as fruitless.
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USA: Connecting Deaf Ministries around the world.
We have a list that we share with anyone interested. We are especially interested in being in touch with Deaf Ministries in areas where they are the only ones doing ministry.
Shirley Wilbers, Virginia



Search our 1,300 pages
Enter a name, country or topic and Google will search hundreds of our previous editions and study pages in a second.


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1,300 pages of studies, news and languages.



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