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Bangladesh: Kidnapped missionary escapes . . .
Native missionary Moses was kidnapped May 19 by a terrorist group in Bangladesh. On the night of June 9 he escaped after all eight men guarding him fell asleep! Even with his hands tied behind his back, Moses ran through the jungle. He does not know how many hours he ran before he came to a road. Moses kept running until he reached a town the next afternoon. There the Lord provided a safe place where he is now taking refuge until our  leaders can reach him. Moses’ brother travelled to talk with the kidnappers but the terrorists severely beat him and others with him. “Do not return without money,” they warned. They threatened to kill Moses if the money was not brought soon. By God’s grace, these believers arrived home safely.  Please to pray for Moses as he suffers from a fever, and his whole body shivers from lack of food and being exposed to the elements while in captivity. In spite of this, Moses is joyous at what God has done.
John Schwartz, Gospel for Asia.


Brazil: 500 march with Taizé in Aracaju . .
All the young people were welcomed into the homes of families. 4000 took part, with over 5000 for the march for peace on the final day. The majority came from the North East, 800 came from the State of Bahia. Some came from Sao Paolo State, travelling forty hours by bus to get there. A small group came all the way from Canada.


USA: Using your course to teach in my church
I have been using this course to teach in my church and intend to start a bible group in my home. My church is a small group and the Pastor is always busy to mark my answers.  I am highly in interested in this course to obtain diploma and this course has really be of good use to my understanding.
Ukana Lekwauwa, Lewisville.


India: Gospel outreach service and wonderful results.
Kindly pray for our works especially for the co-workers, orphan kids and widows-women. Your kind words will strengthen us in our works.
Pastor Devanandam Junapudi.


Ukraine: 5th anniversary of our drug-addicts ministry.
We’ve seen real miracles in many people’s lives during these years. The power of the Lord was touching people when we had praise and worship times. Some would fall down in the presence of the Lord, and when they stood up later, they were free from any desire to use drugs or to smoke! They were free even from the withdrawal effects of drugs and wanted to know God. Many people have heard the voice of God and understood that He has a calling for them! They are ministers of the Gospel now. If any churches would like to start this ministry, we’ll be glad to share our experience with them.
Temple of The Holy Spirit Church, Mariupol.

Pakistan: 74 people give their lives to Christ.
We are proclaiming His work through revival meetings, seminars and other activities like help the poor. I was in Sahiwal City which is 80 km far from my Lahore city, I preached there about judgment day among the 176 people, and when I gave altar call for the confession and repent 74 people give their lives and accept to Jesus Christ as personal Saviour. God gave me a vision to go in the other part of Pakistan for proclaim the gospel.
Pastor Labin Taj, Lahore.


Google Search our pages
Enter a name, country or topic and
Google will search hundreds
of previous editions and study pages in a second







Chile: I am studying medicine, have a call for missions.
I would like to receive some information about Bible Institutes in Spain and the mission work there.
María Del Pilar Fuertes Cortes, Santiago de Chile.


Mali: Islam is very strongly present here.
We would like to ask you to pray for us, children of God, that God will give us perseverance and courage and also that many will put their faith in Jesus Christ in the near future.
Marc Sagara, Bamako.


The Soul Winner's Devotional
Igniting a passion for souls on six continents of the world
One of the keys to victorious Christian living is to see yourself the way God sees you. If you see yourself as fearful, weak, and defeated, your words and actions will line up with your thoughts. Seeing yourself as a successful soul winner is no exception. But how is that accomplished? By finding out what God's Word says about being a soul winner, meditating on it, and making it your declaration, instead of what the devil is whispering in your ear. 
Subscribe free by e-mail to:


Are you a Spanish/English speaker ?
Sincerely thank you for printing excerpts, it is such a blessing that your ministry is all about the saving of souls! I received 10 new subscribers - all Spanish. Do you know a Spanish/English speaker who can translate my devotional for me? 
Jamie Morgan, The Soul Winner's Devotional.


§ This is not a big job and for one native Spanish speaking reader it will be a tremendous blessing to make this devotional available to the mundo latino.  Could you do this for Jamie ? If you can e-mail him in English right now.  Les, the editor.

Colombia: How can I join DCI World Christians ?
I am a Christian missionary, currently working for a magazine. I want to serve the Lord on a full-time basis, here or abroad. I have a call for the Arab countries, Muslim or not.
Martha Restrepo, Bogota.

§ Martha, here is a special page for everyone who would like to work closer with us and be part of what we do. You are very welcome.  Les and Pilar, editors.

Netherlands: Looking for gospel tracts in Kiswahili . .
I'm serving as an Evangelist in the Netherlands and planning to make a mission trip on invitation to Kenya the end of July

Jan van Schooten, Oostzaan.

§ Jan, This Swahili page from Scripture Gift mission will help you. E-mail and so will World Mission Press We have the full 85 study School of Mission in Swahili too - free.
Les, the editor.


§ For surfing pastors and believers everywhere . .
f you know that you have a problem with some of tempting pages on the dark side of the Internet buy this inexpensive Surf On The Safe Side filter which will effectively stop you going where you know you should not be. Use this code SAFE7445 and you will get a 10% discount. Do it now before you get hooked and if you already have a problem go find a friend or pastor with whom you can share the issue and ask for prayer and weekly accountability. This is an all too common modern problem and in Jesus there is an answer and freedom. Go His way !
Les and Pilar, the editors.


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India: Three times a man came to kill Pastor Baby . .

Because he was winning people to the kingdom. Three different times he tried to stab our pastor to death but supernaturally he was escaped. Two weeks ago this man was affected by a serious illness and the doctors said there is no healing. He lost all hope for life. He and the family including his mother decided to commit suicide. The pastor and the church members were distributing gospel tracts in that street not knowing he lives in that village. They came to this house and shared the gospel of hope and healing to them and invited them for prayer. Last Sunday the whole family came to the church and confessed their sins and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The church prayed for them and the Lord healed him.
Pastor Daniel and Lily, Kerala.


Argentina: Spanish-speaking community in the USA ?
What do they need? What is already there for them? We believe this could be our mission field.
Cristina and Alberto Rosa, Buenos Aires.


UK: Christianity explained to Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs  . .
Andrew Abraham.


Malawi: Black magic here is very powerful . .
Our trip is going well even if it is a bit cold at night because the windows have been stolen from the church. The meetings have been excellent some people walk through pitch darkness up to 6 kms. People have been filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues for the first time, others exercising prophecy and words of knowledge and singing prophetic songs and in tongues. People here are very  responsive and ready to trust God. Black magic is very powerful and quite frightening, things you would hardly believe.  People arrive at the meetings all mixed up with the "Nyau" witch doctors.  

Dave & Rosemary Playle, Sheffield, UK.


Middle East: Tens of thousands of Iraqis in Jordan.
Most of them poor waiting to escape to Europe and the USA. The conditions in Iraq as you hear in the news are worse than ever, at least people before got water and food and electricity, but now it is not better. This what I am hearing from Iraqi friends in Jordan.
Name removed for security reasons.

Peru: The work is going on
We have sent the first Peruvian married couple as missionaries to Puno, near Lake Titicaca.
Pr. Samuel Vasquez Choque, Tacna., Monterrico.

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Compelling Pages from © Time Magazine
Our Father Who Art in Europe
  . .
But not where we might expect to find you !
An accurate and optimistic secular report
of the state of Christianity in Europe.
Evangelicals spread Christianity in Muslim lands
But is this what the world needs now?
A well written article.
Keeping the Faith Without Preaching It
Some Christian groups active in Islamic countries avoid trying to convert the people around them.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

Serbia: Free-New Testaments in Serbian language
We have in our publishing house in Switzerland thousands of new Testaments in the Serbian language, that we can send free for evangelism.
Juan C. Méndez, Argentina.

Honduras: God has put Iraq in my heart . .
I know that God is opening wide doors that nobody will be able to shut. I ask your prayers so that God may continue working. I am an evangelist willing to preach the message of salvation.
Oscar Ebanks, La Ceiba.

Spain: The kingdom of darkness has become uneasy . .
My mother, 76, fell down and broke her arm, she suffers from hypertension. Today our daughter Vanessa has apendicitis; she will undergo surgery. Our finances are seriously impaired by the exchange rate. We are busy evangelising in the parks, working with the home cells, doing services in Murcia, starting a new work in Lorca and the kingdom of darkness has become uneasy. We ask for your prayer.
Javier Castillo, Murcia.

Central Africa Republic: Leprosy in the hut!
I sat in awe listening to people we had helped train as they casually spoke of people turning to the Lord and being healed. One young man spoke with shining eyes about a month he had spent in a Pygmy camp. They had welcomed him and assigned him a family to stay with. When he entered the hut he found that the woman had leprosy. In shock I asked him how he responded. He told me he just slept in the hut with them and prayed that the Lord would protect him. I asked him if it was hard for him, and he looked quite puzzled. He simply told me that the joy of learning their language and communicating the love of Christ to them far outweighed any inconvenience to him. This is the missionary heart! These men will change their world. There are more students who want to come to from Cameroon and Congo as well as Central Africa. The students train in Pastor Anatole's house but he  cannot find any more accommodation. They have got land, but need about £5000 to build. Please join us in prayer for this.
Gail Dixon, Nations, Llanelli, UK.

From a church in the United Kingdom
At our elder's meeting last night we decided that we wanted to respond to the need for a building for the training school in the CAR. Since we know what it is to need a building, and have experienced the same longings our heart, we identified with this. We want to give them that building. Although the natural thing to do might be to try and hold on to our money because we will need money for our building in the near future, we believe that this would be a prophetic action by the church and would be a sowing into the future. "As you sow so shall you reap."
Name removed for reasons of confidentiality.

§ This pastor and this church shine like jewels in the darkness of the materialism and the indifference to the gospel and the poor that is gripping the churches in the UK and across the Western world. They honour Christ by weakening themselves and trstng the Lord all the more in their own urgent need. Like the widow of old at the temple they also have surely caught Christ's eye. God bless you, and He surely will.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

USA: Travel health specialists
I read everything here with great interest.
We are travel health specialists and Christians. Dr. Carroll has a written informative free health articles and we also  do online consultations for a small charge.
Joyce Carroll, The Travel Doctor

England: Employ a Filipina missionary ?
I have a Filipina associate in Papua New Guinea who is a missionary and wants to come to England to spread the word of God. She has years of experience as a missionary and as a teacher and is a pleasant young woman. I have her CV if you would employ her.
Tashfeen Mogul, London.



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