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Welcome to the 22nd April 2003 edition
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UK: Free screensaver for evangelism.
Can a screen saver be used for evangelism? Non-Christians are unlikely to install an  evangelistic screen saver themselves. But here is a new inoffensive screen saver which Christians can use at work, which is designed to intrigue and be a conversation starter. http://www.gospelcom.net/guide/resources/screensaver.php
Tony Whittaker, Repton.

Peru: We have accepted Islam as the guiding force for our lives.
Our web site is designed by Peruvians from Catholic and other Christian groups which have converted to Islam in our own countries. We have accepted Islam as a way of life, in our site you will find why many of us who were training to be priests have made this change even though we have no Muslim or Arab lineage. The site is in Spanish.
Martin El Peruano, Lima.

§ In freedom of expression we have published Martin's e-mail and we have replied to him with courtesy, kindness and with a gentle expression of our own faith, which is the only way to begin to draw near to Muslim peoples.  As believers in the UK which has very many Muslims we want to be genuinely welcoming to our Islamic neighbours and try to show them the reality, the hope and the peace of our lives in Christ.  It is not good enough to just assault them or anyone else, with verses and prejudices. Nevertheless may this e-mail be a warning from the Lord to all of the churches who prefer lukewarm and careless living in Christ because people who watch from a distance then make their choices for or against Christ based on what they see. It will never be the Christian religion that will particularly attract the undecided onlookers but rather the living Bible of our lives of faith, obedience, simplicity and holiness. At least this is my humble opinion. Les, el editor.

Zimbabwe: Are you interested in an exchange programme ?
Would you be interested in Church building in the Third World ? Please contact me.
Rev Albert Gumbu Mhururu, Harare.

Bolivia: Serving the Yunga people for five years.
I need your help in prayers to serve to this Afro-Bolivian people, with African and Aymara traditions. I would be very grateful if I someone could provide me with Bibles, literature, children’s materials in Spanish, and puppets. If there is any other missionary with this people group I would like to work with you.
Regina de Souza Pereira, La Paz

USA: Looking for new and second hand PCs.
We help pastors and leaders among children by providing them with PCs, to help them prepare better teaching materials. If you live in the USA and would like to give away a used  computer to a servant of God, please contact us.
Benjamin Contto, California, 559-625-2170

§ Benjamin, any of the churches in developing countries can get reconditioned PCs from www.computer-aid.org in London. It is necessary to have an agent collect and ship from London but the PCs are like new, with screen, mouse and keyboard. The charity only asks US$ 60 to cover costs, and nothing more. It’s a real bargain. Les, the editor.

Burundi: Pray for peace to be restored soon.
So that we are able to take the gospel all over the country. There are areas that we cannot currently reach and they have great need of the Word of God.
Alexis Nitereka

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Chile: Looking for contacts in Vientam.
I would like to know if you have any contact in Vietnam, or if you know any church or missionary that I could contact. I would like to serve the Lord there. 

§ Paola, if you know English, missionary Richard B in the Philippines could help you, and Michael Kelly, a leader with UK World Horizons has just returned from Vietnam. Your dream is not impossible. 
Les and Pilar, the editors.

Southern Africa: Awesome Sudan Prayer Camp
We experienced many breakthroughs in the lives of people that attended. When you pray God will bless. It is incredible how God is blessing people from very poor communities in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Lesotho. Everyone of them can testify to God's goodness since the camp. Thanks also for publishing our news, it is amazing to see the responses from people from the Spanish speaking world. A "local girl" now studying with YWAM in Texas, USA, is translating for us.
Norman Johnson.

§ For basic on-line translation across the languages try Systranbox or Freetranslation or Altavista If you keep your lines short, very simple and without Christian language it works - pastors always become shepherds ! Les.

Brazil: Short term Missions opportunity.
Our vision is to reach Hispanic youth offering short term missionary work in areas such as discipleship, evangelism, and health. Come, write to us in Spanish.
Mauro Dos Santos, Sao Paulo

USA: 2nd East Africa project cut short.
My wife, Inez, had to be rushed to the hospital and was not expected to live but she made it. We completed a seminar in Nakuru, Kenya for pastors and leaders with little or no formal training, but we had to cancel the seminar in Bungoma. Please pray God will help us to return to Kenya shortly. Some Rwandans have asked USE to come to their country.
Charles Aranyas, Houston, Texas.


Peru: God is awakening the Latins for the nations.
I would like to get in touch with missionaries in Spanish to share experiences and to up hold each other in prayer. I know that one day my heart will follow its call to be among Muslims.
Nirma Isabel Guerrero Tello, Lima.

§ Nirma, it might interest you to know that for every one contact we have in the English speaking world we have 25 from the Spanish speakers and almost all are filled with vision and passion for Christ and the nations.  Something remarkable is happening at heart level.  
Les and Pilar (In Spain this week)

India: Since 1969 we preach gospel.
We produce leaders and plant churches by publishing our monthly magazine Echo Of His Call in 14 Indian languages, conducting Bible correspondence courses, 24 hour prayer service, Bible Training Institute, Village High School, TV Ministry, printing press and Crusades in spite of great persecution.

S. Sam Selva Raj, Chennai.


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Middle East: Eye-witnessing the effects of war.
We had to remove all our Western staff from Yemen, Kuwait and Iraq, and are waiting to see what to do in Egypt which is a volcano and a domino. If it explodes against the West then others will follow, it will be a major disaster and that might just happen.
Missionary, anonymous for security reasons.

§ We know the writer well, she is from Argentina and in senior missions leadership.  You can be sure that both we here and millions round the world are watching and waiting in prayer.  
Les and Pilar, the editors.

Uganda: Still no rest in the north of Uganda. 
It is getting worse with raids from the Karamajong who are killing innocent people, raping women and taking away the few animals from the locals. We need divine intervention. The government is tired with this insurgency and they are trying to talk peace with the rebels but the rebels are consulting the spirits from the devil which doesn't know peace at all. It is more of the spiritual war than the war against blood and flesh.
Pastor and Jane Purkweri, Lira.

§ We wonder how true that last comment from George might be for all wars or perhaps we are too far too  sophisticated over in the West to believe such things ?  Les.

Peru: Tell me about mission to Jewish people.
Are there missionaries working in Jewish areas? (In Spanish).
Paul del Carpio


N. Ireland: Baptist Pastor waits for heart transplant . .
While I wait God has given me a ministry to others through my web site. I would like to ask you to pray for a number of children who need or have recently had major heart surgery including transplant. Their details are on the site.  Pray that the witness and support offered will turn many to trust in the Lord.
David McFarland, Lurgan.

§ David, just to encourage you a pastor friend of ours in Barcelona had a heart transplant a few months ago. He was out within days, a new man, and today he is as strong as ever and preaching to 1,000 people with passion. Amazing ! Les and Pilar.

Holland: Come and work in DR Congo.
I am from there and working with churches and people who are looking for partnership. 
Marcello Carlos Mensa.


West Africa: Free evangelistic papers for Fula people.
'BadakeE' and 'Boouataa' can be seen here and free copies can be posted in any reasonable quantity.
Tony Whittaker, Soon Ministries, Repton, UK

§ You can trust Tony to have the most unqiue and brilliant literature resources to give you free. Take a look at his website, see what you can find for your local people. Les.


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Cuba: From Havana out to the provinces 
Our beneficiaries are children, sick and needy people. We deliver food to their homes and find them bicycles, clothes, medical care and have a workshop making pyjamas. Please pray for us.
Dulce Montalvan Diaz, Mana Ministry, Cuba.

Burundi: Our Pastor kidnapped by rebels is dead.
I personally have safely arrived from Tororo with my family. My two mattresses were stolen when we reached Rwanda, and my wife is still sick after the miscarriage she had in November, and besides that she has heart attack very often. We are bringing our effort together to be as much effective as possible to impact more souls. Please pray with me that I get transport fares to and back from Tororo. Our regards to everyone.
Pasteur Ndagijimana and Constantin.

§ This is the misery of Africa at its worst, yet faith shines through. It is not like this everywhere but when these things happen to poor and defenceless people it breaks your heart. What can we do do help ? 
Les and Pilar, the editors.

North Korea: Taizé prays for peace and reaches out.
North and South Korea observe the situation in Iraq with growing disquiet asking if they will be next. Taizé prayer for the peoples of Korea and for peace has become more ardent. In March, Taizé sent  medicines and baby milk to this country that lacks everything. A brother who visited North Korea last year said "This is not simply a matter of humanitarian aid. It is much more a small effort for peace and reconciliation"
Taizé Community, France


Colombia: Projects in Bogota
Prostitution, hunger, delinquency and absolute poverty are growing more and more. We are asking for used clothes, non- perishable food, toiletries, medicines, furniture, Bibles and Christian materials.
Marma Rubiano, Bogota


India: Brilliant Andhra Pradesh trip
God helped me to visit 10 villages each with 13-15,000 people without any Christians. A  meeting in each village resulted in planting 10 churches with 30-35 members. Now we need 10 pastors to care for these new believers and feed them the Word. We are planning to start a training school on-site where the students will have 3 days in class and 4 days in the mission field. We have found a building for rent at just US$250 a year. 
Pastor Daniel and Lily, Kerala.


Thailand: Sharing some fantastic news with you.
Last night I brought a new disciple to Christ - it was a truly wonderful moment. We have a HIV/AIDS Home Care Project and Orphans Project over here where 1 out of 6 children still lives in poverty?

Gareth Lavell, Chiang Mai.

§ Well done Gareth. Gareth is one of those rarest of men who leave all and follow the call of Christ hardly knowing where they are going.  For Gareth the journey started years ago as a holiday in Thailand and turned into the call of God. He went home, sold everything including his business and returned to live with and for the poor.  Les, the editor.

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April 10th 2003


Translators wanted to join our team of volunteers.
If you can help us with first-class translation from English to Portuguese or Spanish, French, Arabic, Romanian and have a few hours a week to offer, please contact me. Other languages always considered to launch new pages. Thank you.
Les Norman the editor.

§ For our Training Schools and Students
Gift of Working of Miracles

"We need ask God to raise up this gift of working miracles in the Church and church. A man or a woman who will not use this grace gift to become rich at the expense of ministering God's power into people's misery and suffering and hopes." This is from 2 new pages of class notes on this Spiritual Gift.
To see the notes click here
To take a copy in Word - click here for a zip file.

Fiji Islands: Hurricane Ami greatly affected the economy.
Once again, it gave God a chance to show His great power in providing for the construction of our Centre. We have just been granted a licence to catch fish and sell fish. We asked the Fijian King of our area and it was granted to us free of charge, the normal cost is $1000 if you are not part of the clan. God provided a very cheap outboard motor to run the boat as well. Come and join our work teams.
Marion Male, Labasa.

Venezuela: Reaching the unreached people in Spain.  
I will be glad to have information on the regions of Spain which do not have local indigenous churches and groups who do not have the Scripture in their local language.
Argelio Rodriguez, Caracas.

§ Readers in Spain, do contact Argelio but be kind to him, Spain still needs plenty of help if not quite in the way that Argelio thinks.  We are going there this weekend. Les and Pilar, the editors.

USA: Free monthly: The Soul Winner's Devotional.
With only one agenda - to encourage soul winners and to help keep their passion for evangelism burning. Don't let things crowd the heart and diminish a passion for souls.
Jamie Morgan, Bridgeton, NJ
To subscribe, e-mail: soulwinnersdevo@cs.com

§ I have just had my first edition, took 30 seconds to read and gave me food for thought for all the day. And it's free! Les, the editor

Peru: Congregation of refugees from terrorism.
There are 35 of us in a very precarious condition, some orphans, some widows. We do not have our own building or access to basic services so we use an abandoned house as our meeting place.  Is anyone who might be interested to assist us in any way ? Thanks.
Albino Cardenas Romero, Huancayo.

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