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To the free
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Your news to us

School of

Training with
no walls,
no frontiers
and no fees,
since 1985

85 first-class
diploma level
lessons on
the screen.

everything in
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Ready to use
Bible School
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The Notice Bo@rd of the Nations
 Readers and contributors in 100 nations worldwide

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Welcome, we hope you enjoy the February 23rd edition . . 
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Important Change
To avoid providing unsolicited advertisers with a source of data, the e-mail addresses of the writers are now provided only in the subscriber edition.


6,000 Nigerian students at missions conference. 
Most committed their life to the Lord in missions and need our prayers. The potential of this nation is underestimated and it was good to see their vision.
Chacko Thomas, Operation Mobilisation, England. 

I live in a dangerous part with many problems.
People block the roads and then the military try and free them. There are fights and deaths. Please pray for my family, the believers and the population.
Froilan Guardia, Cochabambino, Bolivia.

Inviting all entrepreneurs and pioneering businesmen
3 week seminar on Kingdom business in frontier locations. We have decades of business and Middle East and North Africa experience. Spain, April 1-20.
Centre for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Europe

Send your request and we will pray for you.
Our prayer tower receives worldwide requests. Miracles take place, many souls have come to Christ, many receive healing and many more blessings.
Saji Chacko, India.

Do you live in Japan?
I would like to get in touch with people in Japan with a craving for missions to receive some information about mission in your country. Thank you.
Jorge Zahradnicek, Rosario - Argentina

Practical Ministries course in Russian and English.
We have 9 in this course, and 6 in School of Mission, three students are taking each course over the Internet.
Robert Hosken, Moscow, Russia. 

Contact with Russia
I would like to receive further information about mission in Russia. The church is are praying for Latin people in Russia and we want to be in touch with them.
Javier Jaraba, Medellin, Colombia

We are training 80 potential missionaries . . 
In the Burkina Faso churches our target is 150 for this year.
Philippe Ouedraogo,AEAD, Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Waiting together  . . . ?
Rome's Jewish community praises the Vatican for telling Christians to respect the Jews wait for a Messiah, although Jews are waiting for the first coming and Christians for the second.
Your News from Ananova, England
Full story:

I am one of the first Jews studying Christian Theology
I am flying to Spain, Italy and France. I lecture on “Jewish Origin of Christianity” and Early Church History. You can invite me to share my research.
Dr Mario Saban, Buenos Aires, Argentina


To keep your secret is wisdom;
but to expect others to keep it is folly.

Samuel Johnson (1709-84); English author, lexicographer.
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Moments when eternity invades time . . .
When voices of Eritrean, Egyptian, Korean, Filipino colleagues mingle together in uninhibited prayer, their faith added to ours, we are lifted together to where we again hear the words, “Everything is possible”. We are overwhelmed by the thought that Jesus’ words can be received as they were given, and find their place of true meaning in everyday routine of the human heart.
Rowland Evans, Nations, Llanelli, Wales.

Asking for information about Zaire.
We have served in the Amazon and now we have the call to Zaire.
Nelson Araque, Amazon-Venezuela

I am a man who has done a lot of thinking, perhaps too much .  .
There is no God. We are life forms on a planet with one purpose to continue life. People go to religion but don't understand their purpose or what happens when we die - the signals in our brain stop, our thoughts are no longer processed and we cease to exist. This is an extremely difficult for the mind to comprehend because the mind does not know what it is like to not exist.
Scott Williams, Milwaukee, USA

All my students are very happy . . .

I have been very blessed by your studies as my students learn plenty of things which they can put into practice here.

Mario Coto Montoya, Turrialba, Costa Rica

Please send me in Spanish . .
Information from any missions working in Muslim countries in Asia.
Susana, Madrid - Spain 

Still trying to understand Europe ? 
I very highly recommend Unfamiliar Paths by David E Bjork - this is a 'must read' for anyone coming to Europe. ISBN 0-87808-278-6
Les Norman, World Christians, England.

Conference for Latin American churches .  .
Houston, Texas, 10th-16th of June and I have got a video series and study course on missions for the pastors.
Dr. Carlos Rivera, Houston, USA.

We won 103 people for Christ . . .
Eighty youth went to the Mapuche people for 5 days and God did a wonderful work through us. We look forward to reaching many more.
Marco Torres, Talcahuano, Chile  

Did you know that Somalia . . . 
Has 67,314 non-evangelicals for every 1 evangelical. In 10/40 Window 35 nations have 300+ non-evangelicals to 1 evangelical.  Tunisia: 28,192: 1, Yemen: 14,374:1 but super-evangelised Kenya and USA: 2 to 1.
© By David Taylor and Operation World 2001


A problem is a chance for you to do your best.
Duke Ellington (1899-1974); US jazz musician and composer


Coming face to face with another world . . .
We’ve just been to the school for the deaf. They need old hearing aids to recondition for the children. Today was a hard day emotionally as one of the church families lost their mother. She gave birth to twins but never recovered. Our health is good although we’ve been bitten and we struggle in the heat.
Sally and Pat, two British ladies visiting Burkina Faso.

From an almost impossible church in south Morocco.
We ask you to pray for all our country and especially for our little group in this city. We need the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the unity of the church, more faith in Jesus and prayer for a weak brother in church to be strong.
Passed to us by Phil Rule, Arise, Shine, Morocco.

We plan to open many Missions Schools . . 
Pray for many men and women to train in the power of the Holy Spirit to reach all the nations. We are working at a Missions School built with our own family savings. Please pray for the Lord to move many people to support our work.
Vida, Lima - Perú

We are starting 150 Shisya Bhavans . .
that is Discipleship Centers all over India, 45 under my direct supervision. Your materials will be a great contribution to our training program. Sincere thanks for the significant contributions to equip the church in South East Asia.
Anon for security reasons,  India.

We long to serve the Lord in Africa . . .
But it has been very difficult to make those around us understand His call to us. Can anyone could send me missions information on Africa
Jenny Basso, Chillan, Chile

People don't look down on these believers any more  . . 
Since I started the Bible School, I have grown spiritually to a level that is amazing and the results we have had from the school are awesome. The locals that looked down at us are shocked at the testimonies from our people.
Richard, The Discipleship Centre, Kitwe, Zambia.

From France to Mongolia in Land Rovers.
The nations of the Silk Road - Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, China and Mongolia are open to the gospel. So often we remain at home believing a lie that the door is closed. Our small band of mainly young adults have just travelled the entire Silk Road and found people ready to hear the gospel.
Michael & Margaret Kelly, World Horizons, England.


Curiosity is, in great and generous minds,
the first passion and the last.

Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784); English author

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My country needs an awakening . . 
We have a huge rate of destitution, unemployment and poverty and a high percentage of people with a spiritual need of Christ.  We need an awakening that will shift the people from the dominion of the enemy to the true way.
José Luis Neira Laporte, Chile

Can you help in India?
We have 4 Bible Schools in 4 cities and need Spirit-filled short term teachers to train us. We have 7 homes for orphans, you can sponsor a child for $20 pm.
Pastor Daniel, India.

Can missionaries write to my students please
Together with my mother we give a course in missions and I would like the students to have contact with missionaries. Please, write to me.
Rubén Quintero, Mexicali, México.

Please pray that God will make this possible . . .
Since the seminar for leaders in Nakuru, Kenya last September we have requests for more seminars from Kenya, Nigeria, S.Africa and Argentina. 
Charles Aranyas, Houston, Texas, USA.

Looking for a translator of this page into French, German, Portguese
We are a multinational team of volunteers from different backgrounds.
Les Norman, World Christians in England.


I keep six honest servants. They taught me all I know.
Their names are what and why and when.
And how and where and who.

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936); British author and poet. will clean your PC of viruses free


5000 people present every evening for three days
Our Annual Gujarat convention was called Fisher's of Men. In the daytime we had teaching sessions and later in the villages I baptised 155 people. There is a big harvest but we are very short of good, dedicated labourers.
Pastor JJ, Central India.

We are getting ready to become Bible translators. 
We would like to have information from missionaries involved in translation.
Félix y María Rodríguez, Asunción - Paraguay.

Saying thank you for prayer and gifts  . .
Thanks to your prayers we are moving forward. We are speechless for all you are doing for the ministry. Thanks to all who sent us money for medicine.
Pastor William Ouedraogo, Burkina Faso.

Anglicans and other denominations are working together . . .
We are Missionary Anglican Priests needing your prayer for our work with child victims of the violence here. We all share what we have to help these children.
Father Leonardo Marín Saavedra, Colombia.

Looking for health professionals from all the different specialties
To create a Latin-American missionary team. If you are interested contact:

Dr. Yovani Gómez Ramírez

Can you send me photos of African children for a church display.
Cristina, Spain..


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Help us get through immigration . . 
We ask your prayers for the immigration office to grant visas for missionaries who want to come and serve n the Spanish mission of Remar in Australia. We are open to ideas to help us start work with the addicted and marginalised.

Jairo Aviles, Melbourne, Australia.

The School of Mission is open in Cebuano language . . 
Five young women doing the course are going to work with us on a community health evangelism team among tribals in the Philippines.
Richard Bartz, Cebu City, Philippines.

If you want to understand why Muslims are upset with the West . . 
And what their plans are, some of the best short articles around are in the latest free magazine from 
Les Norman, Editor, World Christians, England

We live in Senegal, an Islamic State. 
Please send English & French evangelism tracts and Bibles especially a Living Bible for me. We open our Temple in 2002 but still need sponsors.
Rev. Linus Chima Obaegbu, Dakar, Senegal.

Soccer reaches countries where it is difficult to preach the gospel.
Our soccer team is probably the only professional team whose players are all Christians. We will start the season in A league. We have been playing in Rwanda and Ethiopia we have left a big impact there.
Hugo Galeano, Charlotte, USA.

In Honduras 50% of the population are under 20 years old.
There are only a few ministries dedicated to youth and as part of our outreach to young people, we work in a recreational center. 
Hector y Sandra de Mejia, Honduras.

If you work in the 10/40 window please write to me
I am a bee-keeper with a call to serve God and Muslims but I do not know where yet and when. II have not finished my studies in agronomy. 
Luis, San José, Costa Rica.


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World Christians
The Notice Bo@rd Of The Nations

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