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Continent of the Coups d'Etat

Africa has been just struck by yet another coup d'etat in Guinea Bissau. We must redouble our efforts in the prayer for Africa to be leave these Coups d'etat behind. We must pray more to push Africa forward into economic and social stability.

Kouassi Pascal.

Guinea Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world; socially and economically the situation is extremely difficult. Electricity is rare; even the capital is in darkness every evening. Christians are 23% of the population, Moslems 21%; the majority are animist. The Church in Guinea-Bissau is small in numbers are concerned, but has influence for peace and reconciliation being credible in the eyes of all the religions. From Taizé France.

Eat monkey soup and you are in !

One of the most important things for the Yanomami people is how they see you so if you eat with them in their way they will give you their all and try to make you feel at home. They will will share their best animal soup with you and give you the best piece of the meat. Is this good or bad ? You tell me, especially when there is a monkey head in your soup ! I'll send you the photo if you ask me !

Musme Apóstol, Venezuela.

Beautiful madness in the city square

I read that you are organizing a Street Party for the Poor and I wanted to tell you that for 4 years we have done just this in Escobar. Now even the non-believers give food and gifts for around 1,200 people who to the city square. The City Council is all for it, many miracles happen and lots of people come to know the Lord through the Christians who get to work to serve them.
Bernardo Steinbrecher.

§ Our latest news about the Street Parties for the Poorest are on this page.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

Street party for the poor

What a wonderful idea!  We are having a 'skills auction' on 6th November - where people offer their skills - and other people can bid for them, and we want the money we make from this to go to the street party. Pastors P & J, England

Global Church growing exponentially

Amongst the emerging nations of Africa, Asia and Latin America, more people are presently coming to Christ than at any time in world history. Every week multiplied thousands of people are receiving salvation through faith in Christ. This vast ingathering is a prelude to the greatest harvest in history which has been predicted by the Bible prophets. This is not a work involving expatriate missionaries. It is a harvest that is being gathered by the national and indigenous peoples of each nation. One of the amazing and encouraging features of this great move of God is that nations that were formerly missionary target nations, are now sending missionaries from their shores to the rest of the world. The tide of missions is turning. Nations like Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Brazil are now sending missionaries to the ends of the earth.
Gerald Rowlands, Queensland
Church Planting International


Sixth New church at Mbamkomo

We bless the Lord for the sixth church who has just opened in Mbamkomo and for the missionary who left to Congo to begin the ministry here.
Apotre Tchoupkui Joseph, Yaounde


Finding the Lost by Kenneth E Bailey

It's a cultural understanding of Luke 15 and it contains the most in-depth understanding of what Jesus really taught through the parables in Luke 15. All these years I've only read it one way and now I know the true story. ISBN 0570045630.
Stojan Ninkovic, British Columbia.

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Central African Republic
Miracles on a new level . . .

A woman who had suddenly gone deaf and dumb, also with problems in her breast, was completely healed and able to testify of what the Lord had done for her.  A pregnant woman in danger of losing her baby was healed and able to walk for kilometres without any further pain. An older lady lost her sight four years ago and after prayer she began to see again. A witch was delivered after being struck to the ground by the power of God to say nothing of the many others who testified to the instant healing they had received.  On the other hand when I think of the precarious conditions in which we continue to survive, of the derisory means available to doctors as they try to care for their patients, of the impoverishment everywhere you look, I can understand why the Lord's mercy needs to be so great.
Anatole Banga, Bangui, Ministry to the Pygmies.

Drink, crime, drugs - it's all here

We want to reach our town which is one of the worst for alcoholism, prostitution and now for drug crime to the point where you daren't walk in the street. Please help us in prayer for Collipulli, and if anyone can help us with a radio transmitter we will reach people that way.
Marcos Alarcon Muñoz, Collipulli.

First month here as missionary!

I am looking for a mission where I can work full-time for the Lord. Following Christ's call I left my job and my country of Cameroon for France. I have a degree in communication.
Christel Israêl Ndoumbe, Paris.


A Prayer by Brother Roger

Jesus the Christ, as we search for you, sometimes with hesitation, we would never wish to choose darkness; but always to welcome the presence of your Holy Spirit.
The Taizé Community, France


My parents are Pygmies . . 

I want to organize a rural campaign for my parent's Pygmy villages. Many marvellous men of God are interested by this project and I want them to join together for one week but we lack the means to go. I am convinced that God will also convert my parents. We need help with the expenses.
Léonard Fabrice Odambo-Adone, Libreville.


Another church started in Gujarat

In fact this seed was sown by my father some 20 years back and now we are seeing the results.  This brings our numbers to 65 churches and this year we have given 260 baptisms. By the grace of God we have started three more Houses of Hope in Gujarat, Chattisgarh and Maharastra.  This bring our total to 8 Houses of Hope with 85 children and for the first time we have a girls wing.   Presently five building are under construction. There are plans to start two more girls dormitory in the near future.
Pastor John Joseph, Central India.


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Ivory Coast
Don't forget our refugees here

We welcome any help from generous hearts for nearly 200 displaced people with nowhere to go.
Kouassi Pascal, Abidjan.


Come and help in Mombasa !

We have a school of missions, a computer training centre and do lots of leadership and community based work. We are looking for short term missionaries to come over to help us to teach in the school of missions and to conduct leadership training seminars.
Benedict  Amenemoit, Mombasa.


Welcome long or short term !

We help the poor, going out to where they are, and showing them the love of Jesus. We help them to get food, clothes, education, school fees, praying for widows and orphans, teaching and preaching to them, counselling to the broken hearted and the like.
Rev. James D. Kabvalo
Good Samaritan Ministries, Malawi.


Tears in eyes, lots of laughter

To conduct the Lahore meetings itself was miracle because it took place in a pure Catholic community. We invite to Mayor and famous Christian singer for worship of the Lord. At the end the Town Mayor and Catholic people of the area insist us to arrange more worship services. Many attenders of service got saved, healed, and blessed by the marvellous Holy Spirit.
Pastor Labin Taj, Lahore.

WWJD or WDJD: What Did Jesus Do?

I'm 100% for this expression but I'd like you to also ask yourself the question -WDJD, What Did Jesus Do?"  He preached the Gospel of the Kingdom, and healed the sick, restored sight to the blind, made the lame walk, and cleansed the lepers.  Then He called the twelve disciples, showed them how to do it, and sent them out to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, and heal the sick, restore sight to the blind, make the lame walk, and cleanse the lepers.  He told His disciples twice in Luke 14 to invite especially "the poor, the maimed, the lame and the blind" into His Kingdom.  After His resurrection, He gave the Great Commission: "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them to do all the things I have taught you to do.  Jesus Christ didn't establish a Church of spectators and observers, but rather a Church of do-ers and obey-ers!
Robert Geraldovich Hosken, Moscow.


Russia: Missionary among
our unreached people groups

I am 29 years old, married, have 2 sons. I received Jesus Christ in 1995, was water baptized 6 months later. I was graduated from Krasnoyarsk Bible college and now I am a missionary for 6 years. I work in Baptist church. We have four native ethnic groups living in our area. All of them worship demon spirits and drink a lot of alcohol. I believe that God wants Russian brothers and sisters to take active part in reaching the unreached people groups. I know I have this calling from the Lord but I lack education in this sphere. I need knowledge and would like to have partnership and fellowship with the people who bear the same ministry as I do. I would like to find the people who could share their experience with me.
Alexey Prokopev, Dudinka, Northern Russia.


Free Training School of Mission






Can I open a School of Mission here

The North of Togo remains unreached and the majority religion weighs us down. With help we can open a School here.
Nyonato Ywawovi, Lome.


UK: Poll on faith in the land

A Mori poll has revealed more people know the name of the winner of Big Brother this year than know the name of the head of the Church of England and more people can name the Qur'an as the sacred book of Muslims than can name any of the four New Testament Gospels.
BBC United Kingdom
Full story here


Malawi - I must go back in November

On my first experience with Malawi I held in my arms dying people suffering from AIDS through no fault of theirs, most tainted with abuse and traumatic experiences.  I felt the tears of innocent orphans dying of hunger and saw the miraculous transformation on their faces that only Christ can bring.  I watched men, women and orphans receive desperately needed food and other basic essentials. £20.00 can keep an AIDS victim going for 3 months. Life expectancy in Malawi is: 37 years for men and 38 for women. The trip photos are on our church website.
Rev. Mercy Wood, Mitcham, UK.


USA: Joshua Project
Tracks unreached peoples

After AD2000 completed Joshua Project continued and we have expanded to track all peoples and all unreached peoples regardless of size.  All the latest peoples and unreached peoples data is now on the Joshua Project website.
Dan Scribner, Colorado Springs.


USA: Church purchases
Shopping mall and Expo centre

Please pray for wisdom for our church. We have begun a new journey, the intent is to bless the city and to fund the spreading of the gospel. The Lord is reaching into the market place to show His love to the lost, poor, and broken.
Alan Wyant,  Spartanburg.


Billy Graham campaign under way

We go the homes of the people who don't know the Lord and we watch the 3 day meetings which are on TV. When my husband invited people to follow Jesus on the 1st night, 3 of the 4 viewers said yes. We are very happy, and we are also happy with the lessons from your training school which show us how to be filled with the Holy Spirit and how to serve the Lord amongst our people.
Hebe Muñoz de Sebastián.

Search our 1,300 pages
Enter a name, country or topic to search hundreds of our previous editions and study pages in a second.




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