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Welcome to the 25th February, 2003 edition
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Burkina Faso: Can anyone help with a vehicle ?
We are in desperate need of a vehicle to get the Jesus Films to over 60 villages. Our 33 year old Landrover is out of use since January. I sent a man to Ghana to look for a second-hand engine but he returned empty handed. He will try and fix the old one but after 33 years on the road can it go again ?
Philippe Ouédraogo, Ouagadougou.

Philippe has struggled with this old Land-Rover for the gospel for all the 20 years we have known him.  If you have a vehicle that you can ship to West Africa, it will be well used in mission to the unreached. 
Les and Pilar, the editors.

Paraguay: Are there any schools of Christian music here?
Javier Ismael Gonzalez Ferrari, Limpio.

India: Last Saturday - 200 brand new Christians.
All come from heathen background as the result of the work of the newly sent ministers. I was really thrilled with joy to see them and lead them in to baptism. Our ministers are doing powerful works in the villages. Now we have 70 more in the waiting list to be sent out but as the Bible says "How will they go without someone to send"?
Pastor D, South India.

$50/£30 a month is all it takes to send a trained, local language speaking evangelist in India. We have been very blessed over the years to help in this way. Les and Pilar, the editors.

Argentina: Growing amidst the crisis.
The current crisis has made our prayers grow –and the same has happened to many other Christians in Argentina. Some time ago, I was asked to build a team of intercessors for our nation and church. Currently, there are over 150 intercessors as part of a prayer chain –
although we do not have any materials about Spiritual Mapping, Evangelism or City Conquering through Prayers. If you have anything about this, I’d appreciate your help.
Juan Carlos.

Philippines: Winning many foreign workers in South Korea.
God open another door for us in Japan. We don't speak their language, pray for our mission there this coming May. If you know some Christian Japanese who can help us in this pioneering work, please send to us their names.
Rev. Robert M.V., Pampanga.

Mexico: We’d like to open a rehabilitation centre.
For drug addicts and alcoholics. Also, we are working on a project to deliver food to hospitals. We request your prayers so that our evangelisation work may be powerful.
Jorge y Loli, Sonora.

Well done Jorge and Loli, we learned a lot on the streets of Spain back in the 80's and thank God for the experience and the compassion it brought to us. Many of the street men and women went on to become strong Christian leaders, sadly though many have died of AIDS since. We worked with www.remar.org who now have 20,000 people in 52 nations. Les and Pilar.

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Japan: Open to mission, no restrictions on the Gospel.
Yet the chains that bind this land have yet to be loosed. Persecution in the 1600's stifled a growing church in Southern Japan. Usually persecution has the opposite affect. Why didn't the church grow? Was it because individual Christians were too dependent on their leaders to do the work of the Gospel? Was it because the government grouped families into groups of 5 to watch and report each other? Was it because the idols in the land were not destroyed, even by Christians? Still true today. God knows the answer, but please pray that the walls of indifference to the Gospel would come tumbling down.
Scott & Taeko Bronner, missionaries in Yokohama.

Peru: Sending our first lady missionary.
The Cayma Baptist Church is sending the first missionary who, after training in Brazil and
practice in Latin America, is to go to Africa. Her name is Lidia Zavala; she is 22.
William Montalvo, Arequipa.

Lidia, God bless and provide for you, and well done Cayma Baptists for sending your first missionary.  Les & Pilar, editors.

Gospels of Luke in Arabic free of charge.
We have several boxes of "Skinny Luke" gospels (so called because they're thin enough to put in an envelope and look like a letter!) to give away quite urgently, as the office in Britain where they are stored is closing. Please let me know as soon as you can.
Arise, Shine, Morocco.

You had best be quick if you need these, on the day you want one you will never find one anywhere !  The writer is moving to North Africa any time now. Les & Pilar, the editors.

Colombia: Mission Training School February to July
Theory and Practice for Colombia. From July 10th to December 8th, 2003: Theory and Practice for Central America.
Carlos Lamprea, Bogota.

USA: Dental Training for Missions.
We are a new ministry and would really like to be known.
Gerard Beauchemin, Brownsville.

Algeria: On my own and avoided by others.
This is the first time that I write to you because I am on my own now and I am avoided by others since I became a Christian. Nobody wants to know me anymore. I’m 24 and I have a degree in Finance. I need to leave this country, you know what the authorities are like here, it’s not safe. I want to be happy and I don’t want to lose everything after I have found the Source of everything. Help me please.
Name removed for security reasons, Algiers.

The world experts on North Africa are Arab World Ministries www.gospelcom.net/awm and they are well equipped to disciple and help Algerians. Their French web page is: www.gospelcom.net/awm/indexfr.htm  We have pointed the writer towards them. Anyone have a better idea please ? Les and Pilar, the editors.

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Our thanks to our friends and colleagues from Argentina, José Luis and Liliana who live and work in Belfast, Northern Ireland and to Fitzroy Presbyterian Church for a very warm welcome and wonderful hospitality.  
Les and Pilar.

Panama: I’m a missionary in the remotest part of my country.
Jorge Luis Barria.

India: Our latest news is on our web page.
Just click: www.hmcindia.org and go to News update page. I hope it will be a blessing to you. Please continue to uphold us in your prayers as we do for you.
Pastor JJ, MS.

We know Pastor JJ very well, his ministry is 100% genuine and worth supporting. We hope to go and see him soon. Les and Pilar, the editors

Indonesia: Thank you to Lord Jesus Christ and to you.
I'm a Pastor/Secretary and used your lessons as standard qualification for our Associate Pastor Candidates. May I know who is reading from Indonesia? I invite the brothers from around the world who has passion for mission in Indonesia. We operate in 7 provinces and will target to 400 cities around Indonesia in next 10 years, and 3000+ in 20 years. Pray for our ministry.
MS, Jakarta.

Welcome to World Christians, Mahli, we appreciate all the help and translations you have been offering to us and to the peoples of Indonesia. 
Les and Pilar.

Chiriqui: Send me photos please.
I would like to receive any photographs from Arab or African countries, about life in those places. I’d like to stir up my congregation particular the young.
Marcos Morales, Pastor, Celular Centre, Bugabita.

Send your photos as jpg or gif in a zip file or they will be too big to go through. Les.

India: New law affects visitors to India.
Because of the new law enforced recently foreigners coming to India with visitors visa are no more allowed to preach the word in public. A lot of native missionaries are also attacked by the anti-Christian parties. Please uphold all native missionaries and new believers in your prayers. Our Bible School was opened today with 50 students. We had to turn off many due to financial and accommodation problems. If God calls you for missions do come to India to see the hand of the Lord.
Pastor D, South India.

Serious news from Daniel ! All the more reason to support the national brothers in India. Les and Pilar, the editors.

UK: Online Missions Forum open to all.
The OSCAR Forum is now open for anyone to use without registration. It is a meeting place to ask questions or share your missions knowledge and wisdom with other users. Users are from all over the world, all involved or interested in mission work.
Mike Frith, OSCAR - UK Info Service for World Mission

This is a brilliant web-site from our friend and near neighbour, there is no end to the on-line information and help, from an ex-MAF missionary. 
Les and Pilar, the editors.

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Peru: The ‘Evangelism on the Streets’ group.
We belong to a Missionary Pentecostal Evangelical church.
We would appreciate your prayers for our outreach.
Mauro Antonio Ayala Salas, Lima

Russia: 10,000 Evangelical churches
Ukrainian evangelist Slavik Radchuk reports that in 1990, when the Communist regime collapsed, there were only 480 Protestant churches in Russia. In 2000 there were 7,200, and around 100 new churches are planted each month, 10,000 in all. Churches in Belarus are growing fast due to persecution."A church must have 100 members in order to register with the government - but they have to start at zero! The members are persecuted, and have to meet in houses, where the church rapidly grows from zero to 100." (Joel News International)
Robert Hosken, Moscow.

Robert's wife, Cheryl, recently had a very bad fall on the ice, do pray for her as she recovers. Les and Pilar, the editors.

Uganda: Prayer on the war front-line.
All the Churches have organised a prayer move against the insurgencies in Northern Uganda and it is moving on for 4 days. We are seek God deeply for the peace in the land. I am just glad you love me and you do pray with us.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.

We know George very well, he travels in spite of the war and brings the gospel and practical help to so many the lost, displaced and poor people. Les and Pilar, the editors.

Colombia: I work with Catholic families.
We pray, read the Scriptures and share our life experiences together.  We have decided to name this group Missionary Homes of Nazareth. I ask God for his blessing in this evangelistic task for our so troubled Colombia. 
Vicente Santodomingo, Bucaramanga

England: I have never met you but . . .
I can tell you something and it is this: Your spirit shines through your e-mail replies, this has nothing to do with their content. Jesus is so pleased with the way that you have allowed Him to draw His body together. He rejoices daily over you with singing. You have captured something very close to his very heart and it is the outworking of his High Priestly Prayer in John 17. The anointing you have, allows exhortation and encouragement to flow through the Church of God. You should also know that it flows on to the people your e-mail contacts know personally face to face and beyond. Your friends in heaven will be great in number. They will keep you and your helpers satisfied with their encouraging stories. I hesitate to say this but I believe that Jesus regards this service as a greater work. I leave it to you and your people to weigh this word of encouragement.
Rev. Eric McK, Mansfield, UK.

Thank you, Eric, we are truly very deeply touched by your kind words of encouragment. Les and Pilar, the editors in England.

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El Salvador: I am praying for Yemen.
It strikes me the big difference existing between saved people and lost ones. 
Sergio Molina.

India: Serving the Lord 13 years in Andhra P.
Our vision is to proclaim the gospel where Christ is not known. In our region we have 1571 villages, till today we covered 520 villages so this year we planned to complete the remaining 1051 villages. We need a vehicle for our ministry please pray for us.
Rev. M. Amruth Kumar.

Venezuela: Worldwide Youth Mission.
I am the coordinator for 15 young missionaries from Colombia and Venezuela that are new in this task.
We would like to join an already existing missionary group in this country. 
Jacqueline Cristancho, San Cristobal.

Central African Republic: Situation not improving . .
We are fighting spiritual warfare and fasting three days a week plus all night prayer on Friday. God is leading us to pray the type of prayers we never did. We are convince only spiritual victory will release the nation. We are been praying into these problem areas: Witchcraft, Immorality, Jealousy, Violence, Poverty and slavery, Religion and superstition, Fear, Denominationalism, Missions and finances, Church authority and prayer for revival. We need your support as the fight is quite hard here.
Pasteur Anatole Banga, Bangui.

Anatole translates our studies into French, he also dodges shells and war to minister to the Pygmies. Les and Pilar, the editors.

Morocco: Coastal area success.
Praise God there are now so many inquirers to follow-up on that there are not enough qualified people to keep up with all the seekers. Pray that additional qualified disciple-makers will arise and come to help bring in the harvest. Pray for summer helpers to distribute Christian materials, especially in Algeciras, Spain. Lots more news at:
Arise Shine Morocco

Phil who sends in this news is moving to Morocco very soon, with his wife and young family. Best wishes! Les and Pilar, the editors.

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Russia: We're trying to teach and practice . . 
The connection between evangelism, church planting and ministering to people's physical and psychological hurts. It seems that many evangelicals focus on witnessing and preaching, not aware that people's spirits are rather firmly attached to their bodies and souls. Please pray for us.
Robert Hosken, Moscow.
Free Russian Agape-Biblia: http://www.agape-biblia.org

Robert runs our School of Mission in Russian from Moscow and works with the disabled and ill. Les and Pilar, the editors.

India: Vision of planting 1000 churches before 2010
Please pray for our church planters in different states of North India. If any one interested and wish to visit us you are most welcome

Cuba: Pastor of the Church of Christ.
We would like to share what are we doing here, as we struggle to establish only one church, without divisions and with Jesus as the Head.  For this purpose all the pastors of the city are gathering together to achieve this goal. We request prayers and if any of you is interested in this project and wants to visit is, be welcomed.


USA: Africa - Unlimited Strategy Evangelism
Second round of equipping seminars for pastors and church leaders in East Africa: Nakuru, Kenya Feb. 24 - 28; Bungoma, Kenya Mar. 3 - 6. Pastors from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and the Congo will be in attendance. More information from our website.
Charles Aranyas, Houston, Texas.

Sweden: Greetings from Sweden
God is moving even in the coldest and remotest parts of the world!
Cristina Ng, Umee.

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