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Welcome to the January 25th 2003 edition.
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Algeria: I am a Christian student here.
As you know this country is 98% Muslim but this doesn’t stop us organising our little cell group between students. Here losing your faith is very easy so we ask you, brothers and sisters, to pray for us that God will sustain us in our ministry. We are a group of African students who have come from the regions below the
Sahara and who have obtained cooperation grants.
Name withdrawn for security reasons

India: 460 new decisions for the Lord.
At the same time we had little persecutions in two areas, where the pastors were attacked and asked to stop the service. Please pray for our missionary in Tamil Nadu as his life is under threat. Three times the militants search his house to stab him and kill him. This year we are planning to send 25 more missionaries, plant 25 more churches and open 5 more new Mercy Homes.
Pastor D, Kerala.

California: Quito, Ecuador in June.
We are missionaries among the children and request your prayers. We would like to contact Ecuadorians living in the USA.
Benjamin & Rosita Contto, Visalia.

UK: Report from Middle East.
I have been to an Evangelical Theological Seminary where Christian servant leaders are being equipped for the growing Church of the Middle East. I spent time with students from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Egypt, Saudi, Israel and Jordan hearing how God had called them to serve Him. Each student gave a clear statement of the vision revealed to them and how they were responding in prayer and action. Each one of them is being equipped by the College and is due to leave within the next year to go and plant new churches.
Frederick Connell, OC Team, Colston Bassett.

Argentina: Available as volunteer for Asia.
I’m studying Social Work and would like to work with a missionary for up to a year in Asia. I would like to know about their work and how I could help from here.
Alejandro Aguilar.

UK: Holidays for missionaries and workers.
OSCAR's list of holiday options grows bigger each year and now includes Accommodation Finding Services, Hotels, Guest Houses, B&B, Self-Catering, Camping, Caravanning, Organised Holidays, Retreat Houses, Bible Weeks & Festivals. Some listings provide low-cost holidays for mission people.
OSCAR - UK Information Service for World Mission.

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Warning to all our readers
The 419 varieties of unexpected e-mails from Africa or Asia that offer you or your church money are all from criminals. Never, ever reply. www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/nigeriascams.htm

Uganda: Pastor really in the Lion's den !
Otoa is one of the pastors in the war zone in the north. One night the rebels attacked and he ran to hide for his life in the bush but unknown to him 4 lions had escaped from a game park. One of the lions came across Otoa and his wife and tried to devour them. The pastor aimed his torch into the eyes of the lion and told his wife to run into a nearby empty grass hut. The lion followed them and began pushing the door but the Pastor and his wife pushed back. The lion kept moving around the house but could not break through. In the morning those who had taken refuge from the rebels in the bush came in big numbers and the lion became scared and left.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.

Free books and training courses for missions.
Yes - highest quality materials. Follow the link to publications and download free: http://www.missionarytraining.com/english.htm 
Les Norman, Editor.
Contact me

Central India: 4-day Convention of Believers.
Around 5,000 believers and 3000 pastors and leaders came representing churches across the country. The large gathering of delegates of different cultures, costumes and languages under one roof was unique. Members of the local community also participated. The main speaker said that Christians in the Sub-continent need to be role models and the only way to make Jesus known to others is to live as Christ lived on this earth and reflect His character in their day-to-day life.
Anon for security reasons.

Colombia: Developing a ministry among the deaf.
I have felt a burden in my heart for this. I would be grateful if you could let me know of any Christian organisations that provide information on-line about this.
Hugo Solorza, Cali.

Australia: Excellent free materials . . .
We greatly appreciate your excellent page and the tremendous work you are doing. My wife and I have lived in Africa, Asia and the Middle East for some 25 years of our 45 years in ministry. We are so thrilled with the impact that your vital outreach is having in some of the missions neglected nations of the world. Our web site offers free training materials for church planting. (Editor: These are some of the world's best studies - go get them - free!)
Gerald & Elizabeth Rowlands.

Spain: Evangelising in the tiny villages.
We need some support. If you have a similar call, please contact us as soon as possible.
Leonardo Cuello, Barcelona.

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Ten Reasons Why Missions People Leave The Field
By George Verwer -
click here

Mongolia: For all things Mongolia in mission:
Michael Kelly of World Horizons England is your man.  He is just back and will go again in 2003 leading teams.  Ask for his Powerpoint show. Write to him by clicking here
Les Norman, Editor

Argentina: Tell me in Spanish about Hungary.
What kind of training is it necessary to work as missionary there?
Ruben Segura, Berisso.

Ghana: One day will it fall into the hands of Islam?
Ghana has a Christian tradition because it was a British colony.  There are thousands of churches but with little social influence.  Little by little the number of Muslims rises every day, very quietly but never stopping.  The lukewarmness of Christians and the lack of Holy Spirit fruit in their lives is the yeast that causes Islam to grow.
Pastor Miguel Diez, President, Remar España.

Colombia: Telling the Good News with a song
In December, Lemuel spread the Gospel in hospitals, parks, and churches with Christans carols. 80 voices sang like angels. Many came to Jesus and many more reconciled with Him.
Jenny Lizet Tamayo.

Middle East: Three weeks in South Sudan.
This must be one of the most primitive countries in the world, not one paved road in the whole country and during the rains these trails are nearly unpassable. It took us nearly 20 hours to go 350 km. I was a guest speaker at two youth congresses. Even though the living conditions were abysmal and I came back exhausted, spiritually I was fortified by seeing the enthusiasm, commitment of the youth and the wonderful things God is doing in that troubled land.
Anon for security reasons.

South Russia: Small kids, 3-6 are freezing.
There is a really poor orphanage here, and it's near -30 C now. The kids didn't take bath for 2 months and sleep in clothes because they don't have blankets. So, if you want to buy second hand blankets I don't think it'll be expensive. So, together we can warm all those kids. They have 20 kids. One blanket costs approximately $15. I have $75, so I can buy 5 blankets. We need another $225.
Eugene Philimonov, Saratov.

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Ivory Coast: Eye-witness asks "Could it happen in Europe ?" 
In the south are the government troops and Abidjan, the capital is calm, but in the north past Bouaké you find the rebel MPCI army with weapons, ideology and funds from the Muslim nations that control the north of Africa.  The advance was peaceful to begin with millions of people motivated to find a solution to the overwhelming misery of their lives but later the advance turned violent as feelings were inflamed by sermons in the mosques and the command to conquer the world for Islam began to ring out. Such words easily take root among a people who have no hope of escaping their poverty and whose beliefs are anchored in eighth century religious laws. Let us not forget that Europe has 10 million Muslims, most are in England, Paris has 4 million and millions more live in Germany. Meanwhile the Christians of the continent are peacefully asleep, lulled into complacency and tipsy with the prosperity and comfort of the Western world.
Pastor Miguel Diez, President, Remar España.


Africa: God is the only solution.
I strongly believe that nothing is ever going to change the situations in world apart from the spread of the truth about God Almighty. God is the only solution to the present problems in the world. Therefore, there is need for proper partnership with global institutions like yours.
Amos Chipasha, Chingola.

Colombia: Come where there is serious need.
If you are a couple and have been called to missions, please get in touch with me.
Omar Bohorquez, Bucaramanga.

Russia: 10th Anniversary Celebration.
On Dec. 12 the Tushino Evangelical Church celebrated ten years from creation of the community.The chiefs of missions, pastors and members of other churches participated. In glorification participated Christian group "Rescue" and author many christian songs Vadim Iatkovscky from Belarus. God plentyfully you benediction.
Tushino Church, Moscow.

Spain: Effatha Deaf Monks.
Our aim is to open the door to monastic vocations for the deaf and to their world. I’m looking to meet deaf Christians from Africa. If you have been called to become an Effata monk, please come to us.

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Peru: We work for poor, disadvantaged children.
Requesting your prayer for leaders and resources.
Pastor Jose Rios Zamora, Moquegua.

India: 7 more missionaries go to remote villages . .
There is neither electricity nor running water but soon they will plant 7 more house churches. Let us harvest the souls before they are lost eternally in the fire. We want to provide 50 oil lamps for our 50 village missionaries at $25 each lamp. God has given me great hope and promises for the year 2003. I expect great things from the Lord.
Pastor KVD, South India.

Colombia: Praise God for such a spectacular page.
This is an example that we Christians are on a par with anyone else on the Internet. I bless you for each mission link – the one to free training in particular.
Giovanni Parra, Bogotá.

Egypt: No religious freedom here.
They publish many books attacking Christianity and we do not have the right to respond. If we do so we will be sentenced. Even the right to say what you believe is not present. The great conspiracy is to mimic the true religion of God but without believing in Jesus as Saviour. There must be more and more soldiers for Jesus Christ.
Name withdrawn for very real security reasons.

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World Missions Resources 2002 On-line guide click here

Burkina Faso: Sick missionary needs your prayer
Please pray for Peter, a fellow Fulani Team missionary who works with street kids in Ouagadougou. He has had a sudden stroke with a large blood clot in the brain. He has been urgently evacuated to France. He is currently stable after an operation. His wife, Julia is with him and their two young children are here with a missionary family. Please pray for the Lord's miraculous intervention for all.
Keith Smith, Missionary with World Horizons.

Peru: Thank you for your material
Your material is a great blessing for my ministry and me. I’m a national missionary among the Quechuas.
Adrián Campero Quintana.

Australia: Southern Cross College Deaf Campus
Offers full time studies for Deaf people to become, pastors, leaders and missionaries to reach their own cultures for Jesus.
Ps Marleen Blake, Sydney.

Guatemala: March - National Missions Month
You can change the world’ is the motto. The challenge is that each church in our country may pray, teach and hold a Sunday service and undertake a short mission practice in March.
Misael López C.

UK: Free Web Pages for your site . .
ACTS International and the Web Evangelism Guide have teamed up to offer two in-depth online articles about needs-based evangelism. "Opening Closed Minds" and "Jesus The Communicator" can be easily added into your webpage by copy/pasting a code.
Tony Whittaker, SOON, part of WEC Mission.


Brazil: I’m interested in missionary work in Niger.
I an a mechanical engineer. I’m interested in water works (drilling, pumps, piping, etc).
Hélio José Santiago Ferreira, Vitoria.

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