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Welcome to the 27th March, 2003 edition.
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Mexico: Looking for emails of mission in Burkina Faso.
Pastor Antonio Moreno.

Our close friend in Burkina is Pasteur Philippe Ouedraogo of AEAD, who has a growing church with mission to unreached tribes, a lot of social action and children's education. He speaks English and French. We introduced Spanish mission Remar to Burkina many year ago and they have an extraordiary ministry there among children, street peoples and prisons. 
Les & Pilar, editors.

Holland: I am an African pastor living in Holland
God has helped me to start a church with a programme of formation of disciples and ministers for God. My vision is to go everywhere in the world to implant new churches, form disciples and send them to do the same thing. Pray for my ministry so that we may be able to reach the unreached and form them. 
Pastor Thierry Paul Sekuau,

Guadalajara: We want to help the orphans…
And people with scarce or no resources. We work in Tonala and read in a magazine what some children in Indonesia have to endure. We want to know how we can help, apart from praying for them.

Bangladesh: Trust for the future.
The people the Taizé brothers live among in Bangladesh are almost entirely Muslims, with a small Hindu minority and a few Christians. In order to build bridges of trust, they have helped to set up schools for the poor. Now there are six of them, with about 1000 students, in villages and slums near their home. They are also places where the young teachers, Muslims, Hindus and Christians, learn to work together. Serving the poor together encourages a sense of the being one human family.
The Taize Community, France.

Israel: Shalom in the name of Adonah.
We are a Spanish speaking mission founded in and managed from Israel. Our purpose is to be a blessing to the people of Israel by offering studies, conferences, seminars and encouraging love for the people of Israel.
New Wine Ministry

§ Net-Life For today's newspapers from every country in the world go to www.guardian.co.uk/worldnewsguide/0,11376,,00.html Need an anti-pornography/bad pages filter for your PC ? Here's the one we use, it's the best: www.surfonthesafeside.com  
Questions about other faiths?
Les and Pilar, the editors

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Thought for the Day
‘In the last 25 years more than 100 times as many American Christians have gone to the Middle East to serve their country in a military capacity, than have gone to serve in the mission of the gospel of peace’
(Mission Frontiers Dec 2001, pg13)
Sent in by Steve Bell, Friendship First, UK

§ We have known Steve for years. He was a missionary in an Arab nation until the secret police helped him to leave. He is of Middle Eastern origin himself and is a real expert on how Western churches can relate to local Muslims. Write and ask for his news sheet. Les and Pilar

Cuba: United in Christ.
God has called upon a group of us to be one people under one name, Jesus, where all differences among pastors are being removed. They are apologising to each other. It is awesome.
Alfredo Aguilera.

§ Alfredo, we are very happy to hear this news, may it happen everywhere. In DCI we have people from many  denominations all working together, united in the call of Christ. It is priceless to be together. Les and Pilar

Burundi: Come and see us for yourselves.
We receive many who come from different churches. Today, we have 107 students from 7 churches who take courses, and we continue to visit churches. We have presented our papers to the government requesting legal authorization. Our work is great and it requires many prayers and faith. You may come and see us for yourselves.
Constantin Hakizimana, Bujumbura.

Venezuela: God is pouring down His blessings here.
We invite you to become part of the great awakening of Venezuela this year, praying for new converts. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit will overflow this nation. The church has been touched by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.
Pastor José Sepúlveda, Ocumare del Tuy.

§ José says,"The church has been touched by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit." That's the key to it all, and that is our testimony as well.  
Les and Pilar, the editors.

India: Our work is to reach undetached areas.
Our motto is to spread Gospel where it is not proclaimed. We go through forests, deserts and on water frequently we face better experiences such as starvation, nature calamities and mishaps. We are all full time Gospel workers working together to win the souls for Jesus Christ. We are visiting all villages in our surrounding areas. We want your valuable prayers.
Pastor Devanandam Junapudi.

Angola: Come and work for revival in Angola.
I am on fire to revive my generation for Jesus. I am looking for more information on Christianity and the work of God in
Angola. His challenges are what Angola needs right now. I speak English, French, Portuguese and understand Spanish.
Fernando Timoteo Vova, Luanda.

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Southern Africa: 5th Annual Sudan Prayer Camp this w/end.
People from quite a number of African countries will join us including pastors from Malawi, Lesotho and Zimbabwe. I trust God for a breakthrough in the area of strategy for the 24-hour prayer watch.
NJ, Sudan Support Network, SA.

Haiti: I would like to find a Bible School  . .
Where I would be able to increase my knowledge of God. 
Orel Nelson, Port-au-prince

Free Training at our online School of Mission

USA: Mother asks for prayer for daughter in cult.
I need prayer to help me stay focused on God and to help get my daughter Anna out of a cult she is in. Trial is March 31. She led some people to the Lord, she was born outgoing and full of life then her father who chose to not truly live for Christ twisted her mind against me and told her she was not really saved. Please pray for us. I need employment and a place to live also.T hank you.
Kay Walter.

Peru: Information about missions in Italy ?
I'm studying at a seminary and would like to contact people in Italy. I have been longing for going to Italy for over 18 years but, so far, the Lord has kept closing the gates to me. Nevertheless, I am still longing.
Martin Riquelme.

Central Africa Republic
Civil war in the north still going on.

Churches are destroyed, governmental people are killed, the health centres and learning centres are robbed or destroyed, war crimes are taking place here and there. Prices have rocketed making it really difficult for some people to get their basic food requirements. All the roads have not yet been re-opened even in the areas where the Loyalist Army has taken charge again. When you understand that Bangui depends mainly on other surrounding regions for its food and other items, we are getting very close to a catastrophic situation.
Pastor Anatole, RC 

§ Poor Africa, one nation after the next, it is no wonder that most of the world has written this continent off, but Jesus hasn't, and neither have we.  Some of the finest and gentlest people in the world live there and have a passion for Christ that we can learn from.  Anatole is one of them. 
Les and Pilar, the editors.

UK: We are in Tanzania, Africa.
We were asked to come and visit some missionaries who are helping with different people groups in Kibaha, near Dar es Salaam. One of their projects is working with musicians trying to encourage indigenous musical expression within the Tanzanian church.
Martin and Rebekah Neil, Northumbria Community.

§ Martin is a brilliant percussionist and has the most remarkable gift of being able to relate with unreached peoples through their tribal music. Rebekah has her own gifts from Jesus. You should meet them ! 
Les and Pilar.

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We appreciate all your comments on Iraq.
For lack of space we can't publish them all whether for or the many against the war, but if you would like a relevant 12 page prophetic commentary on Jeremiah 50 and 51 which is the fall of Babylon, sent in by internationally recognised Bible teacher Gerald Rowlands from Australia, click here for a zip file in English
Les and Pilar, the editors.

Greetings from the end of the earth
This unique photo of a group of pastors comes from the southern tip of the Sahara in Burkina Faso. At Christmas time these men, their families and churches were facing literal starvation, there was nothing left to eat.  Just £15 / $23 bought each man a sack of millet which will feed the family for weeks till a better solution is found. They wrote to say 'a thousand thank-you's' and sent this remarkable photo. To help us to help families like this see the end of the page.
Les and Pilar, the editors

Malaysia: I am from Malaysia, a Muslim Nation.
I have been backpacking, street singing, street evangelism in Europe for one year. I have been in Barcelona, Spain for a few months, and Spain and Europe is in deep darkness. The Europeans once brought the Gospel to the third world, but today the third world must now bring the Gospel back to them.
Bro.Chris Toh

§ Oh dear, as the Bible says, Behold, your sins will find you out and over here in Europe ours are there for everyone to see. It is brilliant that a young Malaysian can see the answer. Les and Pilar, the editors.

Peru: Latinamerican Missiology School
I ask your prayers for young men and women from all over the country who attend the school to train for mission work. When they graduate, they will be a blessing for the places where they will be sent.
Missionary Isabel Guerrero, Mission A.M.E.N

Chacko Thomas, Network Co-ordinator of OM
He has written to many of you and some have met him. His 17 year old son, Sunil, has had a 2 year battle with cancer which ended on 7th March as God took him home. We ask for your prayers for the family as they remember Sunil's life with many friends who loved Sunil; and as they grieve his loss. Sunil knew where he was going very clearly, and is now at peace with his heavenly Father.
Operation Mobilisation, UK

§ This must be an unbearable loss, except in Jesus. Our deepest sympathies go to the Thomas family on behalf of everyone in the DCI community.  Les and Pilar.

France: Puff for Pygmies
Rob Reeve, one of the Nations leaders, based in France will run the Paris Marathon on the 6th April and would like to encourage as many people as possible to sponsor him. He wants to be able to raise money for a health care project in the Central African Republic. A growing church has been planted, and agricultural, educational and primary health care projects are being developed. Before, pygmies would die through lack of basic care, but a small dispensary is now saving lives and alleviating suffering. Much more can be done.
Full info from: Rob Reeve, Thumeries.

§ We know Rob well and he really loves the Pygmies. His colleague Gail wrote this after a visit to them. Les & Pilar

USA: Christians In Crisis website.
We are a ministry to the suffering church. Is it possible for me to send the readers some information on our ministry and our Director's story when he was imprisoned and tortured in the Middle East? We mobilize prayer partners for the suffering.
Brother Terry, Director of Administration.

§ This is a very impressive website for a ministry with a real heart, coming out of the horrors their founder went through. Visit their pages and ask for the story and some information.  Les.

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Translators wanted for our team of volunteers worldwide.
If you can help us with first-class translation from English to Portuguese, French, Romanian, Russian and have a few hours a week to offer, please contact Les Norman, the editor. Other languages always considered to launch new pages. Thank you.

For everyone worried about Weapons of Mass Destruction
Here is an article written by a retired US military weapons expert who understands nuclear, chemical and biological arms. It will balance the fear that is everywhere. Click here for a zip file in English.
Les and Pilar, the editors

USA: Professional soccer player for Charlotte Eagles
This is a missionary organization. I played for Colombian national team. We have millions the people around the world that they don't know about Jesus. India has only 2% christians. In others countries almost the same. We want Jesus return for us. Jesus love all the people and he wants to save them. We can help the people know him. I pray every day to God for you.
Hugo Galeano, Charlotte.

Peru: I’d like to know more about missions in Italy.
I’m training at a seminary and would like to contact brothers and sisters in Italy. I have been longing for going to Italy for over 18 years but, so far, the Lord has kept closing the gates to me. Nevertheless, I am still longing.
Martin Riquelme.

Burundi: I am a young lady who loves God.
I have accepted Jesus as my Savior. I have been attending a Bible Course every Monday and Friday for a month. I would like to do your course too and learn more especially the life of a good Christian.
Jacqueline Nsavye, Bujumbura.

Cuba: Praying for the youth around the world.
I’m leading a nation-wide youth ministry. We are witnessing great marvellous things by the Lord. Many young people are learning His word. We are setting up a ministry with the specific objective of interceding for the youth around the world so that they may actually experience a life in all its fullness in Jesus. To join us -contact:
Jaliet, Matanzas.

Uganda: Rural areas must be turned upside down.
Time has come for the gospel to be preached in our rural areas of Africa, rural areas need spiritual development. I am a student here in the UK, doing BA in theology, seeking men and women of God who can join me to Africa in this great job.
Nsubuga Dixon.

Argentina: Wanted: Contact with Colombia.
With people working in the mission field and who would like to share with me any pieces of information. I pray for Colombia and my church organises a Congress each year where I provide all the information.
Ana Luisa Guerrero, Viedma.

Ana Luisa, CENTI (Centre of Integral Teotherapy) is a Christian movement founded in Colombia. Their e-mail is argentina@centi.org and web page: www.centi.org
José Luis, DCI Northern Ireland.

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