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Welcome to the December 27th, 2002 edition.
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Lebanon: Missionary Murdered . .
You may have heard about one of our friends and co-workers who was murdered a couple of weeks ago in Sidon, Lebanon. She was there serving the poor in a clinic for Palestinian women. Her name was Bonnie Witherall and she was from the USA. Remember her British husband, Gary. Events like this remind all of us to 'count the cost' as we proceed forth in our global ministries.
George Verwer, Mission Mobilisers Network, UK

México: Magazine for poor pastors.
It goes to pastors who have few books, and into prison
preachers and to missionaries in way out places.  If you have any articles in Spanish, sound doctrine, sermons, commentaries and so on, please send it to me.  We give it all away free.
González, México City.

India: All is well with our churches 
The Lord is adding weekly, if not daily, those that are to be saved. 33 obeyed the Lord's water command which brings our number to 500 thus far this year. We were privileged to have two more churches joining our fold which brings our number to 61.
Pastor JJ. from Nashik, Mumbai, Pune, Igatpuri and Bhilai.
Address only on request for security reasons

Perú: 40 pastors at Quechua Conference 
When we first had the idea it seemed so impossible but with the help of the Lord it became clear. We will teach tem how to read the Quechua Bible better and how to have a meaningful devotional time.  We want to motivate them to work together to win their village communities.
Jose Rosales, Cusco. 

Pakistan: We are doing here . .
The gospel and social work ministry among the poor, orphan and street-wandering children.
PK, Faisalabad.
Address only on request for security reasons

Extravagant Giving To The Poor
The World Christians offering for the week
Les Norman Editor

Burkina Faso: Pastor walked 12 kms to ask for food . .
His village is 2 kms from border with Mali. We went there first in 1976 to preach Jesus Christ. Noaga went to Bible school and is now leader of 15 churches whose pastors have not been able to harvest any crops this year and everyone is now in desperate need of food. What can we do to alleviate the suffering?
Pasteur Ouédraogo Philippe, Ouagadougou.

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India: 300 new commitments for the Lord
It was during this Christmas season, as we did not have electricity we did the service in the light of candles. It was awesome. I have promised to give the Bibles to these people as they come in the following weeks. This Saturday we are expecting 600 people in another village. At the same time two of our missionaries were arrested for conducting Christmas services in a village, please pray for them.
Pastor D, Kerala.
Address only upon request for security reasons

Spain: I'm from Ecuador, in Barcelona.
I would like to fully commit my life to my Lord Jesus. I am available to serve my Lord and help those in need in any way. 
Eduardo Palma, Barcelona.

France: The lessons are going well. .
Our students have a desire to learn, please pray for them that each will each find his/her own way following God. Pray for the evangelical mission for the Tzigane Romany and fairground people who are always on the move so that we may be able to continue our work with them. We also have an urgent need of a meeting room.
Jean Luc Len.

PeruSeven new people baptised but . .
They took the step of faith in spite of intense opposition from some of their families, but thanks be to God that they have not only received Christ in their hearts but are showing Him in their lives.
Dante Rosales, Cusco.

Uganda: Serving suffering humanity through practical helps.
We are helping 102 families affected by war by putting back the roofs to burnt houses and providing blankets, saucepans, cups, plates, jerricans and basins. The Child Rehabilitation Programme will be constructed by February for war affected children to offer job skills training. Anybody or organization interested is welcome.
Rev. Lawnsome Etum-Akezi, Lira.

Ghana: Looking for churches and organisations . .
Who will work with us to establish Church in Ghana and spread the gospel. We have just completed a bible college and are disciples and mission minded people. Your help will be most welcome to reach out the lost, to win more souls for Christ.
Pastor Razak Ibrahim, Kumasi.

For our USA readers


World Missions Resources 2002 On-line guide click here

France: Taizé Pilgrimage in Paris
The 80,000 strong youth meeting in Paris is just days away. On 26 Dec, 2,500 young people will arrive from many countries to form the "welcome team." Young people are making very long journeys from Moscow, Sicily, Malta, Australia, Philippines many travelling by bus. Ukraines had to travel 19 hours each way by train just to obtain their visas! For further information www.taize.fr/en/enplemm1.htm
Taizé Community, France.

France: Our pastor is very ill.
Thierry Delalande, is married to Françoise and they have 7 children. He has had a brain tumour which as partly removed successfully and he started radiotherapy, However, he now has epileptic fits and loss of speech. He now has meningitis and is in intensive care. If you can pray a little or a lot for this man and his family that would be tremendous. They are very dear to us.
Tim Worral, Lens Baptist Church.

Argentina: It may be Christmas  . . .
But the statistics and the scenes that we are seeing on our streets and on the TV are so sad.  Over here thousands of children are heading for malnutrition, they say that 16,000 in Tucumán Province alone. In my city some have died already, and we ask for your help in prayer for God to touch the hearts of stone of some of the people who hold back the money which has been allocated to the poor.
Mariela Ruiz, Chacos.

Moldova: Looking for an online translator job.
I'd be glad working for a Christian organisation.
Alexis Astapenkov, Bendery.

Chile: I am a Brasilian Baptist missionary.
I would like to be in touch with other missionaries.
Daniel Rangel, Santiago.

Benin: We are 2 missionary pastors . . .
In a little village of the majority religion very far into Benin more than 600km from Ife. We have been working, learning their language and the local culture. We have already evangelised 2 areas and currently meet in a home. We need 50 bibles and NT's in French or Louis Segond to help us evangelise.
Pasteur Leon Tantan, Cotonou.

Argentina: Any Hispanic missionaries in . . 
Sweden, Norway and Finland. I would like to intercede for you.
Edgardo Campos, Lanus.

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Congo: Uruguayans on a UN peace mission. 
After work our goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all those who surround us. God has given us the grace of seeing decisions from people of other beliefs.. We arrived here 10 months ago, it has not been easy, but through our battles and hardships we have managed to glorify the Lord.
Julio, Johnny, Yony, Marcelo and Ernesto

Colombia: Missionary in a little town.
We have lots of violence, religiousness, poor economic situation, etc.
Please pray.
Pedro Pinzón, Fusagasugá.

Ivory Coast: Who can supply me with French Bibles?
We want to distribute them and evangelise the Ivory Coast currently ravaged by war.
Adam, Abidjan-Côte d'Ivoire.

Brazil: Evangelist working with the fire- fighters
I am a fire fighter and I share Jesus and try to make new disciples among the military staff. We would like to start discipleship and gospel meetings with our brothers at other fire stations.
Luis Carlos Dicara, Campinas, Brasil.

France: The gospel in French.
I have developed a very simple page explaining why one should put their trust and faith in God. It’s written in very simple French and gives details of the quoted Bible book, chapter and verse. Contact me for more information about the site, myself or my faith in Jesus Christ.
Daniel, France.

Argentina: Tell me about Indonesia.
I would like to know which organisation I can contact as there are no agencies in my country for Indonesia. I have a heavy burden for Indonesia and a missionary call to work as Social Worker. I could do both tasks.
Alejandro Aguilar, Tucuman.

For our USA readers


The Internet: Key to evangelism in 10-40 Window
Free Web Evangelism Guide now available for Africa and India:
Tony Whittaker, SOON, UK

Ten Reasons Why Missions People Leave The Field
By George Verwer -
click here

Chile: Going to Bolivia in January
To Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where the Guaranis live, for my cross-cultural missionary practice: I’m studying at the God’s Assemblies’ school of missions. Please pray so that God can provide me with enough funding.
Celso Guillermo Catalan Reyes, Santiago.

Central African Republic: Mission among Pygmies.
I spent some days with the Pygmies this month and was able to visit some encampments and worship the Lord alongside these wonderful brothers. The Pygmies are excited at learning to read and write. They have become a blessing to the other villagers who used to fight them but who now come to the Pygmy mission centre for medical treatment. The Pygmies are praying at this very moment for the Muslim nations. Imagine how Jesus must feel when he sees Pygmies in the jungle pleading for the salvation of a Muslim. My ambition is to start training Pygmy missionaries to take the Bible themselves and go and work among other Pygmies. I cycled more than sixty kilometers to get back to Bangui under the thunder of gunfire. The church in CAR in general has great need of your prayers. Even the most stout-hearted among us are no longer speaking the language of faith.
Pasteur Anatale Banga, Bangui.

Peru: Evangelising and discipling children.
We had an campaign last week to children from San Melchor with the help of young people from Lima. We set up a School of Mission where we trained youngsters. Our goal was ‘Until Christ be formed in you’. We welcome anyone who wants to come and help us.
We can provide accommodation and food.
Raquel Yupanqui de Candia, Ayacucho.

Uganda: I prayed and went but in fear.
I got a telephone call telling me that I was needed to speak in a seminar and a campaign which was organised among the internally displaced people, in an aarea of high insecurity. I received the assurance of you prayers and God's protection and did go. There was a woman who had been working as a witchdoctor and could consult the spirit of the dead. The Lord wanted her delivered. So as I preached the Gospel of the Cross of Jesus this woman came forward and renounced witchcraft and repented publicly. She openly asked all her clients to repent and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. When she made that call even the local government chief came and confessed Christ and so many people who were under demon influence like drunkardness and prostitution came forward and I cast demons out of them as I lead them to Christ. There was a celebration and joy in the camp as Christ was being lifted higher in the place although every body was fearing the rebels who could attack us any time. So God still reigned amidst fear.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.

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