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Welcome to the 28th November 2003 edition
To see today's edition please click here






Behind the Christian chat room screen

Mostly youngsters gather here regularly, I'm the counsellor and God put me in this ministry. They come with questions about the Word or personal problems. Many of them are firm Christians, others not so. They talk in private about their worries and things they are going through. . Many non-converts also log in to debate, satanists to annoy us and atheists to scoff at us. We’ve got them all, but the God's Word never returns empty.
Amalia, my nickname on the channels is Bettel.


Enormous social conflicts here

We hope the situation will be resolved peacefully. Please, pray that calm and tranquillity may return and that God may prosper this poorest country in South America.
Jhonny Taboada.

Burkina Faso
The World Christmas Party - here

How great is our joy to do the party for the poorest over here. We thank the Lord and thank you for this initiative. We will organize our party  in the AoG compound at Gounghin and invite 160 blind and lame people. We will buy rice, chickens, ingredients, drink, and soap as small gifts for them at the end of the ceremony.
Pasteur William Ouedraoago, Ouagadougou

In India as well
We are so thankful to God for your kind thoughts for the poor and hungry people.  What a wonderful opportunity it will be for the people here.
Pastor JJ, Central India.


§ This World Christmas Party for the poorest . .
For refugees, cripples, beggars and orphans is happening in
Uganda, Burkina Faso, Peru, Argentina and India as our gift to Jesus because what we do for the least we do for Him. Here is the full story and if you come and join us we can invite some more people.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

I'm l
ooking for a pastor en Chad

Elizabeth Barrios


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Jesus appears to Ismaili Muslim

While I was in Manchester recently I met a man from the ethnically exclusive Ismaili Muslim background whose spiritual figurehead is the Agha Khan. He was even married by the Agha Khan himself. Now well established in Britain as a successful luxury car dealer, the Lord Jesus appeared to this man 4 years ago in a ball of light in his house. The Lord talked to him which led to his dramatic conversion of him and later his wife. He is blessed with a strong yet good humoured determination to resist anonymous death threats made on him by some Muslims  for going public with his testimony. As it happened the most senior Ismaili in the UK was sent to win this man back to Islam but after some considerable time of heated talk, argument and discussion he himself has become a believer and follows the Lord Jesus. The story was featured on satellite's TV after which dozens of Muslims rang in and now an all Muslim Alpha course is running in the West Midlands.
Steve Bell, Friendship First Ministry, UK.


Going to Jordan and Pakistan

It will be for two weeks of ministry, please pray for us. Our church in Luton, UK is doing well.
Edward and Kyllikki Masih, Luton.

Camping in the cold for Christ

3000 young adults camped at Taize, coming mainly from Germany and France. Cold October had no adverse effect on the singing, prayers or praise. Over 800 students came from Lille and in all, 5,500 young adults came before November.
The Taize Community, France.
News from Taizé by email is available in English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. Subscription free from:


Free Gospel Leaflets

The most frequent question we are asked is "Where can I find free leaflets to give away ? On this page we have some answers for you.


Free Firewall for your PC

A Firewall prevents unauthorised access to your PC and prevents attack from viruses. Choose the free basic Firewall from We did just that - and you should see it work almost non-stop repelling unwanted incoming Internet things.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

European Youth Mission Congress

The theme is Know it, Live it, Share it. 7,500 16-30 year olds from 35 nations are coming for quite a New Year's Party 28 Dec to 2 Jan!


Survival Gardens for Refugees

We are Womankind Association working in training and funding survival gardens for refugees from Liberia and Sierra Leone. We also help schools to have gardens. Can you help us?
John Mansaray, Accra.

§ The story of Gertrude and her goat. Here is a special and very short page taken from Christian Aid which has become a perfect project for our own Banking for the Poorest scheme. You can see how do a lot with a little. Les and Pilar, the editors.

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Need so great in Orissa's interior

Tribals are living in a very poor conditions and the state is not able to provide the needed help due to the natural calamities that affect them very often. Your banking system would really be a great blessing to these people. Small investments will go a long way.
Daisy Joseph Stalin, Chennai.


We are hit hard by AIDS pandemic

2.5 million Kenyans are infected with an average of 600-700 dying daily from AIDS.  Our church buries 1 person monthly. The disease has reduced the average age for life expectancy from 63 to 42 years. But there is hope because churches are fighting the spread. Our church has a bold AIDS support project for 57 members who have AIDS. We want to contact other organizations who may be interested in working with us.

Wycliffe Mboya, Kisumu.


Mathematical Genius
Training by Multiplication

Remember 2 Timothy 2.2 ?

You have the Word = 1 knows

If you will teach 12 = then 13 have the Word.
If the 12 will teach 12 more each = 157 hear.
If the 157 will  teach 12 more each = 1,884 hear.
If the 1884 each tell 12 more people = 22,608 hear.
And so on until only the sky becomes the limit as the message moves outwards. This may be the best way to reach the very many people in the developing nations who cannot come to seminars and formal Bible schools but have lots of time to talk around the fires and cooking pots at night. See the
Free School of Mission for materials to teach.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

Musician will support missions

I'm interested in places like Africa. If any missionary can send me information or needs me to support their work, contact:
Alfredo Tellez, Coahuila.

Raising Funds for Mission ?

If you've never fundraised before or if you need to reach further and deeper with your fundraising efforts, how do you do it? See Oscar's Support Raising pages and our own Money Forum
Les and Pilar, the editors.

Nama/Damara people forgotten !

This group of central and southern Namibia in Africa closely related to the Bushman, having a similar Khosian language, light skin and small frame continue to carry on much of their reliance on stock farming, crafts, tribal traditions and a multitude of superstitions. Even though there is outward evidence of the 1840’s Rhenish Missionary work, identification with Christianity and women even wearing Victorian traditional dress, most show no understanding of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They are a forgotten people.
For more information:
Free subscription to Brigada weekly missions e-mail:


Not far from revival here . .

Paraguay is about to experience a great revival that will shake the foundations of our nation. The President and all his family are believers. As for me if God calls me to mission I will go with great pleasure to serve Him who loves my soul.
Blas  Gonzalez, Miami.


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We've just passed 1000 in church

Even so it is a pleasure to find pages like these with a missions emphasis, never change !
Jhonatan, Tumbes.


Successful visit blesses villagers

We carried in warm clothes, and schools got some modern computers and a photocopier. The local nurse and doctor were overjoyed at receiving gifts from doctors and nurses in the UK. "It gives us hope" they said. We saw 32 locals at the Sunday service. One woman gave her life to Jesus is eagerly waiting for the warmth of Spring when she will be baptised, probably in the local river.
Ann Murphy, Leicester, UK.


Dream opened way Chile

I have just returned from spending most of the month of October in Chile, where I met a wonderful people who welcomed me into their home and shared their lives, love and food with me. It was amazing to find how God prepared the way through a dream that Bishop Juan Carlos' daughter had where she saw both of us together at a table. God prepared the way through a dream. You see in Chile, it is not common to have a young (elected) bishop and a single pastor like me who represents a communion like the CEEC. This was only the beginning, because God had so much for me to do in my time in Chile.  Read the rest of this special story at
Josep Rosello, Benissa, Alicante.


Sri Lanka
Stop Christians meeting at any cost !

There were 10 Buddhist monks and 100 people at the Athurugiriya police station this morning.  The chief monk was very abusive and threatened to stop the Christians meeting at any cost. He said that even if the Chief of Police says "that the Christians can meet" he will not allow and that there will be blood shed. As a church we need God's wisdom and  strategy.
Roshan & Liz, Pastors.


Looking for Bible School - none here !

ln 1999 in lzmir we began to meet on Sundays for prayer in our house. We were only two families at the beginning, now we have a building and we are 35 people. We want to join a Bible School for one year but l think we cannot pay for the school. We want to give up everything around us and we want to spend our time with God's words. Can you help us please.
Ayse Duman, Izmir.


Tears are the fashion
on the faces of everybody

Lira is now crowded with displaced people under trees and filling houses and centres. The death toll by the rebels is on the increase. Women are crying loudly for their loved ones who are killed and yet they are not to be buried according to the rebels commands. This is so traumatising that we are seeking God more now that ever. Children are crying and dying of poverty, women are begging for food. The food and help we have is like putting salt in the sea.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

§ George is our friend and colleague in Uganda. The BBC says that the war there worse than in Iraq and their latest news with photos is on this page. You may also read just the text on this instant page on our website. Thousands of those affected are believers who need our prayers and help. We are sending funds this month, you are welcome to join with us
Les and Pilar, the editors.

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25,000 meeting in Kiev

Over 300 Embassy of God churches are planted around the world. The senior pastor is Nigerian, Sunday Adelaja who has appeared on TBN several times. The church, in spite of the social work that we have done over the years, is facing a challenge from the remains of the communist regime. We have assisted over 2,500 drug and alcohol addicts in regaining normal lives and each day, 2,000 homeless and poor individuals are fed. In the last five years over 1.8 million people have been assisted and about 500 homeless and runaway children have gone through the church's rehabilitation program and have returned to their families.
Embassy of God Church, Kiev.

Check out their webpage


Event in biggest stadium

We are firmly believing that God is going to break the chains of idolatry and atheism that grip this region.



Your radio program on our stations

We are a church that owns Christian radio stations in the US and overseas dedicated to soul winning and missionary evangelism.  So if you have a heart to reach into the far off places with the Gospel then we will air your radio program for your prayers and a monthly love offering. The station we built in Monrovia Liberia recently weathered a civil war and the UN used it to help bring peace.

Morgan Freeman, Louisville, Kentucky.


The Last Word . . .
Easier to w
alk on water or land?
Discipleship is built entirely on the supernatural grace of God. Walking on water is easy to someone with impulsive boldness, but walking on dry land as a disciple of Jesus Christ is something altogether different. Peter walked on the water to go to Jesus, but he "followed Him at a distance" on dry land, Mark 14:54. We do not need the grace of God to withstand crises ­ human nature and pride are sufficient for us to face the stress and strain magnificently. But it does require the supernatural grace of God to live twenty-four hours of every day as a saint, going through drudgery, and living an ordinary, unnoticed, and ignored existence as a dis­ciple of Jesus. It is ingrained in us that we have to do exceptional things for God - but we do not. We have to be exceptional in the ordinary things of life, and holy on the ordinary streets, among ordinary people and this is not learned in five minutes.
Oswald Sanders
From My Utmost For His Highest



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Enter a name, country or topic to search hundreds of previous editions and studies in a second.


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