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People in mission e-mail us . .
We are a youth group in charge of teaching missions to the children in our church and we would like anyone in mission in Europe, Australia or Central America to send us details of their work, their families and any prayer requests.

Meli and Ceila, Cordoba.

Mission School in my hotel
I want to open a training school exclusively for people in mission and others with the call of God but no money for training. My hotel with 150 beds is free for you. We want to fill the earth with people in mission. Argentina has great missions potential and we need your support to make this plan a reality.
Richard Brandan, Renton.


Arabic-English Translation
By a national believer in the heart of the Middle East, rates far lower than any agency in the West.
Make contact here

Native French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic speakers always welcomed to join our worldwide team of the volunteer translators of these pages.
Write to Les Norman


Pray for Rain Movement
We need the world to pray with us

Hosea 10:12 promises that if we will “seek the Lord” he will come and shower righteousness on us and in 2 Chronicles 7:14 the Lord promises that as we seek his face, God will come and heal our land. Before we can hope to see the kind of success in evangelism that we urgently need in the now deeply secular UK, we must prevail in prayer to God that he would send the rain of his Spirit to soften the hearts of the people. Our short and simple guide will lead you into a few minutes of new prayer each day for our nation.
Click here to see more information - and welcome !
Pastor Paul and Jill Johnson, Rainworth, UK.

§ We have known Paul and Jill for maybe 20 years and they are 100% genuine people who love the Lord, their church and the people of their area. This prayer guide is short, focussed and comes highly recommended.
Les and Pilar, the editors

By the way  . .
The next dates Les and Pilar have to visit colleagues, churches and friends are 24 Oct - 3rd Nov. and 16th Dec to 6th Jan. Some weekends are also available. Invitations welcome

Burkina Faso
The seed you sowed in 1983 . .
The little seed Les and Pilar sowed in our Bible college room in 1983 has became a big African tree with nearly 60 people serving in evangelism, education, training and social action. AEAD is a fruit of DCI and today groups like UNICEF are looking to us for partnership. Our children's camp had 529 people mostly teenagers. Then we held a retreat at a monastery and then went into a warfare international conference at our church with two speakers from Nigeria followed by a pastoral conference in the district.

Pasteur Ouedraogo Philippe, Ouagadougou.


§ Burkina is one of the poorest countries on earth yet how remarkable that single seeds sown there produce huge harvests for Christ while in the West tons of seeds hardly bring in a bucketful of interest in the gospel. As Paul and Jill write above, "Pray for Rain in the UK" but while you do keep on sowing into the good soil of Africa.  Les and Pilar, the editors.

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Who can tell me about Algeria?
I will be going there next year, if you can put me in the picture I will be very grateful.  If you want to know about Chile, just ask me.
Felipe Moreno, Temuco.

500 people decide for Jesus
There are many places here where the people do not know Christ so my church went with a team for a week.  We saw over 500 people decide to follow Jesus.  This was a great blessing. I can tell your team what to do, just write and ask.
Charles Calencia Ardila, Bogotá.


DCI Banking For the Poor
Here is a new and improved page of guidance for all project leaders and everyone who is interested in this part of our work.

By the way this is nothing to do with us (sadly) and not even more sadly not a Christian work, but if there was ever a 20th century Cyrus raised up by God for the poor it is this man - Mohammed Yunus. His story is Banker to the Poor. Amazon has it at £9.90. I have it too !
ISBN 1-85410-664-3 or visit
Les Norman.


Is Scripture divinely inspired ?
Can you help me with this school essay about the Christian view. Could you tell me any other views?
Miss K., Nottingham.
Address withdrawn as a courtesy.

§ OK Miss K, here is a short answer for you to get you thinking in the right direction. And this is not an invitation for everyone to send me their homework !
Les, the editor.

Villagers severely threaten pastor
He is told not to visit homes with the gospel but despite opposition Pastor Babuser remains strong in his faith and holds worship services. One new Christian is the village priest who experienced God’s healing. Many in the village were angry at his conversion, some claimed that all the spirits they worship have now departed so they want to drive this family away. Even if he has to lose everything Babuser will not leave and he is willing to die for the Gospel.
John Schwartz, Gospel for Asia

47 shout Here am I Lord, send me

Several in our week Bible School were filled with the Holy Spirit and others got a word from the Lord. Vinod who was backslidden, repented and completely surrendered his life  to Christ. Arjun got a vision about three new villages and   Bhabhubhai, an engineer, was completely filled with the Holy Spirit and surrendered his life to serve God. At 6.15 am the mountains though engulfed in thick monsoon clouds, were resounding with praises for Jesus.

Pastor John Joseph, Nagpur

Who Are We ? | How Are You People Funded ?



India - Pakistan
God moving in a mighty way here
Our recent visit to Pakistan saw over 100 local Afghans, Iranians and Pakistanis coming to faith, mainly through one-to-one personal witness. More than fifty taxi drivers responded and over fifty gypsy adults and fifty gypsy children. I learned much about Home Cell Churches and the rapid multiplication of disciples on my last trip to India. 37,500 new Home Cell Churches started in just two States in Northern India last year.
David & Barbara W, England.

Bandung student ministry.
We reach schools in our city by making cell group in each school. We have about 100 cell groups. Now we try to reach about 100 more schools in our entire city. This ministry need 100 leaders for those schools and at least US $1000.  Please pray so we can reach students of the majority religion in our town and bring the love of God to entire schools. 
Pelajar Bandung Selatan
Address withdrawn for security reasons

About your debts . . .
Many people have confided me about their economic problems and the despair and discouragement they face as they are caught with debts. That is why I decided to share some Biblical principles as a blessing for everyone.
Sent by Pastor Angel Gerber,
The New Wine Ministry
From Israel to the ends of the Earth.

§ Click here to see Pastor Angel's principles to avoid debt on our Money Forum Page

Ivory Coast
Asking for a Bible
I am 29 years old and I would like a Thomson or Schofield Bible for pastoral study. My father is sick and cannot buy it for me. I am a student. If you can please help me.
Dally Serge, Côte d’Ivoire.

Ivory Coast
Missionary wants your e-mail
I would like to swap experiences on the Christian life and have your support for the work of our Lord.
Yao André, Côte d’Ivoire.

Young man,19, comes to faith.

He actively searched the internet for almost a year after he heard an evangelistic radio program and was finally led to a website that responded by putting him in touch with a believer in Morocco. The Lord prepared his heart and after hearing the good news, he readily believed it. He is now receiving follow-up and is hungrily reading the Scriptures. Pray that he will become well rooted in Christ and that he will find fellowship.
Arise Shine Morocco

§ What a difference ! One week in the Colombian Amazon and 500 people decide for Jesus but in North Africa one decision takes a year's searching on the Internet and radio and then a risky secret personal visit.
Les, the editor

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Meetings in Lahore 24/25 Sept.
We hope in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that all nations shall be saved. We are wining souls for the kingdom of God through the children, church, women, prayer, seminars, conventions and gospel and healing campaigns. We need your prayers.
Pastor Labin Taj.


ealing ministry team needs help
I care for 60 pastors and 115 home churches and I want apostolic ministry to work together with us and protect our Pakistan churches.
Bishop Yousef Barkat, Karachi.


Who can I help in Lisbon ?
I want to serve the Lord by helping an organisation that moves young people towards God. I can't find anywhere, do you know where I can go ? If not it is a good opportunity to start something.  I am Spanish, living near Lisbon.
Vanessa Rodriguez Albert, Sintra.


Russia: School of Mission
and Practical Ministries courses
Try them out and download them free from here: School of Mission and Practical Ministries  Click on Introduction and  you can enrol in the next 13-week intro semester starting September 29. Russian or English.

Robert Hosken, Moscow.

Government approves our work
Our ministry is called the Evangelical Association for Soul's Restoration. We are very glad to share our happiness because we have got registered. We ask you to pray for us that we may glorify the Lord in Rwanda.
Rev. Amiel Bakururhe.

You must live with people to know their problems
and live with God in order to solve them

The new building work should be finished in late Dec and needed funds are coming in, God is so good. We are blessed with a second hand jeep that we had been praying for. We support children with HIV and AIDS.

Gareth Lavell, Chiang Mai


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On the other side of the test . .
As Abraham was leading his son Isaac up the mountain of sacrifice what neither could see was that on the other side and at the same time the Lord was pushing a ram to the top. The lesson is that on the other side of the test you will find God's provision ready and waiting. If you quit now you will never find your ram, the one that has already been led to the top for you.
Les, the editor


Time Magazine
Missionaries Under Cover

Read the story here on Time website
Time says "Growing numbers of Evangelicals are trying to spread Christianity in Muslim lands. But is this what the world needs now?"
Sent in by Fritz Cobrado, Philippines.

§ This is an acclaimed and quite well researched article, the talk of the mission world which is breathing a sigh of relief as it was expecting the worst from the press. Well worth reading.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

Come over here and help us
We are doing the Great Commission in very difficult conditions and need transport, tents, machines, training and finances, especially megaphones. We need co-workers from the developed countries to help us. Whatever you do for the cause will go a long way here.
Rose Bawuna, Kampala.

Many praying for worldwide revival.

But it would be more timely and more scriptural, for prayer to be made to the Lord of the harvest, that He would raise up and thrust forth labourers who would fearlessly and faithfully preach those truths which are calculated to bring about a revival. (A.W.Pink)
From The Soul Winner's Devotional
English or Spanish editions free by e-mail:

CD - All Countries and Peoples
All 233 nations of the world and all 16,000 people groups, plus CIA World Fact Book. 34,000 pages for $48 launch price. See more information
From Brigada Today

Free weekly missions e-mail:


USA: Kenneth Hagin unwell
On Sunday Sept.14 his heart stopped but the hospital were able to revive him. Last week he spent time in the hospital due to fluid on his lungs but as he got better they sent him home and then this happened. It is my prayer and belief that the devil can't take him out of here through a sickness. Please agree with the Rhema family for his complete recovery.
Lisa Dickens, Tulsa.

§ Lisa, Thanks for telling us, the news brings  back memories of all the Kenneth Hagin books and tapes we devoured some 25 years ago when I was just setting out in the mission and the ways of the Holy Spirit. Amen to your prayer.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

Google Search all our 1,300 pages

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Search our 1,300 pages
Enter a name, country or topic and Google will search hundreds of our previous editions and study pages in a second.


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