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Welcome to the 30th July, 2002 edition
To see today's edition please click here

I said Satan had unleashed hell upon us. I was wrong !
We are asking for prayers for wisdom, for strength, for courage, for protection, for help from God. In September I asked for prayer fro Jos and Plateau State. I said that Satan had unleashed hell upon us. I was wrong.  What he did then was only a sting of hell.  Now we are felling the full blast. Christians have been killed, churches burned and destroyed. All Christians have been chased out of Yelwah Shendam their homes and shops destroyed. As in the Sudan the church in these areas continues to be lively and fervent in spite of the hardships, our faith in suffering is producing much fruit.  We are painfully losing material possessions but clinging on to Jesus alone. In life we do not have a permanent place here.
Anglican Bishop of Jos, Ben Kwashi, Nigeria.

Mission from the bush to Europe and Africa
I was in Holland for preaching trip in June and immediately went to Congo for a mission trip. All trips was successful; in Holland one lady on wheel chair walked and doing okay to date. In Congo 207 got saved, 1 lunatic healed and 1 blind eye man received his sight and doing okay to date. We are very busy conducting Peace and Conflict Resolution Workshops in Pader where there is a lot of rebel activities. By forming several community peace working groups in the affected areas, somehow we can help peace through community.
Lawnsome Etum-Akezi, Lira, Uganda.

Your School of Mission studies are a great blessing.
We are using them to train the future leaders of our congregation. We have started a course titled “School of Servants” with 45 students.
Pastor J.G.Monzón

Translating the gospel for the deaf via Digital TV
Through the TV we reached many deaf people although they could not attend the Carlos Anacondia Barcelona campaign. We thank God for the chance of using the media to spread His Word. We met a deaf man from Ecuador. He attends a Catholic church where he is studying the Bible. He was amazed with the campaign and came to church last Sunday. Please, pray so that God speaks to his heart and he may find the Lord.
Dámaris and Pili Gómez Peñuelas, Barcelona, Spain.

I have just ministered to a large gathering of Greeks . . .
Including many leaders from both within Greece and from around the world. The main focus of this event was the Lord Jesus and world mission. It was a national mission mobilisation event and a great joy and privilege to take part. Every nation and peoples group needs such events. In some ways, every city needs a similar event. In a few weeks I am headed to a similar event in Singapore with a large number of churches involved.
George Verwer, Mission Mobilisers Network, England.

Trying to get some information about Cuba.
I would also like to know what exactly ‘Santerismo’ is – popular in Cuba, Latin American and Caribbean countries with African influence. I have a powerful call to go as a missionary to Cuba. I want to thank you for your School of Mission: a great blessing for our church.
Jose Clementino Gonzalez Bravo, Santiago de Chile.


Indonesian Christians Fear Imminent Attacks
Police searches in the village of Garua near Tobelo, a predominantly Christian city in North Maluku found weapons, bombs, grenades or rifles in every home in one sector of the community but none were found in the Christian community. Then on July 11 attackers came setting off bombs, shooting, and crying out, "Allahu Akbar" destroying five homes and severely damaging others.
John Lindner, Christian Aid Mission, USA.
Full story at  

Please visit my bi-lingual site - 
With Christian doctrine; the Word of our Lord; Bible studies and assorted topics: consultancy, hymns, health, poetry and thoughts about life.
Jaime Díaz Rodríguez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Do we frequently spend time and money on the same people again and again ?
Even though so many of those people have already heard the gospel and rejected it, often several times over. Do our neighbours think that God needs them more than they need Him! Meanwhile, those who have never once heard the name of Jesus, lie spiritually speaking in the gutter, dying, bleeding, waiting for someone to intercede for them. Who will care for their soul, whether they be neighbours, refugees or immigrants?
John Clements, Nottingham, England.

The first meeting took place at Budapest’s airport.
A brother got permission and othen the man in charge started putting a spanner in the works, asking who had given the consent to hold meetings there, etc. But meetings were held on Friday and Saturday at a room full to its capacity. There were between 250 and 300 people, many of them non-believers, work mates of the brother who had the vision, as well as people working at the airport. Above all, the Holy Spirit was there, in all his magnificence.
José y Elisa Német, Velence-Hungary.

I am a Colombian living in Miami, Florida-USA
I am studying Christian Family Counselling with a specialisation in addictions. I have just begun a radio programme for families with addiction-related topics. Please, pray that the Lord may open more doors to me so I can work in what He has been training me.
Ignacio E. Jiménez, USA.

We have just posted to you the completed Swahili studies.
It was kind of you to wait patiently and to pray for us while we were working on the translation for the last six months. Once they are on this web site, we may consider advertising the pages to millions of internet users through major newspapers in five Swahili speaking East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zaire and Zambia. We believe it will be a good cast of fishing net! We're planning to hold the graduation ceremony with the first graduates of the School Of Mission course in Nairobi on August 9th.
Paul Sungro Lee, EAPTC Nairobi, Kenya


News about Pastor Jose Garcia’s heart transplant.
He was discharged from the hospital on June 29,after 4 months. On the 30th, he was in two services sharing his experience. He has lost 15 kilos and is still weak although he has his good humour. God has worked through your prayers. José received a heart donation while on a waiting list of over 5,000 people. For his family and Samaria Church, I would like to express our gratitude for your prayers.
Virgilio Zaballos, Co-pastor, Samaria Church, Terrassa, Spain

Third consecutive March for Jesus, La Rochelle, France.
It was the most sucessful with over 100 people taking part, a 400% improvement on last year, which had about 20 people. It was the only one in the west of France. We had a praise concert afterwards on the local park, which was tremendous, but poorly supported. However we press on, faces like flint.
Eric and Brenda, La Rochelle, France.

Operation World For Youth
24-7 have published a web friendly, youth friendly version of Patrick Johnstone's prayer manual 'Operation World'. Check out the first 50 countries (including Europe)!

I’m a pastor at a Baptist church in Cuba . .
Guided by the Bible and with the help of Operation World, we hold a one-and-a-half hour prayer service every morning, choosing a different country to pray for. Today, it's Ukraine; tomorrow, Uganda.
Joel Díaz Martinez, Cardenas-Cuba.

30 million hours of prayer for Buddhists . . . and increasing
An unprecedented call has gone out to generate 1 billion hours of prayer and intercession for the 1 billion Buddhists in our world. As of March 2002, the total number of hours for prayer committed was just over 30 million!  Website includes prayer guide and regular email updates.

Are there any ministries offering evangelistic literature at low cost or at no cost ?
We serve a very deprived area badly in need of this sort of literature.
Adriana Zepeda, Las Margaritas, Chiapas, Mexico.
One answer is: - they would love to help you - Editor)

We have the privilege. .
Of being part of the call of the Lord to spread His Word – though momentarily we are facing some hurdles because the language is foreign to us. We are doing our best, working together as a team. We are currently supporting the work here at a school of discipleship. There are many students of five different cultures and nationalities. It is wonderful to pray, intercede, praise and at the same time to mix cultures; and it is nice to see how other cultures are fully committed to this.
Jose Antonio y Pilar Celis, Colombian Missionaries in South Africa


Budapest, Hungary, Mission Expo 2003
June 26 to 29, 2003. Following the highly successful event in 2001, the needs of the world will again be made known to central Europe. Includes many denominations, national and international missions.
Terry Lingenhoel, OM, Erd 2030, Bajuszfu utca 15, Hungary.

Prayer points from the edge of the Sahara Desert
For me: Please pray for constant spiritual renewal and empowering. My wrist is still quite painful, pray for healing. For the Fulani believers: pray for the work of the Spirit to inspire and motivate them to commit themselves and meet together more. Pray for one as he prepares for baptism.For rain: The rains have started here. Please pray for good, regular rains through the coming months. For the compound where I live which has been sold to a trader. He wants eventually to fill half of it with warehouses, but I need to see him soon to discuss arrangements. Please pray that the Lord overrules.
Keith Smith, World Horizons, Gorom-Gorom, Burkina Faso.

Great Commission Map Collection
Get a CD with 500 missions maps and graphs. View on screen, print or copy them. No royalty fees required for most Christian ministry. US$39.95
Global Mapping International, USA.

Agape Rehab Society finally registered in Russia.
One member of our Board is Rev. Dr. Alexei Bychkov, president of the Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary. He has graciously made available to us a large room in the basement of the seminary for an office. Right now, this room consists of just bare cement walls, ceiling and floor, not even a door in the doorway. If you would care to help us build  our office, please write to me.
Robert Hosken, Missionary in Moscow.

Can we attend training in the USA ?
We want to send 8 people who will return to benefit the underprivileged in Cameroon. Our mission is young and poor so we are appealing for help.
George Mba Atu, PO Box 6959, Douala -Cameroon.

Free book on offer.
We are a native missions training and sending organization founded by K.P. Yohannan. You can read what leaders think about us at: - then get the book.
John Schwartz, Gospel for Asia


Six hard months in Cameroon
We have seen friends killed in a road accident; struggled with being away when Grandma died; saw our children in hospital with a suspected ruptured spleen; emergency appendectomy; then ear and throat infections; ten recurrent gut problems; we have had amoebic dysentery and suspected Malaria. Many leave Cameroon for furlough, some will never return. In all the great heartache we have known that this is where God wants us. The temptation to fly home was strong but the Lord was gracious. Thankfully we came through.
The Godfrey Family, Wycliffe, Cameroon.

Intercessors For China 2002 prayer calendar 
Help to intercede for China's 1 billion people and some of the country's 456 ethnic groups.

How to use the web for direct evangelism.
As the author of the internet section in Operation World, I have written a resource guide: It can also be inserted into your own website with a few lines of code and a customised introduction. If you would like to use it on your own site, I would be honored.
Tony Whittaker, SOON Gospel Literature (WEC International), UK.

Praying Through The Window VI
The international prayer initiative for the 10/40 Window focuses this year on the "girl child" and women in the 10/40 Window. Intercessory teams are already forming to take prayer journeys to Window countries. We can send you strategic information. Calendars available mid-2002. 
Windows International Network, Colorado Springs, USA.

Bank for the Poor in Uganda reports in . .
We gave orphan Opio Simon 50.000 shillings ($32) for a small carpentry workshop and 30.000 to Alice Akullo for a small bakery. People are happy and thankful to God and to you. Mrs. Nora Odongo was given 60.000 to improve her hardware shop and 40.000 was given to two young orphans who have finished their carpentry course to buy few tools. Next in line is a sister who sells beans and more desperate orphans (AIDS victims) are on our waiting list.
Pastor/ George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

30-Days Muslim Prayer Focus
11th annual worldwide initiative during Ramadan, November 6th to December 5th 2002. Daily reading from the "30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus"  is available by blank email subscription to

I have a call to go to Italy.
But I do not know what to do. I need some advice. Thank you.
Deisy Hernández Acevedo,Cartagena - Colombia.


Can you tell me . . . 
How to instill vision, and missionary work among young people.  I would like to develop a project at church, and I need help - in Spanish.
Yaneth Gabriela Mejias Ramirez, Venezuela.

With global satellite television . .  .
International newspapers, the Internet and missions conferences and resources in abundance, we cannot help but 'see' the peoples of the world, every week, most days, especially during times of international crisis. But do we watch the news, flick through the mission newsletters and magazines and glance at their faces just long enough to sigh, turn our gaze away and perhaps inwardly be glad that they are not our responsibility ?
John Clements, Nottingham, England.

Official website for the Hellas 2002 Congress, Greece
George Verwer is the keynote speaker.May the Lord bring about a great harvest in Greece.
Gary Rose, USA.

Tearfund's Prayer Zone
Automated emails for world prayer including weekly World Watch every Friday, with a focus topic and page for OHP use.
Sent in by Operation Mobilisation, England.

Mission is our first priority  . . 
We also want to bring our people training to make them more self-sufficient so that together we can help the marginalised or disadvantage peoples with the Gospel and with our true love. We are using the materials sent to us by you and we are advertising the school to start in October.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

From a French church in Quebec 
I am looking into the possibility of opening a school of ministry.  Has your material been translated into French and if not would you give us the permission to translate the material? (Yes, the studies in French are on the way, translated in Burkina Faso, among the Pygmies of Central Africa and in England. Editor.)
Dale Peck, St-Romuald, Canada

Looking for a church in La Paz
I am a Brazilian student of Theology. I will learn Spanish in La Paz, Bolivia from December to February. I would like to meet local pastors who might help me. I can give them a hand in whatever they may need in their churches.
Paulo, Brazil


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