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Looking for an architect.
We have a bamboo church and a building project, but we need plans and design. It would be very expensive for us to contract an architect here. Can anyone help help us with its design? We would save a lot of money.
Nixon Torres,Guayaquil, Ecuador.

From a French church in Quebec 
I am looking into the possibility of opening a school of ministry.  Has your material been translated into French and if not would you give us the permission to translate the material? (Yes, the studies in French are on the way, translated in Burkina Faso, among the Pygmies of Central Africa and in England. Editor.)
Dale Peck, St-Romuald, Canada

During the next 60 seconds, stop whatever you are doing . . 
Take this opportunity to bless: You simply say this personalised "The Lords Prayer" for a person who know." Our Father, who are in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, your Kingdom come, your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Give him this day, his daily bread and forgive him his trespasses and help him to forgive those who trespass against him. Lead him not into temptation but deliver him from evil. For yours is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever.  Amen."  Do it right now.
From an idea sent in by Rev. Gareth Lavell, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Looking for a church in La Paz
I am a Brazilian student of Theology. I will learn Spanish in La Paz, Bolivia from December to February. I would like to meet local pastors who might help me. I can give them a hand in whatever they may need in their churches.
Paulo, Brazil

Look among the nations – be astonished! 
In Hab 1:5 God instructs us to look among the nations, because amongst them his handiwork is seen. In the nations His purpose may be witnessed and amongst the nations His purpose is being fulfilled. The nations are the tapestry upon which God's story is being woven and written to this day.
John Clements, Nottingham, England.

Looking for information about work and missions in Australia.
Rolando Bermudez, Guacara-Venezuela.


Asking for information on the ethnic groups in Thailand.
Ricardo Berríos, Paraguay.

Stories from an expedition to China
This is a strong and growing sect in China who believe the Jesus has already come again as a woman called "Lightning".  These people operate in a subtle way, often infiltrating underground groups, posing as born-again believers to invite people to meetings.  Often people are drugged and brainwashing techniques are used.  They especially target leaders. Recently they fooled 30 of the leaders of one large movement to go to their meetings and they were imprisoned and drugged.  Thanks to the Lord's intervention all have now been released but they have suffered a lot and some do not want to continue in ministry.  Another leader went along to a Lightning meeting but felt uncomfortable and left.  She did drink some tea and slept so long that she wonders if that was drugged.
Anonymous for security reasons, but highly reliable source.

Come and see my web page for the disabled.
Click on “Comentarios" to post your opinions. We are working for the Kingdom to make it possible for disabled people to know Jesus!
Lidia Rossi, Argentina.

We need a Missions Co-ordinator.
Our International School of Missions is seeking men and women called by God to missions. We need co-ordinators to support our exchange system, so that we can send and bring missionaries, and be praying for different countries.
Rev. Miguel Angel Velasquez, Denver, Colorado-USA

New Apostolic Mission School in Bandar Lampung.
Our vision is to reach the unreached people for Jesus, in Lampung Province and in all Sumatera Island. We have 12 disciples to send every year. We can not do this but Holy Spirit can. So please pray for us in Bandar Lampung.
David R. Marjukie, Bandarlampung - Indonesia

Going out to the nations from Mexico.
We are a small group of young Christians. We have planned a trip to Honduras which is a very poor country.
Mario y Karla Escobar, Cancun, México


Blessings and struggles in Peru.
We are building a church, and already have work going on in Tacna and Tarma-Junin. Three of our young people have been sent to receive training in Chile. The other good news is that in six monthd we will have a new baby!!
Pastor Samuel Anselmo Vasquez, Tacna, Peru.  

Looking for an international mission.
We would like to join them or to cooperate. Could you help us? I am already with mission in Italy.
Francesco Perone, Napoli, Italy.

Greeting in the name of Christ from Mexico.
Thanks for this newsletter, that shares a vision of what is happening worldwide. It is a great blessing to me.
Jose Martinez, Mana, Mexico.

Translating the gospel for deaf people in Spain
We will be translating everyday during the Barcelona evangelistic campaign of Carlos Anacondia.  If you are near and have a deaf friend please bring him and give the Lord the opportunity to talk to them. We are also translating for the Gospel Choir concert in Madrid, 29-30th. The music and choreography will be vivid and testimonies too.
Dámaris and Pili Gómez Peñuelas, Comunicación 7, Spain

Caring for 220 children displaced by the violence.
We are a small volunteer team, moved by the Great Commission to do Christian education.  We are in south Bogota. Please pray for strength as a team and that the Lord will provide more resources and more workers.
Luis Eduardo Niño R, Nehemiah Teachers, Colombia.

Young Maria Fernanda is waiting for a liver transplant.
If you want to meet Maria, or send her e- mail we will deliver it with pleasure.


Writing from the literal end of the earth -  Patagonia . . .
I work in discipleship training for missions with people from all over the south of Argentina. Can we pray together for a whole generation of missionaries to go out from here to the world.  Together in the Great Commission.
Ignacio Gomez, Argentina.

About to start the Course for World Christians in Thailand.
Hopefully very soon our group will be up and running. I have read through courses 1 to 10 and I want you to know that I feel truly blessed and fortunate to have come across your course. I know that Christ directed me to find it.
Rev. Gareth Lavell, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

E-mail me about the world today . . .
Looking at it from a perspective of God eyes.  I am doing a course on World Perspectives, it is just great.  There's a saying with great power comes great responsibility, I believe it's up to us to ensure that the nations be reached.

Bradley Kissen, Cape Town.

Who wants a missionary to join them ?
I am so grateful for your blessed page sent to me, it is really great. I am Servant of God from Nigeria, I have a great desire to join a missionary team to minister to people in need of the gospel of Christ in Western World. 
Oguntoyinbo Segun, Nigeria.

Stories from an expedition to China
The sleepless night enabled us to pray.  Lying there I seemed to be "visited" by a procession of animals, not flesh and blood, but to do with whatever spiritual powers had a hold on that place. One animal returned more often than the others, a monkey with an almost human face, dressed in human clothes.  A week later a conversation with a young lady turned to Taoism and she said that the major power was a monkey who wore clothes!
Anonymous for security reasons.

Treasure in dusty boxes or treasure in heaven ?
Wallington Missionary Auctions, est.1966, will professionally value and auction all kinds of antiques, art, jewellery, collections, instruments and so on, and send the proceeds to the mission of your choice - hopefully that might be us at the DCI Foundation in the UK. See 

Les Norman, editor, The World Christian, England.
Contact Me


Two Yanomami villages are about to go to war.
Both villages are nearby. The cause is the death of a young man by snakebite.  This is said to be witchcraft by one village against the other, and now they are ready to kill to revenge this death and old wounds as well. Please pray!
Musme Apostol, Missionary with the Yanomami, Venezuela Amazon.

Peace is fundamental to the transformation to our communities.
The peace that my country needs, and indeed many other troubled nations of the world is the God kind of peace. The God kind of peace pursues harmony, complementy activity and relationships at the interpersonal, ethnic, and even global levels. I am involved in initiatives to promote dialogue, peace and reconciliation in my nation. I dream of an institute that will train church leaders in Africa in conflict transformation skills. Please pray that God may bring along people of a similar passion to make the dream a reality.
Maclean Ndabezinhle Dlodlo, Harare, Zimbabwe

Five day unprecedented international Greek conference.
Hellas 2002, June 25-30 near Athens is for worship, prayer and missions. They need all the prayer support they can get! It may be a great turning point for Greece, and is sure to be fiercely opposed. Info:
Gary Rose, USA.

Please send some Christian articles to me . .  
I want to grow in the Lord and need some materials. I will be more than happy.
Thelma Animasahun

We struggle with the caste system  . . .
But the Bible tells us that those who believe on Lord Jesus Christ and are cleansed with His Blood all are one caste, Christians.  Most villages follows castism and in the towns castes only help their caste brethren, and  deceive the Holy Spirit. Please pray for Hindus to hear the Gospel. We are preaching the crucified Christ whenever occasion comes. We need your Prayers. In Andhra Pradesh there are many groups of Christians. We are belong to Christian Brethren.
P S J, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Barcelona Pastor has heart transplant !
Pastor José Garcia has had a heart transplant after a second heart attack in the pulpit. The surgery seems successful and he is recovering. Thank you for your prayers. We ask you to keep on praying during the coming days.
Co-pastor, Virgilio Zaballos, Terrassa, Spain.

Please pray for many Iranian Christians.
They had to leave the Islamic Republic of Iran and are waiting in Austria to finish their refugee applications for the USA or Austria. Some of them face a hard life because of long waiting time without enough support from any of these countries. Read more at our website.
Friends,Vienna, Austria.

Cross-denominational service in Belfast widely celebrated
Members of different Protestant churches in Belfast were invited to a Catholic church for a cross-denominational service. The Presbyterian minister gave the sermon and something unusual took place. There was applause from everyone. Under the title of "Keep Hope Alive", he spoke on reconciliation after years of violence and deeply-rooted hatred and about the hope, faith and vision that the Gospel brings. Northern Ireland has heard many people reciting the Gospel for years but sometimes they sounded empty and barren. We need people to live the words like this servant of God!
José Luis Iparraguirre D’Elia, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In Pakistan every congregation has problems.
Many have received threats against property and people. Recently many died in a storm and many homes collapsed in the storm.
David L White, TACDP, for Pakistan.

Ask the Lord to give Moroccans dreams and visions.
In many places throughout the centuries, the Lord has acted sovereignly to reveal himself to Muslims.  He often works through dreams and visions that later result in salvation when Christians shed light on unanswered questions.  Ask the Lord to call laborers to bring in a growing harvest of souls in Morocco .
Arise Shine Morocco.

We reached 13 different people groups in Burkina.
The Mossis, Birifores, Lobis, Dioula, Guans, Bissas, Dagaries, Bobos, Bolon, Senoufo, Lèle, Fulanis and Gouroussis. One new believer is Etienne who was a renowned witch doctor, many feared him. He was like a demon and a strong warrior. It was a big surprise when he left his old life and decided for Jesus. When God healed a possessed women 9 of her family accepted the Lord.
Pastor Philippe Ouedraogo, AEAD, Burkina Faso.

Extreme drought in Southern Africa . . .
Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe are all suffering. We know that for these poor people, the future is very bleak. The issue is not just drought, but a combination of civil wars, economic mismanagement, the HIV/Aids, self-serving politics  and even pure greed. Yet God is concerned about starving people. They need to be given necessary food and care now and the Water of Life for  their eternal destiny. The issue as always is who will go ? Who will be Jesus to them ? Who will become His hands, feet and heart to them?
Dr. Kevin Dyson, New Covenant University, USA.

Looking for a church on your travels ?
If you travel for business or pleasure and want to find a church nearby, OSCAR has a list of sites where you can search for churches in various countries.
OSCAR - UK Information Service for World Mission, England.


Reaching out to destitutes and beggars in Senegal 
We witness to them and pray for them because Jesus died for the destitutes the same way He died on the Cross for the people in the palace. In Senegal the nobles only want to identify with prosperity preachers with big suits. We need supporters to help us reach the less privileged on the streets.
Rasaki Solomon Erhenede, Clap House Int'l, Dakar, Senegal

Jurgen Moltmann writes in, "The Church in the Power of the Spirit"
Reading the Bible with the eyes of the poor and hungry is a different thing from reading it with a full belly. If it is read in the light of the experiences and hopes of the oppressed, then the  Bible's revolutionary themes - of promises being fulfilled, of exodus and liberation, of resurrection and new life, of the abundant life through the Spirit of God coming to all who by faith will believe and receive, then these themes come alive!
Sent in by Dr. Kevin Dyson, New Covenant University, USA.

Scams from Nigeria, be forewarned and forearmed.
These many scams are aimed at Christians with very convincing Christian words to draw in the naive or just-plain-hopeful believer. You may be so 'savvy' that you wouldn't be taken in at all, then again you might. Or a friend might ask your advice. Many have lost thousands of pounds. Take note of this website:
John Clements, Nottingham, England.


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