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Welcome to the 30th July, 2003 edition
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Colombia: I’m studying English and Arabic
I have been studying English and Arab here, in Colombia, but I had to quit my classes due to the difficult economic situation. However, I have some books and I am studying English on my own at home. Do you know anyone who can take me to study English and Arabic which is crucial for my missionary work.
Martha Lucia Restrepo, Bogotá.

§ Martha, I am sorry but I do not know of any scholarships. Ask Arab World Ministries for their advice, they are the Arab world experts. Consider Linguaphone, BBC or Berlitz videos, cassettes and books - but you will need self-discipline. Are there any Arab or English/American students in the University of Bogotá ? Students are often happy to teach their own language for a little money. By the way here is a . .

§ Major Arabic Christian website:

Arabic Bible in Word
Arabic Bible in Audio

Enter the Arabic Pages
Les and Pilar, the editors.

Central African Republic: A nation in turmoil
I am trying to find words to adequately describe what I have felt, seen and heard in the last couple of weeks. CAR is a nation in turmoil. Chadian troops clutching Kalashnikovs ride the streets of Bangui in their 4WD vehicles. There are countless robberies with violence. The harvest will not come, because the seed did not get planted. Islam is more and more in control of commerce, and now boasts that this once Christian nation is more than 15% Muslim. Yet, despite it all there is a hope among the believers that defies the outward circumstances. The Spirit is moving in Central Africa. He is interceding, and He is finding willing vessels to groan with Him in prayer.  I have been humbled and privileged to be working alongside some of these people. More news to follow in the next edition.
Gail Dixon, Nations, Llanelli, UK


Honduras: The Lord has called me into missions . .
The trouble is I don't know where or how to start. I have been a pastor since I was 20 years old and now I am 34, married and with 5 children, 2 of whom we rescued from the streets. We are doing our best to open a public shelter for such kids and we have also opened a small school for the deaf people in our area.
Leonel Diaz, San Pedro Sula.

§ Leonel, The same Lord who calls you is also the One who will give you the grace, the guidance and the provision to follow Him in His mission to the world. It sounds to me like you are doing a lot already. God bless you. I think that these study pages will help you find the Lord's way forward - 18, 17, 16 y 74a y 74b among many others in the School of Mission. They are all free. Les, the editor.

Russia: Light And Darkness: Our Struggle
Quite a lot of people we know stay up until 2 or 3 am almost every night, then can't get out of bed till almost noon. Part of the reason is the irregular length of days here in Russia. At the longest June day there is almost no night, and at mid-winter solstice there is perhaps 3-4 hours of daylight in Moscow and less further north. In the Arctic Circle you have six months daylight, then six months of darkness!  E-mail me for free subscription to our news about Church life in the former Soviet Union.

Robert Hosken, Moscow.


Peru: From the upper Amazon  . .
A few days ago a missionary came back from a place called Bolognesi which is a village that I used to work in years ago. Today by the grace of God just about all the community is now following Christ.  For me to hear how God has worked was very exciting because in my day there was almost no fruit at all for our labour.  It just shows how we need to learn patience.
Alejandro Flores Atiaja, Pucallpa.

India: Report on our Bank for the Poor
People has started repaying their loans. Two has already repaid the full amount and started supporting a missionary with 250 rupees a month. God has really blessed their cleaning liquid business. Now they are producing 50 litres of cleaning liquid. The  Bank has helped us to help 60 people. Quail farmer also repaid his loan soon after he sold his birds. He is also supporting his pastor with 300 rupees per month. As the loans were paid through Bank people are so prompt to repay it. If it were personal loan it will never be returned.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala.


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Mexico: OM Latin America's Dalit Project
We are responding to a call to the 300 millions of Dalits in India. For 3000 years these people have been humiliated and despised because they are the lowest of all the 6,400 castes or social classes in Hinduism which says that they are reborn as Dalits as punishment for their previous life. Dalits have little human rights and lack education and decent work. Their name means untouchable. In 2001 they all renounced Hinduism and thousands of them are now finding their way to the feet of Christ.
Luis Alejandro Machado A.

Thailand: Our building coming down in December
We still need to raise a lot of money within 3 months with the other remaining two to rebuild a building. This is extremely stressful for us. We need all the help we can get materially and in prayer and every offer of help would be truly appreciated. This cause of caring for children with AIDS is very urgent.
Gareth Lavell, Chiang Mai.

§ You will find much more about Gareth and this beautiful work of compassion in our previous editions.  Now he is faced with this very real crisis and needs everyone's help to keep going for Christ and these kids. Les, the editor.

Bolivia: Peruvian missionary looks to Russia.
I am looking for information, photos and training about Russia because God is leading me towards Moscow. I know it is very cold there but I love these people with all my heart.
Freddy Quispe Cuellar, Santa Cruz.


The Soul Winner's Devotional
Igniting a passion for souls on six continents of the world
One of the keys to victorious Christian living is to see yourself the way God sees you. If you see yourself as fearful, weak, and defeated, your words and actions will line up with your thoughts. Seeing yourself as a successful soul winner is no exception. But how is that accomplished? By finding out what God's Word says about being a soul winner, meditating on it, and making it your declaration, instead of what the devil is whispering in your ear. 
Subscribe free by e-mail to:


Colombia: Are you in Canada - Quebec
We are looking for churches and God's people in Quebec as we are moving there. I lead in worship and my wife is a counsellor.

Miller Seynel Duran Sua, Bogotá.


Bangladesh: Taizé with the Garo minority
"Without the help of the Church we would have lost our values and our culture," said a one of the young Garos during a recent Taizé meeting in Bangladesh. Among the workshops: "How can a very small Christian minority share the faith with other people?" "What are the Garo values that must be preserved at all costs?" Five trees were planted in memory of the first Garo Christians in India and Bangladesh who not only received the Gospel, but gave their whole lives to take the Gospel to others which at the beginning was a dangerous thing to do.
Taizé-Community, France.


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World Missionary Press
Scripture Booklets for the World  - Free

WMP is an inter-denominational faith ministry producing 48-page Scripture booklets in more than 310 languages, along with Bible study booklets and New Testaments in a variety of languages. We are producing approximately 4,000,000 Scripture booklets each month to send out free of charge as the Lord enables us financially. During our 41 years of ministry we have sent literature by request into 209 countries and islands of the world.


Pakistan: Nobody wants to come these places . .
We are ministering among the poor, needy, helpless and unreached people, specially among those who are working at the bricks making factory who are just like the slaves of Egypt. We are working in villages among the neglected people, nobody wants to come this place, nobody wants to start Church here, nobody wants help in this place, people are living in mud houses. There is no life and no clean drinking water. I am thankful to God who led me here and gave me a vision for God's work. We started with few but now by the grace of God we are leading three churches. Please keep us in your prayers as this is very hard time for Christians here.
Pastor Labin Taj, Lahore.

France: Puffing for Pygmies around Paris . .
I well and truly puffed my way round the 42 km of the Paris Marathon in 3hrs 57 minutes and Ł800 was raised for a dispensary in Central African Republic. A number of colleagues went to the forests of Bobelé for a significant conference to bless this people close to God’s heart. From the Pygmy huts to the office of the Prime Minister the team were able to share deeply a God inspired vision of reconciliation for this troubled nation.

Robert Reeve, Nations en Marche, Lille.

Brazil: My mission is as a social father . . .
In a house with 10 girls who are without father and mother, and girls in risk situation. Me and my wife be with necessities to go for other missionary country. My need is to develop my talents of evangelism in poor areas. Is more good your site for my studies. I'm sorry, but my English is more bad. Please pray for our dreams. Thank you.
Hamilton and Sandra.

Burkina Faso: Captivity and Liberty
In the main prison in Burkina there is now a small Fulani church starting among the inmates. It was great to see how they are developing traditional music for worship and their openness to the good news of Christ. Pray for those who are following up this work, as there are unique problems of discipleship once prisoners leave.
Keith Smith, missionary to Fulani people, Djibo.

§ Keith is a friend of ours from years ago. I have spoken in that prison he mentions and seen dozens of men from many different tribes respond to the gospel. This is brilliant news, very well done to you and your colleagues. Les, the editor.

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Middle East: Four Iraqi children with severe cancer . .
Eight more expected to come this month. Jordanian families are needed to open their homes for these children since they can not afford to stay in hospital. I called the hospital and they told me that some of the children cannot proceed with treatment due to funds problems. The hospital phone is 00 96 265 35 30 00 in case you want help. They speak fluent English. I am going there with my mother since the mothers accept her more as a female. We are going to give them small presents and some Christian colour books. Please pray for these kids, nothing is more innocent than children and may God help us to help them to end their suffering.
Arabic believer, name removed for security reasons.
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India: Over 200 Churches planted in our States.
The congregations are from different backgrounds, their lives changed dramatically bearing fruits. The tailoring school going on well with 15 women and girls learning and hearing the Word of God. Your studies are a blessing to all of us. All the children in “House of Hope” doing well, growing in wisdom and the fear of God. We are concentrating on youth to catch them young before they are lost in the world. All of our Pastors and lady Pastors doing well, their congregations growing. Anti-Christian forces are on rampage once again in many parts of our country. Some churches were burnt and workers are beaten badly. A terrible law banning conversions has been passed in the next state. An evangelist can be fined up to $10,000 and 5 years in prison. Thanks for all your support.

Pastor SJ, AP.


Ghana: Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship
We are into research, mobilization, training, outreach and holistic ministries and entrepreneurship, productivity and literacy training. Pray for the Lord to send in people to support our work here.
Rev. Dr. Nana K. Ofori Akuffo.


France: Ready to launch a Christian magazine.
It will be the first of it kind firstly in English and then in French. I know it is not going to be easy and I need your prayers.
John Kudjo, Paris.


Kurds: Bible in Sorani and Kurmanji ?
I would like to obtain two copies of the Bible in Sorani and Kurmanji so I can study them with my Kurdish friends.

§ For multiple copies of Kurdish Bibles go to Orientdienst Postfach 45 46, D-65035 Wiesbaden, West Germany. +49 (611) 940 61 38 or fax: +49 (611) 940 60 4. They understand English.
Tony, DCI England


Northern Ireland: Peru missionary in intensive care
Trevor Morrow is a missionary in Peru and is very ill in intensive care in Lima after emergency surgery.  Please pray for his recovery and for his family. More information is on our website.

David McFarland. 

Russia: My web page about Jehovah's Witnesses.
Vladimir Rumyantsev, St. Petersburg,


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