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Politicians promote animism ?
There is a massive spiritual battle raging over Zimbabwe. The majority of people are a humble friendly race, and the gospel has had a marked influence on them. Give them the opportunity, and you will see this nation rising to such greatness as to take the world by surprise!
From Nations, Wales, UK.

Praying for a place I don't know.
We would like Dearborn people to know that an Argentina family is praying for you.
Sandra Quintero, Pergamino - Argentina.

School of Strategic Missions in Colombia.
The 10/40 Window is where the majority of the people have not heard about Jesus. Only 4% of missionaries are trying to reach them. In 10/40 are 34 Muslim countries, 7 Buddhist and the rest are Animists and Hindu. In January we have a 5 month Missions School with 2 months in 10/40.
Markus Buser, YWAM Cartagena, Colombia.

Meet ‘The Church’.
Watchman Nee founded this group in China and today they gather in many places around the world under the name of ‘The Church in - for example, Monterrey. It is a pleasure to know these people who quietly work hard to advance the Gospel. Their web page is
Fernando Rivera M., Monterrey, Mexico.

I would like to do a short term mission. .
To Spain, France, Italy or Austria. If you know of a missionary family who needs support, please contact me. I am a pastor’s daughter, 15 years old, I know German and I have finished the first year in Bible School. I think the Lord can use me.
Diana Lucia Dardòn, Guatemala.

In these tough times in Argentina . .
I give thanks to my Father in Heaven that I am able to open a plastics factory. The goal is to fund missions around the world.
Roberto Rengifo, Argentina.

He reaches 8 tribes with over 300 pygmies
"Does your church support you?" I asked him. "Well, money is short in the church due to the economic troubles of the country. However, I've cleared land where I live and grow and sell my own crops." His answer was filled with the dignity of self- sufficiency. My heart rose at seeing the clear call and faith of this African apostle - hidden away in the depths of the forest.
Rob Reeve, France / Central African Republic

From the upheaval in South America . . .
Greetings and encouragement to all who have understood that the biggest task the Lord has entrusted us is that of announcing the Gospel worldwide so that the end will come.
Erich B. Bertuzzi, Rosario, Argentina

Family with a heart to start mission in Egypt.
They are part of the leadership of a work in Egypt and will soon share the vision with their movement and hope to see a mission planted. Pray that the Lord would open the hearts of Egyptian believers to share the riches of the gospel with others in the Middle East and beyond.
From Nations, Wales, UK.

Land of revival - now needs prayer.
The price of the food has dramatically increased and high unemployment. In Buenos Aires many individuals and families of all ages are living in the streets, sleeping in the squares, eating from the garbage or taking waste food to their homes. This situation has brought protest in the streets. The banks are closed, there is no money in them and accounts are frozen. The news is shocking, and I wonder where are our Christian ministries ? I would like to see them helping the suffering or the sick who can't buy medicine or food, and opening their HQ's for shelter. Have our offerings only paid for comfort - that saddens me. Pray with us to see God’s hand working in this complicated time.
Just one of many similar e-mails, Argentina
Anon, but genuine writer known to us.


Defending the churches in Argentina . . .
The Church here is always the first to respond during natural, political or economic catastrophes. Unfortunately, TV shows the worst images in the neediest areas of the country. I am not denying what is happening, but just warning against any distorted view concerning our beloved church.
Juan Daniel Puntarello, Argentina.

Every time I try to rise up . . .
To excel in the ministry the enemy pushes me down either through sickness, domestic problems or financial constrains. I do thank God for your prayers and for all the encouragement too.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

Whatever happened in Bosnia ?
In March, Dana was able to visit the folks serving in this challenging environment. The thoughts that come to mind are: complexity, resilience, horror, pain, loss - and a desperate need for hope. The neighbour was crushed by his lack of hope and sadly took his own life in his front yard. Our team is committed to bringing hope through church planting, personal discipleship, training and with medical, dental and humanitarian aid. We need short and long-term missionaries to serve with us.
Dana & Mary Libby, Brecon, Wales, UK.

Cameroon website:
Andy Godfrey, Wycliffe, Cameroon, West Africa.

On the way to the Basque Country
We are a Chilean couple who served full time as national missionaries. In June we will be moving to Spain. We need your prayers
Chileans Missionaries, Chile.

I would like to contact the Falkland Isles.
For seven years I have felt deeply burdened for the people there.
Rocio Casañas, Ensenada, Bs As., Argentina

Theology Course for Hispanic students
For a certificate or a Masters degree, applications close July 31st. Students must have a sponsor.
Dr Carlos A Rivera. Houston, USA.


Do you have an event, festival or training ?
Would it be of interest beyond your borders? Why not send details to our events guide. Events must be open to all including Catholic believers.
Tim Nichols, RELAY Christian Network, Holland.

The Missions School is doing well.
There are many students and like all ministries there are always some obstacles which we need to surmount. The church is growing and this gives us great joy in Christ. Our family is fine in spite of some difficulties but God is always supporting us.
Jose Rosales, Cusco, Peru.

Youth retreat at Bhilai, India.
We had 53 boys and girls from 13 to 23, from 5 churches. The temperature was very hot, 45 C, so we met at 7:30 am and 6:30 pm. Several gave their hearts to Jesus, 5 received the Holy Spirit, and the four days seemed too short.
Pastor John Joseph, India.

I thank God to get in touch with you.
I pray that our good Lord should provide me the opportunity to know Him better in spirit and truth.
George Mba Atu, Douala - Cameroon.

Mission Training bursting at the seams!
We long to welcome all who want to come and cannot but we have found a modernised, empty mansion nearby with room for 50 students. We are moving forward so please pray with us, resist fear with us, and walk by faith with us!
Gail Dixon, Nations, Wales, UK.

From Morocco, an Islamic nation.
We praise God for the rain but some reservoirs still look empty. Unemployment is a huge problem here, elections are in October. Pray for literature, including Christian books, to become available in Berber languages. Pray for believers to remain strong during intense questioning by authorities. Pray for new folks on whose hearts the Lord has placed Morocco and its peoples.
Phil Rule, Arise Shine Morocco.

Free training in Living, Ministry & Missions
Henry Pulsifer, Kiln, MS, USA

Launching a Bible Vocational Training Centre.
Pastors will be trained in theology and carpentry, block laying and painting. We shall use the DCI Foundation materials that you have sent. We are seeking the Government license to operate. There is much needed to bring to pass this vision.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

Ministry is not easy in rural Romania . . .
I am the only pastor that lived with the church in 50 years. I do not know what to do because I am so inexperienced and they were so unpastored. We are 35 members. We want to buy a house to make a church in Vezendiu. Pray also for Rodi because in August we expect another baby to come. With gratefulness.
Pastor Tim Manta, Romania.

Bishop going to sell £1m official home.
He will spend most of the proceeds on the poor. Bishop of Lancaster, Patrick O'Donoghue, says he wants to spend time with priests and people rather than paperwork. He says the 16-room mansion is a "symbol of another era." 
Full story from:

Baptism in India is serious business.
Last week the Lord enabled me to visit two mission stations and preach the gospel to the villagers. In one village 15 people accepted the Lord and 5 people were baptised. In the other village 12 people accepted the Lord and committed to water baptism. Baptism in India is a serious step of obedience where people separate themselves from sin and the world.
Pastor Daniel and sister Lily, India.

New OSCAR forum for mission mobilisers . .
It can be pretty lonely as a local church missions rep, not unlike being in an isolated mission field of your own! This forum will help people to discuss their helps, hindrances and experiences. Go to click on Forum and then Mission Mobilisers.
One Stop Centre for Advice and Resources, UK.

Secretly translated China Bible Studies.
If you know people who can use these unique materials please tell them to go to the China link.
Les Norman, World Christians, England.

From Uganda into world mission.
I have been to USA, UK, Netherlands, Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda and Sudan for the Gospel. The seed was planted in me my dear friend and mentor Les Norman at DCI World Christians. His coming in 1990's bore fruit for the Kingdom.
Lawnsome Etum-Akezi, Lira-Uganda

Goal is 500 groups in the Mumbai slums.
We have a new Bible School in Mumbai with 50 students for a 3-year course. Please pray for 7 primary schools we are set to start for the poor and downtrodden and Dalits.
Rev. M.A. Lalachen, Nagpur, India.

Greetings from Gödöllö, Hungary.
We minister to the Hispanic immigrants in Budapest. God has opened a big door of oppor-tunity for service in this country. One church here has 25 students in bible studies. In Velence a meeting for inner healing brought 150 ladies.
Jose and Elisa Nemet,Velence, Hungary.

Do you know missionary Rudy Girón?
He is in Russia and I need his e-mail.
Ana Luisa Menéndez - Guatemala

From South American to Romania.
God blesses and the enemy’s tries to counteract - life is full of trials and victories. Through beautiful times of prayer the Lord revealed to us His will for the Bucharest church that we have planted.
Jorge Hugo and Dámaris Santander, Rumania



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