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Welcome to the 30th May 2003 edition
To see today's edition click here

§ The Adventure of the Month
In the eventful weeks of travelling in China . .

I began to understand Chen and found appreciation for him growing by the day.  Chen’s grandfather had been in high places, specialising in the classics.  His father had been in government and so a ready target for the Red Guards.  He saw his parents led away and killed, his house and belongings confiscated.  In fear for their own lives, relatives refused friendship to this nine-year old.  Hidden deep Christian faith caused an Asian Chinese from far away to befriend him.  This man walked from village to village, repairing pots, pans and buckets for small amounts of money.  With nowhere else to go, Chen joined him on his travels, learned his skill and slowly embraced his faith. Later, for three years, Chen lived alone in a cave . . . twice Chen was imprisoned for his faith . . For those few short weeks as I began to grow to know this very extraordinary man, I realised that I had begun to know Jesus in a different light also.  The thought did cross my mind that at times when the presence of the Lord was very close, perhaps He wore the heavy disguise of a Chinese missionary called Chen.

§ To read the full unique story of this recent visit to China, which we are privileged to publish click here We know the author personally who is the most remarkable man now in his later years having spent a lifetime in intercession and mission.
Les and Pilar, the editors.


Argentina: ¿Are there any missionaries in Israel?
I need to get in touch with any of them
Gladys Dominguez, Ituzaingo-Corrientes


India: Successful evangelism at Thiruppur
1500 people attended from heathen background, 100 people committed their lives to the Lord and we had 30 baptisms. God healed one family from demon possession and they too are baptized in the water. Our Pastor Babychen and his workers did a 40 day fast for Gods intervention in the city. God did show up and healed the people.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala.


Chile: Call to Sweden
I would like to contact a ministry in Sweden. I am going by the end of this year. I do not know anybody there and I am learning the language. I have had this calling for 3 years. We are going to start our ministry.
Nehemias Jaque


Russia: Sixty last May 4th !
Now I'm a 60 year old - I've decided to slow down a bit, and just work from 9 am to 9 pm. The big news is that I finished a major upgrade in our online courses last week. Now a student can simply go to this page
and study from an Internet cafe or library in English or Russian, or study offline. We have  250+ lessons including the School of Mission from this website.
Robert Hosken, Moscow.
Free Russian Agape-Biblia: http://www.agape-biblia.org
Authorized Moscow website: http://agape-biblia.narod.ru


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N. Ireland: Alpha in Belfast

It will be the first Alpha in Spanish in NI and will probably start in September. Please, pray that we may find the immigrant Latino people in NI interested. We all know that were it a course on cake decoration, cultural history of shoes or dinosaurs there wouldn't be any problems, but a course to talk about Christianity and to be a Christian and lead a Christ-like life really means that it might raise more than an eyebrow.
Jose Luis Iparraguirre D'Elia


§ Answering your Internet questions  . . .

Q. How can I send e-mails in other languages  ?
A. Try World Lingo but keep your message simple, with short sentences and free of Christian jargon.


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A. Subscribe to Surf On The Safe Side For £30 a year they filter and block all the bad stuff. It's the best !


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A. Subscribe to the e-mail service of SpamCop For £18 we have reduced our SPAM from anything up to 20 a day to nil 6 days out of 7.
Les, the editor.


Morocco: Consequences of Iraq as seen from here . .
The war has inflamed passions around the globe.  Arabic media are strongly denouncing the actions of coalition forces.  Large anti-war demonstrations are occurring in many locations.  Western expatriates working in Morocco and throughout the Muslim world are under particular stress.  Pray the peace that surpasses understanding will reign in the hearts of Christians living in Morocco.  Pray for God’s Psalm 91 protection on them and for effective witness.  Pray the outcome of current events will result in a greater openness to the Gospel among Muslims in Morocco and throughout the Muslim world.
Arise, Shine, Morocco



§ From Les & Pilar, the editors . .
We are very sad to pass on the news of the unexpected death of 9 year old Emanuel, the severely disabled son of our close DCI Fellowship colleague in Uganda, Pastor George Purkweri. He writes:

"God at last decided to take my son Emmanuel and allowed us to suffer this pain. Thank God for the special grace to keep Emanuel who had brain damage from birth, until now when he died peacefully in our hands. Yesterday we buried him in our traditional land in Kyoga. May God help us also like him to finish our race so that we be with him one day in eternity. Through Emanuel God trained us to handle helpless, vulnerable and suffering people with whom we can really feel together. They should never be disadvantaged and thrown away. For anybody who is keeping a retarded child let them be encouraged that for those who love the Lord all things work out for good to those who love the Lord.
Pastor George and Jane Purkweri


Spain: From the hottest place on earth, Murcia.
It’s springtime and it already seems like a sauna; imagine what summer will be like. In this new stage of our church, we’d like to invite the entire city. We are inviting people in a simple way, handing out invitations on the streets face to face. For example, we are spraying several hectares by hand and we need to do it by airplane. Therefore, we ask the Lord that He concedes this miracle to us in order that we may reach out Murcia for Christ.
Javier Castillo, Murcia.


Toronto: For June 1 we need intercessors . .
We are delivering an evangelistic paper door to door, then weekly in this great city; the multi-cultural capital of the world with 185 first languages.

Peter Burritt.


Guatemala: looking for contacts to go in mission to Italy
I think that all the countries need the light of Jesus. My heart is longing for going to Italy, a land that is also in need of Jesus.
Pablo Armas, Quetzaltenango


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Venezuela: This page made me cry.
Right now I am recovering from an illness I caught on the field with the Guaraos people but I found this page and it made me cry with gratitude because it is so difficult to find men and women who will put their shoulder to the plough in missions and not look back.
Dunia Centeno de Limpio, Cumanà.


Sierra Leone: To reach the unreached . .
Looking for partners especially for the Fulas, Yalunkas, and Mandigoe. They are less than 2% Christian  I have a BA Missions and a Diploma of Theology. Please come to help me.

Pastor Joseph N.M. Conteh, Freetown


Chile: I want to know all about India.
And all I need to know about being trained for India. If you are in India and need workers please let me know.
Jose Lopez, Viña del Mar.


UK: Free Evangelism and Discipleship
Global University http://www.globalreach.org home of the well-known ICI study materials, has a new site for evangelism, marriage and discipleship resources in a number of languages, all free. 
Tony Whittaker, Repton

Dominican Rep: Called to the Sajarauis
We have heard the call to missions and God has opened a door for us to go to Western Sahara to the refugee camps of the Sajarauis, who are 99% non-Christian. We have an invitation to direct a telecom centre donated by YWAM who were looking for people from our nation because we have similar physical features and language to the local people in WS.
Wendy y Ramón Manuel Sosa.

USA: Keep Praying for Indonesian Christians
Christians In Crisis is praying for the suffering Christians in Indonesia who have been displaced by years of persecution. Unable to return to their homes, many are living in refugee camps and are suffering from malaria. To find out more visit our website.
Brother Terry.


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Guatemala: Take your children out of school . .
"Some years ago when we began to bring in children from the street we soon found that the most serious problem we had was in educating them.  The state schools were the worst possible place for them as they went straight back into a street atmosphere and it wasn't long before one way or another all our hard work was undone. We tried to take them to the Christian colleges which are really for the upper classes of Guatemala, the wealthy. Although in the beginning these schools did offer us a discount, it was not long before they began to fear for their reputation as it did not go down very well to have our street children sat alongside the children of the more privileged members of society.  So in order to protect their good name all the schools eventually asked us to remove our children.

Miguel Diez y Ma.Carmen , Remar, Madrid,
Christian work in 52 nations


§ So what happened next ?
To read the compelling full story in three minutes click here - it really touched our hearts. We know the writers very well, no more genuine and compassionate people will you find. Les and Pilar, the editors.


Spain: Training the Estepona church.
We are getting the church ready for Spanish pastors to take the lead, and we are travelling to different cities to share the vision to get ready for God's visitation. The Lord opened a door for us in Barcelona. Pastor Adelino of Mollet wants us to go back with all our family.  The AOG youth in Catalunya have invited us to their summer camp and we will continue working with Pastor Miguel and his gypsy congregation in Badalona.

Guillermo & Cristina Santos.


South Africa: Our Father in Heaven
He watches us with loving eyes . .ever eager for us to commune and fellowship with him.  As missionaries we sometimes, like Martha, get wrapped up in the work we need to accomplish. Lets focus more of our attention on Jesus and the work He has done for us. 
Vishalin Vandiar.

Taizé: Saturday evening prayer live on the web
Domradio in Cologne, Germany is broadcasting the Saturday evening prayer from Taizé, each Saturday until 7 June. The prayer is recorded at 20.30 and broadcast at 22.00 CET, 20.00 GMT. Go to:
The Taizé Community, France

India: Non-Christian wants to suppress our church.

He is trying to purchase the adjacent building. If he does our activities will surely be attacked. Our present building is highly inadequate, please pray for provision for us to purchase the adjacent building .



Paraguay: we are missionaries in Paraguay
We need your prayer support for this country, for whom God has great promises. For further details, please write to us.
Anibal y Analia


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