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Nigeria: Asking for a teacher to visit.
We are mission oriented institution looking for a visiting lecturer male or female. We will provide accomodation, feeding and any other neccessary in Lagos including visit to tourist centre. The lecturer will pay only for his flight ticket as we are a young school and cannot afford that. May God bless you as you answer the Macedonian call.
Mrs Talla nee Yamande Mathilde, Lagos.

Mexico: About to start my missionary life. 
I’m planning to set up a School for Mission firstly in houses. My main aim is to make every believer into a disciple so that they can take on responsibilities. I know I can use your material.
Ignacio Esquivel Lopez, Cicero.

France: Preparing for Annual Taize Meeting
On All Saints Day there were over 2,000 young people at Taizé, then a large team went to Paris to continue preparing for the New Year meeting in local churches throughout the Isle-de-France. Individuals and groups from the UK are planning to take part and if you wish to be put in touch with others who will be going to Paris, then let me know. 
Brother Paolo, Taize Community.

Italy: ’Amen’ is a publishing mission.
We use state-of-the-art machines and would be happy to give you a quotation with a 5% discount to missions and churches.My website
Francesco Perone.

Ghana: Asking for a Bible teacher.
Our Bible Institute is using some of your lessons and going about from church to church preaching and teaching the word of God. We need a missionary female Bible teacher who holds at least a degree in theology to assist us voluntarily.
Rev Patrick Azariah Dekryst.

Farsi TV to Iran and Afgrhanistan.
SAT-7 satellite has one-hour broadcasts at 12:30 (noon) and 20:00 hours Iran time on Thursdays and Fridays. The service is also available to viewers in Europe, at 10:00 and 17:30 CET on the same days. It is hoped to expand the broadcasts to a daily service over the next couple of years. On under Iranian Christian Broadcasting. 
Persian World Outreach, Williamstown, USA.

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Uganda: Asking who needs evangelists?
I am very intersted in evangelism. I kindly ask you connect me with countries needing evangelists to do the Great Commission.
Rose Bawuna, Pastor, Life in the Word Church, Kampala.

USA: Perspectives World Mission Course On-Line.
It's a joint project between International Christian Ministries and the US Center for World Mission.  and then click "Perspectives Course"
From Brigada OnLine Missions Weekly

India: 6,000 pastors and elders expected.
From all over Central India to participitate and be equipped at the teaching conference.
Anon for security reasons

From Bangladesh: 21 years with no outside help.
We are 11 brothers working for 21 years for our Heavenly Father in our country. We have faced many problems/obstacles and even torture. Our Heavenly Father using us and for that reason we are preaching many places and to the hundreds of brothers and sisters. Many brothers and sisters accepting Jesus Christ as Savior in their life. Now, many other religions want convert to Christianity and join us. Till to date we did not get or ask the assistance or support to somebody but now we are passing very hard days. Now we need somebody’s help and support. Any Lord’s servant, church or group wants to do Lords work in our country, we welcome them.
Leonard Saha, Dhaka.

Bolivia: Huarina School of Mission is . .
Serves the Body of Christ by training, encouraging and equipping believers for the Great Commission. Our intensive 7-week low-cost course, focused on practical work, for students in Bolivia and Peru begins in January.
Bruce Saldi, La Paz.

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India: Our 2002 target was to plant 25 churches . .
And to recruit 25 new missionaries. In spite of all the persecutions and anti-conversion laws God enabled us to plant 40 churches and recruit 50 missionaries. We just had 10 baptisms. We believe this is the time for India. Some of our missionaries including myself are getting sick very often, please keep us in your prayers.
Pastor D, South India

UK: Groups for those struggling after divorce/separation.
8 branches in SE England. Spreading across UK. Urgent need for Christians, recovered from divorce/separation to help those still suffering. Free training for group co-ordinating given for this rewarding ministry.
Jim Wheeler, Crowborough, 01892 665524.

Chile: Looking for contacts in Ivory Coast
Hugo Riquelme, Temuc.

Russia: 5 years as a translator.
I had been working for the Salvation Army and I did some translations for OM. I'm a Christian. I have the University Degree in English and western literature. I'm looking for a job as a translator. I have my own computer. May be I could be of any help for you.
Vozilova Julia, St. Petersburg.

Rwanda: Fruitful journey to Kenya.
This was the fruit of information from this page. In Nakuru where I ministered, many hearts were restored and many prayers were answered from Jesus. The very important gain was that we accepted to work together for the Kingdom. In February I will be there in two weeks.
Pastor Amiel, Kigali

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Free Evangelistic Literature and Web Pages . .
In easy-English, French, Portuguese, Pulaar, Russian and Swahili.

Uruguayans in the Congo: Part of a UN Peace Mission. 
Thanks to your newsletter we get to know and intercede on behalf of the different needs that our brothers and sisters undergo around the world. We have the opportunity to evangelise and help many people and God opens more and more doors every day. The language is a hindrance, but God gives us wisdom so that we can do His work anyway. We ask your prayers for this land; it's people are going through all sorts of deprivations, with no food and sometimes even no water.
Julio, Yoni, Marcelo, Johnny y Ernesto.

USA/East Africa: Seminars in 2003
Unlimited Strategy Evangelism will conduct its second East Africa Project seminars for pastors and church leaders in Nakuru, Kenya, Feb. 23 - 28, Bungoma, Kenya, Mar. 2 - 6. To attend one of these seminars please visit our web page and go to the "Contact" link.
Charles Aranyas, Director, USE. 

Russia: Resources and jobs for translators at: | | 
Arterm Sedov, our translator in Saratov.

Chile: Keen on world evangelism.
Because the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few, I hope I can be of some help by providing information about missionary activities in my country so that I can let everybody know how God is moving worldwide.
Carolin Gissele Galvez Valenzuela, Quilpuè.

UK: BBCi Religion and Ethics website - all the world religions info is here.

USA:  Very interested in the courses in Telegu
The Pastors in Repalle, South India would like to start a school. Thank you so much for receiving us!
Pastor Veronica, GTO Missions Inc.

Only for our USA visitors


Burundi: Surprising smiles on the believers.
One church is at its early stage covered by old plastic sheeings. People there are in difficult conditions, there many internal displaced people, there is much hunger there due to war but surprisingly if you were there, you could see smiles on the faces of the Christians. We conducted training on Leadership, Church and Conflict resolution followed by a baptism of 23 new convert and the ordination of 5 deacons. On Sunday we held a great crusade with the ordination of 6 pastors.
Rev. Joseph Cimpaye, Bujumbura.

Zimbabwe: Save the Children banned.
President Mugabe lashed out at charities and aid agencies working in Zimbabwe for "meddling with our national affairs", banning Save the Children from distributing food in a critical district to 55,000 villagers.
© 2002 Christian Herald, UK.

Middle East Readers: Take note, be wise.
I have been called by the national security police here and asked about all my relations online. Please pray for me.
Anon for security reasons, Arabic world.

Peru: Training in Bolivia as a missionary.
God talked to me in His Holy presence and told me to get ready to go over to Moscow. I need to contact pastors and leaders.
Freddy Quispe, Lima.

France: Let's stop thinking of ourselves as . . 
'Charismatics' or 'Non-Charismatics', so that we can see ourselves as we are, "sitting at the throne of God", receivers of a wonderful inheritance and of a perfect salvation! Let's try to find out and receive more of the blessings which are rightly ours in Christ, and, first of all, let's receive Jesus Christ, the Supreme Blessing!
Full article online at Source de Vie, France.

Chile: Missions Conference report.
Pastor Casanueva showed us the great necessity of the aboriginal peoples in Chile. Only 5 per cent of the 12 million Mapuches know Christ.
Felipe Moreno, Temuco.

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UK: December Christianity+Renewal now online:

India: 10 days ministry on rough roads.
We were more underneath the van than in it. The Lord has opened a new door in Orissa. This area is called the Ethiopia of India. There are thousands of deaths every summer due to starvation and famine. After surveying the area I noticed that the deaths are not due to acute water shortage or poverty but because of lack of blessings of the Almighty God. This district has 2000+ villages with a handful of churches. I believe its the right place for us to be.
Pastor JJ.

Russia: Five men visit church in hospital.
We met two in the hospital where they're staying and prayed with them. The other three are from an Alcoholics Anonymous group we cooperate with. This is earth-shaking, because we've never had that many men in our worship services! Russian men typically avoid church, because it isn't the macho thing to do. This week I had 2,000 invitations printed, and we're distributig them in "our" hospital and in apartments nearby.
Robert Hosken, Moscow.

Spain: Christian Centre Murcia opens . .
We were 54 adults and 18 children. We hope that such a good turnout may not be a consequence of the ‘first day’ effect. Anyway, now we can start working and dreaming about doing something for this land, Spain, badly in need of the Gospel of Christ.
Javier Castillo.

Guatemala: I'm from Sudan living here . .
I used to live in Cuba where I learnt Spanish. Then God allowed me to come to Guatemala to study missions. I am preparing a trip to Kenya, to visit my family after 18 years away. Do you know any missionaries working in Kenya? My wish is to reach out Sudanese people.
Garang Athiang Athiang.

Canada: Interested in Mainland China.
I am interested in mission work in this huge nation. How can I get personally involved ? Where do I start? Who to contact ? How to prepare ? Have experience teaching English as a 2nd language in Canada and SE Asia. Willing to relocate whenever God directs.
B.H.Paddle, Guelph, ON.

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