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Welcome to the 30th October 2002 edition.
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South Sudan: Political turmoil is mounting by the hour.
All the expatriate workers have been evacuated because the South is just about to take over the city for Juba, a stronghold of the North, and a terrible bloodshed is expected before this war will be over. This is probably the largest civil war of the 21st century, and it is inexplicable how little it is addressed in the international arena. Some of our Sudanese friends said that even slavery has been reinstated in some areas. The church there is booming, even though it is not easy.
Name withdrawn for security reasons, Middle East

Mexico: Looking to meet young people . . .
Willing to serve in the missions field. My heart is beating anxiously for the mission fields.
Esmeralda Margarita Lopez Flores. Reynosa, Mexico.

Nigeria: Vision for young people.
I am 28yrs, a Christian and a Pastor. I am into teenage, youths and Child evangelism. I have the drive to work with these young ones coming up so as to build them more in the things of God. I beleive that if we can get these young ones to God, their foundations will be solid and the devil can't get them away. God has being so kind to me and my parish, we have done few works out here and I believe it is time to reach even far beyond our localities.
Pastor Daniel Junior Osagie.

Argentina: 200 children whose education depends on us.
We provide Christian education according to the Word of God, and the current crisis is really testing our faith. We trust in God's provision and we would like to request your prayers on behalf of the 200 children that depend on us. Our city has the highest rates country wide of drug addicts and children with AIDS. If you know of anyone who would like to support us sponsoring a child, please contact me. I also need support for my twelve year old son who needs a orthodontic treatment due to a serious deformation in his jawbone and a chronic respiratory deficiency.
Elva Nora Benitez de Pereira Da Silva, Posadas.

UK: Moved to the point of tears.
I was so grateful for such a brilliant time at your DCI World Christians meeting. Elijah thought he was the only one left but there were still those who hadn’t bowed the knee to Baal and it was great to meet like minded people and see others from around the world. Let’s remind ourselves of Oswald J Smith who said of those involved in mission, ‘They are the aristocracy of the church’.
F. John.

Burundi: No doubt about coming revival.
Thank you very much for sending George Purkweri to minister to Burundians. He arrived two days ago and with his team they are being a blessing to us indeed. Considering the miracles the Lord is performing though these servants we have no doubt that there will be revival in Burundi.
Rev. Joseph Cimpaye, Bujumbura.


Amsterdam: All Perspectives teaching in a month.
January and June 2003. All the great content from Perspectives plus students will spend most afternoons on the streets of Amsterdam with the Turks and Moroccans living here.

Burundi: A voice from Africa
Burundi is at the bottom of the pile, it really is the pits. And yet there are some wonderful people here many, in fact. Some of in the UK spend more on our pets than a family out here has to live on, which can't be quite right. $3 is peanuts to us, and yet my old pastor's brother died in his arms because he didn't have $3, yes that's $3, to buy the medicine to heal the dysentery. This nation is teetering on the edge - there have been a number of massacres in the last two weeks, 183 killed in one, I am off preaching that way this weekend.
Simon Guillebaud, UK missionary.

Bolivia: Christ Ambassadors.
The youth here are preparing a congress to get involved in mission service. The training will equip them to serve outside our country and also inside where the ethnic groups are.
Hugo Cori Colque, El Alto.

Ivory Coast: Deep crisis here.
It is true that the political crisis is deep here in the Ivory Coast, the Americans and the French are already removing their people from the country but some do not want to leave as they were born here and have their lives here. We are in the capital, Abidjan. Here the situation is calm except for the curfew which lasts from 8pm till 6am. The main incidents are about 500 kilometres away. Please pray for the people of God in this country.
Pastor Tim, Ivory Coast.

Central Asia: Anybody doing contextual church planting?
Amongst the indigenous folk Muslim peoples.
Piet Steyn, Ukraine.

From the Stronghold of God.
By Francis Frangipane.
No matter what the enemy tries to tell you, Christ is God of the mountains and God of the valleys. He has not stopped being God because you happen to be in a valley. He is the God of glory, as seen in His power and miracles. And in the valleys, He reveals Himself as faithful, loyally committed to us in our difficulties and distresses. In all things and through all things, He is our God. When we are on the "mountaintops" of our Christian experience, we can see our future clearly. We have perspective and confidence. However, when we are in one of life's valleys, our vision is limited and our future seems hidden. Yet, valleys are also the most fertile places on earth. Valleys produce fruitfulness. You can expect there to be a harvest of virtue when God dwells with you in the valleys.
Sent in by Peter Besley, Christian Counsellor, Torquay, UK.


Brazil: Amazed that Operation World not in Spanish
Our organization is translating and producing OW into Portuguese. If we can find a publisher that has a team of Spanish translaters and would like to partner in this project, then we can ask Patrick Johnstone for the rigths. Our aim is to see vital mission books in Spanish
David Botelho, Missão Horizontes Latin America.

Venezuela: I have a burden for the Tibetan people
I hope to be able to preach to them one day. I would like to receive information on any mission work being carried out in Tibet.
Johnny Guevara, Los Teques.

Central African Republic: Urgent need for medicines.
Anatole Banga has a work among Pygmies. They have been trying to open a clinic. They already have a simple school and a church. The barrier to the medical work has been a lack of medicines. When we visited last year we were able to take a small supply of simple things like painkillers and antiseptic.One of the biggest killers in the nation is malaria. Hospitals in the West routinely discard medicines that still have a shelf life of one more year. Can you help us? Please pray for a flow of medical supplies.
Gail Dixon, Nations Mission, Llanelli, Wales.

Mexico: Congratulations on this page.
I was very surprised to see all that we can do to help get the gospel to so many distant places so that whole tribes and uncivilized peoples can be reached by mission. In our church we can get involved through giving, prayer and fasting for missions work.
Ma. Elena De Sánchez, San Luis R. C.

Senegal: Request for volunteers.
To assist us in training 500 youths for practical ministry preferably across Europe from where the gospel originally reached us. Most of the teachers around us here lack the Holy Spirit. This country people need more of exposition to the gospel than just miracles which they also experience from their gods. Also we need at least 200 copies of English or French bibles to serve our new converts.
Apostle Solomon R.E, Dakar


Egypt: Why all these denominations ?
Why not all become one in Jesus who is one with God, I want to know what are reasons behind that. Is there a history of all the denominations. I want to see what God did to start all the different groups.
Anon by request, Cairo.
Here is my answer for the many who have the same question.
History: http://members.aol.com/bob78999/denominations.html

Uganda: Mission trip to Burundi.
We had never met our hosts except through the e-mail so by faith we left Lira without knowing where we were going to. We spent a night at Kampala, then 9 hours to Rwanda, then another 9 hours along the insecure mountains to Bujumbura. One of the Burundian pastors had a vision of my colleague Pastor John Kukiriza so he was so excited to see in reality what the Lord had showed him and they realised that we were God’s messengers. We were late but we had the meeting and 30 people gave their lives to Christ. They could not organise open-air meetings due to insecurity. We had 3 sessions in the mornings and preached the gospel in the afternoon with salvation, deliverance and baptism of the Holy Spirit. In all the mission was very successful. We are grateful for your prayers, financial assistance and providing this connection to Burundi.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.

UK: Quote from John Stott book
‘A Church not engaged in mission is guilty of apostacy’. From ‘Motives and Methods in Evangelism.’ Couldn’t have put it better myself.
F. John.

Middle East: Suggestion for the World Christians.
It has to do with the use of a much hated term by our Muslims neighbours: "Crusade". Every time this term is used, a whole range of mixed feelings comes to the surface as the term brings negative images and connotations such as imposition, intolerance, destruction, hatred and imperialism. As far as we can, could that word be replaced for less offensive alternatives?
Name withdrawn for security reasons, Middle East.

France: Our G12 church has gone off to a start. 
God is good and we are believing for multitudes to be won. Until next time, God bless!
Paul van der Hagen, Lyon.

Cyprus: SAT-7 begins regular broadcasts for Iran.
Church leaders in Iran admit that almost half their adherents have emigrated since the 1979 Islamic revolution, reducing the Christians to about 160,000. Many of these, including some in the priesthood, are desperately in need of the encouragement that a television service can provide. The TV will also address the real interest in Christianity by many outside the church. Satellite dishes are illegal in Iran but as many as 20 million people may already have access to satellite TV. The number of dishes in Afghanistan is unknown, but sales are also growing fast. http://www.sat7.org
Persian World Outreach, USA.


Pakistan: 75 students graduate as laypastors.
And 51 new congregations have been started. Now is the time to replicate this among Afghan Refugees who are receptive in these days. One million out of the four million refugees have already returned home. We are concerned that new congregations should be started among them and Afghan laymen trained for the new congregations and that a team of Afghans be trained to go back to Afghanistan and continue the work. I am in Pakistan 18 Oct-13 Dec.
David L White, England.

USA: We are serving the Latino community here.
We are launching a project that will provide media coverage by using several means, our evangelistic and ministry programs aims to provide a point of contact between young people and the mission world for Hispanics an Anglo-Saxons. We urgently need information on what is happening in the mission field worldwide, and personal experiences, etc,.
Allan Gonzalez, Costa Rica.

Holland: New initiative - Mission Team launched.
Mission Team is an international team of young people,who will be trained on the job to do youthwork in catholic parishes, dioceses etc. Youth can apply to be part of the Mission Team, for either three months or for the whole year. Each module has a specific focus. Mission Team is a cooperation between Holland Catholic Charismatic Renewal and Kerygma Teams. www.kerygmateams.org.
Relay European Christian Network.

Thailand: 1 out of 5 children in the developing world
Never make it past their 5th birthday? 1 out of every 6 children living in Thailand. still lives in poverty? More than 600 million children worldwide live in families that make less than US$1 a day? In Thailand we have a HIV and AIDS Medical Home Care Project and our Orphaned Children's Educational Project.
Gareth Lavell, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Peru: I feel a burden for the churches without training
I am very grateful to you for allowing me to share with others your lessons. It is my desire that the church of the Lord may be built on His Word and Spirit.
Jorge Otero, Lima.

India: Tamil Nadu bans conversion.
This legislation will seriously affect all churches and activities in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It will affect the orphans that we support in Madurai, and could lead to cancellation of plans to preach there. It could also set a precedent for other Indian States to follow.
John Fergusson, England.


Santa Fe: I would like to serve either in Africa or India.
I do not belong to any denomination, I only believe in God and in his teachings. I am 40, single and without a profession. Maybe what I want will be not possible without been able to offer any professional expertise. Please contact me.
Marcelo Carlos Mensa.

Mexico: I am praying for each request.
Blessings to all the missionaries and projects that have been announced here.
Nancy Garza, Monterrey

Russia: 11 on Practical Ministries, 9 in School of Mission.
Last Friday we had our "introductory semester" only 3 people came but that's the way Russians are -- they trickle in late then make up the work. About 3 of the 11 and 9 people above are studying the courses over the Internet.
Robert Hosken, Moscow.

USA: George Patterson new e-book free.
We know that evangelism, discipleship and reproduction is vital to the growth of any healthy church. But how do we do all this without a big budget and expensive equipment? What's more, how can we train and reproduce leaders in different cultural situations? "Come, Let Us Disciple the Nations" will guide you.
From Brigada Today.


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