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Welcome to the 3rd November 2003 edition
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Christ appearing to Muslim people

More Muslims are receiving Jesus today than at any time in their history. This is not through the work of missionaries, literally thousands of Muslim people all over the world are currently receiving Christ as a direct result of supernatural dreams, visions and visitations. One of the most common denominators in such experiences is the appearance of "A man in white." It is undoubtedly evident that Jesus Himself is actively evangelising many Islamic persons.  Muslim communities are so hostile towards other religions, particularly that of the Jews and Christians, that it is almost impossible for humans to penetrate. However, God is revealing His determined purpose to save the sons of Ishmael, by ending His Son Yeshua, to personally invite them into His Kingdom.
Gerald Rowlands, Queensland
Church Planting International



Young Yanomami in my home

It's not easy but God never said it would be. But just to see these young natives trying to adapt and encourage me makes me happy and want to go on. Every Wednesday we have lunch together and this week it was two unfortunate ducks that happened to cross our paths because here in the jungle, if it moves, it is food. These young people are having a good time in discipleship. I thank God for the people who have come to help, sent by their churches with support.

Musme Apóstol, Parima, Venezuela.


Central African Republic
Presidents asks for forgiveness

My colleague Maguy has just returned from Central African Republic where she was a key figure in the national conference on reconciliation. To the surprise of the U.N. and the French media previous heads of state and Presidents publicly asked for forgiveness, spurred on by the testimony of Jean-Serge Bokassa, son of the infamous previous Emperor,  who had been touched in one of our forest meetings a few years back.
Robert Reeve, Nations, Thumeries, France.


Afghanistan interests me !

Over here lots of university students have got a feeling for global missions, especially the 10/40 window. For me it's Afghanistan and information you can send me will be good.
Ernesto Diaz, Havana.


Have you any Christians films ?
We need them, fiction or testimony, anything with moral teaching for our new converts in church and in the mission, in Spanish of course.
Dulce L. Montalvan Diaz, Director MANA


Taking 'Ex' out of 'Ex-missionary'

Any former missionary who has returned home for any reason can still have an outreach ministry to their country of service through the Web. There is also much scope for creating a simple and cheap literature program from home - read how Jane and Beryl started this ministry for Fula dialects and Swahili:
Tony Whittaker, SOON, Derbyshire.

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New global website for Christian Youth

Johan Candelin.


The air you breathe in Taizé

A Catholic bishop from England reflecting on his visits to Taizé over 25 years and asks, "Why does Taizé have such an appeal for young people, often at an age when they are drifting away from church at home? And what can we learn from Taizé for our parish communities in this new century?" An Orthodox priest from Romania said, "The air you breathe in Taizé is full of resurrection" I know what he meant as the Risen Christ is the silent and invisible Source of the life and worship of this community. Joyful trust in the Risen Lord lies at the heart of our spiritual life at Taizé. It is not for nothing that the icon of the Resurrection in Taizé’s Church of the Reconciliation stands next to the icon of the Cross. The brothers of the Taizé Community know that the only way to the Resurrection is the way of the Cross. But community life and worship at Taizé are deeply marked by the spirit of festival, the spirit of the Beatitudes, the spirit of joy, simplicity, and merciful love."
The Taizé Community, France

§ And it is all true! European young people flock there all year round and love every moment. We have seen over 80,000 in one Barcelona meeting and the tears and prayers around the altar flowed like rivers. Deeply, deeply impressive. Go one day, if you can.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

French Guiana

Prayer led to your Bible School

A few months we asked God to lead us to set up a Discipleship School. I was happy to just discover your method and I will soon send you news.
Pastor Attica Martial, Cayenne.


Hindustan (India)
What happened in Bangalore . .
Some welcomed us but some did not but there were new decisions to follow Christ and the power of God was seen as He healed the sick and delivered the demon possessed. We reached four villages and praying for another six before December end. We are also reaching to the people through the Jesus film. Pray for a mighty harvest in Hindustan.
Ganesh, Bangalore.


Nigerian evangelist/gospel artist here

I have established 2 churches in 4 years and they are under the care of a big registered church. Here, the Islamic government is against the gospel, and only allow the old registered churches to function. The lord has given me the direction to move out to establish more ministries where ever I go, but I need direction and above all, I wish to work under a ministry as a missionary. Name removed for security reasons.
Evang. Allison Ugochukwu, Lagos State.


French and Chinese translators
urgently needed

To join our worldwide team of volunteer translators
to send these pages and studies further. Frecnh opr Chinese must be your first language and you must also proficient in English. Other languages welcome too.
Write to Les Norman

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Praying for the UK

You can send me any prayer requests for the UK because I feel the urgency to intercede for all of Europe that God will have mercy and turn people from their wicked ways.

Halina Gutierrez.


New Testament after 14 years

Over 14 years the whole New Testament has been translated into Inner Mongolism vertical script as used by almost 6 Million Mongolians and Mongolian people groups in north China. 10,000 copies have been printed and an online version is on its way
Free subscription to Brigada's weekly missions e-mail:


I'm saved to save others . .

I am interested in working for God. I am an AoG member, a Sunday school teacher and prayer co-ordinator. I believe that I have been saved to save others. I will accept work as a missionary any part of the world by the grace of God .
Dickson James Ibaka, Lagos.

Sri Lanka
1500 Buddhists protest march

The Buddhist Priest organized this protest against the churches and said that he will not allow the Church to meet in the hall or in homes. He has threatened to disrupt the gatherings of believers & attack the homes of the believers. He has said that there will be blood shed if necessary. We are seeking God's wisdom on what to do at this time. The churches and authorities have been informed and much prayer with fasting is taking place. The Church in Sri Lanka is going through a time of testing & persecution, many churches and pastors have been attacked, even the authorities turn a blind eye and the media publish malicious reports inciting people to hate the Church.

Roshan & Liz Wickremasinghe.


Training in a war torn land

The charismatic Episcopal church of Sudan has taken a decision that our leaders in this war torn country be trained and equipped for mission; social action and commerce for local funding to reduce overseas dependence on funding and support. We are looking to DCI to give us that capacity.
Rev. Tom Nak Kokanyi, Canon missionary, Arua.


DCI School of Evangelism in German

Translating the lessons renewed me spiritually as all that was hidden by the experiences of the last 40 years, came up again. It was for me a real spiritual refreshment. It had been hidden away deep inside of me, and it has come again into my mind.

Rudolf Schuricht, Melano.

§ Thanks to 72 year old retired Pastor Rudolf, we now have the School of Evangelism in German. Our sincerest thanks to you Rudolf.
Les and Pilar, the editors

Free Training School of Mission







Come here, we'll help you . .

I am a pioneer missionary in my country looking for a Bible believing church or missions agency to come and  establish indigenous churches. We are ready to be a partner or a coordinator of your work here in Togo.

Pasteur Agbagno Komlan, Lome.


Christmas with the Poorest

Our part of the DCI World Christmas Party is to have a real African party for the disadvantaged people in Lira with food, drinks and entertainment, a real celebration of our Lord Jesus' birthday. We are planning to bring 200 people to the land around our home, the disabled living on the street begging daily; the disabled persons who are both the blind and lame, 70 refugees from 3 camps, 50 orphans mostly from the child-headed families and 40 people with HIV/AIDS without any relative to care for them.

Pastor George Purkweri, Lira

§ George, this is all very exciting, because as Mother Teresa always used to say, the poor are Jesus himself coming to us - in his most distressing disguise. What we do for the least, we do for Him.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

In Bulgaria teaching about Muslims

Some conference delegates were the only evangelicals in cities of up to 200,000. I was asked to bring Islam and Muslims into perspective for people who have witnessed the violence of politicised Islam first hand in the former Yugoslavia. People were touched by the 'grace response' concept and one woman wept right there in the foyer of our hotel because of the paradigm shift she had undergone in her attitude to Muslims when she realised that God is after them with a passion. A group from Serbia invited me to go to Mostar in 2005 and to do some seminars in other places like Sarejevo. Friendship First Seminars about Islam

Steve Bell, Friendship First Ministries.


The Evangelism Toolbox

Make this high on your list for obtaining resources to share your faith in Christ, over 1,600 resources in 160 languages and so popular that it is No.1 in Google. Try the other links also.
Allan H. Beeber, Campus Crusade for Christ, Orlando.



Bibles sent into prison inmates

All the people who work for Heart Prison Ministries are volunteer help and we appreciate any help we can get.

Dr. Tom Hairabedian, Independence, MO.


Solar Power Water Pumps
We offer easily maintained solar pumping system with many advantages which may be hand operated in emergencies. Photos and full information on my pages..
Buddy Armstrong, Hutchinson, KS.


Who Are We ? | Take a virtual visit around our work






Who can tell me about cells ?

Pastora Lourdes Rangel, Dallas Tx.

§ Hello Lourdes, here is the page of Cesar Castellanos who leads the G12 cell movement, or from London here is Kensington Temple's very comprehensive guide Les, the editor.

I'm with the Waro natives . .
Just lately God provided us with a motor launch. Pray for people to get a passion for the Waro, for the building of a new missions base in San Jose de Waranoko, and for the pastors that the Lord is helping us to disciple.
Antonio Lopez, Tucupita.


The last word for today

On Discipleship . .
Discipleship is built entirely on the supernatural grace of God. Walking on water is easy to someone with impulsive boldness, but walking on dry land as a disciple of Jesus Christ is something altogether different. Peter walked on the water to go to Jesus, but he "followed Him at a distance" on dry land (Mark 14:54) We do not need the grace of God to withstand crises human nature and pride are sufficient for us to face the stress and strain magnificently. But it does require the supernatural grace of God to live twenty-four hours of every day as a saint, going through drudgery, and living an ordinary , unnoticed, and ignored existence as a disciple of Jesus. It is ingrained in us that we have to do exceptional things for God-but we do not. We have to be exceptional in the ordinary things of life, and holy on the ordinary streets, among ordinary people and this is not learned in five minutes.
From Oswald Sanders Book
My Utmost For His Highest



Search our 1,300 pages
Enter a name, country or topic to search hundreds of our previous editions and study pages in a second.

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