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Welcome to the 6th May 2003 edition
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Spain: On mission trip in Brazil.
I am sent as a Missionary Canon of the Diocese of St. Paul the Apostle of the CEEC. We will visit congregations and missions in Brazil and we talk with many different pastors that have been interested about Friends of God Network and the CEEC's work and ministry. I will be busy with conferences, preaching, evangelism, training, pastoral visiting, sharing with local pastors and talking in TV, radio and theological seminaries. I cannot accomplish this task alone, so I am asking you to be part of this mission trip with me.
Josep Rossello, Benissa, Alicante

§ A couple of weeks ago we had lunch with Josep in Valencia at open-air café, very Spanish !  We were very impressed with the energy, vision and commiment of this fine young man. He is not going down the classical evangelical path but is following a creativity that reveals the fingerprints of Jesus. We really hope and pray that everything goes well for Josep in these early days of his ministry after years of serious training and prayer. Les y Pilar, the editors.

Chile: Can you really support a missionary with $50?
I would be interested in helping if this was so.
Juan F MM.

§ Yes Juan, the truth is that in India you can support a native full-time missionary with a monthly offering of only US $50, as that is the monthly living budget there, at least in the villages and forests where most of the population live. Contact my colleague Pastor Daniel for more information. Les, the editor.

Central African Rep: Everyone sick at home.
My dad, mum, brother and kid all fall sick the same moment and need very expensive prescriptions. I don't know how long they will be here. I trust the Lord for intervention and I have other people as well to care for. Please pray for Ibrahim as he is in danger since his conversion to Christianity, his family is persecuting him and they hired soldiers to kill him in the past few days.
Pastor Anatole Banga, Bangui.

§ After the civil war Bangui has now gained the notoriety of being the most dangerous capital city on earth. Anatole is a truly remarkable man whom we know.  In all the violence he has a missions training school, a work among the pygmies and has made our French study pages.  We have sent some help, and if you want to join us, just use the links at the end or write to me.  Les, the editor. 

Singapore: God used me in India.
Through His compassion and love helped us to feed the hungry. His Signs and Wonders always follow wherever His Good News is preached. At one church forty Hindu students received Jesus as Lord of their lives. In two weeks, I have travelled thousands of miles by air, by train, by public buses for more than ten hours. Praise God He gave so much energy and strength to a frail looking woman of 60 years like me!!  Over 1,500 were strengthened with teachings and consecrated their lives to the Lord including almost two hundred who will follow Jesus no matter what the cost. Evil spirits were cast out in homes and two working of miracles.
Jeanne Lee, Singapore.


Malawi: Leaders and Youth seminars needed.
We are a local church with most of our 100 church branches and 75 pastors in the country.  Our leaders have not gone through bible colleges. We need your knowledge to come and assist us with training. If you have a calling to youth please come.
Pastor Steven S. Chisale


India: We are doing village door to door evangelism.
We need evangelical literature for free distribution and looking and have been praying for helping hands.
Rev.S. Babu Rao, Hyderabad.

§ Babu Roa, you should take a look at the Scripture Gift Mission page. They have materials in many languages, and I am sure that they will do their best to help you. Les, el editor.

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Canada: About 300,000 deaf people here, only 1% saved.
Lord has sent a third interpreter to our little ministry-2 deaf people. So we thank him, in advance, for what He is doing. Thank you for your prayers, Canada needs many.
Peter Burritt, Brampton.

UK: Model missions event in Sheffield.
I spoke at what I call a 'model' missions event as a large, wide-ranging group of churches took ownership and made it happen. About 100 pastors and leaders came to a lunch meeting where I was able to really pour out my heart and distribute a large amount of material. About 800 from all different churches came together in the evening for a total global missions focus. They even told me I could speak as long as I wanted!!  We gave an invitation and large numbers came forward to pray 'Here I am, send me.'  Please pray that more such events can take place all over the world. The results will be huge.
George Verwer, Founder, Operation Mobilisation.


Nigeria: We need your advice . . .
I went into training people twice and failed. I cannot identify the reason. Maybe lack of qualified lecturers, or we couldn't support students financially or no library?  I am ready to go again with willing lecturers hoping to raise some finance but no library at all.
Rev. Andre Talla.

§  Andre, you must try again maybe this time with a much simpler and less expensive New Testament style discipleship programme rather than a formal Bible School project.  Or if you do wish to have a professional faculty it may be that Overseas Council in the USA may be able to help and advise you. They already have a college in Nigeria which you could see. Les Norman, the editor.

Middle East: Dark clouds in the horizon . .
My friend wept copiously thinking about her family living in Baghdad, near one of Saddam’s palaces. Basma and Fawaz are trying to overcome their grief as much as they can. May the Lord support them with His precious love and care, it is not easy to be Iraqi nowadays. We are helping evacuate one of the leaders of a ministry who was hidden as fundamentalists were after him to kill him.
Latin American missionary.
Name withdrawn for security reasons.


Burkina Faso: Unreached People see Jesus Film.
This month's trip is to the Tiefo people in Moussoudougou.
Pasteur Philippe Ouedraogo, AEAD, Ouagadougou.

§ Philippe has been a big part of DCI World Christians since 1984. When he took the film to the Bolon tribe a few years ago it was not long before a new church began and the people group were taken off the Unreached List. Pray for him, his vehicle is 33 years and breaks down all the time. Les, the editor.

USA: Pro football player with Charlotte Eagles.
This is a missionary organisation. I have played for the national team of Colombia. There are millions of people in the world that do not know Jesus. In India alone, there are only 2% of Christians. It’s the same in other countries as well. We want that Jesus return for us. Jesus loves every person and wants to save him or her. We can help the people know Him. I pray for you every day.
Hugo Galeano, Charlotte

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Middle East: Current trends . .
The situation was deteriorating by the hour with decades of hard work promoting moderation, peace and dialogue seem to be coming undone. In this psychological war there is manipulation and gross distortion of the facts, that are played to the convenience of both sides.  Flames of hatred and anti-Christian feelings could backlash and damage not only the Western Christian church which is already discredited, but also the Eastern Christian Church.  More than ever, we never committed prayer warriors that will intercede that the strongholds of evil both in the West and in the East would be broken and that God's truth will be liberated in an indigenous way.
Writer from Middle East well known to us.
Anon for security reasons.

§ Does anyone know how the Church in Iraq has come through the war ?  Les and Pilar, the editors.

Belize: I would like to contact the missionaries there . .
In order to know about the work of the Lord and to have a clear picture of mission in that country.
Pedro Luis F.

§ Pedro, to begin with there is no better place than the Operation World book by Patrick Johnstone which has all the Christian data on every country in the world.
Les & Pilar, editors.

Holland: We visit Hispanic prisoners in Europe.
If you know of anyone who in prison whoneeds us, please write.
Alonso Zuniga, Schoonhoven.

§ Dying for Drugs:
"It was not AIDS that killed him it was greed"

What good is all the medical research and break throughs if the sickest people who are always the poorest can never afford to buy the pills ? Channel 4 TV in the UK has screened a heartbreaking documentary on the worldwide scandal of drugs for AIDS and other diseases which can be produced and sold for less than $1 being forcibly marketed at $27 or more for a day's supply. One Honduran child the cameras were following for weeks died before our eyes and clearly it was not AIDS that killed him, it was corporate greed. To learn more go to this page.
Les Norman, the editor.

Ecuador: I am going on the Doulos.
This ship takes the gospel to Asia, Africa and the Middle East. I have to meet two requirements: to speak English fluently and to provide for my own support. I think that God will provide me with everything I’m lacking, according to His riches in glory.
Max Irvight Mite Limones, Guayaquil.


R.D.Congo: We are despairing . .
The land where our church stands was sold to another person and he is throwing us out. Pray for us please.
Olivier Sassa Pungi, Bukavu.


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Venezuela: Your 85 studies go out on our radio.
We have bought a community radio station and would like to offer the courses of DCI to the audience and to extend a certificate on completion. We would appreciate any advice and suggestions.
Daniel Gonzalez, Caracas


§ UK: Is there a Prodigal in your family ?
Last week we were at Spring Harvest, Europe's biggest Christian gathering. Rob Parsons of Care for the Family spoke very powerfully about the missing young people in many of our families and brought a word of comfort from the Lord saying, "I believe with all my heart that God is ready to do something special in our land. It will need humility, faith, and perhaps repentance but the result will affect millions of people. God is ready to bring home the prodigals." There is a special Prodigals website and UK wide events - go there for consolation and hope.
Les and Pilar, the editors


Mexico: We are a community of missionaries from Africa.
We want to show in this city the African continent, its people and culture. We are preparing an exhibition of African Art under the theme ‘Celebrating Life in Africa’. One of the subtitles is actually about the rites and customs of death and we need photos of people in Africa observing burials, funerals and mourning.
Esther Leon, Morelia

§ Esther, the best place to go is Google and choose Images, then put in your description and Google will give a wide range of photos.
Les, the editor.

Togo: I am interested in your Bible Course.
I am a young man of God whose name is Kaglo Camille from Togo researching things. I want to follow your Course starting with the evangelism. Thank you for welcoming me.
Lassissi Kaglo

Indonesia: Christian Magazine 'Integrity'.
See our website for third edition. Indonesian version looking for distribution in Singapore and Australia. .

Harry, Jakarta.

UK: Return to India in May.
The first meeting will be a School of Healing at Nazareth where I preached last year. Rev John Arul will be holding a gospel meeting in Tutincorin, an hour away with opportunity to minister there as well. The following week we are in Madurai with about 500 delegates. I was troubled about going but the Lord has recently given me peace about it. Besides, there are always troubles somewhere in the world.
John Fergusson, Salisbury.


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For English-Russian translation and multimedia production
Arterm Sedov, Saratov, Russia
(Part of DCI Network in Russia)

§ From our experience you will not find better service and integrity than Arterm will give you. Take a look at our Russian pages. Les, the editor.

Argentina: Into the "Impenetrable Chaqueño"
With a team of health professionals and Christian volunteers we are going to the Wichis, a very needy aborigine community.
Erich B. Bertuzzi, Rosario

Rwanda: Celebrating our 15 years
In 15 years the Body of Christ Church has opened churches in Congo, Rwanda, Gabon, Cameroon and has a rep in South Africa, Canada and USA, and trained many Pastors in evangelism.
Pastor Amani Placide, Kigali.

Kenya: School of Mission in Swahili.
All my Christian service I dreamt of seeing one course with all the essential teachings to equip a preacher for ministry. Years ago God led me to discover your  lessons. They have helped us to plant many daughter churches by training key leaders. I, and many others, agree that it was a sovereign work of God to plant nearly 150 new churches in 3 years. After completion of the Swahili translation the number of planted churches grew in our mission, as expected.  We can testify to you power of this study, it actually works !
Rev. Paul Sungro Lee, Korean missionary to East Africa.

§ Paul is very kind but as a Korean in Kenya far from home it is he and his colleagues that are doing the really hard cross-cultural work on the front line of missions, and they are doing it very well too. Our pages in Swahili comes from Paul's' team, and Luo is on the way.  Les and Pilar, the editors.

Dominican Republic: Anguish over Haiti.
I have visited Haiti for 3 years and it hurts me a lot to see the state of need, and the impossibility to help them financially as I don’t have any funds. I can only take the word of God to them, but it is hard to see calamities and not being able to help them a little bit at least.
Ángel G. Paulino, Santo Domingo

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Brazil:  Young people ready for mission trips.
Later we will go to Peru so if any mission there would like to have us work in evangelism, please contact us. We only need accommodation and meals. We can pay our fares.
Pr. Jorge Luis Torres, Ibitinga. (I’m from Peru)

UK: Do you need medical advice ?
It used to be that if you were ill, you would either visit the doctor or he would visit you. The success of NHS Direct free from the UK has prompted many medical services to offer e-consultations. Often for a small fee, they will provide personal medical advice from an experienced UK GP by email. Some are specifically geared towards aid workers travelling or working overseas.
Oscar, UK - One Stop Missions Database

Argentina: Heart breaking to see the economic downfall.
Argentina is one of the most God-gifted countries but these days everything is for sale or to let at silly low prices. Unemployment, poverty and starvation grow and grow every day, even though the country can boast of being the greatest producer of soya, corn, and beef in the world. However, on my visit I saw the spiritual humbling of many a formerly proud minister or believer, bring hope of a glorious new presence of God, a new outpouring of His grace and His natural and spiritual help. Yes, there is still plenty of religious triumphalism going on, with its ‘super faith’ and striving for prosperity, yet this tragic-comic image of spiritual pride, will undoubtedly will bring more discipline from God.
Miguel Diez, President, Remar International, Spain
Christian mission in 52 countries
Israel: Many new immigrants arriving in Israel.
There are many hidden believers too. Pray that they may meet and pray against all spirit of division and dispute within the congregations. For those called out to preach among the Muslims. Against the spirit of suicide that drives the suicide bombers.
The New Wine, Israel.

Dominican Republic: Married one month ago.
We are both called to the unreached on the mission field. We are training to go and need the guidance of God. We would like to contact Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Senegal and Mali.
Hugo and Tania Matos, Jarabacoa

Egypt: Life here harder and harder.
Life is not easy here in Egypt, some extremists threw sulphuric acid upon Christians while they went out of the church. There is a new wave of persecution. May God help us. I need your prayers all the time. I wish I could be an active member of DCI network.

Name and address withdrawn for security reasons.

§ We know this good man very well. Sharing his faith brought the secret police to his door ! 
Les and Pilar, the editors.


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