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Welcome to the news page for 9th July 2003
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Middle East: Through the eyes of Arabic believers  . .
Here we have different missions with programs for the different parts of our country. Some groups work in the Palestinian refuge camps, taking physical and spiritual help, from finding jobs for them to helping the poor families by providing food. Other work is with the Nomads in the desert parts of the country, who we try to help as much as we can but also we have to very careful. Together we try to work as much as we can in Iraq. The country has been devastated by the war and the Iraqi children have the highest cancer rate in the world. We try to help these kids who have cancer to get treatment either there which is almost impossible or by getting them  over the border to get the treatment there. Hunger is widespread there, people are hungry both physically and spiritually. We have some work among the street kids who became orphans by the war, or whose families were no longer able to take care of them. Some orphanages were opened to take in the orphan kids, but families came and gave their children to the orphanages saying that they are not able to take care of their own kids and that to keep them at home means death by starvation. We ask you to pray for God to provide the means to help by his grace. We are in desperate need for every hand to help and for every piece of bread that can be provided for these people.
Arabic believer: Name removed for security reasons.
To send help for the Iraqi children contact the


Here are three new pages from our School of Mission
Understanding The Call of God
How to Handle Discipline in the Local Churches

Barnabas - A Gem of a Man
Free to download or to read on-line

Free E-Sword Bible study software
You will never find better than this for free, many programmes you pay for are not as good.


Basic Principles of Effective Preaching
Free from Gerald Rowlands, Australia. Already gone out to almost 1.35 million pastors, mainly in China.
Les Norman, the editor.

Brazil: Mission to Cochabamba
Our vision is to evangelise every corner of the Earth. In the same way, we want to join the Spanish-speaking countries to come and work in Cochabamba, Bolivia, for 15 days in October. There will be plenty opportunities for doctors and nurses, evangelists, and people with experience in discipleship and leadership.
Mauro Dos Santos, Sao Paulo


From the Peruvian Amazon.
I am working along with my family for a missionary association with the native people of Amazon. I request your prayers for them as they are in great need. Their needs prevent them from obeying God. Pray for our ministry too.
Alejandro Flores Atiaja, Pucallpa

Italy: Rohobot Love Ministry 
Please visit our website We are working in Italy and Ethiopia.
Yeshi Lemma


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Algeria: The earthquake . .
The earthquake that hit this country where I study has left a particular impact on my life. I can tell you that 21 May 2003 was a difficult day for me. The tremors made me fall from my balcony on the first floor into the swimming pool below. God, in His grace, sent His angels to watch over me and soften my fall. There was a concrete lintel coming out of nowhere and I could have fractured my skull on it. But God was gracious and I only scraped by it in my fall. I needed 6 stitches to my head and my left knee was also bruised. I would like to ask you to pray for me and also for our prayer cell group which is hitting difficult times right now. Also, a couple of brothers were badly injured and another two only slightly. May God help us to keep doing His work in all our circumstances.
MSC, Algiers.

Venezuela: Chinese, Arabs, and Portuguese
I am working on an extension of the International Ministry Centre ‘The Olive Tree’ in this land under so much strain. I am concerned about the Chinese, Arab and Portuguese communities, which are quite numerous. I ask that you send me any materials for evangelization in these languages so that they can read about the love and salvation they can find in Christ Jesus.
Angel Rivas, Apure

§ Angel, on our website you’ll find many free pages in Chinese, Arabic and Portuguese, which are being increased month after month. Scripture Gift Mission and World Missionary Press provide many leaflets in these languages for free.

USA: The Washington Bible Institute
Opened two years ago to teach Christian living and ethics to the local churches and also to help up and coming ministry to be trained for their calling. I would like very much to establish further studies. Is it possible to incorporate your lessons into our program ?
Pastor David Lathrop, Marysville, WA

§ Yes Pastor David, please go ahead and we will serve you any way we can.  Les, the editor.

Mexico: We need 200 New Testaments.
For the families in Tlalixcoyan who live in extreme poverty and need our help. If anyone knows where we can find them, please let us know.
Vicente Lopez Ortiz, Rio Veracruz.

§ Vicente: Try the webpage of the Bible Society for Mexico. You can ask for a free copy of the New Testament here or here. Take a look at Scripture Gift Mission who will help you with leaflets in different languages for free; what’s on offer in Spanish can be found here. SGM e-mail in Mexico This webpage offers a NT for US 75 cents each, I don’t think you’ll find anything cheaper elsewhere.
Les, the editor.

Middle East: Not all bad news . .
We had a number of Muslim friends at home today, nine of which come to study the plan of God from what they accept as their sacred book. As it was their payday, they turned up with loads of food and cooked for us with tremendous dedication. These people work very hard the whole week long and meet on Sundays to study the will of God and then go out to meet other friends and share with them what they studied. What Satan thought it was going to be defeat, it turned out to be a blessing, for Saiful’s coming to live in our home has let us discover a new dimension of the love of God.
Name withdrawn for security reasons


Bolivia: pray for the city of Potosí
Six churches of different denominations will share a fasting and prayer chain from Monday to Saturday to ask God to send an awakening to this city, a mining centre for years. The mine worker thinks that the devil provides him with the minerals and there is worship to the devil every Friday. We’ll show the film ‘Full Stop’, which tackles this issue from a Biblical point of view.
Eloy Mollo Alderete, Potosi.


Western Sahara: A light will shine in the Sahara !
In 1995 we went to Western Sahara to study an unreached people, the Sahauis. We praised the Lord for His protection. The country was still under the rule of a hard-line king who had governed the country for 40 years. This was a war zone, what made it difficult for us to get through. We could get in contact with this people and learn about their needs – this challenged us to go back and serve them. The police wanted to take us to the station to quiz us about our work and watched our movements. Finally, we left the area practically fleeing from them. Those were terrible days indeed. It has been almost 8 years later that we have got news that a missionary group with which we worked in North Africa is about to go to the Sahara in early 2004 to start a development project. As a result of years of work, the authorities acknowledge what a group of Christians from Latin America did for this people.
Joel & Maria Garrido, Argentina.


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Venezuela: Called to Portugal
I would like your help and support mainly regarding the language and Bibles in Portuguese, as I cannot find any here.
Jose Gregorio Castellanos, Guacara


Singapore: God still answers prayers
I was in a closed Asian country recently and invited to pray for patients in hospitals. One patient who had terminal cancer and was lying in bed very sick and could hardly hear but he heard my prayer and the violin music which an American was playing. The next day the family that I was staying with received a phone call from the patient's relative. This same sickly man, left to die in bed, was able to sit up and ate his food. Praise His Holy Name. He is faithful. We opened the very first place where music is used to minister to customers while Italian Meatball Spaghetti, pizzas are being served by young church volunteers who are being trained to serve An American was so encouraged that he was able to minister to a Tibetan Buddhist customer who wants to know Jesus!

Jeanne Lee, Singapore.

México: Street children situation still critical.
We need more help but I’m sure of Who brought me to this growing network of Christian shelter homes for street children. I’m not worried about those who are saved but about those who are not yet, those who are outside, on the streets, beaten up, terrified or raped.
Lawyer Jose Manuel, Acapulco.


Zambia: Lusaka Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Seeks partnership to help build a training house for 10/40 window world evangelisation by career missionaries. We need teachers,   graduates, engineers, doctors to leave the country as economic refugees for world evangelisation.
Moses Lungu, Lusaka.


Argentina: Asking for information on Japan and Mauritania.
Noelia Elizabeth Fuentealba, Neuquin.


India: 14th Mercy Home urgently needed
Our missionary has already got 10 children from his tribal area where he found them living in a pathetic condition. Or else we have to send them back to the forest to death. Remember the words of Jesus. "If I leave them they will faint on the way and be destroyed"
Pastor Daniel and Lily, Kerala.


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Mali: Islam is very strongly present here.
Therefore, we would like to ask you to pray for us, children of God, that God will give us perseverance and courage and also that many will put their faith in Jesus Christ in the near future.
Marc Sagara, Bamako


Thailand: Radio show under threat.
We are a group, about 80% Christian, who do the show throughout the week, we use this air time to incorporate Christian evangelism, along with other everyday life issues to the people in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Someone in authority has complained about me talking about Jesus Christ and I was told not to mention Christ again. Please lift me up in prayer and let the power and light of Jesus Christ bring thousands to their knees and let Christ wipe out all of the problems concerning this issue on the radio show.
Gareth Lavell

§ Gareth, A few years ago I was in Solapur in India, staying with a Christian professor. He had spoken about his visitor to the Principal of the Hindu University where he taught and so I was invited to speak to a class. When I got there I was ushered into the Principal's office and we talked for a while. This was clearly a 100% Hindu faculty. Then the Principal ordered those of his staff who could to also attend the lecture I was to give on Business Planning, a subject which I fully intended to contain the gospel. Just before the class started my Professor friend whispered, "If you mention Jesus, the Bible or the gospel here they will kill me afterwards." He was serious and apprehensive. I quickly prayed and then spoke for 40 minutes and never mentioned the name of Jesus once, nor the Bible but the Lord so helped me to get the spirit of the gospel across that for the remainder of the session the students never stopped asking about Christ and my "western" faith. The Principal gave me permission to answer them, from a cultural point of view of course. The answers were the same ! Gareth, you can do it too - the Lord can give you the wisdom and words to share the love of God and His ways, His justice for the poor and His creation in such a way that no-one can complain. Don't think that you are betraying the cause by being less direct because radio is perfect for sowing pre-evangelism seeds of faith, an important early step in leading men to Christ. See also for a host of ready to use radio programmes.
Les, the editor.

Indonesia: Surely I'm a Muslim but I want to get a Bible
Thanks for anything, I hope our God bless us.
Nur Habib, Surabaya.


Asking for information about Malaysia and Indonesia
As well as anything that could help me pray for Christian in crisis. I know that for years many people have faced and still face persecution and that the Church must start praying for these countries.


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