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April, 2001

Free School of Mission

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From: Fiona Love, England
Hi my brothers and sisters. Just to let you know that I have recently let God into my life and I love it! I went to Spring Harvest 2001 last week at Minehead, Butlins Camp. It was very spiritually fulfilling and I feel I had a calling to preach to young children my age and younger. I would really like some information about preaching and to have the chance to ask you all to pray for me, asking God to help me spread his word of love and truth. If you feel you can help please e-mail me. God bless you all. Fiona, 16.


Welcome to Claudine Yokoinele, Penang, Malaysi
I'm from France, working in Malaysia with YWAM. I am married, my husband is working also with YWAM and we have 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. I have done a Discipline Training School and a Leadership School in 1992. Now, as my children are growing and I have more  time, I look forward to taking this School of Mission. I am very exicted of doing this course. Thanks again for giving me this opportunity to increase my biblical knowledge.


From: Dr.Kevin Dyson, NCI University, USA
Dave Stone in his book "Showing Your Friends The Way To Heaven" writes, "When it comes to winning the world to Christ, it is impossible to reach a compact-disc culture with ancient 8-track methodology! Times have changed; door to door evangelism and two-week revivals will reach a few, but today's Christians must adapt to reach a changing culture."  How true this is in our westernised societies, but God still requires us to meet with people face to face where ever they are in life by building bridges of friendship across cultural barriers, socio-economic divides, and political walls that separate and imprison hurting and needy mankind. As the old maxim says, "Methods are many, Principles are few. Methods always change but Principles never do!"


From: Pasteur Philippe Ouédraogo, Burkina Faso
The government visited our building plans for high school in April and found them satisfactory. We are recruiting new pupils and doing a first promotion of primary children to our high school in with Christian values. We appreciate your prayers and request people who can help teach English as a foreign language to come from October to May. Our leadership school is running with very little support but we seek to prepare men and women to take responsibility in the church and society. April and May will be dedicated to visit villages with the Jesus Film. This is a tough job in a very old Land Rover but the result is eternal. We are also making advocacy on behalf of the children at risk.

From:, USA
In the past 25 years, the total number of Christians had grown by 60% from 1.25 billion to 1.95 billion. Percentage of world population remained stagnant at approximately 34%, while the percentage of Muslims increased from 15.9% to 19.6%. Number of Muslims more than doubled since 1970 from 564 million to 1.3 billion--main reason is high birth rate. Today 58% of Protestants worldwide live in Africa and Asia (almost 600 million) Evangelicals had an annual growth rate of 5%. From 125 million in 1970 to over 300 million.
From Patrick Johnstone, Director of Research, WEC International.

From Erick Molina, Guatemala
Blessings in the Lord. I am late writing because I did a missions trip to Peru, which was a great blessing and we are very happy for all the Holy Spirit did. Back in Guatemala we are slowly getting ready to go to Spain to see what it is like there.  Right now we are raising a new church in Amatitlan Guatemala, where we shall start teaching your Course in a few days time. Please pray for the Lord to make our trip to Spain possible.

From Angel Leonardo Camacho, Bogotá, Colombia
I am writing to ask for prayer for my country so that God might work powerfully among the people, giving understanding and wisdom to do his will.  Let us pray together for all the missionaries around the world and let us help to open the doors so that many needy people groups will receive the mercy of God.  God bless you all.  

From Jose Alfredo Perez Lopez, Comitan, Mexico
I think we need to invest more and more in the fight against poverty, every day it gets more difficult for the people.  Thank you for all the news you share.  We need all the effort and all the resources we can find to do what we ought to do. God bless you all, we will be praying for all who need food and clothing, knowing that God is powerful and in the name of Jesus we will overcome.

Looking for money for ministry ? . . . .


From Andy & Hazel Godfrey, Yaounde, Cameroon
Hi all. Just to let you know we have finished our Africa Orientation Course. Andy starts work in the computer dept. on Monday. Nathan and Stephen started school in Yaounde last Monday. It looks like we may be able to move into some temporary accommodation at the end of April.  We are working to see a Bible available to people in their own language.


From George Verwer,, USA
Here are some facts about West Bengal and Kuwait that should stir us to pray!

There are 271 people groups in West Bengal and only 7 groups have quite a good number of Christian presence among them. Christians are only 0.56% of the total population of WB.  And Kuwait - it has been a long time since I requested prayer for the unreached 2 million of Kuwait. Here are some prayer requests: Pray for growth in the lives of the few believers, for the safety of all believers, for openness to the Gospel, for more freedom for Kuwaitis to reach the Injil, for the Kuwaiti immigrants in the USA and other countries to seek Christ.

From Pastor John Joseph, Central India
Greetings in Jesus name. Tomorrow I am leaving for my Chattisgarh and Orissa state. On the way I am going to conduct pastors meeting at three districts to explain the Jagat Ki Jyoti (Light of the World) project due in Oct'01. It is getting very hot here (107F). We have got some more sponsors to aid the earthquake victims.  The Agarwal Samaj from South India have donated 7500 cement sheets and other material to build roofs for affected people.  If required I will send a team of construction workers from our churches in the end of April. Our latest newsletter is at We would like to invite you to please visit our site and get latest information about our humble service for Jesus.

From Charli Baumann,Tulsa, OK, USA
Missionary Positions Available. 
Alpha Aviation Mission Outreach Center, Inc. is looking for self-supported missionaries to fill the following positions. A&P Mechanic to supervise our students in the AMT Program.  A Chief Pilot to oversee and organize our flight department.  Call Rod at (918)438-7812 or email  Visit us at


Free Things, Address Book and Library


From Danny Pisoni, Hamburg, Germany
From this pager we have received several mails about our project of linking Latin American missionaries with churches in Europe.  One mail came from a brother who heard this page being read out on a radio station in Mendoza up in the Andes. Unfortunately in this case we couldn't help the brother, what he needed was beyond our possibilities at present.


From: Dr.Kevin Dyson, NCI University, USA
When you are "baby" Christian, answers seem to drop almost instantly out of the sky, so to speak. When you start down the pathway of maturity, you find that God wants to test your faith, to prove the quality and capacity you claim to have, in order to bring to pass the promises He has so freely given. This takes time, patience, and learning to wait on Him to do whatever He determines is necessary both in you and those involved with what you are to do. The greater the promise, the more people involved, and you can be assured that there will be more demanding tests and bigger obstacles to overcome in order to see the manifestation of what you seek. The promise is however, worth it all! In the process of attaining the promise He is able to do a work in us that causes us to become more like Him, and that is what it is all about - becoming like Jesus.

From: Alex Valladares  
I praise the Lord for this oppportunity to discover the work of God around the world. This month alone I have contacted brothers in Venezuela, CCI and in Africa and it is exciting  to read how the work of the gospel is growing in these places. For me there is no doubt that God is getting His people ready for the end time harvest.  Isn't is great to be serving Him in this generation.

From: Pastor Samuel Vasquez, Tacna, Peru
Dear friends, can I ask for your help in prayer for the trip I will be making with a small team from our church. It will be our first mission to Puno to plant a new work there. This town has over a million people and it is cold and dry.  The average temperature is 8 centigrade, and there is a very high level of illiteracy in the population.  God bless you all, and may He prepare the hearts of the people in Puna.

Who are we?


From: Pastor John Joseph, Central India <>
I am back from my trip to the Saurashtra area of Gujarat, visiting the earthquake affected villages.  My heart broke to see the misery the people are in. We want to assist four widows and one poor family in rebuilding their house.  The very basic need at this hour is to provide a simple roof to protect them from the on coming monsoon. We have worked on a programme to provide 14 cement sheet to the deserving families.  The budget for one home of 21 feet x 15 feet is Rupees 7100 (£100, $160) Sadly the govt. has donated 8 tin sheets only to people who hold a valid Ration Card but there are many families who do not own a ration card and others who have lost everything. To help with a gift to this relief work through this website
click here


From Rebecca Weaver, Oxford, USA
Hi your course looks great for me!  I want to learn more about the Bible and being an evangelist for Christ.  I go to Nottingham Missionary Baptist Church.  I have been there for 8 years. I have a full time job as a hair stylist and I am 20 years old.  I sing in the choir, work with children and teens, work as a church secretary and participate in 3 church services a week.

From Claudia Stayton, Austin, Texas, USA
I've just found your website, while searching for info on the USCWM Perspectives Course.  And after reading just a bit, I want to stop and pray for you all.  What a blessing you are providing.  I'm thanking God right this instant (8:37 am Texas time) for you and your faithfulness. I'll write more later when I've read all the materials.


From Paulo Cesar Muñoz, Bogotá, Colombia
I am 26 years old and I present and produce radio programmes for La Vallenata Radio. I believe that the Lord can use someone like me because of the good job I have with all the listeners who tune in.  It's a secular radio station and not everyone has the opportunity I have been given to share Jesus. My great desire is do your course and know the Lord and His ways better, so I can learn, teach, share and serve the Lord. Remember me in your prayers please.


From Francisco Zepeda, San Salvado
Actually I am in Canada and I have had the grace of God to find this web site.  Blessings to all.

From Omar Vargas, Santa Rosa, USA
The Lord has called me to be a pastor but now the same people I look after are giving me a hard time because of my job.  I am the presenter for a local radio station which is not Christian of course.  I don't love my work and I am waiting for the guidance of God, but I do ask myself, "Can''t a radio presenter fulfil the Great Commission of Mark 16.15 through his work?  Thank you.

From Delia Antonia Jarajara de Casú, Costa Rica
I am writing to ask for your prayer support as we are missionaries from Venezuela just arrived in Costa Rica. We are moving ahead by faith, right now we are in a hotel but we are looking for a house.  It was the Lord who sent us here with His message and to learn from our brothers here, but we have very little money.  Please pray for the guidance and for the provision of the Lord for us, and for the people we will be speaking to.


From Dave Watts, England
A group of 5 us from the Black Country are off to Ghana to lead a pastors conference organised by a Church in Accra for the Easter weekend and then we spend a week ministering to the people and preaching the gospel in Esiama in the Western region on the coast.God always blesses these trips-pray He will do so again, inspire the team and provide us with health and protection. Dave Watts, Sedgeley International Christian Ministries.


From: Oliver Phillips, Plantation, USA
For some time now I have been looking for some mission teaching and the Lord has brought me to your site.  A couple of months ago my wife, mother-in-law and myself established a little Ministry (Prayer Warriors of Faith Ministries) Other than a good scriptural background, not knowing where to go, gradually the Lord has been showing us.


From Pastor Javier González Blanco, Costa Rica
Praise the Lord, it is really a great blessing to find this web site. We are very excited and we have started your Leaders School in our church. We want all of members over 12 years old in all our congregations to do the entire course. We are Emanuel Christian Community in Grecia Alajuela, Costa Rica.


From Robert Lefebvre, Stone Mountain,Ga. USA
I've been preparing for well over a year and I will be heading to Brazil soon to begin the VirtualMissions ministry to help those ministries working with street children and orphans. I ask for your prayers. Please visit the website at that you might know better what to pray for. Thank you in Jesus' name.

From José Dante, Cusco, Peru
Dear brothers and sisters greetings in Jesus from Cusco, Peru. We want to share how the Lord is blessing our congregation. The work is hard but in the last month the Training School have done a missions journey to the villages which was a great blessing especially for those who are studying for the first time this year. In the church we are at full stretch training and equipping new leaders. Please pray for us.

From Victor Hugo Moreno Rojas, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Here in Bolivia, we are going through a beautiful time in the power of the God, especially in Santa Cruz. I can see that God is doing His work and many souls are coming to the feet of Jesus. It is harvest time.  University Church, PO Box 4027, Santa Cruz.


from les and pilar
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